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Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Regen Build
« on: 01 November 2018, 04:40:25 »
Has anyone really tried a dedicated regen build?  I was goofing around with blacksmith and made an almost 1000 HP/sec build which would require a ridiculous amount of farming.  But then I looked at Ankh of Isis and Viny Growth.  So, I just created a new level 40 character and threw a bunch of yellows on him.  Give him Dream and Hunting with their HP regen skills and filled him full of epic Viny Growths and Isis's.  With no items dedicated to HP regen (I had items that gave +skills which in turns boost HP regen) and putting 4 Viny Growths on my armor and 3 Isis's on my bling, I was sporting around 450 HP/sec.  I just walked around and I barely felt a thing.  Could this work with enough HP to get through spikey damage?  Would it work better with Nature with Heart of Oak +HP and Briar Ward Sanctuary for regen?

Before I begin, I am going to state that I am no pro nor do I know if this build is viable through legendary, but I plan on finding out.

Dragon Hunter is clearly a very strong build, but one thing pretty fascinating about it is that it can go all one way or all the other.  While both play similarly, they obviously have their own advantages.  I decided that since most go heavy on the Rune and Elemental side, I'd go heavy on the Hunting and Pierce side.  I also am going self-found which should determine how viable this is.

Right now, I am approaching the end of Normal, half way through Act 5 and it's been quite a breeze.  Like 3 deaths, mostly from low res (self found) and spikey damage and that one hero vitality damage dude in the mountains from Act 3.  The goal with this character is to focus on the auto-attacks and procs.  A Dragon Hunter can either go Rune, focus on INT and Rune Weapon or go Dex/Str, go Hunting and focus on Marksmanship.

The first goal is to start hunting and just build your way up with 1 point in things you use.  You could probably ignore Rune until Epic, though, I didn't.  At level 15, you have Hunting maxed out and 1 point in almost everything you need. 

Level 15

The key here is Marksmanship, Wood Lore and Volley.  Clearly those are the skills that will add to damage and benefit with you get +1 to hunting or skills.  The most important item for you to get 1 of (2 if you go Rune) is Skeletal Darts.

I picked a couple up early in Act 1 and I am still using them now.  Other thrown weapons are fine, but Skeletal Darts are your bread and butter.  They allow you to put a relic or charm on them, they have a 50% pierce ratio, they are Very Fast, they can get good affixes and they have a 20% chance of 200% pierce damage.  That is huge as you stack pierce%.  The 10% of 40% reduction in enemy's health is really just bonus.  Now, I also farmed for Stonebinder's Cuffs, which has been nice since I haven't found any other +1 skills gear.  I have found decent +Hunting gear, but nothing +1 Skills. 

While you can go all Hunting for all of Normal, the real value in going the Marksman route is the combination of Scattershot and Rune Word: Explode as it procs off of Scattershot.  Actually, Runeword explode procs off of you attack and all your Scattershots carry that and perform a Runeword Explode at the same time.  It creates some nice pyrotechnics. 

Level 25

At this point, you have 1 pointed everything you need to dual wield Skeletal Darts and proc your Reckless Offence, Volley and Runeword: Explode.  I added Thunderstrike in there, and it's strong until Act 5, but if you don't put points into it, auto-attack outpaces it.  It will likely be more useful in harder difficulties with the confusion and stun. 

At this point, you have to determine where to go with the build.  Since you are using Skeletal Darts and are picking up +%pierce items/using Call/Art of the Hunt and Study Prey, it's a good idea to add base Piercing Damage.  The entire Marksmanship tree is useful.  Marksman adds base damage, puncture shot allows you to pass through enemies (which is really awesome if you are capped at 141% attack speed and you just hit everything running at you, and scattershot is solely for the Runeword procs.  I'd go 1:1:1 or 1:1:Volley1 until Volley is maxed out.  Add points in Wood Lore to max out attack, but keep it at 6 for now as there are more diminishing returns in Wood Lore than others for over clocking. 

This is roughly my build at level 40.

Level 40

While I am playing on standard, this will only be more valuable on XMax due to scattershot and runeword explode decimating everything. 

Other musings:
I got 2 Blue Dragon Scales, which seem great, but were inferior to my Darts (both which have ADCtH on them). 

At level 40, in Hades Normal a legendary fell from the sky.  A Jagged Silk.  Quite a tease since it's level 57, but it will be waiting for me and pretty awesome since this is all self-found. 

I dropped my Stonebinders for these guys Black Wyrm Guards
The +25% Pierce Damage, +25% Pierce Ratio, +3 to Runeword Explode and Burn and the other benefits made it a no-brainer.  Interesting that these give +1 to Earth which wouldn't care about the piercing at all. 

Side note, anyone know how the +25% Pierce Ratio works?  Is it additive to my weapon or multiplicative?
The darts are 50%.  If it is additive, then they'd be 75%.  If it is multiplicative, then I guess they'd be 67.5%?  Not that it matters much since their base damage is so low, but it would factor on Epic or Lengendaries more. 

I'll add more when I either hit a wall or just become more awesome.

Other Modifications / Third Party Mods
« on: 18 October 2018, 15:29:01 »
I know some of them have been posted here before, but it would be nice to have a thread in the other mods section regarding them.  I don't like to affect gameplay too much, but I do like to overcome engine issues and poor design choices.

koderkrazy's TQFun mod:

1. Filter dropped items (11 filters)- Following items could be filtered Image
Broken, White, Yellow, Green and MI, Epic, Legendary, Potion, Relic, Quest, Artifact, Formula,
2. Set/freeze time - You can set game to any time. Also, you can keep time running or freeze it.
3. Show Damage - shows all damages instead of just critical hits. Only damage over time, and pet damage is not shown.
4. Show pet damage - Shows damage done by pets.
5. Mute Zeus speech- There won't be lengthy speech by Zeus after killing Typhon.
6. No gold drops - Gold won't drop form monsters or chests. Useful when farming with Xmax.
7. Set potion stack limit to 200 - Health and Energy potions could be stacked up to 200.
8. Character Mods -
Invisible as ghost - You could walk pass enemies without detected.
9. Enable Logs(new*) - it logs combat data to D:\TQ_combat_log.txt
Combat log level - 0 = disabled, 1= enabled

I love it merely for the damage numbers and filtering yellows.  Hope he continues to update it.


A very useful mod that allows you to push keys in different ways.  The mod value TQ gets out of this is left clicking when your target icon appears.  That way, keys can act like mouse buttons.  Now, there are other uses if you want to "cheat' and I use that term lightly in a single player game.  Want to Calculate Strike and Psionic Touch every other hit.  You can do that.  Want to click on your mouse and have potions fill up your bag.  You can do that. 

Yolo Mouse:

Apparently it's been around for a while and I'm too old to realize it.  Changes your mouse in the game to something you can actually see.  No longer will you be attacking in the wrong direction cause you can't tell where your mouse is.  Love it.

*Originally this was going to be a question and I started posing it as such, but I decided to get some answers myself and I am pretty shocked (pun intended) at the results.

In terms of damage output solely through the skill trees, Thunderer has a significant advantage over Stonespeaker with respect to elemental damage and transmutation.  Below the comparison, I did some actual testing.

From what I have read with transmutation, 90 elemental damage is split evenly among the three types, fire, cold and electrical.  Thus, if I had 100% Fire Damage, the damage output would be 60 fire, 30 cold and 30 lighting for 120 total damage (ignoring any other modifiers), right?

At max levels (not ultimate to keep numbers easy), from what I can tell, Earth gives
5-8 fire (average 6)
100% fire
100% burn (which is not factored in with transmutation)
21% physical (not factored)
33% chance 89% physical (not factored)
chance 178% burn (not factored)
chance 178% fire (about 60% on average)
(on a side note, does Volativity give a 33% chance of all 3 of those affects at once, or one of those affects goes every hit, but a 33% chance for each one?)  Based on other tooltips, I'd say it's 1/3 all or nothing, but I haven't tested that)

So a 90 damage elemental attack would have (30 + 6) (100%+60%) fire + 30 lighting + cold = 78 fire + 30 lightning + 30 cold = 153.6 total damage

At max levels storm,
35 cold
19-75 lighting (47 average)
+52% cold
+52% frostburn (not factored)
+76% lighting
+76% electrical burn (not factored)
+100% elemental (from wisp)
+30% reduced resistances

So a 90 damage elemental attack would have 30 (100%)  fire + (30 + 47) (100% + 76%)  lighting + (30 + 35) (52 + 100%) cold = 60 fire + 212 lightning + 162 cold = 434 total damage

I actually decided to test this after I wrote it out and made 2 characters, cheated them up to level 8 for the masteries and rushed them over to Sparta so I could test against the targets (btw, birds are the most relentless enemy, those bastards).

So, with a base 50 intelligence and strength, a bronze knife does 12-13 damage with nothing else. 

For the Stone Speaker, I maxed out Earth and Rune, maxed out the entire Rune Weapon Line, Maxed out Earth Enchantment and Volativity.  Those are the only two abilities that would affect damage for a Stone Speaker with full transmutation (which I did not have, it was at 66%, but that was good enough for testing purposes.

Stone Speaker damage ranged from 280-320 with a max of roughly 375.  The range is likely due to crits (I probably should have used a thrown weapon) and the 375 may have been volativity but that also increases physical damage, so it's fairly rough.

Thunderer with a full maxed Rune Weapon and Storm Nimbus line:
When I got the wisp to trigger (you need to be in battle)

When you figure in full transmutation, the difference will be even more.  That is pretty significant that the Thunderer would do about double the damage solely based on transmutation.  This doesn't even include Squall which doesn't work on targets as they appear to not have any resistances to reduce.  Obviously there are other things in the masteries to make them valuable, but Storm seems to get the most out of the elemental change from transmutation due to it focusing on 2 elements and a pet that boosts elemental damage.

General Discussion / Dragon Hunter vs Sedir Worker
« on: 05 October 2018, 16:26:22 »
Rune is probably my favorite mastery right now, mostly because it seems that it was intentionally meant to have a shout out to all other classes synergywise.  I am looking for a solid throwing weapons build and I was comparing Dragon Hunter to Sedir Worker.  Clex has a solid DH build, but I was wondering if it was inferior to SW and what other thought.

Most of the Rune abilities are the same (except for one)

Benefits of Hunting:
Wood Lore- +AS and + DA
Herbal Remedy- +PR and +Health Regen
Find Cover- +Avoid Projectiles
Trail Blazing- +Move Speed +Entrap Duration
Volley - Proc adds 3 attacks
Flush Out - -Elemental Resists

Benefits of Dream:
Lucid Dream- + Electrical Burn + Vitality Damage
Premonition- +DA (half of wood lore)
Temporal Flux- + Total Speed (half of Wood Lore, but total) +Avoid Projectiles (half) + Slow Resist
Trance of Wrath- +Reduced Resists +Electric Burn
Distortion Field: +Damage Absorption
Nightmare Hypnotic Gaze: Reduced Resist and Confusion
Temporal Rift- Electric Burn and Stun/Petrify

So, when comparing the two, some of the stat buffs that hunting have are done in Dream at a lesser extent.  However, Hunting doesn't synergize at all with elemental buffs while Dream has all sorts of Electric Burn and the big one, Trance of Wrath, which should really benefit everything in the Rune Weapon Tree.  The major ability, Flush out can be replaced with Aftershock, which is hard to use with study prey, but can be used instead.

Wha y'all thank?

General Discussion / How feasible is a non-summoning summoner
« on: 18 September 2018, 19:37:46 »
I have wanted to get Flame Surge to work as a primary attack and I am wondering if a summoner build with no summons may work.

Primary attack: Flame Surge
Heart of Oak: to cut costs in half and more health/resistances
Plague: Debuff and a buff to flame surge
Other standard earth skills.

Would it work?  Too glass cannony?

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