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General Discussion / Diary of a teenage Juggernaut
« on: 03 March 2019, 11:14:38 »
The thought of starting a journal following my toon's progress has been on my mind for a while, but being the lazy person that I am, I kept procrastinating it. Now, after botebote77's kind request, I have finally mustered up the willpower to do some typing along with the gameplay. It helps knowing that at least one person would be interested to read about the adventure :)

Her name is Eluria.
It's the name of a hot desert town in a novel by Stephen King. I also associate it with healing, because... well, let's not spoil the novel for those who haven't read it. The bottom line is that my girl's hot (duh!) and heals herself without the use of potions.

Potions are not the only thing that's been denied to Eluria. She is also not allowed to:

 * use any scrolls
 * use the Esc button in scary situations
 * have more than 50% Recharge on her gear
 * get more than 50% Damage Reduction from X monster type
 * skip any major Boss monsters (incl. Dactyls)

The poor girl needs to live with all these limitations while being a hardcore character. But she's a tough lady and such hindrances only fuel her fire! Today she will go through all of Greece and when she sets foot on Rhakotis there will be the first update with more detailed info on items/skills.

Hi guys,

Not sure if this challenge has been suggested here before:

1) Untwinked hardcore, as the title suggests.
2) No health OR energy potions allowed.
3) -Recharge and "N% reduction to damage by X monster type" usage capped at 50% (this could be further lowered).
4) You are not obliged to complete all side quests, but you DO need to kill all special/secret bosses, including a Dactyl, in all 3 difficulties. Secret passage is not included, as I don't view it as part of the actual game, but more of an Easter egg/end-game content.
5) Strictly unmodded (no Xmax accelerated farming).
6) No Esc-Quits.

The challenge is not as extreme as naked hardcore, but it's still very fun and refreshing. Balancing your hero build between damage, resistances and health/energy regeneration can be quite tricky!

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