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- LS works with: + All range weapons except STAFF.
                         + All melee weapons except CLUB/MACE (in normal condition)
- LS animation speed scale with Attack speed.
- Some items that have grant skill Lethal Strike (e.g Dagger of Dawn, you can find the rest by searching on site).
- CLUB/MACE will works with Lethal Strike if you dualwield it with a sword or axe, and equip that CLUB/MACE in right hand so LS will using its stats when Lethal Strike using it.
- LS's projectile can passthrough if using with some specific weapon. E.g: Jagged Silk.
(Check the list of range weapons that have passthrough effect here: )
- LS has chance to hit twice per cast when using with dualwield thrown weapon.


* In this video, i tested to figured out do attack speed of Psionic Beam and Marksmanship are the same when using staff and bow (that have the same attack speed) or not. I used to thought its will be the same, but actually it's very different clearly.

* Testing method:
- Invest to skills into Marksmanship and Psionic Beam has the same 100%bonus to projectile speed, and some into Woodlore +bonus to all skills from gears, the bow has the same showed attack speed as staff = 199%.
- Casting Study Preys, then attack right away after that. Counting how many dmg showed on the screen in Study Prey duration.
- When Study Prey's icon dummies disappear, stop counting and get results.

* Result: From what i've seen (maybe 100% accurate, but very close) Staff + Psionic Touch/Psionic Beam hits about 38 hits on dummies, while Bow + PT/PB hits 24, and Bow + Marksmanship hits 22.
 Since Psionic Beam's description is very unclear compared to what really in game, knowing this can be clear more about builds optimizing and compared the benefit between builds.

* Thanks to @suicial_godot on steam that debates this topic so i made a test to check what really happen in game. Because it's very different to skill description, so may this "mechanic" can be fixed in future patch. Just enjoy it before things change.

As the thread's tittle, i showed it in this video, just read video's description for more details:


* In this video i showed you range weapons that have "Hidden" pass-through targets in game which you can't see this pass-through effect listed in item's description. You only can see those weapon's hidden pass-through effect infor when you checking in game database by tool or using TQVaultAE, like the small infor image i show beside character in the video screenshot i get when move mouse cursor to those items.
- Staff: those staves in game has quite poor/weird base stats compared to other staves, so this hidden pass-through targets effect with 100% procs is good trade for that poor/weird base stats.
- Bow just better than throw weapon by further range, slightly dmg, but you can dualwield throw weapon or equip a shield that give throw weapon good defense, resistances,... So atleast this hidden bonus make those bow invideo better when facing enemies in crowd. The best procs chance is Gursi's Gift bow with 66%, and it already has passive Volley skill, make it even more powerful (Check video to see % pass-through of the rest of bows).
- Throw weapon: The only throw weapon (from what i checked) has this pass-through effect is Jagged Silk (50% pass-through targets), come with its passive Volley skill, using this weapon is very powerful, and it even crazier with dualwield.

* This pass-through effect can works with any weapon attacks skill like Onslaught, Psionic Touch,  Rune Weapons,... and specially Lethal Strike. Yes, those bow/throw weapon can use Lethal Strike pierce through targets :D.

@efko i don't know if posted this thread at this section is right place or not, so if it's not, you may move it to the right section in forum?

My English is not good and i'm too lazy to write something long and detail, so read this with highly misunderstandable level long texts  >:D
* Not all builds can fight Typhon easy, fast, and it even more harder for fighting Typhons with xmod, Massbosses custom map. I made this gears build setup for Str base characters (which can't be farming Typhon fast and effective) so they can farming Typhon easier.

* Gears build setup:
- Weapon: Persephone's Caress's-caress
 => 50hp regeneration/s, 70%Cold Resistance by default.
- Shield: Seal of the Vigilant
 => 20%Less DMG from Titan, 30%Vitality & Poison Resistances by default.
- Head armor: Icescale Helm (Legendary quality) with Legendary Crystal of Erebus with Completion Bonus 20%to Vitality/Pierce/Elemental/Poison resistances.
 =>15% chance to 500%DMG reflected, 45%vitality dmg res, 20%Elemental/Poison resistances.
- Torso armor: Black Cage of Tartarus
 => +10% Less Damage from Titans, 27% Elemental Resistance, +20% Armor Protection.
- Arm armor: Inxexorable Grip of Tartarus
 =>+10% Less Damage from Titans, 27% Poison Resistance.
- Leg armor: Unyielding Shackles of Tartarus
 => +10% Less Damage from Titans
_3 armor pieces of Eternal Ward of Tartarus set give 30% Bleeding Resistance
30% Elemental Resistance, 30% Vitality Damage Resistance, 30% Pierce Resistance, 30% Poison Resistance, +100 Defensive Ability
- Amulet: Tyrvidar's Might's-might
 => +25% Less Damage from Titans, 48% Lightning Resistance.
- 1 (or 2) rings with "the Tinkerer" suffix, both ring added Legendary Demon's Blood charms's-blood
 => each charm give 50%Vitality dmg resistance.
 + 2nd charm slot (for tinkerer rings) is Legendary Golem's Heart charm that give 50%chance to 60% dmg reflected.
- Artifact: Talisman of the Jade's Emperor with Completion Bonus is 18%Elemental resistances.
- Scroll: Divine Scroll of Unbroken Fortitude
 => give your char 90.0 Second Duration of 180 Damage Absorption.

@ This gears build give character 75%Less DMG from Titan, 145%Fire res, 193%Lightning res (cap at 180%), 107%Poison res, 205%Vitality dmg res (cap at 180%) by default. Combine with resistances bonus from quest ( on all difficulties and Scroll of  Unbroken Fortitude will helps your char undefeated vs Typhon even in Massbosses custom map in duration of the scroll as you can see in the video below:

* Characters can completely immortals vs Typhon if you the gears build in the 1st part of video above (max cap Less dmg from Titan, decent resistances, and = or more than 900DA to prevent taken crit hits of Typhon that too hurts). But this kind of completely immortal gears build vs Typhon can't finished Typhon fast and effective, so it just for show.

* Some Strength base characters don't have enough Int to equip the shield, so you maybe need using other rings that give flat and % Int enough to equip the shield, and it maybe take one or 2 Legendary Golem's Heart charm on ring, make your char take more time, scroll to kill all Typhons in Massbosses.

* Characters only "immortal" when the scroll activated, so when it almost run out of effect, you must move your char to outside the ring, wait the scroll ready for next use.

* This gears build can be use for Tartarus Arena's boss fight too, but it must be tweak because Tartarus boss more powerful than Typhon at high lvl wave.


Hello guys!
This video show my Full Dexterity Spear Brigand with gears+skills build focus for high Lethal Strike damage:

* Titan Quest Anniversary Edition include Ragnarok & Atlantis.
Game version: 2.8b
Class: Brigand (Hunting + Rogue)
Style: Full Dexterity - Spear Brigand
Difficulty mode: Legendary
Group potions by TQVault.
Character mod Add-on: Hyale_v1 by @nargil66 .

* This dmg showed in this video may be not the highest or lowest with the condition showed because spears (and almost weapons) dmg are not constant, it maybe can higher or lower.
- I remove Gouge, Volley, Anatomy, Open Wound and don't use Envenom skill tree when tested dmg on Construct to not let my Windos of Asphodel debuff hit has too much dmg, can destroy target before hit it with Lethal Strike.
- This gears + skills Build in this video is focus for Lethal Strike dmg, not for play all game playthrough (however it's still enough to play all game even with xmax if you control carefully and go with suite stragy). If you want to see my gears + skills build for play whole game, check is video link:

* Time Mark:
- 0:00 _ Vs Constructs: All Buff skills ON + Study Preys (Debuff) _ Highest DMG: 639869
- 0:32 _ Vs Constructs: All Buff Skills ON + StudyPreys (Debuff) + Winds of Asphodel (Debuff) _ Highest DMG: 2266245
- 1:13 _ Vs Constructs: All Buff skills ON + Divine Scroll of Primal Chaos + StudyPreys (Debuff) _ Highest DMG: 833926
-1:55 _ Vs Constructs: All Buff skills ON + Divine Scroll of Primal Chaos + StudyPreys (Debuff) + Winds of Asphodel (Debuff) _ Highest DMG: 2937318
- 2:34 _ Vs Constructs: All Buff skills ON + Battle Maker's Shrine + StudyPreys (Debuff) _ Highest DMG: 623430
- 3:08 _ Vs Constructs: All Buff skills ON + Battle Maker's Shrine + StudyPreys (Debuff) + Winds of Asphodel (Debuff) _ Highest DMG: 3135967
- 3:49 _ Vs Constructs: All Buff skills ON + Battle Maker's Shrine + Divine Scroll of Primal Chaos + StudyPreys (Debuff) _ Highest DMG: 917696
- 4:30 _ Vs Constructs: All Buff skills ON + Battle Maker's Shrine + Divine Scroll of Primal Chaos + StudyPreys (Debuff) + Winds of Asphodel (Debuff) _ Highest DMG: 3359731
- 5:26 _ Vs Typhon: All Buff skills ON + Study Preys (Debuff) _ Lethal Strike DMG: 233033
- 5:37 _ Vs Typhon: All Buff skills ON + Study Preys (Debuff) + Winds of Asphodel (Debuff) _ Lethal Strike DMG: 383523
- 5:50 _ Vs Typhon: All Buff skills ON + Divine Scroll of Primal Chaos + Study Preys (Debuff) _ Lethal Strike DMG: 358767
- 5:59 _ Vs Typhon: All Buff skills ON + Divine Scroll of Primal Chaos + Study Preys (Debuff) + Winds of Asphodel (Debuff) _ Lethal Strike DMG: 473182
- 6:11 _ Vs Typhon: All Buff skills ON + Battle Maker's Shrine + Study Preys (Debuff) _ Lethal Strike DMG: 292834
- 6:21 _ Vs Typhon: All Buff skills ON + Battle Maker's Shrine + Study Preys (Debuff) +Winds of Asphodel (Debuff) _ Lethal Strike DMG: 408343
- 6:35 _ Vs Typhon: All Buff skills ON + Battle Maker's Shrine + Divine Scroll of Primal Chaos + Study Preys (Debuff) + Frostbite Shrine _ Lethal Strike DMG: 373430
- 7:17 _ Vs Typhon: All Buff skills ON + Battle Maker's Shrine + Divine Scroll of Primal Chaos + Study Preys (Debuff) + Winds of Asphodel (Debuff) + Frostbite Shrine _ Lethal Strike DMG: 520811
- 7:31 _ Gears, Artifact, Attributes, 2nd Character's stats windows
- 7:55 _ Skills Build

* You can see other builds here:

Guides AE / Dualwield Adamantine Sickle of Kronos Berserker
« on: 03 July 2019, 09:40:18 »
* My English is bad, so i just write short, you can just watch the video :D

Almost people looks down on Adamantine Sickle of Kronos, because it need huge amount attributes on both Str and Int to equip, and lvl require to equip it is 80, its attack speed is very low. I just research and make it works.
It can be not impressive like other melee dualwield builds or using other melee weapons, but it still quite enough in my opinion.
- Attributes allocation and character stats:

- Gears:

- Skills (without gears):

- Xmax Gameplay video:

- Alternative gears build:

For anyone needed:

Turn on CC to see subtitles.

For someone want to farm that Sickle:

Turn on subtile and translate to see instruction step by step  ???

Farming Runs / My Farming
« on: 30 September 2018, 13:19:28 »
Hello guys, i want to share my farming video on youtube in this thread:

Streaming and cool TQ videos / My Titan Quest Videos
« on: 20 September 2018, 13:29:03 »
Hello everyone, i stream/upload my TQ gameplay on youtube and want to share you guys  ;D.
It'll may give you guys some build's idea.
Brace yourself! Titan Slayers :D

- All my character using non-upgraded gears.
- Because direct watching video on this thread is too "laggy", so i paste video's link as code, you guys must choose the link and open with your browser. Sorry for this issue.

Spoiler for Hiden:
- DualSickle of Kronos V1 _ Dualwield Sickle of Kronos Build:
- DualSickle of Kronos V2 _ Dualwield Sickle of Kronos Build:

- Covenant Ternion.V1 _ Physical Psionic  Beam Staff wielding Soothsayer:
- Covenant Ternion.V2 _ Physical Psionic  Beam Staff wielding Soothsayer:

- Flamethrower V1 _ Flame Psionic Staff wielding Evoker:
- Flamethrower.V2 _ Flame Psionic Staff wielding Evoker:

- Pet Fighter _ Pets Warlock:

- Mirror Fighter _ Clone Warden:
- Mirror Fighter Warden.V2 _ Clone Warden:

- Life-Flame's Ternion.V1 _ Vitality/Fire Staff User Conjurer:
- Life-Flame's Ternion.V2 _ Fire/Vitality DMG Staff wielding Conjurer:

- Beam Waver.V1 _ Physical Staff User Templar:
- Beam Waver.V2 _ Physical Staff User Templar:

- Poison Pet Fighter _ Poison Lethal Strike/Pets Illusionist:

- Elemental DualThrower _ Skinchanger:

- Pet Traps _ Illusionist:

- Full Dexterity _ Glass Cannon Brigand:

- Wings of Isis _ Burn&Bower Avenger:

- Vitality Rippers.V1 _ Dual Rippers Vitality/Elemental Shaman:
-Vitality Rippers.V2 _ Dual Rippers Vitality/Elemental Shaman:

- Nid Striker.V1 _ Spell Trigger Oracle:

- Nid Striker.V2 _ Spell Trigger Oracle:

- Solid Ram _ Spear/Shield Corsair:

- EarthShaker.V1 _ Physical Caster Summoner:
- EarthShaker.V2 _ Physical Caster Summoner:

- Black Executioner _ DualBlacksteel Executioner Harbinger:

- Life Cutter _ Physical Sickle of Kronos Bonecharmer:
- Life Cutter.V2 _ Physical Sickle of Kronos Bonecharmer:

- Rage Rider _ Sacred Rage Runesmith:

- Mjolnir's Flake - Dualwield Elemental Mjolnir Thunderer:

- Reflection Legion - Reflect Templar:
- Reflection Legion.V2 _ Reflect Templar:

- Lightning Burner.V1 _ Lightning/Electrical Burn Caster Prophet:
- Lightning Burner.V2 _ Lightning/Electrical Burn Caster Prophet:

- Lightning Bringer _ Mjolnir Iceshard Druid:

- Storm Hunter _ Sage:

- Flashing Warrior - Physical Dualsword Thane:

- Caster Pet Master - Ritualist:

- Standard's Bodyguards - Dualwield Battle Mage:

- Elemental Nuker - Nuke Charger Skinchanger:

- Daggers of Storm _ Elemental Throwing Knives Sorcerer:

- Knives & Traps _ Throwing Knives Caster Brigand:

- Chaos Legion _ Pet Master Champion Build:

- Nature Club _ Dualwield Folg

- Physical Ternion _ Physical Covenant Ternion  Spellbreaker:
- Soul Horn _ Carnyx Physical Ternion Spellbreaker:

- Entropy's Dagger _ Physiscal Throwing Knives Assassin:

- Elemental Invoker V1 - Caster Elementalist:
- Elemental Invoker V2 - Caster Elementalist:

- Covenant Beam.V1 _ Physical Staff User Harbinger:
- Covenant Beam.V2 _ Physical Staff User Harbinger:

- Iceladin - Caster Paladin:

- Earthbender - Dualwield Elemental Stonespeaker:

- Earthvenger - Physical/Reflect Caster Juggernaut:

- Reflector Trapper - Reflect/Trap Corsair:

- Branch of Life _ Vitality/Elemental Staff wielding Bonecharmer:

- Classical Slayer - Slayer:

- Druid of Storm _ Classical Caster Druid:

- Captain Nature _ Pet Ranger:

- Soul Diviner _ Vitality/Elemental Ternion Diviner:
- Chaos Spreader _ Physical Ternion Diviner:

- Guardian of Nature _ Melee/Reflect Guardian:

- Armies of Wild _ Pet Master Soothsayer:

- Gemini Warrior _ Haruspex:

- Soulbasher _ Physical Ternion Spellbinder:
- Soulbasher.V2 _ Physical Ternion SPellbinder:

- Mirror Fighter _ Doppleganger Warden:

- Storm Bringer _ Caster Thane:

- Dream Shade _ Elemental Dualthrow/Doppelganger Seidr Worker:

- Dreamstalker _ Melee Dreamkiller:

- Elemental Ranger:

- Dualemental Thrower _ Elemental Dual Thow weapon Dragon Hunter:

- Nidcaster _ Spell Trigger Summoner:

- "Glassy" Praxidikae _ 3k1 HP Vitality/Elemental Ternion

- Witch Soul _ Vitality/Fire Ternion Shaman:

- Porphyrion Avatar _ Full Set Porpyrion Melee Guardian:

- Classical Storm Caster.V1 _ Caster Thunderer:
- Classical Storm Caster.V2 _ Caster Thunderer:

- Chill Finger _ Cold Beam Prophet:

- Gianflector _ Reflect/Minion Guardian:

- Nature Wave _ Physical Psionic Beam Ritualist:

- Captain Thor _ Elemental Mjonir/Shield Thunderer:

- Vanquisher _ Sword/Shield Conqueror:
- Royal Guard _ Pet/Reflect Conqueror:

- Hail Stormer _ Spell Trigger Sage:

- Rockflector _ Reflect Magician:

- Soul Harverter _ Vitality/Elemental Ternion Soothsayer:

- Royal Guard _ Pet/Reflect Conqueror:

- Soul Horn _ Carnyx Physical Ternion Spellbreaker:

- Unstable Miner _ Elemental Caster Dragon Hunter:

- Mental Drainer _ Caster Diviner Build:

- Nature Dreamer _ Hybrid Bow Ritualist:

- Soulspike _ Cretaceous Carapace Armor Set Pet Soothsayer:

- Shadian _ The Shade Armor Set Guardian:

- Vitalector _ Relfect Spellbinder:

- Norse Reflector _ Reflect Runesmith:

- Glassy Witch _ Vitality Spear Caster Shaman:

- Life Drinker _ Life Leech/Vitality Caster Shaman:

- Gungnir _ Elemental Spear Dragon Hunter:

- Spirit Slasher _ Dualsword Spellbreaker:

- HalfThor _ Hybrid DualMjolnir Thane:

- HypeThor _ Hybrid Mjolnir Paladin:

- Thorned Branch _ Hybrid Staff Wielder Brigand:

- Lightning Illusion _ Elemental DualMjolnir Doppelganger Thunderer:

- Beam of Destruction - Full Strength Physical Psionic Beam Seidr Worker:

- Infernal Ternion _ Full Strength Ternion Attack Conjurer:

- Warstorm _ Nidbow Spell Trigger Thane:

- Ice Breaker _ DualEinherjar's Fate Sword Thane:

- Nature Ranger _ Swords/Shield Doppelganger Guardian:

- Jagged Volley _ Elemental/Piercing Dualthrow Dragon Hunter:

- Entropy Volley _ Full Strength Ternion Bonecharmer:

- Chaotic Beam _ Hybrid Psionic Beam Haruspex:

- Lightning Thrower _ Elemental DualMjolnir Berserker:

- Stormpet _ Pet Druid:

- Ice Stormer _ Spell Trigger Druid:

- Fire Bringer _ Elemental Melee Stonespeaker:

- Venomous Taker _ Spell Trigger Trickster:

- Frail Beam _ Full Strength - Physical Psionic Beam Prophet:

- Runic Sickle _ Elemental Sickle of Kronos Dragon Hunter:

- Storm Sickle _ Elemental Sickle of Kronos Thunderer:

- Thorn Launcher _ Piercing Ternion Bonecharmer:

- Soul Jumper _ Melee Caster Diviner:

- Duovolleyers _ Dual Jagged Silk Doppelganger Slayer:

Single Game No Mod Builds
Spoiler for Hiden:
Champantis _ Safeguard of the Mantis set Champion:

* Tartarus Arena Videos:

- Physical Beam _ Caster Templar:
Spoiler for Hiden:

- "Glassy" Praxidikae" _ Int Base Ternion/Caster Oracle _ Wave 13+4/5 - 782.7% Unique Drop:
Spoiler for Hiden:

* Vs 24 Legendary Typhons - Massbosses:

- Nid Striker Build:
Spoiler for Hiden:

- Pet Traps Build:
Spoiler for Hiden:

* How to O.H.K.O Legendary Typhon:
- By Physical DMG with Bonecharmer build:
Spoiler for Hiden:

- By Bleeding DMG with Warlock:
Spoiler for Hiden:

* Bonus:
Spoiler for Hiden:
- Kill 24 Legendary Typhons (Massbosses) in 15s:

- Kill 12 Legendary Hades (Massbosses) in 37s:

- Kill Typhon without equip any gears or items:

- Highest Lethal Strike DMG deal by Full Dexterity Spear Brigand _ 5/9/2019

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