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Modifications / 2D/3D animination class
« on: 26 March 2020, 13:13:14 »

Crate Entertainment / New possible projects in the works
« on: 08 March 2020, 09:23:14 »
Zantai joined us briefly on the GD discord back at the end of December and had a few interesting - if vague as usual  ;) - things to say.

"Zantai: My primary task is not gd these days. Itís also not the town builder.

powbam: so what yer really saying is that you are working on a new unknown game and you arenít going to tell us what it is even tho its GD2.

Zantai: Gd2 would require significant ramp up by programmers before I even touch it.

I imagine gd fans will be interested in what Iím working on.

Iíd be up for doing an RPG in the gd universe some day. One idea we tossed around for that was a prequel in the pre grim dawn era.

powbam: can you say if this game will also be using Unity?

Zantai: It wonít

I totally want to do a gd rts. But itís not that, maybe some day

One idea I had was to do a faction system where you can get some sub units/structures from a shared pool of factions

powbam: so can we expect a more official announcement of this game in 2020?

Zantai: Maybe, depends how much progress we make

powbam: and this pretty much confirms GD expansions are for sure done. Even tho ive already felt that.

Zantai: I thought Iíve been pretty blunt about a possibility of a gdx3, hah. All things considered, FG did very well, but it just doesnít make sense for the team and for the game to bloat things with a third expansion. A 10th mastery would just blow up items."

So what exactly is it? Will we hear more in 2020? Stay tuned!

Medierra also said this in response to questions in another thread which were added into the above linked thread as well

"We have 13 devs but only 9 of those ever worked on GD or itís expansions. The rest were hired for the town-builder and another project. ; )"

powbam: Is that ďotherĒ project the one Zantai is working on?

"No, Zantai is working on the other, other project. Grava is working on the first other project."

THQ Nordic / Closed Beta Test for Controller Support
« on: 19 February 2020, 10:45:23 »
Similar to the previous beta test THQNordic are looking for testers to help with the Controller Support testing.

Humor / KFC - yes really
« on: 11 September 2019, 14:01:26 »

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Xmax mod for AE
« on: 09 August 2019, 09:36:06 »
Anyone got a link for this mod?  I've got the IT version, but it doesn't work with AE.  Needs to be non-Steam workshop as I'd also want it to work with my GOG version of the game.

THQ Nordic / Titan Quest the Future
« on: 28 June 2019, 18:29:03 »
Blog post giving some info on what the devs are looking to implement/work on atm.

While googling the other day I came across these two videos of a stream Arthur did with ArchonTheWizard not long after Grim Dawn went into alpha release.  Although it's about GD, there's also quite a bit of info from Arthur about Titan Quest which is why I'm posting them here.  I hadn't seen them before because I wasn't doing things like watching Twitch TV back then.  The first one is rather long as Archon was doing a 36 hour marathon stream, although it cuts off around the 4 hour 40 minutes time.  The second video is the continuation of that.

During this stream Arthur reveals what caused Iron Lore to close, why Toxeus is as murderous as he is, how Arthur got into the gaming industry, etc.

Crate Entertainment / GD Upcoming Forum Maintenance
« on: 03 June 2019, 21:08:13 »
"Heads up to everybody: our forum will be undergoing an extensive maintenance in the near future (we'll announce an exact date once we have everything in order on the back-end but expect it in the coming days!).

During this maintenance, the forum will be unavailable. The maintenance may extend over several days, so be aware if you have any social plans on the forum.

Old Accounts
While the forum is shut down, we will be doing some major clean-up as well as updates. During this clean-up, we will be deactivating user accounts that have not been active on the forum in the last 2 years. If retaining your existing account is important to you, and you have not signed into the forum in a very long time, we suggest you take a moment to sign in over the coming days.

Old Threads
In addition, we will be selectively purging certain sections of the forum of threads older than the release of Grim Dawn (02/25/16). If you wish to retain anything older than that, make your backups now!

Development sections will not be affected by this, so history of Grim Dawn will be retained. However, feedback posts from 5 years ago are probably a bit outdated now, among other things.

Password Reset
Lastly, there will be an enforced password reset. When the forum returns online, you will be required to set a new password. Due to this, make sure that the email address you have associated with your account is one you can actually access and not some ancient aol account or something.

The Future
What will emerge on the other end of this extended maintenance? Hopefully something awesome for everybody all around. Stay tuned!"

Installation and Tools / Updated TitanCalc
« on: 18 May 2019, 18:19:52 »
TitanCalc has been updated to include Atlantis additions.

THQ Nordic / Titan Quest Atlantis released
« on: 09 May 2019, 19:06:01 »

A new area in the Titan Quest mainline
A wave based endless mode
Extended Masteries
Quality of Life Improvements
A casino merchant
Visual Upgrades

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