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Storm AE / Oracle - Weapon Damage Converted to Elemental (WIP)
« on: 11 July 2019, 22:10:55 »
because we never learn

Spoiler for Hiden:

Hello again. Here i am with another unconventional build. And yep, i know, i know, I'm biased against staves. And with that 266 damage blocked, let's be honest, that s*** couldn't block anything later on. But there's just something about 10 items that isn't easily gettable with 9 items. I'mma go all Jerry Macguire here and say "You... Complete... Me". Eew, have i had you at Hello? Onto the build...

First, I'll throw this right here so you'll know what to expect. If you are looking for a safe, tanky, easy to play character, this is not the build to play. However, if you want a flashy build that summons damaging pets, casts powerful spells, and kills with a weapon, this is a good candidate. Basically an all in one, do-it-all character.

Second, no, Lightning Dash is not a great LMB skill. It's the highest tiered LMB skill but it's the most underperforming LMB skill. Maybe it's not an LMB skill after all...

A few weeks ago when i changed my converted to elemental dreamkiller into a psionic beam + traps build, i was left with these 3 items:

Spoiler for Hiden:

The completion bonuses of those were not done through TQvault editing. The 1st eitr i got the comp bonus from luck iirc just by auto-sorting. The 2nd eitr i got the comp bonus using this trick long ago before Atlantis. The gambanteinn i got the comp bonus again out of sheer luck (my very first try).

Well, if you have those 3 items just lying around gathering dust, i bet you'll be tempted too to build around those items.

So let's see how this thing works, how you can get seemingly all playstyles into one character. And in all holy hell of classes, an oracle. duhh...

1) Caster - By converting our damage to elemental, we also make int our main stat. That means lightning bolt is not compromised. The more you spend on str, the weaker lightning bolt gets. Lightning Dash is a single target skill. A character with no AoE damage is like a fish taken out of the water. Lightning Bolt is the AoE and the caster aspect of this build.

2) Petmaster - Because i was just reusing those 3 items, and because i need socrates and occult anyways for lightning bolt, i don't have access to pet rings. And because i promised pets that actually does good damage, i had to rely on skills that boost pets. I have to get eye of the storm, and i have to make dark covenant active at all times. And fortunately, all 3 pets of oracle does considerable elem damage. I'm not really a fan of the liche king because it requires too many skill points. But for this build, it improves greatly with eye of the storm and unearthly power. Plus it helps with reducing enemy resistances (assuming you have invested enough points on the base skill for the RR value to be higher than squall's). The Outsider is great with 80% CDR. Summon it often even if there are no bosses, the cooldown is only 72 secs. Remember that these pets are controllable, even the outsider. So if you know there are dangerous mobs ahead, you can make them take some agro first before you attack. The health cost of dark covenant does NOT apply to pets.

3) Weapon - Eye of the Storm and Unearthly Power also boost my attacks, both lightning bolt and lightning dash. Dark covenant is great for this build. It makes this character not too mana hungry, and making it always active means you can leave spirit ward active all the time even when there are no undeads. Less drink of mana pots and treating spirit ward like a permanent buff makes this easier to control. But to counter the health cost of Dark Covenant, i need a good weapon with life steal, low str requirement, but still does good damage. Enter Chakram of the Moon. The str requirement is 288, not much higher than Rings of the Rhine (284). And with the 15% requirement reduction that comes with the shield, the str requirement is now only 245. Plus, the +10% to int makes up for the stat pts you spent on str. And with fully maxed necrosis with very fast attack speed, we might as well forget about the health cost of Dark Covenant. A good alternate weapon is chakram of the sun.

This is how my DPS looks like with both eye of the storm and unearthly power active:

They are always active in every battle. But you see, the DPS doesn't tell the whole truth. That damage is single target only. Ternion build, even though it shows less DPS, actually outperforms this build in terms of kill speed. (see spoiler notes below for a little comparison)
This still has good AoE damage though thanks to lightning bolt and pets.

If you have winds of asphodel, that would be a good secondary weapon. Pair that with another rings of the rhine. If you don't have winds of asphodel, a green thrown weapon of the betrayer enhanced with shen-nongs will do. By lowering enemy resistances, you not only increase your own damage but you also increase your pet's damage as well. It's good against bosses. For my low bleed res, i carry with me dwarven bone fetish (amulet).

My recommended target build:
If you notice, i left some pet skills 4pts shy of fully maxed. That's because the liche and the wisp don't die easily. Most of the time when i get a mastery shrine and resummon them, the liche and wisp stay alive the rest of my play session. But you can put more points if you want. You may or may not fully max spirit mastery.

This is reeaaalllly tricky to build. DO NOT rush lightning dash. If you don't do anything with it, it is vastly inferior to lightning bolt or ice shard. And the first half of the game there's hardly anything you can do with it. I suggest starting as a storm caster first since your main stat is int anyway. Or if you are more comfortable starting with Ternion, that's fine too. Even though lightning dash also works with staves, it's still no match for Ternion. When you have 2 eitrs, pearled cap, a good weapon and a good shield both with low str requirements, that's the earliest reasonable time to switch to lightning dash + lightning bolt. Slowly build storm nimbus tree starting 1/1/max and later maxing all 3. Your other targets are squall tree, deathchill aura tree, dark covenant tree and eye of the storm. Around late epic, start putting more points on pets.

Stat distribution is even more tricky. I can't help you there. Just save a lot of stat points so you don't go over the necessary str requirements. Dex should be just enough to equip items and reach 1k DA. I spent exactly 12 pts on health. Oracle has an awful low HP.

Remember that completing the Lampidos Potion quest in legendary will give you +10 to str and 200 health. Completing the Stygian lurker quest will give you +8 to str, dex and int. However, it's already near endgame. It's not my practice to wait that long. I also don't edit my stats through TQdefiler, hell no. If i make a mistake then so be it. Nothing is easy here. This requires a lot of experience, a lot of patience, and a lot of planning. You see, I've done this a few times before but i still made a little mistake. I got my str a little higher than i should have. But hey, I'm not finished with this yet. I'm still thinking of replacing blessing of the gods with essence of styx. That will lower my pierce res to 41 but will increase my armor and health. My str will get lower if i do that but I'm planning to only do it after i complete those 2 quests mentioned above. Mid act 4, i still plan to get my health to about 4700 and DA to 1k.

additional info:
Spoiler for Hiden:
* if you bind lightning dash to RMB instead of LMB, and you use a thrown weapon, you can dash even without a target. but only do this if you have high enough CDR already because lightning dash has 0.7 sec cooldown. if you right click during that 0.7 sec cooldown, your character will not do anything at all. but if you have it on LMB and you left click during the cooldown, your character will at least attack with a normal attack. at 80% CDR, the cooldown of lightning dash is only 0.1 sec so it hardly matters. this can make things faster and also can be a means of escape (minolord/s). but also be careful because you can sometimes unintentionally get very close to dangerous mobs. again, dashing without a target only works with ranged weapons.

* yep, i know those are not the best items. i have some good items but i gave them away to my other characters. i am also too lazy to farm and too stubborn to duplicate items through
TQvault or dream image bug. also too stubborn to use the act 5 blacksmith quest reward.

* another requirement reduction item seems like it would be good for this build. but i couldn't come up with a gear setup that doesn't sacrifice my resists. also, see above. i had to make do with what i have.

* of immortality is a better prefix than of grace. if you do the maths, of immortality translates to more stat points than of grace, of might, or of erudition. but I'm just reusing those 3 items. i don't know if i have extras but i don't bother to check. and at this stage of our TQ days, i can't be bothered to farm. i would rather spend my time playing sudoku than farm. lolz

* naturally, i tried Ternion build for this too. or more accurately, lightning dash on LMB and Ternion on RMB. If this turned out to be vastly inferior to the known Ternion build, i wouldn't even have wrote this. Thankfully it's not. In fact, i favor this build more. Ternion staff beats this build in terms of kill speed hands down even though the stat pts i spent on str becomes useless. But for ternion builds, it seems CDR is what you really sacrifice. At least with the limited items i have, CDR is what i end up sacrificing. I don't want to sacrifice DA, resists, +4 skills, ADCtH or attack speed. And i like the tricks i get with 80% CDR, most notably dark covenant and summon outsider which becomes more important with increased mob mod. Even soul vortex i cast it often. Freezing blast against Dragonians, Dactyl.
Ultimately though, if you have a very wide selection of OP items, and you somehow manage to get everything (+4 to all skills, 80% CDR, resists, 1k DA, ADCtH, attack speed, cast speed, damage, health) with just 9 items, ternion build probably wins.
From my experience though, it's very hard to get all of those with just 9 items. And an oracle that has a very low health and doesn't give any bonus to DA? well, dunno
But hey, most people prefer damage, i just like complete builds more.

* i took a short break from TQ when Atlantis came because i didn't like it. that means i lack Atlantis items except for a few i picked up along the way. after this char, i probably will take another break :/

more to come probably. maybe a vid. i wrote this now just in case I'm not able to update it. at least I'm able to contribute a different way of building an oracle.

a lot has changed since the TQIT of long ago. some for the better, some for the worse.

General Discussion / Complexities of Playing a Hybrid
« on: 28 June 2019, 01:00:50 »
don't ask me why i wrote this. it was just a whim of the moment. also pls understand that i lack enough playtime since Atlantis, so my info might be a bit outdated

First of all, i hope this doesn't discourage people from playing hybrids. Playing hybrids can be very rewarding, from fun meter to sense of accomplishment

People might have different definitions of hybrids. Mine is either raising all main 3 attributes (str,dex,int), or equipping a bunch of requirement reduction items to allow you to equip items meant for the opposite playstyle.

The very first thing that people might see in hybrids is the difficulty in distributing stat points. But actually, that is the simplest of your problems. In reality, hybrids have layers upon layers of problems. Equipping lots of requirement reduction does not make it any simpler. In legendary, you might end up lacking in resists, or all skills or something. Just from my experience, it is better to limit requirement reduction items to 1 to 2 items, then spending a few points on stats just enough to equip items

Getting your stats to 400+/400+/400+ early legendary is actually quite easy. Just a symbol of the polymath and some careful stat spending can get you there. Adding a hale ring can get it to 500+/400+/400+. Not that you need those stats to be a hybrid but having those stats practically suggests your char is a hybrid. But that is not the only problem. With those stats, are you sure your damage will be fine? it's easier for petmasters but what if you're not a petmaster? I'm not sure how people address this but for me, it is total damage and/or resistance reduction. But then, you will likely face another problem and that is usually resists, all skills, or CDR. Increasing damage does not mean you are allowed to sacrifice survivability. Also, because you spent all/most of your points on str,dex,int, you have to get additional health from items. And considering hybrids are gear dependent already, well... adding a problem to another problem just creates more problems. Then assuming you have addressed all these problems already, you still have to compare how it performs compared to your 2-stat builds. Because let's face it, if your hybrid pales in comparison, then why build a hybrid at all? Fun maybe? But let's see how fun it is dying a hundred times just trying to get past Dragonian mobs. Let's be real, if your hybrid is not at least as good as your 2-stat builds, you might as well declare it a failure. Not that it's bad, failure is good in these types of games :)

Many times while i was trying to gear my characters, i was like: "alright, I'll equip tunic of the magi for resists, archmages clasp and trackers hood for CDR, aaaaannd it's done. oh crap no all skills." Take 2: "vestment of the overlord in favor of tunic of the magi, boots of freyja to make up for the resists, aaaannd low DA." Take 3: "priams gate and talisman of the jade emperor for resists and DA, aaaand no total damage." It's one thing if you have lots of OP items like Aionios, demonskin walkers, complete set of freyja. I don't have those

With all these problem solvings, it's like a riddle. But once you solve all these, assuming you get good resists, +4 to all skills, 80% CDR, with enough survivability and damage, maybe even dishing long range spells then finishing those that survive with your weapon, you probably see why it's rewarding. It is sugar, spice, and everything nice :)

General Discussion / My Basic Approach to Casters
« on: 15 June 2019, 14:49:32 »
This is basically what i tried to say here. Only this time I'll try to make it more... uhmm.. more more

This is my basic approach to building casters. I'm not saying this is the best way of building casters. I'm not saying every caster should be built this way. But I'm saying this is my preferred way of building casters. And mind you i love casters. And if you hate deaths like i do, this is what i recommend.

Like I've said in some of my posts, i don't like staves. I like it if i have 10 items instead of 9. But that means getting strength, right? Right of course. So hybrid? not necessarily. So strength and int so that means no DA? Of course you'd want that also.

This is doable self-farmed but you have to be patient in farming. Why? Because low dex means you have to get your DA from items. And that's one of the beauties of playing this a caster. Because you don't need OA. And DA can be easily get from items especially for twinked characters. Also, if you are gunning for no deaths, i recommend to just twink. It's allowed anyway. And to cheese whenever you can. It's also allowed  ;D

No str + dex melee references here please. This is a caster thread :)

Many people like int and dex for casters. This is slightly similar but i take str instead of dex

The advantage: you get a shield and you also get DA

The disadvantage: you don't get access to dex items like SB cuffs. you can solve that if you get dex also but that's another story. that's harder but doable. but harder  :D

The stat distribution is different though. And this is where it gets a little harder. For int + dex, you can just go 1:1 and it will be alright. For str + int, you can't go 1:1. Just trust me on this. Start int first then just get str later. Start with a staff. Usually, i use a staff until act 3 normal. Then i put a little bit of points on str just to equip shields. But not too much. Learn to save stat points. I read somewhere before, someone said to spend stat points because you need to, not because you can. I agree with that. If you feel you're fine, just save your stat points. 400+ int is enough for the whole normal and epic. You'll have enough points on str if you do that. The rest, just save them.

This will be easy to gear if you do it this way. If you have items waiting for you already, you don't have to pre-plan what your items will be. I don't plan at all whenever i do this. It always turns out fine. Like i said, this is my basic approach. My go-to build whenever i want to build something safe. Usually i still put points on dex but not too much. Just 200+ endgame legendary.

Do i nerf my damage by doing this? maybe but i don't really feel like my kill speed is slowing down. I kite less with these characters after all, and when i kite less, i have more time to attack. Have i tried casters with no str or just all in on int? Of course. Like everyone, i tried to build my characters the usual way. But i find that this works for me better and I'll take this way over the usual practice.

just some examples. managed to scrounge some pics

Spoiler for Hiden:

still no deaths but haven't started legendary yet. ignore the lightning dash and phantom strike. i just tried it for fun

Spoiler for Hiden:

an old pic from my haruspex. the first death of this came from 3 Fafnirs. I died twice there because i got bored so i decided to do it again and again for about 10x. Really could've done this no deaths :)

Spoiler for Hiden:

Corselet of freyja has been nerfed since Atlantis. My DA used to be 1200 but it dropped to 700. Haven't decided on another gear combination yet or if i will change my gears at all. Still don't feel like playing this since Atlantis

Spoiler for Hiden:

But this is different. I have low DA but i just hide in briar ward all the time

Starting With Mage

Dream AE / Dreamkiller: Psionic beam + Traps build (Atlantis)
« on: 14 June 2019, 00:00:43 »

Just another build sharing. Plus a few notes on Atlantis hidden in spoilers. (i might get killed :D  )

(i just posted this under dreamAE because dreamAE is still empty. but this is as much rogue as it is dream)

First of all, this wasn't the supposed build for this character. This was an experimental build, a converted to elemental build without using rune mastery.

Spoiler for Hiden:

 Although i was at least able to make it viable, it was so squishy i didn't want to play it anymore. I just called it experiment gone wrong.  :D

Now it just came to my mind that using the new skills of dream and rogue, i can take a different route and make this character a little better. I haven't finished this character yet but i decided to write this now because i don't know if i will continue playing this. But I'm pretty sure this will at least be viable in act 5 legendary. Btw, why does dream have to get some of the best new skills?

At first look, the good synergy to be found is psionic beam enhanced with envenom weapon. But i find that if you equip 2 allfather's rings, traps are still better. And it will get stronger with maxed mastermind.

While i was testing this, i find myself choosing between 80% CDR or 1k DA. Ultimately, I chose 80% CDR. +4 to all skills and cast speed is a must for this build. I chose 80% CDR largely because of distort reality and PGB. No, seriously, it's like PGB suddenly became a good debuff + CC skill. At ultimate max poison mayhem, PGB has 30% chance of impaired aim, which is very good against archers. It also has 60% chance of 2 seconds of fear. The fear only lasts 2 seconds and they get slowed which means mobs don't get very far so you don't have to follow them. While they are running away slowed, they are being hit by traps. I literally cast this against every mob. This and distort reality with 80% CDR makes you king of CCs. I have distort at 1/max and PGB at 1/1/max.

Don't mind that low DPS based on the pic. The kill speed is fine. A staff with maxed psionic beam is so much better now. Traps with 2 allfather's rings and maxed mastermind are really good. Plus you have your doppelganger which becomes permanent with +4 to all skills and 80% CDR.

Spoiler for Hiden:

I don't know if i put some points on str but you don't need it for this build. Like i said, this was meant to be a converted to elemental build. At one point, I thought of equipping blessing of the moirae + rings of the rhine but balked quickly when i realized the short range of thrown weapons just puts me in even more danger. Just too squishy.
Skill point distribution is not really an issue in TQ, it's really the stat point distribution you must be careful of because you can't take them back

I also have a differently built dreamkiller which is almost similar to @Torstein159  's dreamkiller. I don't know if this is less scary to build because this is only a 2 stat build. But honestly, the 3 stat build was easier to gear and I'd still take that for survivability reasons.

Spoiler for Hiden:
At the time of this writing, Atlantis is still a bug fest. I play in other acts and it's fine but when i portal to Atlantis, suddenly the game stutters.

There are giants there that when they die, they remain standing or continue running even if they're dead. This gets confusing and sometimes can lead to deaths

Why do devs love invisible wasps?

"The Letter" quest. I don't know if i just got unlucky and my game got bugged just that 1 time, but nothing happened when i talked to the girl. My quest log says talk to the girl but nothing happens

Bugs like these are the reasons why i haven't finished Atlantis yet after all this time. And no i don't want to submit any more bug reports

I see there are Basilisk beastmen that has a petrify attack. I guess if you have read/watched Basilisk manga/anime, you really could get petrified lolololz :D

Kagerou:  Sa-Saemon Dono. My-my breath.
Yakushiji Tenzen: Oh. Is your breath accelerating? Your sighs are as sweet as flowers.
Kagerou: (This isn't Saemon Dono)
Yakushiji Tenzen: You must allow this!!
Me: Man, i wanna kill Tenzen until he is dead-dead

Atlantis / Trying to make Lightning Dash Work
« on: 02 June 2019, 14:22:45 »
so i just read lightning dash had been reworked.. i still wonder why it's not in the changelog.. anyways

Spoiler for Hiden:

this was this character.. so this was played as a caster.. always xmax x3 from lvl 1

just start of legendary.. atlantis map in both normal and epic not yet completed.. that's with +4 all skills and 80% CDR

not perfect though.. awful low OA and attack speed.. but with 80% CDR, it's phantom strike abuse clobberin' time.. that's me and my permanent doppelganger.. so kill speed should be fine? maybe

dream image is weird.. to make the most of it, you need +4 and 80% CDR.. but it likes to attack with weapon so you need to equip a good weapon too or else it's damage is weak.. that's kinda hard to do except with a staff.. meh that's too corny.. or with str and dex only but focusing on CDR, but it's not for this character

will i continue playing it like this or do i switch back to caster? i don't know yet.. this is melee + caster anyway.. if i continue this way i spend my 14 unused stat points and all succeeding stat points on dex for higher OA.. if i switch back to full caster, everything goes to int

advantage of lightning dash over psionic touch? lightning dash only cost 6 skill points.. psionic touch requires awful lot of skill points.. i just learned a hybrid melee prophet requires an awful lot of skill points.. i don't even have lightning bolt and i still haven't maxed storm nimbus tree

maybe another time i'll try to create a hybrid melee oracle.. if i find myself enjoying playing again

General Discussion / Quick Cast not for casters at all
« on: 19 May 2019, 01:46:58 »
This sounds really bizarre but a feature seemed to improve casters actually ends up making casters even more prone to death

When you press the shift key (the old shift key hold character in place), doesn't matter if you rebind it to shift, quick cast forces your character to move even when holding shift.. this makes your character move closer to mobs which as a caster, you wouldn't want to

Worse if your main source of survivability is briar ward, it forces you out of briar ward

This is more noticeable when you are playing in fully zoomed camera angle.. and when you bind long range skills to number skill buttons

edit: and when you disable quick cast, see how meteor rain and fire nova performs

General Discussion / Help With TQ Calculator
« on: 10 May 2019, 10:15:09 »
With the release of the new DLC (Atlantis) and with the addition of new skills as well as the mastery bar now up to 40, i realized TQ Calculator needs to be updated as well

The problem is when i updated TQ before to anniversary edition, i was self-thought and so my knowledge on html files is very limited. Now I'm afraid i don't have the time nor patience to study more about html files. And I'm not even sure when if ever I'll get the DLC. Fortunately, this forum is filled with modders that obviously know more about computers than me, and some that already owns/beta tested the DLC

So if anyone is willing to update titancalc, please post here and please communicate with @Pinhan Pain. many thanks

General Discussion / Benefits of saving attribute points
« on: 30 April 2019, 13:02:51 »
Many people probably already know this but i just felt like writing something and quite frankly, i just don't know what to write and this is what came to mind. So here goes...

tldr: you can always benefit from saving your stat points
Yes, even if you think you already know where you want to spend your stat points on. Or even if you follow a strict ratio distribution like 2:1 str:dex or something like that.
You can always benefit from saving your stat points.

(side note: and this is one reason why i am against strict ratio distributions. they just make my character progressions slower)

case 1:
Let's say you have 400 str and 300 dex, and you found an item you want to equip but it requires 407 str. If you don't have unused stat points, you will have to wait to level up before you can equip that item. But if you have at least 2 unused stat points, you can equip that item right then and there.

case 2:
Let's still say you have 400 str and 300 dex. And again, you found an item that requires 407 str. But that item also have +8 to str. If you have 2 unused stat points, you can add those to str. Your str will be 408 + 8 from the item so 416. You can press undo and your str will still be 408, enough to equip that item and you also get back your 2 stat points

case 3:
For petmasters. Pure petmasters that is. I don't know about you guys but i always think petmasters should distribute their points just enough to equip items. And if you are not saving your stat points, you will always end up with stats way higher than what you need. I always think 400 int (or a little higher) is enough for these cases. If you end up with 500 int, that 100 int is now wasted. Yes i know there are 500 int pet staves but i still think you get more if you equip a one-handed weapon and a shield. Even if it's just a low quality green shield, more often times than not, 2 items beat 1 item. You can always get pet bonuses from jewelries.

case 4:
changing your items for specific bosses. Let's say you want to fight toxeus head on and your damage is very high already. Instead of swapping your weapon for a lower DPS one, it is better to equip %less damage from undead. If you are changing items, there is a chance you will want to equip items you haven't met the requirements for. Back to case 1 and case 2.

case 5:
Hybr... Ah let's not get there. lolz. But a 1:1:1 strict ratio distribution without even saving stat points is an almost guarantee for a poorly built hybrid

Around the world / forging a katana
« on: 28 April 2019, 01:20:53 »
(doesn't have anything to do with TQ)

I've never watched a 47 minute YouTube video before until this one.. still, it's long so i tried to break it down:

3:20 - preparing the metal
12:45 - forging the sword
24:55 - polishing the sword
31:00 - Japanese katana vs European broadsword
33:35 - modern samurai schools
39:45 - sword vs bow
42:02 - mass-produced inferior katanas

but it's good enough that i suggest watching the whole vid

too bad the ancient way of testing it is gone now: using it in battlefield

dem guns

Around the world / Achilles vs Heracles
« on: 03 April 2019, 00:03:17 »
They never had a chance to fight because they weren't of the same generation but who do you think would win in a theoretical fight between perhaps the 2 greatest Greek heroes?

If you Google "Achilles vs Heracles", you'll find people with their own opinions. I too have an opinion of my own but I'm just curious as to what fellow Titan Questers think

ps: this isn't about TQ builds (if there ever are Achilles and Heracles builds), this is about Greek mythology

Greetings to everyone. I am proposing a new hardcore challenge. This is centered around xmax x3 and hybrid stat characters. Due to those eccentricities, I don't know if anyone is interested to join :) but anyway i am listing the rules just in case

1.) Must be played xmax x3. The Achaean Pass quest and 3 sisters quest seems to be bugged on any versions of xmax. For those quests, completing in vanilla is allowed. Why only x3? Because i lag too much in full xmax. This way, those who play on low end PCs can also join

2.) Regarding the hybrid part, the more i think of it, the more i think this part is complicated. So i decided to make it a little simple. Feel free to put your stats wherever you want, so long as beginning act 3 epic, you are required to be wearing at least one warrior item and one mage item. No requirements on stats so as to allow the use of requirement reductions. For characters with rune, you are required to equip at least one warrior item besides weapon and shield. But i don't mean low quality warrior or mage item. Mage items should be at least with 350 int requirement and Warrior items should be at least with 400 str requirement. Those are because some purple mage items only require 350+ int and some purple warrior items only with 400+ str.  Again this rule only starts at epic act 3. Why epic at 3? Because at xmax HC challenge, you only get listed on the fallen heroes once you reach epic act 3. AND it's difficult to play hybrid starting from lvl 1. You can choose whatever class you want and whatever playstyle you want (even a petmaster) so long as you meet above requirements

2.5) Dual wield elemental melee builds are allowed, however you build it. Even if it doesn't meet rule 2 requirements. However, elemental melees with rune relying on runeword: feather should still show it looks like a hybrid by following rule 2. No easy way out  :P

3.) Unedited pics of 1st and 2nd page is required after every boss kills (pls hide the pics in spoilers)

4.) You are NOT required to kill random bosses like Shadowmaw and Dactyl BUT if they spawn, you are required to kill them. Permanent secret bosses (toxeus and others in secret passage, primrose passage, Hydra, dragon liche in act 3, and manticore) should be played. If you don't have overlord yet, farm for it and go back to the secret passage. Same for primrose passage. On epic and legendary, killing manticore is required. Also Dragon Liche - Lord of the Undead in act 3. Same for Hydra on legendary. You are NOT required to complete all maps. (side tip: hydra loves to attack pets)

5.) No escape quits

6.) No accomplished heroes

7.) Use of corselet of freyja and giant's tooth is NOT allowed. (i just hate those stupidly OP items). Use of the orb * is also not allowed as well as any edited cheat items. No MIshop mod items

8.) Transfer of legendary blacksmith quest reward enhanced items between characters are allowed but the use of said items are limited to one on normal, two on epic, and three on legendary. This is to prevent equipping 6 legendary blacksmith enhanced items.

Twinking is allowed but if you want to play self-found, feel free to do so. Potions are allowed but if you also want to play no potions, you are a crazy masochist. Feel free to do so. Just a reminder, this IS a hardcore challenge. One death and you're out

I am open to suggestions so if you want to suggest some rule changes or additional rules, pls post it in the comments section

If anyone is interested to join, I will update as much as i can. You will just see it on this main page

So why the title? Let's just say it's a tribute to the first character to join this challenge

botebote77 - Shirai Kuroko - prophet lvl 63 Rhodes (twinked)

can we have a 6 player difficulty challenge? actually i haven't tried the mod yet but full xmax (x10) is too laggy for my rig especially in act 5.. which mod spawns more monsters anyway?

personally i would take it one notch harder: the hybrid stat 6 player difficulty HC challenge :) .. take any class you want so long as you invest on all 3 stats

but i imagine most people would find the hybrid part unnecessary  C:-)

Greetings TQ players. This thread, well I guess Iím just here to say that you, you have fire. You have bolts like Zeusí to throw. And I.Ö iÖ. I woke up at 3 in the morning with nothing to do so decided to write this instead.

This is about my tips for starting with a mage and playing it classic caster style. What do I mean classic caster style? Simple. A true spellcaster and kill before you get killed type of toon. Now isnít that fun? I know it sounds bad for hardcore players but trust me, I hate deaths. And I find playing this way safer than playing classic close combat melee.

I will be covering early game tips for storm, earth, and dream. Early game only because if you want mid to late game, you might as well look for class guides. This is no theorycraft. This is based from personal experiences that started from failures and little by little made it effective that finally suits me. Of these, I have most experience with storm.


Start with squall. Get your mastery bar to tier lvl 10 just enough to unlock squall. You will need to use a staff this early so also put 1pt on storm nimbus and heart of frost (this will help if your staff is cold based)

Put all succeeding points to squall. This will start weak but when you finally max it, Itís OP for this stage of the game.

After that, climb storm mastery until tier lvl 24. Put 1 pt on lightning bolt because it will help against bosses

After that, take all the points from squall and transfer it to ice shards, only 1pt on the first 2 and maxing the last

Unlike squall, ice shard is very mana hungry. So donít put additional points on the first 2 yet. Instead, your next target is lightning bolt. Just the base skill because you will need a good long range single target damage skill for bosses

When youíve done this youíre good for a long time already so you have some leeway. What I usually do is I max storm mastery to unlock eye of the storm. Then finally get a 2nd mastery and just put points on the mastery bar. That is so I get higher life and energy. Good items here are the oracle set. Just the helm and torso works well enough for me. When youíve grown tired of those, a very good torso armor is bai hus mantle socketed with golden fleece relic. Ice shard is very mana hungry so you can delay getting it but if you have these items, mana wonít be that annoying. Spellbreaker is a good skill but early game, I find that i can get by without it.

late edit: probably the best artifact early game for this build is touch of the fool


Iím going to jump straight to tier lvl 24. You also have to use a staff early game. The popular choice is of course staff of the magi

Donít go straight to eruption yet. Eruption is very good but you need lots of skill points just to unlock it. Max Fragmentation instead

I tried going straight to eruption before and when I got to the gorgon queens (9 of them because I always play x3), it took an eternity to kill them because eruption was just at low lvl (maybe lvl 1) when I got to them. I started a new char and put the points on fragmentation instead and it went so much smoother
After that you can max earth mastery then max eruption.

After this, I usually also just put points on my 2nd mastery to increase my health and mana. This is very good if you have recharge items.

edit: or you could max VO first before going for eruption

the kill speed will be faster but mana cost will also get higher.. either way should be fine


I will also jump straight to tier lvl 24

No psionic touch? No phantom strike? I told you this is a true spellcaster
Max Psionic Immolation

The first 2 skills of Distortion Wave scales with str and at this point, I usually donít have str yet. So I usually max dream and put a few points on Temporal Rift (not max yet, like 5 pts). This will be useful against tough mobs *cough* Dragonians *cough*. I also get a 2nd mastery around this time which I wonít show on this titancalc

You can put points on sands of sleep, freddy krueger style. Or you can get CC from the 2nd mastery instead (e.g.: core dweller, monster lure, throwing knife with envenom weapon)

So the trend is I tend to largely ignore my 2nd mastery at least early game. This is what I find effective for a caster. If I get nature, I get my nature bar to tier lvl 4 and put 1pt on HoO and regrowth (for pet or for self healing). But then I ignore it for a long time. I usually stop my int at about 400 and save it. This gives me the option to equip a shield or go true hybrid. Wait, a shield for a caster? Yes of course. and many regulars of this forum probably know I always do that. I just said it in case someone reads this 5 years from now. Because 5 years from now TQ will still be alive  O0

Defense AE / Journal Thread: Hybrid Stat Melee Conqueror
« on: 17 February 2019, 00:39:50 »
Because the best things in life are hybrids!!

I don't really know where to post this.. whether under warfare AE or defense AE.. but i saw there are no topics yet under defense AE so defense AE it is

I started this accomplished hero because i can't spend that much time playing
Recently I've been talking about elemental casters investing on str.. And how a good shield and helm of the mammoth are reasons enough to get str.. So now how about the opposite? Physical Melee toons investing on int.. And i want 2 masteries as far away from int as possible: warfare and defense

First of all, i don't plan to nerf this just because i have int.. I know 80% CDR is possible even for a str + dex build and much of the reason is tracker's hood.. Well, i happen to think there are many helms much better than tracker's hood.. Like the helm shown above.. No, not the wizard hat.. The helm of valholl of the mammoth.. And i 99% believe archmage's clasp + corselet of f^(k!n freyja makes int worth investing on for just about any character.. But as much as possible i would like to avoid corselet of freyja (it's too OP)

by the way it's fun to see a lightning strike fall down from the sky especially if you're a conqueror.. And i chose it to make my conqueror look hybrid as early as possible

more to come

THQ Nordic / Closed Beta Program
« on: 06 February 2019, 19:23:20 »
just saw this on steam few minutes ago

i don't think i can join right now but maybe some of you can.. and hey be quick about it

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