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Ragnarok has insane OP items.  I think we can all agree on that. But this topic is different. This is about the items that are probably overlooked because of seemingly better items. There are items like Nerthus Armbands that are only blue but obviously very good for a Summoner (Nature + Earth). I'm not talking about those items.  This is about the ragnarok items that are probably discarded as "not good items" at first look, but are actually great even for endgame.

Neith's Will

First is the purple throwing weapon that drops in any of your character playthroughs even if you don't look for it. But this is actually one of my favorite caster weapons. The base damage is low but it doesn't matter for a caster. The recharge and the %total damage are important for casters, throw in the resists and this is just perfect. The requirements are not that high too. Plus if you play a caster with hunting, you get the huge bonus to DA because it's a throwing weapon, even if you don't use it to attack

Marbod's Mask

This one i completely overlooked when i first found it. "Meh not good, probably never going to be used. put it in tqvault just for collection". But days, weeks, or maybe months later when i was trying to gear my str + dex assassin for 80% CDR permanent battle standard, i saw this on my tqvault and i saw the -50% int requirement for armors. There, it's possible for a str + dex character to wear archmage's clasp

and archmage's clasp is just perfect for this build because it solves my CDR problem, it gives me 40% attack speed, it solves my slow cast speed, and it even has a small chance to reduce resistances, which applies to both weapons and knives.

Dagger of Basbona

It looks like a good early epic item. Only early epic because the base damage is low. But wait, the %proc chance is total damage. So if you use it for multi attack AoE spells like ice shards, VO, and eruption, that %chance proc is sure to trigger every time. Add in the 20% recharge and this is really good for a caster even in endgame. The thousand cuts granted skill triggers upon taking damage but the 75% chance of impaired aim, 75% chance to fumble attacks, 30% chance to avoid projectiles should give you a little bit of extra survivability.  I also did not see this item's true worth when i first saw it in tq database.

Rings of the Rhine

I really see this as the devs' gift to casters or petmasters/trappers. It's only a blue item and the damage blocked is low so it's probably overlooked. But it gives a bonus DA of 300. It has a str requirement of 284 but is only really 241 because the -15% requirement also applies to it. And it also applies to other items including weapons. That 241 str req is easily reachable for characters in legendary even for toons that doesn't invest on str. And yep 15% recharge. A combination of this and a good throwing weapon is a good substitute for a staff.

Carnyx Staff

Now this one i admit i haven't tried on an actual character so this is mostly theoretical. The base damage is only 100 but this staff has a hidden attribute: 100% chance to pass through enemies. So combined with ternion, it would be great AoE. The damage is physical so this could be good for a str + int ternion spellbreaker or soothsayer
edit: wolpak and icefreeze tested ternion with carnyx. it seems ternion does work with carnyx but it works differently. and it's weird so just read the comments. headscratching. devs have weird imagination.

I realize most of the items are for casters but that's really how i play so those are the things i see. If you have other items that fits this topic, please share in the comments.

Earth AE / Mage Summoner (Earth + Nature)
« on: 02 October 2018, 02:11:43 »

no, this is not melee

Greetings everyone. I got back to playing TQ again and this time made a mage summoner (earth + nature). The build turned out to be strong, fast paced, and flashy enough that i thought i wanted to share it. This is a full mage and only for the wise and powerful. Are you sure you should be shopping here? But hey this build is no ordinary mage because you should also visit the dude that sells swords, shields, helmets of all kinds. Sounds complicated? Not really. Or maybe a little. But that's why i decided to write this. I'll try to make this simple enough that beginners can also follow. This is like a mixed journal and a partial guide.

The two attacks of this build are Volcanic Orb and Eruption. Both deal mix physical and fire damage and that's what this build is all about. Now i can't really say if this build deals more damage than a pure int summoner simply because i haven't tried a full int summoner before. But i can say that this build does not lack in damage and there are 3 reasons for that:

1) physical damage from spells now scales with str

2) strength of the pack + brimstone gives 120% physical damage (at ultimate max)

3) plague reduces fire and physical resist

Let me explain this a bit; physical damage resistance is usually low or at zero. That's why most weapon users are ok even if they don't have reduced resists. But that doesn't mean the reduced physical resist from plague is now useless. Reduced resist from plague is absolute meaning you don't reduce resists by percentage but by the exact amount listed on the skill. So if a target's physical resist is at zero, it now comes down to -39% if your susceptibility is at 8/8. If you have +4 and your susceptibility is now at 12/8, your target's physical resist comes down to -54%. And we all know how hard it is to survive with negative resistance, especially as low as -54%.

i rushed this simply because it kills fast. I finished the first 4 acts of normal in just a little over 20 hrs and for a completionist playing xmax x3, i think that's pretty fast. At around lvl 10, i stopped picking up stuff except blues and greens and those i can get with the quick pick up button. I sold relics and charms so i still get some gold to buy energy pots. I didn't have many low level items so this was semi self-found. By lvl 34 though i was able to wear vestment of aericura, then 1 lvl up later, arcane bindings. Those 2 helped a lot with recharge. But for those playing this full self-found, I'll try to suggest some early game items to farm. My game speed is set to fast btw. And yeah i remember using the orb * at act 1 normal specifically against 3 cyclops and 3 shadowmaws. Yep, * can handle them if you let the frostburn damage do its job.

What to look for from items:
The biggest decision here is whether to focus on pet items or mage items. Choosing mixed pet and mage items would make it more complicated than it should be. And in games like this, you want your toon to have a strength it can rely on so i advice you choose mage items or pet items. This is for a mage build, if you want petmaster, you should look for another guide :p . But i can assure you this build is very good for mobs as well as killing bosses repeatedly (farming) even with xmax.

main targets:
* all skills - +4. i initially thought i needed at least +5 but somewhere in epic i realized +4 is good enough. makes your spells stronger.

* cooldown reduction - 80%. with 80% CDR, cooldown of VO becomes just 1 second, and eruption at 4 seconds.

* cast speed - preferrably 250-300%. makes hit and run better. and plague + eruption + VO in quick succession is deadly.  you also need high cast speed if you need to cast stone form in emergency. strength of the pack gives +15%

secondary targets:
* anything that boosts fire and physical damage by percent

* resists. bleed usually ends up negative on my builds and i usually get my bleed res on secondary. i probably have to find a better secondary shield, one that gives me better resists

early game items to look for:
staff of the magi - you can find this from act 1 mage satyrs (those that use staff). i used this all the way until chang'an normal, where i switched to a self-found blue dragons scales and a green shield.

diogenes ring/amulet - you can find these from trash mobs but imo you'll have better chance of finding some from merchants. replace later with plato's, then socrates after that.

oracle's wreath - act 1 normal bosses i guess. this is a lvl 10 item that grants recharge. if you have other set pieces of the oracle's set, wear them. the set bonuses are great for a caster.

robust ring/amulet - same as diogenes but you need diogenes first. replace with hale later.

occult ring - this has a lvl 35 requirement. act 4 or 5 merchants

helm of the magus - i think this is more common in act 4 or 5. trash mobs or merchants

the owl - one of my characters found this before in normal act 5. grants recharge and big boost to int. you can use this even late game if you have trouble getting 80% CDR. it has a study prey proc but it only triggers upon getting hit by ranged attacks. but when it triggers, even melee mobs caught in the radius get debuffed

dagger of basbona - i found this on epic act 1 with this same character. it grants 20% recharge and 20% chance of 100% total damage. the 20% chance proc also applies on spells and trust me, when used with VO and eruption, it procs every time because the fragments also get the 20% chance proc. this is also a good endgame weapon. it has 185 dex requirement though so you have to get some dex from items (not too difficult)

reginn's hammer - i found this on normal act 5. grants 40% physical and fire damage. the 50% damage to constructs and 33% armor protection (increased armor) are not to be taken lightly. constructs are the type of monsters that seem to be most resistant against physical. it's not a problem with reginn's hammer. and because the 33% armor protection is from a weapon, it is global meaning all your armors get the bonus. this was my weapon of choice starting epic all the way to endgame. and how fitting is it that my Totosai is using a hammer? get it?
*(needs confirmation on constructs' resists/but i do kill constructs quickly with this weapon)

a simple but very good weapon is a green axe or club with a tyrant's prefix. you can find that in shops if you're persistent enough (I'm not). you're lucky if you find it with a good suffix like of havoc. socket that with Prometheus flame

bonus: if you can somehow find mbuti's advocate with very good affix, both VO and eruption triggers the study prey proc (I've tested it). it is dex based though so you need requirement reduction but you can use normal version because the base weapon damage doesn't matter for a spellcaster

santa's chest armor has 10% recharge. it has lvl 35 requirement. you can use it late normal if you are playing twinked

rings of the rhine has a chance to drop in normal act 5 but it's easier to find in epic. it's a shield that grants recharge, high DA, and requirement reduction

mid to late game items:
weapons - any of the early game weapons i mentioned are good even for late game. figurehead of the naglfar, flakes of muspelheim, ra's touch (though it requires a bit of dex), fafnir's teeth. giant's tooth is so OP that it's good even for a caster.

shields - golden shield of pelaron, flowing shield of the euphrates, rings of the rhine, deimos, priam's gate, aionios (i don't have 1)

bracers - nerthus armbands, arcane bindings, adept's clasp, archmage's clasp. archmage's clasp is BiS but i don't have a spare. the poison res from nerthus armbands is huge

rings - seal of hephaestus, occult/hale/socrates of something, sindri's loop, ring of the three, ring of taranis, celestial band, cartouche ring

amulet - polaris, polydegmon, torc of cernunos, torc of the ancestors, aphrodite's favor, myrmidon's pendant, brisingamen (OP, don't have).

helm - preferably something with recharge

greaves - athena's battle greaves, leggings of the flameborn, boots of the alfather, boots of freyja, leggings of the defiled, demonskin walkers, blacksteel greaves

artifact - talisman of the jade emperor, thoth's glory, eye of ra, gambanteinn, symbol of the polymath

torso armor - many options here. there are only few dex based torso armors and you probably won't need them. cestus, tunic of the magi, blacksteel plate

Synergies between earth and nature:
Do i even have to spell it? :)
I mean virtually every skill from one mastery seem to compliment every skill from the other. The problem is there are too many good skills that you don't know if you'll have enough skill points to take them all. But is that really a problem? If that's a problem i call it a good problem to have. How many of us have put points than needed on nightmare pet just because we don't have anything else to spend our skill points at? Maybe even wisp? battle rage? At least on summoner, you know you'll spend your skill points on a good skill, even when you reach endgame.

Stat Distribution:
This is str + int but don't just spend them 1pt on str per 1pt int. You have to gear for CDR as early as possible. And you won't have strength of the pack until much later so fire is your early game damager. Start all int first then after you reach about 300-350 int, go all str until about 400-450 str. Then go according to your needs based on gear requirements. It's also good if you keep about 5 unused points just in case you find an item you want to wear and you don't meet the requirements yet. If you have reached gear requirements, try to keep str and int balanced. If you need to put points on dex, it should only be to meet requirements. I did this with no dex at all.

Early game leveling:
Start Earth. Earth is very good early game whether you choose volcanic orb, flame surge, or even ring of flame. Since volcanic orb will be my main attack all throughout the game, i started with volcanic orb. it's very good early game even with its 5 sec cooldown. Early game, set this as your RMB so your attacks will be VO, eruption, and staff attack. But later on when you already have high CDR and using a shield, you might want to bind VO to LMB. Volcanic orb + Eruption will allow you to farm bosses repeatedly with not much difficulty even if you play xmax. 1st level up put 2 pts on earth mastery and 1 pt on earth enchantment. Continue climbing earth putting only 1pt on volcanic orb, brimstone, core dweller, and stone form just in case. When you reach lvl 7, just keep your 3 skill points. Why? So when you reach lvl 8, you'll have 6 skill points to spend on nature. You're not in delphi yet at this point. Put 4pts on nature mastery, 1pt on HoO, and 1pt on regrowth so you have something to support core dweller. But after that, we will ignore nature for a very long time. And 1 more thing, don't set your core dweller to aggressive. Not yet because we will leave it at lvl 1. It will just die quickly if it's set to aggressive. Continue climbing earth putting only 1pt on conflagration and also 1pt each on the synergies of core dweller. When you reach fragmentation, max it.

After maxing fragmentation, max volcanic orb. So it's now max/1/max volcanic orb and 1pt each on other necessary skills. This will ensure you one-shot mobs early game.

Next, continue climbing earth again until you max it. Put 1 pt on volatility, eruption and metamorphosis. Then all succeeding skill points you get put them on eruption until you max it. You will have to drink mana quite a lot but don't worry you are going in the right direction and nature will help with that later on.

Now you have your main attack taken care of but it came with the cost of low health and energy. So the next step: Put every skill point on nature mastery. Ignore every skill in nature except tranquility of water. Put 1pt there then continue climbing nature mastery. You don't need plague yet and wolves will just be mere decorations. Low level wolves will just get murdered against high level mobs. But you still deal very good damage but with low health and energy. Thats why we put everything on nature mastery so every level up we get more health and mana. I know it sounds weird but trust me it's really effective. I killed 3 Barmanu and 3 Typhon pretty easily with shoot and retreat tactic. Even Dactyl and 3 Hades died quickly from volcanic orb and eruption. Same shoot and retreat tactic. I had 1pt on susceptibility by this time and it probably helped. Put 1pt on heat shield if you haven't yet. It's bothersome to cast again and again but you are much safer if you have it on. After maxing nature mastery, put 1pt on refresh just in case you have to resummon core dweller quickly. And also, if you don't have enough CDR yet, eruption - refresh - eruption is a good boss killer.

At this point, i found that I'm ok even if i don't spend my succeeding skill points so that means you can spend your skills on what you want and it wouldn't matter too much. I just put 1pt each on plague tree then maxed volatility and earth enchantment. But it's ok too if you want pets or tranquility of water.

Next is epic. Act 1 epic is far easier than late normal. This is the time to get wolves if you haven't yet. From this point on, I'll just keep it short. Put 1pt each on wolves tree and nymph tree (optional). Max wolves (base skill). Put points on core dweller tree except wildfire just until it doesn't die easily. Get plague tree then max strength of the pack. The way it happened with my character, the damage scaling was: Eruption and Volatility on normal, Strength of the Pack and Brimstone on epic, and Plague on Legendary.

suggested skill distribution (with +4):

I did not put anything on rewarded skill points so endgame, you should have more skill points than that. You might need more points on permanence of stone depending on your items. Points spent on pets are just so they don't die easily when set to aggressive. Core dweller at lvl 10 is tanky enough. It will die the most in act 5 but it's very easy to resummon with 80% CDR. And don't forget mastery shrines. Resummon every pet whenever you get a mastery shrine. And that's one of the reasons why i have regrowth so i can keep them at higher levels for longer periods of time. But late game you will have more points than i showed anyway so feel free to add more points on your dweller if you want. Briar ward even at lvl 1 serves its purpose but you can put more points on it late game. Briar ward was the main reason i survived Dactyl. For some reason, it decided to spawn once on my first run in normal, then 3x  also on my first run in epic. That's how much the big dude likes me (or likes to kill me). But he never did because i have briar ward. It will vanish with 1 wave but it allows me to attack then retreat. But you can use briar ward against ordinary mobs as well.

Eruption is great against archers because they usually don't follow you. So if you cast eruption then retreat, they just stay in their place and let themselves die. But if mobs are in front of you, cast VO instead of eruption. It lands faster if your target is in front of you and the damage is more instantaneous, plus it stuns. You might be tempted to cast VO then eruption immediately after. But actually it is safer if you cast VO, run back a little, then VO again. You can cast eruption on the ground before they even get close to you. Some mobs in act 5 don't get stunned, jotuns for example. Use briar ward against them. The most trouble I've had with this build is against the golem constructs in act 5. I don't know how high their reflect is but when they cast their thorns thingy they are more dangerous than yggdrasil creatures. And once eruption starts, there is no stopping it. So you continue getting damage until the duration is over. Also the area where i had to get the hand of balance (act 2). The skeletons there have thorns now? The green ones. Maybe they always had and i just forgot. Or maybe i just never noticed. The best counter i could come up with is the old trick stone form + eruption. They cost me some deaths. These are some of the things that i had to learn on the go.

Hiding in briar ward all day is good for this build. Eruption really goes well with briar ward. And sanctuary even gives -32% damage absorption and also -32% mana cost. But personally, i find it slow and clunky. I feel it takes away some of the fun of playing a caster. And most of the time i prefer being mobile than stationary. Also, it feels like briar ward takes away some of the range factor of being a mage. If i really have to I'll cast briar ward but I'd like to avoid it as much as i can. I'm not bashing it, it's just a matter of preference. Heck, on my skinchanger i cast briar ward all the time. I also tried it on this one but I just like it more if i just pew, pew, pew - boom! boom! boom!

I have one gripe in this build that i haven't thought of while theorycrafting: the range of plague is shorter than VO's and eruption's. It would've been so much better if the range of plague is just as far. Well, you can't have your cake and eat it too. One solution is to let your pets draw aggro first. Another is to cast briar ward. But it shouldn't matter much. As long as you get your resists up, this caster isn't as squishy as you might think. It might not look like it but i care about survivability as much as i care about offense.

For those who like to play mages, this is a beginner friendly build but make sure you don't spend your skills and stats all over the place. You will have to do some farming but the build also gives you the power to do so. The best low risk high reward farming spot for this build is the secret passage. Don't open the gates, press shift then cast plague and eruption from the outside. Everything there dies quickly. Just make sure to hide in stone form when toxeus spawns.

gameplay clips
Spoiler for Hiden:

Gaming / About diablo 20th anniversary
« on: 23 August 2018, 00:23:27 »
just saw this and since i know some people here are also diablo fans, can anyone here talk about #4? (3:41)

i didn't know this so i just googled but couldn't find anything except some comments saying the same thing.. me with one look also knows the images are not from official diablo games

but wow that's embarrassing

as for me i think the graphic designers of diablo 3 are different because graphics in diablo 3 is cartoonish imo

Items / Relic/Charm Standard Completion Bonuses for AE/R
« on: 15 August 2018, 05:04:14 »
This FAQ is still under development

@ALL I want to make an updated version of this[RELIC/CHARM STANDARD COMPLETION BONUSES] but as you all know it's too many. I'm very far from completing this but with your help, hopefully we can get this done


artemis bowstring - attack speed (8%, 25%, 35%)
valor of achilles - attack speed (8%, 25%, 35%)
anubis wrath - attack speed (8%, 25%, 35%)
sigurd's courage - bleed res  (15%, 25%, 35%)
monkey kings trickery - pierce res (8%, 16%, 26%)
archimedes mirror - 15% chance of life leach retaliation for 1 second (14-22, 24-36, 38-50)
hermes sandal - poison res (20%, 30%, 40%)
aegis of athena - bleed res (15%, 25%, 35%)


Eitr - slower attack for 3 seconds (33%, 50%, 66%)
Demon's Blood - defensive ability (25, 35, 45)
Primal Magma - attack speed (25%, 35%, 35%)
bat fang - attack speed (8%, 15%, 15%)
turtle shell - + to strength (5, 11, 18)
diseased plumage - offensive ability (+25, +45, +65)
boar hide - bleed res (15%, 25%, 35%)
pristine plumage - bleed res (15%, 25%, 35%)

as many of you know, standard completion bonus is the bonus you get if you complete the relic/charm on the item instead of in inventory

Earth AE / Hybrid Melee/Caster Juggernaut
« on: 12 August 2018, 08:48:20 »
My last 2 characters (spellcaster thunderer and elemental archer dreamkiller) have given me some headaches on gear optimization :))

I'm quite content with my thunderer but my dreamkiller, although it's still on epic, i can already see I'm gonna have more headache when i get to legendary :))

so to keep my sanity, I'm planning to make a hybrid melee/caster juggernaut.. although it's a hybrid, my experience says hybrids are easier to gear than unconventional builds.. I'm quite sure I'm gonna bore with pure melee so I'll get volcanic orb and eruption

now here is why I'm making this thread: when i play hybrids, i either go str + dex first or int + dex first.. not start it as a hybrid as early as lvl 1.. skills won't be a problem i think because i can just respec and i don't think I'll have any difficulties before i get to delphi where the oracle first appears.. but stats are a different matter because i can't buy them back.. and it's been long while since i last played earth.. so my question: do i start as str + dex first or int + dex first? anyone can give their opinions but


i want you guys to chime in :)

i don't have many early game items but i remember i have:

amulet with + 1 to earth
fell blade
oath breaker
oracle's wreath
normal green helm of the magus (int req)
hallowed normal green helm (int req)
and the cheat weapon * although i might not use this except probably if shadowmaw spawns

edit: this is the * i meant
i can't link to the weapon probably because of the name..
so i just linked to staves.. first weapon on the list

right now I'm leaning towards int first either flame surge or volcanic orb.. I'm starting this as a lvl 1 character and as always, xmax x3

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Gambanteinn question
« on: 15 July 2018, 23:32:31 »
i have my own answer here but I'm not 100% sure so might as well ask

Gambanteinn has 25% chance of +200% elemental damage.. that proc elemental damage should also apply to spells right since it's from an artifact? like ice shard, volcanic orb, eruption?

actually even if it's from a weapon i think it should apply also to spells because it's also %elemental damage, just a proc

General Discussion / Poorly Thought Out Items
« on: 15 July 2018, 09:51:39 »
(This is not a critique or resentment to the game.  Sometimes its good to have fun  ::)  )

Aloha!  So lets talk about items.  I know many items are good, some are so so.  But some are just plain out weird.

What is up with that reduced int requirement for armors and weapons? Why would you need to reduce int requirement when the item itself requires high int already?  Well i know it has its uses but really? -30% int requirement for a lvl 48 mage item?  The reduced int requirement for weapons is even more weird.  The only int based weapons in this game are staves.  Reduced requirements, especially as high as 30%, is usually sought out so you can keep said stat to as low as minimum.  So basically, if you want to equip a staff, you would want to keep intelligence to as low possible because why would you need int for a staff weilder right?  Eh?  Is that right?  bonkers.

Veterans know that the best use for that is if you want to twink your toon to equip lvl 48 or below staves but with higher int requirement like Caduceus and Eye of Osiris to name a few.  But veterans also know that its a poorly thought out design because soon you can equip it anyway without the need for -30% int requirement.  The boots will just outgrow its usefulness and its a shame because its part of a pretty good set.

80% Reduced Defensive Ability.  On a bow.  Really now. Well yeah its still useful for a petmaster and for multiplayer.  Ok ranger, because this is one of the best weapons for a ranger right?  Surely a good tactic for a ranger is equipping a bow that reduces defensive ability right?  Forget about your own damage, the important thing is your wolves deal more damage.  And multiplayer because if you want to play an archer on  a multiplayer, surely you would want to be a support.  Right?  Get a grip.

So lets talk about Ragnarok items..

Devs:  Its Ragnarok and part of the new content is we will be adding a new type of weapon
Us:  Ok well farm for them
Devs:  Yes.  Well make sure you find them.  Lots and lots and lots of them
Us:  This is too much really.  We want to find other items too  :-\
Devs:  You're welcome  >:D

Devs:  You know you should really try a club for a Hunting toon
Us:  Eh? Why would we want a club when a spear or bow is the ideal weapon?
Devs:  Because well make it very good for you
Us:  Ok Ill use it for my conqueror
Devs:  No please. Well even add +2 to Hunting

there  ;)

Devs:  Weve included many new items.  You should try them
Us:  Ok well mix it with some of our items
Devs:  Ah no.  Those vanilla items are outdated now.  You can forget about them.  Well prove it to you

Did something happen to the doppelganger hero monster in mimer's maze? i did many runs and it very rarely spawned.. i managed to make it spawn about 9x in God knows how many runs and only once did it drop one of my items: athena's battle greaves which i don't need.. i was trying to duplicate archmage's clasp.. the rest of times it dropped nothing but gold.. wtf i don't remember it being this way

even exit to desktop did not help

and no i don't do tqvault duplicate.. items are supposed to be farmed.. even if it's just a duplicate

at this rate it's better to farm 3 act 2 telkines or 3 alastor

bah if i can't get another archmages clasp, I'll just think of another gear setup

General Discussion / Remembering bugs in TQ PC early release
« on: 03 July 2018, 09:36:14 »
Sometimes it's fun to look back and remember the different bugs we had to endure when TQ on PC just came out. Many of these bugs were fixed in the fan patch but I'll just list what i remember:

1) deathchill aura - ravages of time did not work.. seemingly a very good skill from spirit is good only on the skill description.. but in-game, it does not give you anything at all

2) Triumph from warfare, another should have been very good skill, did not work due to bugs

3) Homados MI armor instantly maxes out your attack speed.. lolz.. although this is actually beneficial unless you're against cheesing

4) Hades' 3 high generals quest reward is 5% total damage.. very good... until you exit the game that is because the next time you reload, that 5% total damage is gone

5) Plague skill by nature.. this one i never got to experience or maybe just forgot but i read somewhere that once it was cast, it never ends.. there is no duration.. lol that must have been terrible

6) Pets including briar ward does not get difficulty bonuses.. Petmasters sure had a tough time

there must be more i just don't remember.. anything you can add?

Quests / List of main quests .que files
« on: 25 June 2018, 14:10:14 »
Foreword: i have not tried any of these. This is just something i saw somewhere a long time ago and decided to save. Quest bugs often happen in multiplayer when another player usually not in a party decides to complete a quest not yet done by the server or other members. Deleting the particular .que file will probably solve the problem. If anyone tries this, please confirm in the comments below. Credit to uhhhh yeah that guy.. sorry can't remember geez. The quest descriptions are weird so i may have gotten this from a non-english forum and just used Google translate.

List of main quests

Act I

25f52948fe7b26a21a0df24c0be2e8c2.que - Spartans at war
1416a6ff702e61a6dd85af7950fa735e.que - Predictions Oracle
63d7825258ac487005fb30b44bbcfd3c.que - Monster Lair (not alive Feyyan)
26545759fa488960091cf0f1fbdbc4d2.que - Battle of Athens (Athens, do not open the gate, so you may need to reset the quest monsters Lair)
f07178218bc01538d028140b781c063a.que - Order of Prometheus (does not open the door)
fb3d625b578f1ca439cf8b191f1be2a5.que - In the labyrinth
f2e8f5c0bf8ed1260c1a2ef9489bff9a.que - The gods' celibacy (part 1)

Act II

921a898c0f7e2e705ca1c4f7e1694e76.que - The Fortitude of the Gods (Part 2)
b4fe672a71d358dab5ab71c7675ccef3.que - The Ritual of the Call (Imhotep does not accept objects)
a0aa1de2321af258ed364ca6c3390533.que - Telkhin in Egypt


d431fe284b192ce59fa39a1dfa5710f8.que - Sickle Crohn
fa32290384daa27cbb17973a0df1d62f.que - Finding Serpa
488d38e2aabe3b814a897fdfabafc381.que - Journey to the Jade Hall of
f255b7f3b5f48428ae649dd5d07682be.que - At the foot of the mountain Vusal
973c149c5bf07bde60cad4680ef1a9ae.que - Olympus (Typhon does not open portal)

Act IV

a246f584b8ccf12ded839a8496a5d103.que - Mysterious message
c803a4fe72dc5580279a8b73109e1b19.que - Price assigned Medea
0fb23c428f3095d6e5269706486ff063.que - The road to the kingdom of the dead
9aefdeea46886ff1ce968bff839482bd.que - Judgment
1405fa9d04c0b57d2c5506c32dd9b660.que - Battle for Elysium
a2652bd2b05802b5ad37f978a5727ba6.que - Lord of the underworld

List of additional quests

I Act

165a7811959d29bd785d7d399876ed5a.que - Beast robber
145d7957d9c049c2caf1eb0a2f2e0bca.que - Man cornered
62444cf2be9a8e17777c7913dbb6d8bd.que - Encountered
6671aeb5d0c9550cd4596c3594f02d6c.que - Lost dowry
f4b058f5b956a4b7fa8d9d3de2122810.que - Old soldier
b54fee2d020ab46896579003478154f8.que - poisoned source
2409594bcc6a407811f240fbaf4580e8.que - raids skeletons
8684f5425486fd0387b7be3f50e8a3d2.que - shipwreck
e768461698514c520925964324f57c45 .que - Noble centaur
2bbc6686e4286cc411d17f2475b3e52b.que - Missing things
8e54e73cb0e70204508b3e4356a2215e.que - Master Smith
beb4142ff45b9c4bdeca5c078d0ff3c1.que - Correct gifts
3112ca2d064fa408713a897aa6bac838.que - Grieving widow
c95182e2d3773b744e6991c0d72f5208.que - Hunted in ruins
78f1df96a5650f349cdfd86a9153e791.que - Lost Spartans
a3c1b091b7c7ddc976131d420a2a14a5.que - Doctor Ksantip
4e0e4b42d5eaaee0ac153c227802a6d3.que - Risen from the dead tyrant

II Act

814977afbd7bcc7ae51d5d005a700446.que - heirlooms
becb2bc59fd54197e1ea29bfab77ac06.que - Epic monster
02a5acd1851de92d8b38197cce893927.que - Adversity Egyptian farmers
f8d6dce054cef9fd03e26e7c53c5bc32.que - Witch ring
c3b77d7df4890b59b0718d9b9250387a.que - Beggar of poor
1adc9131c128c361e6442359c2e07bbd.que - Request High Priest
92b6b6d26ce9cb69bf6d69652b824750.que - Missing brother
4db18a0ebccf5dd60e1de7322a87b42b.que - The Curse of Cheops
630a0113eee656f65f1fed0ddb19a71d.que - Hidden Treasures
eb15488bcbba9304603c62a4b4c8c348.que - The Disasters of the Caravans
bc306df00d03b07e9cfe8e9f77d3f3ba.que - Converted Priest


51f05c2502a3d2a5522cbae4f31dc481.que - destruction Seed
af7cb661cdbfa9ab604ccf22f60604b7.que - Riddle in the mountains
b0953751f3c5abcc7b2465e90d33b557.que - Giant Yeti
3b649d2f970cf4ad1e2981937d1d2be0.que - Caravan in danger
7734331bc7427cdeb3d8d493e35a4e59.que - Child and lizard
6f7e82e6edcc8f9f0d5ba2c1a139e5c2.que - Peng
03b40bfa727b1fb8e39d1a8a8e344562.que - wealthy collectors
f28dd3adcb7815d5d885812f579e8f27.que - Monster in forests
ee23d66a4bec3fc4a947309ab7915a0c.que - Lesson of Courage
ace0235eb5862f2ee13388537ed1b127.que - Terracotta Warriors
b0d8283ec27121b5e9dd788ca5be5d5d.que- The clay warriors of the emperor
b77e7b8d2784dfdb73ebd32987797c82.que - General at rest
3c27ad82d53f02263b7293391e65ed50.que - Behind the waterfall
4a18342c27be2a171b6af73478b48277.que - The hermit
sage 39a85f035a9a9371c62f7a1e930b5076.que - Three sisters

IV Act

8d5478dad731059801f1da45da65f0d8.que - an impossible task
630f55866732f0ff97a2e41a5acd3835.que - History crab
636a91440cf5bc16d7479ea67ec5e05d.que - Chaps fakilschikov
ba7943c7d89e2a66a5a60a912e5eee46.que - Forest outpost
c247947108b08a67a652f5256b295ce5.que - Stolen print
754127e8b8dca276c9bc996d1f15dad0.que - Drug Lampido
933f35463833c4e4f03506fa2c44c737.que - Treasures of ancient kings
15f8d932c13c2e8d18490f7f5ca72549.que - Hunters treasures
a6a78e3f825c1754492a472d50211aa4.que - A dangerous job
44bdf63f610b80f700a84e5f2b780100.que - The enemy leader
bb3735f4204fcfefeeaa810c010adc20.que - In ruins
c62be664ffc9b3dcc1c09fa15c9dabc3.que - leading the
3a5748602b907731288ccc4a12be30ea.que - Stygian creature
075da2e6a15de6bcb3e25f7f346fa9b7.que - Treasure Aida
1c9b601aafbf0e6ce4eccf03eb81b629.que - Orfeo Euridice
4d48936d1fcb4f76acbc5c25cf096d96.que - Invitation
e134a1e7bd9037ebc13e1cb4bdf43f81.que - Ashes titanium
d6721e5cc52f8cf1ba7ba5687be742ca.que - Necromanteion
eed793c17af08279391f58a5d88ba2c4. que - The Secret Struggle
4bb8394b40c01e90e148e9c88182afac.que - Admet in the Kingdom of the Dead
d37360133b4596bfe620937cf3f75d9a.que- Faster than the wind
a540a0167fcbe05346ca92bffd79027f.que - Siege shake
fcfa7e2e212745d5327f952fd7102a93.que - Achaean Pass
1192f0a0b8e1bda15f14ec40b76cbd33.que - Sabotage
9541592c0b9518fe8152702e3e12827e.que - Erebus Crystals
cbbed5b321b2d27e609f6d97ee167727.que - Warlords Aida

Rogue AE / Petmaster Dreamkiller
« on: 20 June 2018, 11:18:29 »
This is not a guide.. I just thought of something crazy that i want to try with my dreamkiller in the coming days and i want to share it with you.. This is a theorycraft for now but the good thing is i already have a dreamkiller and it's a hybrid so i can go with whatever build i want

So how do we make a dreamkiller a petmaster hmm.. traps are pets now.. but why dream? ahh because of nightmare mastermind.. ok that's it, got the idea now.. that simple ...  ... nahhhh ;) .. those 2 are part of this build but it doesn't end there.. we need more pets.. and the only way to truly justify dream is by getting lots and lots of pets so they all get mastermind.. that's where one particular pairing of skill and item comes... aphrodite's favor and throwing knife.. AoE mind control.. good for xmax.. but that's dangerous right? because what if the duration ends? instant mob.. enter traps and distort reality ;)

this build has many holes:

1) it requires lots of skills so it takes a long time before the build takes shape

2) Aphrodite's favor is not easy to find and the level requirement is 52

3) build requires at least +4 to all skills, cast speed, and probably a bit of CDR.. maybe some pet buff rings as well

4) this build is useless in secret passage and primrose passage
(here i probably take back all the points from knives and envenom tree and put those on distortion wave)

those are the cons.. the pros are:

1) it is weird.. and

2) it is weird

that's good enough.. i will update in the coming days :)

General Discussion / What's your favorite character?
« on: 13 June 2018, 15:56:07 »
I'm not gonna make a poll because there are too many classes.
But it's better if you can provide some info like playstyle, stat distribution.
I'll start.. my favorite is my knifethrower sorcerer int/dex build

Items / Marbod's Mask
« on: 10 June 2018, 09:51:58 »

Marbod's Mask.. found this in my tqvault.. what a wonderful item this is.. i'm perplexed i haven't thought of this when i first found it
-50% int requirement for armors.. what it does is it allows you to be sort of hybrid like without getting int.. which in my case allows my str/dex assassin to wear archmage's clasp

that int is only because of jewelries.. bleed res can be easily solved by secondary slot - i chose blood of ouranos

poison res, i can easily switch to apollo's will and chiron's loop.. pierce res, frankly i don't worry about that because of permanent battle standard and the playstyle of this toon.. it's primarily ranged knifethrower trapper but can also attack with onslaught.. suddenly my assassin got uber better :)

now i have a char i'll be busy playing again damn :)

but in general this item opens up other builds mainly str based toons able to wear int armors.. one time i got it to 0% int requirement.. Oddyseus armor (-30%), Marbod's Mask (-50%), and Thot's glory (-20%).. but -50% with some int from items is enough

lolz for fun i created a cheat test character elementalist focusing on weapon damage converted to elemental.. the items:

blessing of the moirae - 33%
golden agris helmet - 50%
legendary eitr - 20%

for some reason the converted to elemental is not shown on tq-db but in game, it is listed

33 + 50 + 20 = 103% converted to elemental (assuming the stacking is additive) so that should stack to 100% meaning full attack of throwing weapon is converted to elemental

that is then enhanced by storm nimbus, earth enchantment, eye of the storm, volatility, squall and my occult rings.. i even wore twisted coil of the parasite and moon disc, then thoth's glory for the 20% reduced requirements so i can spend less on str and dex

the damage is somewhat respectable in legendary act 4 but it's not for me because it's only single target attack and the range is very short lolz.. in xmax x3 i don't clear mobs fast enough to support core dweller and my toon is still very glassy

still it could be fun if someone makes a surprisingly good "converted to elemental" build without rune :D  .. maybe earth and storm is not the right combination.. I've thought about brigand but i just don't see how it could be better than a normally built brigand.. maybe illusionist or something with dream? :) I've been theorycrafting for an int based conqueror but there's no % elem damage and the shield procs would be wasted because it don't work with throwing

edit: for the record, i don't cheat on my characters  :)  .. this is just for fun and i don't plan to make a new character just for that because the level req of blessing of the moirae is lvl 59

Guides AE / Skinchanger - Defensive Petmaster Build Guide
« on: 04 June 2018, 00:33:59 »
Skinchanger - Defensive Petmaster Build Guide
Build a Fortress Around  You

First, let me just clear it... Despite what the title says, this is not a pure petmaster. You can play this as a pure petmaster but the kill speed will be slower. And besides, it's too hard to resist the urge to attack while hiding in briar ward. Make no mistake though, this is a pet heavy build. I've started this as a journal thread actually, if you want to read walls of text, you can read it here. If you want to know just how it turned out, continue reading.

At first look, nature and rune seems a clash of playstyles. Nature offers pets, what pet does rune have? stones? What aura does rune give for a petmaster? Energy armor which costs 3k+ energy to be somewhat effective? How about damage wise? Strength of the pack boosts physical damage, rune weapon deals elemental damage. The synergies of the 2 masteries seemingly clash with each other. When i created this character, i didn't expect much at all. I just believe that all combinations should be good depending on how it is built. I started this rough... well, not really rough but ugly. That's because i was going blind. I didn't know which direction to take. I tried several playstyles from melee to ranged attacker to pure petmaster, then finally settled for this build. I played it as a str/dex build with the intention of eventually going hybrid. It really started as a so-so character however when i started investing on int, that's when it started to take shape. And I'm not even talking about my damage. I'm talking about cooldown reduction and +to all skills. When i finally decided to optimize my gear to focus on those, i felt... the marriage of these 2 masteries is just divine. And i never regretted my decision to go hybrid. Gear optimization was easy enough i settled on some blues for endgame items. I have many purples and i could wear just about all of them but it's good as it is, I didn't want a self-induced headache. I never even used the legendary craftsmanship reward on any difficulty.

Stat and Gear Optimization

As you can see on the pic, it's a hybrid style but my stats aren't that high except str. But that's only because chakram of the sun has 10% str and talisman of the jade emperor has 15% str. Without those 2 items, my str is only 400+ which is still enough to wear my other items. I'm not really sure what the ideal stat distribution is and i don't really care because my stats are mainly to meet gear requirements and not really about damage dealing. Starting legendary act 1, i stopped putting points on str/dex/int and started investing on health. But this one is up to you. It just felt like most of the damage comes from my pets anyway so i decided to up my health instead partly to take advantage of max HoO. Actually, there is a hidden synergy here. The higher your health is, the more times sacred rage will proc. You don't need the exact same items i have but you would want the attributes i got from those items. My key item here is Odysseus' Armor (-30% requirements). I was able to wear it by equipping Alke/Timaios first to meet the str requirement. When i was able to wear the armor, i replaced my rings with pet jewelry. If you don't have Odysseus' Armor, there are other items that are easier to find like Symbol of the Polymath and Rhessus Whitewashed Armor. If you have reduced requirement items or items that boost stats by %, you won't lack in stat points. Skill and gear optimization, when i started focusing on pets rather than damage dealing, that's when life started getting easier. You can still play this as self-found provided you have enough knowledge about the game. I can say this because i only started gear optimization when i died against the manticore in epic. And even then i chose the wrong items. And i played this xmax x3. If you play this self-found though, farming is still recommended and you might have to start as a damage dealer. I do not recommend this build for beginners who have no experience in the game. You will see why when you get to the near end of this guide. I felt it's still ok writing this guide because i think most players who have Ragnarok have some experience with the base game already. If you think you're not ready to play hybrid, choose int/dex but if you want better end-game optimization, get str also. Don't worry if you think you will lack damage, the majority of damage dealing still comes from pets. And besides, this build is a defensive petmaster so higher armor is preferable. High DA would probably be good for this build but i find my set-up sufficient enough. Truth be told, I'm just too lazy to think of another set-up that offers high DA, high resists, high CDR and at least +4 to all skills :) . I chose my jewelries to be pet buff items. I really wanted to equip my ritualist of convocation amulet but i find torc of the ancestors too hard to turn down. Also, i wanted my pet rings to be 1 physical and 1 elemental but i don't have a better elemental pet ring and I'm too lazy to shop farm. It's ok though because i have strength of the pack. I don't really know which is better. I decided to use monkey king's trickery on each to reduce resistances and also to boost pierce resist. It's easier to spread resistance reduction if you use thunder strike. And that is why i don't hold back attacking with throwing weapon.

Skill Optimization

Despite the seemingly clashing playstyles, We can make the skills work together. Keep in mind though that these skills only work well together if you have + to all skills and high CDR. That's why i put gear optimization first before skill optimization.

briar ward and guardian stones - guardian stones are static pets so you don't want to run too far from them because mobs will just follow you and guardian stones wouldn't be able to reach them. Briar ward will protect you from mobs while your pets does the damage. Also for some reason, some monsters attack guardian stones so it also helps as a little CC. They won't die that easily because they also get HoO aura from you

sanctuary and energy armor - energy armor, at ultimate max, costs 3k+ energy. sanctuary reduces energy cost. You will still need some energy cost reduction from items. You can check the items i chose in my pic above. I have Pelaron shield on secondary to reduce energy cost just to cast energy armor. If you don't have them, surely you'll have golden fleece relic? Also, energy armor and sanctuary both provide damage absorption. I don't know the stacking mechanics when it comes to damage absorption but I'm 99% sure sanctuary and energy armor stacks. Why? because energy armor is flat while sanctuary is percentile. Add in overgrowth cast by nymph and that's a lot of damage absorption. I like to call these 3 skills the damage absorption combo   O0

energy armor and nature pets - if you cast energy armor while your pets are close to you, they get the aura too. Somehow it lasts longer on wolves than it does on my toon. I still have to resummon them from time to time but it really helps with their survivability i could get by without a convocation amulet

refresh and guardian stones - guardian stones have long cooldown. CDR and refresh will enable you to have them up at all times. You don't need too many points on refresh. You'd want the cooldown to be short also

briar ward and rune weapon/thunder strike - i went for throwing weapon and shield. Ranged weapons and briar ward really goes well together. Shield enables you to be tankier and rune has runeword:absorb. It's defensive but it goes well with the theme of the build. In my case though i only invested on rune weapon and magical charge when i had to choose between spending my points on nymph or rune weapon line. I initially chose nymph but i just kill faster if i mix some ranged attack in my playstyle so i took back those points and put it on rune weapon and magical charge. I had thunder strike maxed starting from epic onwards.

guardian stones and susceptibility - guardian stones deal elemental damage, susceptibility reduces elemental resists

briar ward and freezing mines - freezing mines? yep. I've read many people use freezing mines by luring monsters to them. I find that i can also use it with briar ward. By being stationary, you invite mobs to come to you. Freezing mines offer some protection. It freezes or slows enemies. Mines are actually only optional but it goes well with the defensive fortress theme. I suggest max briar ward and sanctuary but only 1pt each on runic mines and freezing mines.

rune of life, energy armor and permanence of stone - Rune of life gives vit and bleed res. Permanence of stone gives elemental res. Energy armor gives stun res. Those 3 skills will help you with gear optimization

HoO and sacred rage - i already mentioned this above but i felt like adding it here in the skills section anyway. Sacred rage will proc more often if you have high health. Basic math tells us with 5k health, sacred rage will proc at 2k health. With 8k health, it will proc at 3200 health. Nature and rune both give very low HP though so i compensate it with my 2 rings and some stat points.

So how does it work? As the subtitle says, Build a Fortress Around You. And as the title says, Defensive Petmaster:

1) Start by casting energy armor on you and your pets. I do this by switching to secondary which is Pelaron, then casting briar ward. Sanctuary will reduce the energy cost of energy armor. I call my pets using F1 so they also get energy armor.

2) Playstyle - Upon encounter of mob, cast briar ward first, followed by guardian stones, plague, runic mines then refresh. After that i shoot rune weapon and thunder strike, preferring thunder strike more. With 80% CDR, i can cast thunder strike every 1.4secs. Most of the time the wolves will attack monsters not in the range of guardian stones. So what i do is i press F1 and click near me, wolves will go near me and monsters will follow them, then guardian stones can attack them. It's not the case against archers. I get in their range and quickly cast briar ward. Energy armor gives me the opening i need to set up my fortress but i still take it slowly. It's too dangerous to get in the middle of them and eat all those arrows. It's not mana pot hungry because rune weapon steals energy and sanctuary reduces energy cost. I've included a short video at the end of this guide just to show how it works.

Even if briar ward falls down, you still have some protection given by energy armor, overgrowth and sanctuary. Yes, even if briar ward falls down, the effect of sanctuary stays for its duration. But you can cast briar ward again if you cast refresh provided you have high enough CDR. That's why i said earlier to focus on CDR and + to all skills items. You want briar ward and guardian stones to be always ready. But you also want briar ward, sanctuary, overgrowth, and energy armor at ultimate max level to fortify your fortress.

You cannot rely too much on briar ward though. Most Top Dog Bosses, it's better to be mobile than stationary. Some examples are Typhon (never), Surtr, Barmanu, Dactyl and Fafnir. It takes experience and familiarity of the game to know which bosses you can rely on briar ward and which you can't. But you know the other good thing about guardian stones, they don't move. It's bad but it's also good. You can summon guardian stones, cast plague, then run away to safety. Usually it's not enough but at least the stones will keep the bosses busy while you regroup or in some cases, prevent them from running away while you get to a place where they can't attack you but you can attack them. I've done this against loki and the demon bull in act 3, summoning briar ward first so they can't insta-kill me, run back, summon guardian stones and plague, then get back near entrance so i can retreat if i have to. By far the hardest boss was Typhon. You cannot cast briar ward at all because he will just replenish his life. You might kill yourself if you hit him while he has thorns. 3 Typhon legendary was just hell. You should be ok with 1 Typhon but if you want to fight 3 Typhon, say your prayers first :) .

There are areas in the game where you can only summon 1 or 2 guardian stones. I felt most of it were in caves in act 5. It sucks but you're still not alone. You still have 3 wolves, 1 nymph, and 1 or 2 stones. Plus you still have briar ward and throwing weapon. Another is great wall in act 3, the peng problems quest. I think the whole area i could never even summon 2 stones. It was easy though because i was tanky enough. Olympus portal, the way to Typhon, i can only summon 1 or 2 stones. But it was nothing compared to the hell that is 3 Typhon.

End of epic, my build looked something like this:

not exactly like that but close to that. i had more than +4 and i was playing xmax x3. If you want a more petmaster build, you can prioritize nymph over thunder strike.

Legendary, i started to invest some points on survival instinct, overgrowth, rune weapon and magical charge.

End of normal, i can't really remember. I tried many different playstyles that up until end of legendary act 3, i was still experimenting. I changed tactics like a girl changes clothes. Is that a bad thing? no, not at all :) :) .

these were played xmax x3 legendary
what better way to test its sturdiness than by face-tanking a pack of dragonians and act 4 lamia beastmen :>

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