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I'm curious, have any knowledgeable players out there compared the changelog from AE with the old Fanpatch (+Patchfix mod) to see what fixes made it in?

I've read through the full AE changelogs a couple time but it's been a while since I looked at the Fanpatch changelogs.  Did any fixes from the FanPatch NOT make it into TQ AE?

Other Modifications / QuickFire/Instant Cast
« on: 12 July 2018, 04:02:51 »
I used to use a mod for TQIT called QuickFire that allowed instant casting of a skill when the hotkey was pressed.  This bypassed having to click the mouse after pressing the hotkey.  I think like many of you, I have been spoiled by Grim Dawn having this option right out of the box.

Anyway, I updated QuickFire for TQ AE.  LINK:

All it is is a simple AutoIT script with a macro defined.  I simply changed the parameter:

If WinActive("Titan Quest: Immortal Throne")


If WinActive("Titan Quest Anniversary Edition")

Tested and confirmed it's working for me with GOG TQAE 1.57.  All you need to do is extract the archive and double click it to run it while the game is running.

I think you need AutoIT installed beforehand (bear with my failing memory).

It's freeware.

There was a possibly more popular version of the same thing called FastSkill but it worked the exact same way just with AutoHotkey instead of AutoIT.  I could update that one too if someone has the script handy.

Forum Features, Questions and Answers / Custom Avatars
« on: 10 July 2018, 19:17:53 »
I see I can choose from some pre-selected avatars.  This is nice.  Is there a feature to use our own avatars?

Not sure if this is something that may be unlocked at higher post count or more trusted reputation.

If you don't want users uploading files, you could allow us to use a link to a file, or maybe add Gravatars if the forum software supports it.

New Members Introduction / Titan Quest Lives On
« on: 09 July 2018, 23:41:23 »
Hi this is Flix from the old forums.  I have been playing Grim Dawn and modding Sacred 2, so at some point I completely lost track of the TQ community after went down.  Decided to give TQ AE a try this weekend, and as I'm Googling for Runemaster builds I end up here!  Very glad to see that these forums have sprung up, and with so many familiar faces.  Happy playing!   ^-^

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