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As I'm proceeding through the game and its difficulty levels I find more and more recipes for artifacts. What I don't like is that recipes from difficulty A require ingredients from difficulty B. Because of that I need to store all recipes and all relics from all difficulties which requires an enormous amount of space. I know I can offload these into the vault but I'd rather have recipes that make sense and keep the required ingredients within the same difficulty level of the recipe. Does anyone know of a mod that modifies artifacts that way?

Modifications / modifying merchant inventory
« on: 27 September 2019, 10:42:24 »
I was thinking about modifying all the merchant inventories so that merchants don't sell white stuff anymore and have an increased amount of green items.

All my searches came up with nothing so far but from what I understand merchant inventory is managed in the corresponding files in item\merchants\... folders. However these files only seem to point to other records that are also used by monster drop lists. So if I modified these drop lists that would also modify monster drops, right? Is there an easier way to modify merchant inventory quality than duplicating all item drop lists to have separate lists for monsters and merchants?

Btw. I saw the LootPlus mod and was wondering if this would solve the issue of getting only white and yellow crap without hours of vendor hopping.

Technical Support / Item drops don't come to rest
« on: 04 September 2019, 21:16:39 »

I got a problem with item drops in AE that I never had in original TQ. When I open a loot container (doesn't matter which type) items start to pour out and roll around on the ground until they find their resting spot. When they found it the item name is displayed and the item can be picked up. The problem is that sporadically some items (happens especially often for thrown weapons) just can't seem to find a resting spot. They keep rolling/wobbling around forever so I can't see what they are and I can't pick them up. I wouldn't mind if it was just white or yellow items but this happens to green+ items as well. The only way to make these items stop was to use the portal to go somewhere else and come back but this is a very annoying workaround.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? Is there a game setting for modifying this physics behaviour or maybe a physics parameter in one of the .dbr files that I could modify?

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