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Installation and Tools / Updated TitanCalc
« on: 18 May 2019, 18:19:52 »
TitanCalc has been updated to include Atlantis additions.

THQ Nordic / Titan Quest Atlantis released
« on: 09 May 2019, 19:06:01 »

A new area in the Titan Quest mainline
A wave based endless mode
Extended Masteries
Quality of Life Improvements
A casino merchant
Visual Upgrades

Technical Support / Game SXF imbalance
« on: 09 February 2019, 20:32:24 »
Okay, this isn't caused by the game I don't think, but does only happen with TQ.

I installed new speakers a while back and now I find that the sound in the game is very unbalanced. :( They're a pair of Logitech Z130s.  Some sounds I can barely hear while something like Thunder Strike is nearly shooting me out of my seat it's so loud.  I can't find anything ingame or in Windows Settings that would allow me to do more than a general SFX volume control.  Did a quick look in the programmes and can't find anything specific for Logitech so can't adjust that way.  Anyone got any bright ideas for how to get the balance better than it is atm?  Tried both my Steam and GOG versions of the game and it's the same in both so a technical problem rather than a difference between the versions.

Forum News and Info / Biggest data breach in history
« on: 18 January 2019, 08:14:47 »
You may or may not have heard about this, but over 770 million e-mail addresses have been shared online recently, though the breach itself seems to have happened some years ago.

While I think the website is probably too new to have been affected by this, my advice is to change your password both here and elsewhere to be on the safe side.

You can use this website to check if your password/s have been compromised.

Also can check your e-mail here:

Crate Entertainment / Crate's new town builder project
« on: 26 December 2018, 08:21:31 »
Don't know why I haven't posted anything about this yet.  Medierra's been working on a new project for the last couple of years.  He's been hinting about it a bit, but has been pretty tight-lipped mostly.  He did post a screenshot from it last Christmas.

He has opened up a "little" bit more lately.

There's also this thread from a couple of years ago where he first confirmed it and gave his reasoning for doing something completely different.

Since I love town/city builders too I'm really looking forward to playing this.  :)

Music / Bohemian Rhapsody Parody - Social Media Brawl
« on: 22 November 2018, 07:55:18 »
Have a laugh with this folks.  Made my morning when I viewed it on another of my forums.  ;D

Downloads / TQIT Soulvizier mod v0.90, v0.96 and v0.98i
« on: 13 November 2018, 15:48:01 »
The Soulvizier mod aims at providing a more varied and difficult TQ:IT experience.
Instead of focusing on just a single aspect, the mod expands on just about everything in the game: New items, new monsters, new skills, new areas and more.
Built upon Munderbunny’s highly popular Underlord mod, it includes all his mastery reworks and new content.

200+ New hero monsters.
180+ Items.
New item types (Souls, Mercenary Scrolls, Orbs etc.)
500+ Souls.
Elite monsters.
All bosses rebalanced.
Greatly increased difficulty.
New Merchant class “Alchemist”.
200+ Item skills.
Map and AI enhancements.
Build upon Munderbunny’s Underlord mod.
Includes Kirii’s DiabloUI.

Gameplay Changes
Base move/attack/cast speed increased.
Max level raised to 1000.
Epic and Legendary items are enchantable.
Changed XP formula to make late game leveling faster.
Souls are ring-slot items which inherit attributes and even sometimes abilites from their former owners. All heroes and bosses have their own soul which only they can drop.
If you’ve played the Nez mod for D2 you will be familiar with the concept of souls.
Souls from bosses and hero monsters are especially powerful and their potential should not be overlooked.
Souls are quite rare and are used in various useful and powerful recipes and should therefore always be picked up, even if their bonus stats seem weak.
Mercenary Contracts
Mercenary Contracts are rare artifact-slot items which offer powerful summonable pets.
Each mercenary is specialized at a certain role and their power easily rivals that of other artifacts.
Hero Monsters
There’s two hundred new hero monsters and existing heroes have all been buffed both in terms of power and loot drops. All heroes have their own visuals and combinations of abilities, some of which can be obtained from their souls. A few very powerful uber heroes can also rarely be encountered.
Orbs are rare one-handed items, some act as shields others as weapons, often providing powerful elemental or spiritual bonuses at the cost of reduced physical protection.
Forge Formulas
Forge Formulas are recipes which are used at Enchanters in the same way as Arcane Formulas, however these formulas aren’t used to forge Artifacts, but can instead be used to create wide variety of powerful and specalized equipment.

Q: Why does my game crash when I open chests?
A: Turn of any droprate modifiers in TQ Defiler.
Q: Why do all the new monsters and items show up as TagNotFound?
A: Only english language files are included, using any other languages will not work for the new content.
Q: I found an item that gives + to Bow/Blunt/Sword/Axe/Spear/Staff Mastery?
A: Weapon Masteries are passive skills all characters have regardless of their mastery selection, they boost attack damage of their respective weapon types.
Q: Do I need to install the fanpatch or Underlord?
A: No, both are included in the mod.
Q: Do I need to install the RNG fix?
A: No, it is included in the mod.

Thanks to Munderbunny, Swift and Kirii for allowing me to use their content <3

First install the full version 0.90 base, then 0.96 patch and it then the 0.98i patch.
Extract all the files to your Titan Quest Immortal Throne install folder.
Note:The mod replaces the original game, so remember to take a backup of your folder if you want to remove the mod later.
Things you should be aware off:
Only English language files included, using other languages will result in missing text for the new content.
This is a beta release, expect some imbalances and unfinished content, though they are minor at this point.
As with all other mods, create a new character when playing, using old characters will screw up their skill trees.
You can use your Underlord characters for this, but be aware you won't be able to use weapon masteries.




Continuing the work begun in the Bugfix Fanpatch fixing more bugs in the game.

Download link:

Installation and Tools / Bugfix Fanpatch v1.17a
« on: 10 November 2018, 21:32:52 »
Community patch that fixes many of the bugs in the game. 

Download link:

Other Modifications / TQIT Ayslum's Mod v1.01
« on: 24 October 2018, 16:11:59 »
A mod for Titan Quest immortal throne which completely changes all the classes the player can choose. All masteries are redesigned with some form of sustainability and a unique flavor to each to give each path some originality.

New masteries include:

Brute – a melee oriented tanky fighter who focuses on fist fighting. Focuses on physical/bleeding damage types.

Incubus – an assassin type who can be played as a multitude of classes. Focuses on spells which steal life and cause bleeding damage.

Sentinel – a melee oriented tanky fighter who focuses on defense as well as offense from shields. No damage focus. (makes it useful for mixing with other classes)

Necrolyte – a hybrid class which can mold with any other class to create a caster, fighter, assassin or archer hybrid. Focus on spells with vitality/electric damage.

Demolitionist – mage-type class which focuses on lobbing grenades and setting up traps. Focus on fire damage types.

Predator – mixed class, can be played as an archer or a melee spear user. Focuses on piercing and bleed damage types.

Shaman – mage-type class which focuses on summons and ranged spells. Also capable of being used as a mage-fighter with its elemental damage buffs. Focuses on cold damage.

Druid – mage class with LOTS of summons and crowd control. Focuses on poison damage from pets.

Cabalist – a short ranged caster who can be tanky but also support a variety of other classes within the mod.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg… there’s tons of new enemies (at least 30 or so), new weapons (lost count at 400+), and various other new items and things.

Download link

Other Modifications / TQIT Masteries Mod v1.03
« on: 24 October 2018, 14:59:02 »
Masteries Mod, replaces the nine masteries of the original game plus the xpack with nine brand new masteries.

The Alchemist uses a wide variety of different strategies to weaken the enemy and confuse, just to give him the death blow with his deadly chemicals.

Arch Art combines various Ranged techniques to evade gains for bow and arrow and the ability majority of attacks.

The understanding of the world of beasts is the most important thing to make them strong allies. Beast customer offers many different allies and talents to support them.

Time is a powerful weapon. For those who master to influence the flow of time the secrets, it is also possible to hand out havoc, and to avoid the fate.

Close Combat:
As old as humanity itself and to date never outbid offers melee everything you need for direct hand combat. This applies to both offensive and defensive capabilities.

Where is a need, there is also a tool. Knowing which tool you need in any given situation, helps to plan ahead the fight. Structures can attack, protect and heal.

The priest fights with weapons and his faith. Opponents with powerful spells and deadly combat tactics crushed as the “Good Shepherd”, the priest and heal others.

Magic is the knowledge and the will to use the hidden elements in the energies. Since it is mainly is an offensive power, are few, though strong wards available.

Through the knowledge of the strength of the elixir of life, the blood, the vampire stands out from all other creatures. Vampirism is to bleed, the Manipullation of blood and generation of undead life.

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