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How really viable this and distortion wave are in legendary for a generic melee build? When you are stacking strength, %strength and physical damage but perhaps not going over the top with that and want to use them as direct damage AOE spells. What about eruption used by juggernauts and battlemages?

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Flat damage scaling
« on: 13 April 2018, 09:49:40 »
Are there resources or writeups left where the subject is discussed in detail? The changelog states "damage from items" now scales with strength, dexterity, etc.

However I think there was a mess in the original game with what things scale and what things don't scale with stats and %damage, like valor of Achilles scales while peng claws do not. Seems like peng claws do not scale even now. There is more, I remember guides at the time advised against leveling marksmanship above 1 initial point for some reason. Maybe it was just that kind of flat damage that didn't scale, but now it does not give any damage at all. Investing into skill does not change dps tooltip. Thats with throwing weapons btw, maybe I need to test a bow too.

Humor / Its terrible how the Aces are doing
« on: 02 April 2018, 18:59:25 »
If they have to rally another world to protect their own. And the only thing their opponent really needs is a well placed portal (defence breach)

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