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Rogue AE / Petmaster Dreamkiller
« on: 20 June 2018, 11:18:29 »
This is not a guide.. I just thought of something crazy that i want to try with my dreamkiller in the coming days and i want to share it with you.. This is a theorycraft for now but the good thing is i already have a dreamkiller and it's a hybrid so i can go with whatever build i want

So how do we make a dreamkiller a petmaster hmm.. traps are pets now.. but why dream? ahh because of nightmare mastermind.. ok that's it, got the idea now.. that simple ...  ... nahhhh ;) .. those 2 are part of this build but it doesn't end there.. we need more pets.. and the only way to truly justify dream is by getting lots and lots of pets so they all get mastermind.. that's where one particular pairing of skill and item comes... aphrodite's favor and throwing knife.. AoE mind control.. good for xmax.. but that's dangerous right? because what if the duration ends? instant mob.. enter traps and distort reality ;)

this build has many holes:

1) it requires lots of skills so it takes a long time before the build takes shape

2) Aphrodite's favor is not easy to find and the level requirement is 52

3) build requires at least +4 to all skills, cast speed, and probably a bit of CDR.. maybe some pet buff rings as well

4) this build is useless in secret passage and primrose passage
(here i probably take back all the points from knives and envenom tree and put those on distortion wave)

those are the cons.. the pros are:

1) it is weird.. and

2) it is weird

that's good enough.. i will update in the coming days :)

General Discussion / What's your favorite character?
« on: 13 June 2018, 15:56:07 »
I'm not gonna make a poll because there are too many classes.
But it's better if you can provide some info like playstyle, stat distribution.
I'll start.. my favorite is my knifethrower sorcerer int/dex build

Items / Marbod's Mask
« on: 10 June 2018, 09:51:58 »

Marbod's Mask.. found this in my tqvault.. what a wonderful item this is.. i'm perplexed i haven't thought of this when i first found it
-50% int requirement for armors.. what it does is it allows you to be sort of hybrid like without getting int.. which in my case allows my str/dex assassin to wear archmage's clasp

that int is only because of jewelries.. bleed res can be easily solved by secondary slot - i chose blood of ouranos

poison res, i can easily switch to apollo's will and chiron's loop.. pierce res, frankly i don't worry about that because of permanent battle standard and the playstyle of this toon.. it's primarily ranged knifethrower trapper but can also attack with onslaught.. suddenly my assassin got uber better :)

now i have a char i'll be busy playing again damn :)

but in general this item opens up other builds mainly str based toons able to wear int armors.. one time i got it to 0% int requirement.. Oddyseus armor (-30%), Marbod's Mask (-50%), and Thot's glory (-20%).. but -50% with some int from items is enough

lolz for fun i created a cheat test character elementalist focusing on weapon damage converted to elemental.. the items:

blessing of the moirae - 33%
golden agris helmet - 50%
legendary eitr - 20%

for some reason the converted to elemental is not shown on tq-db but in game, it is listed

33 + 50 + 20 = 103% converted to elemental (assuming the stacking is additive) so that should stack to 100% meaning full attack of throwing weapon is converted to elemental

that is then enhanced by storm nimbus, earth enchantment, eye of the storm, volatility, squall and my occult rings.. i even wore twisted coil of the parasite and moon disc, then thoth's glory for the 20% reduced requirements so i can spend less on str and dex

the damage is somewhat respectable in legendary act 4 but it's not for me because it's only single target attack and the range is very short lolz.. in xmax x3 i don't clear mobs fast enough to support core dweller and my toon is still very glassy

still it could be fun if someone makes a surprisingly good "converted to elemental" build without rune :D  .. maybe earth and storm is not the right combination.. I've thought about brigand but i just don't see how it could be better than a normally built brigand.. maybe illusionist or something with dream? :) I've been theorycrafting for an int based conqueror but there's no % elem damage and the shield procs would be wasted because it don't work with throwing

edit: for the record, i don't cheat on my characters  :)  .. this is just for fun and i don't plan to make a new character just for that because the level req of blessing of the moirae is lvl 59

Guides AE / Skinchanger - Defensive Petmaster Build Guide
« on: 04 June 2018, 00:33:59 »
Skinchanger - Defensive Petmaster Build Guide
Build a Fortress Around  You

First, let me just clear it... Despite what the title says, this is not a pure petmaster. You can play this as a pure petmaster but the kill speed will be slower. And besides, it's too hard to resist the urge to attack while hiding in briar ward. Make no mistake though, this is a pet heavy build. I've started this as a journal thread actually, if you want to read walls of text, you can read it here. If you want to know just how it turned out, continue reading.

At first look, nature and rune seems a clash of playstyles. Nature offers pets, what pet does rune have? stones? What aura does rune give for a petmaster? Energy armor which costs 3k+ energy to be somewhat effective? How about damage wise? Strength of the pack boosts physical damage, rune weapon deals elemental damage. The synergies of the 2 masteries seemingly clash with each other. When i created this character, i didn't expect much at all. I just believe that all combinations should be good depending on how it is built. I started this rough... well, not really rough but ugly. That's because i was going blind. I didn't know which direction to take. I tried several playstyles from melee to ranged attacker to pure petmaster, then finally settled for this build. I played it as a str/dex build with the intention of eventually going hybrid. It really started as a so-so character however when i started investing on int, that's when it started to take shape. And I'm not even talking about my damage. I'm talking about cooldown reduction and +to all skills. When i finally decided to optimize my gear to focus on those, i felt... the marriage of these 2 masteries is just divine. And i never regretted my decision to go hybrid. Gear optimization was easy enough i settled on some blues for endgame items. I have many purples and i could wear just about all of them but it's good as it is, I didn't want a self-induced headache. I never even used the legendary craftsmanship reward on any difficulty.

Stat and Gear Optimization

As you can see on the pic, it's a hybrid style but my stats aren't that high except str. But that's only because chakram of the sun has 10% str and talisman of the jade emperor has 15% str. Without those 2 items, my str is only 400+ which is still enough to wear my other items. I'm not really sure what the ideal stat distribution is and i don't really care because my stats are mainly to meet gear requirements and not really about damage dealing. Starting legendary act 1, i stopped putting points on str/dex/int and started investing on health. But this one is up to you. It just felt like most of the damage comes from my pets anyway so i decided to up my health instead partly to take advantage of max HoO. Actually, there is a hidden synergy here. The higher your health is, the more times sacred rage will proc. You don't need the exact same items i have but you would want the attributes i got from those items. My key item here is Odysseus' Armor (-30% requirements). I was able to wear it by equipping Alke/Timaios first to meet the str requirement. When i was able to wear the armor, i replaced my rings with pet jewelry. If you don't have Odysseus' Armor, there are other items that are easier to find like Symbol of the Polymath and Rhessus Whitewashed Armor. If you have reduced requirement items or items that boost stats by %, you won't lack in stat points. Skill and gear optimization, when i started focusing on pets rather than damage dealing, that's when life started getting easier. You can still play this as self-found provided you have enough knowledge about the game. I can say this because i only started gear optimization when i died against the manticore in epic. And even then i chose the wrong items. And i played this xmax x3. If you play this self-found though, farming is still recommended and you might have to start as a damage dealer. I do not recommend this build for beginners who have no experience in the game. You will see why when you get to the near end of this guide. I felt it's still ok writing this guide because i think most players who have Ragnarok have some experience with the base game already. If you think you're not ready to play hybrid, choose int/dex but if you want better end-game optimization, get str also. Don't worry if you think you will lack damage, the majority of damage dealing still comes from pets. And besides, this build is a defensive petmaster so higher armor is preferable. High DA would probably be good for this build but i find my set-up sufficient enough. Truth be told, I'm just too lazy to think of another set-up that offers high DA, high resists, high CDR and at least +4 to all skills :) . I chose my jewelries to be pet buff items. I really wanted to equip my ritualist of convocation amulet but i find torc of the ancestors too hard to turn down. Also, i wanted my pet rings to be 1 physical and 1 elemental but i don't have a better elemental pet ring and I'm too lazy to shop farm. It's ok though because i have strength of the pack. I don't really know which is better. I decided to use monkey king's trickery on each to reduce resistances and also to boost pierce resist. It's easier to spread resistance reduction if you use thunder strike. And that is why i don't hold back attacking with throwing weapon.

Skill Optimization

Despite the seemingly clashing playstyles, We can make the skills work together. Keep in mind though that these skills only work well together if you have + to all skills and high CDR. That's why i put gear optimization first before skill optimization.

briar ward and guardian stones - guardian stones are static pets so you don't want to run too far from them because mobs will just follow you and guardian stones wouldn't be able to reach them. Briar ward will protect you from mobs while your pets does the damage. Also for some reason, some monsters attack guardian stones so it also helps as a little CC. They won't die that easily because they also get HoO aura from you

sanctuary and energy armor - energy armor, at ultimate max, costs 3k+ energy. sanctuary reduces energy cost. You will still need some energy cost reduction from items. You can check the items i chose in my pic above. I have Pelaron shield on secondary to reduce energy cost just to cast energy armor. If you don't have them, surely you'll have golden fleece relic? Also, energy armor and sanctuary both provide damage absorption. I don't know the stacking mechanics when it comes to damage absorption but I'm 99% sure sanctuary and energy armor stacks. Why? because energy armor is flat while sanctuary is percentile. Add in overgrowth cast by nymph and that's a lot of damage absorption. I like to call these 3 skills the damage absorption combo   O0

energy armor and nature pets - if you cast energy armor while your pets are close to you, they get the aura too. Somehow it lasts longer on wolves than it does on my toon. I still have to resummon them from time to time but it really helps with their survivability i could get by without a convocation amulet

refresh and guardian stones - guardian stones have long cooldown. CDR and refresh will enable you to have them up at all times. You don't need too many points on refresh. You'd want the cooldown to be short also

briar ward and rune weapon/thunder strike - i went for throwing weapon and shield. Ranged weapons and briar ward really goes well together. Shield enables you to be tankier and rune has runeword:absorb. It's defensive but it goes well with the theme of the build. In my case though i only invested on rune weapon and magical charge when i had to choose between spending my points on nymph or rune weapon line. I initially chose nymph but i just kill faster if i mix some ranged attack in my playstyle so i took back those points and put it on rune weapon and magical charge. I had thunder strike maxed starting from epic onwards.

guardian stones and susceptibility - guardian stones deal elemental damage, susceptibility reduces elemental resists

briar ward and freezing mines - freezing mines? yep. I've read many people use freezing mines by luring monsters to them. I find that i can also use it with briar ward. By being stationary, you invite mobs to come to you. Freezing mines offer some protection. It freezes or slows enemies. Mines are actually only optional but it goes well with the defensive fortress theme. I suggest max briar ward and sanctuary but only 1pt each on runic mines and freezing mines.

rune of life, energy armor and permanence of stone - Rune of life gives vit and bleed res. Permanence of stone gives elemental res. Energy armor gives stun res. Those 3 skills will help you with gear optimization

HoO and sacred rage - i already mentioned this above but i felt like adding it here in the skills section anyway. Sacred rage will proc more often if you have high health. Basic math tells us with 5k health, sacred rage will proc at 2k health. With 8k health, it will proc at 3200 health. Nature and rune both give very low HP though so i compensate it with my 2 rings and some stat points.

So how does it work? As the subtitle says, Build a Fortress Around You. And as the title says, Defensive Petmaster:

1) Start by casting energy armor on you and your pets. I do this by switching to secondary which is Pelaron, then casting briar ward. Sanctuary will reduce the energy cost of energy armor. I call my pets using F1 so they also get energy armor.

2) Playstyle - Upon encounter of mob, cast briar ward first, followed by guardian stones, plague, runic mines then refresh. After that i shoot rune weapon and thunder strike, preferring thunder strike more. With 80% CDR, i can cast thunder strike every 1.4secs. Most of the time the wolves will attack monsters not in the range of guardian stones. So what i do is i press F1 and click near me, wolves will go near me and monsters will follow them, then guardian stones can attack them. It's not the case against archers. I get in their range and quickly cast briar ward. Energy armor gives me the opening i need to set up my fortress but i still take it slowly. It's too dangerous to get in the middle of them and eat all those arrows. It's not mana pot hungry because rune weapon steals energy and sanctuary reduces energy cost. I've included a short video at the end of this guide just to show how it works.

Even if briar ward falls down, you still have some protection given by energy armor, overgrowth and sanctuary. Yes, even if briar ward falls down, the effect of sanctuary stays for its duration. But you can cast briar ward again if you cast refresh provided you have high enough CDR. That's why i said earlier to focus on CDR and + to all skills items. You want briar ward and guardian stones to be always ready. But you also want briar ward, sanctuary, overgrowth, and energy armor at ultimate max level to fortify your fortress.

You cannot rely too much on briar ward though. Most Top Dog Bosses, it's better to be mobile than stationary. Some examples are Typhon (never), Surtr, Barmanu, Dactyl and Fafnir. It takes experience and familiarity of the game to know which bosses you can rely on briar ward and which you can't. But you know the other good thing about guardian stones, they don't move. It's bad but it's also good. You can summon guardian stones, cast plague, then run away to safety. Usually it's not enough but at least the stones will keep the bosses busy while you regroup or in some cases, prevent them from running away while you get to a place where they can't attack you but you can attack them. I've done this against loki and the demon bull in act 3, summoning briar ward first so they can't insta-kill me, run back, summon guardian stones and plague, then get back near entrance so i can retreat if i have to. By far the hardest boss was Typhon. You cannot cast briar ward at all because he will just replenish his life. You might kill yourself if you hit him while he has thorns. 3 Typhon legendary was just hell. You should be ok with 1 Typhon but if you want to fight 3 Typhon, say your prayers first :) .

There are areas in the game where you can only summon 1 or 2 guardian stones. I felt most of it were in caves in act 5. It sucks but you're still not alone. You still have 3 wolves, 1 nymph, and 1 or 2 stones. Plus you still have briar ward and throwing weapon. Another is great wall in act 3, the peng problems quest. I think the whole area i could never even summon 2 stones. It was easy though because i was tanky enough. Olympus portal, the way to Typhon, i can only summon 1 or 2 stones. But it was nothing compared to the hell that is 3 Typhon.

End of epic, my build looked something like this:

not exactly like that but close to that. i had more than +4 and i was playing xmax x3. If you want a more petmaster build, you can prioritize nymph over thunder strike.

Legendary, i started to invest some points on survival instinct, overgrowth, rune weapon and magical charge.

End of normal, i can't really remember. I tried many different playstyles that up until end of legendary act 3, i was still experimenting. I changed tactics like a girl changes clothes. Is that a bad thing? no, not at all :) :) .

these were played xmax x3 legendary
what better way to test its sturdiness than by face-tanking a pack of dragonians and act 4 lamia beastmen :>

Guides AE / All Masteries Guides updated to AE/R
« on: 28 May 2018, 09:46:47 »
Remember that All skills guide by Poinas? Yeah that was so good many people probably still want to get a save copy of it up to this day. But as we all know, it's not updated to AE/R and many skills have been changed since TQAE. Also, some items are different now and items can have a big influence on the masteries we want to take and how we want to build our characters. There are even new items if you have the ragnarok DLC. So i made this crazy suggestion before that experienced player members of this forum make an updated all masteries guide. This is still a work in progress but it's been started already.

Rune Skills for Beginners [Ragnarök Guide] by CrocMagnum

A Comprehensive Analysis of Rogue Skills by botebote77

Earth: An Attempt at a Comprehensive Guide [Ragnarök] by Firebrand

Storm: tricky mage - A look at storm skills by a biased mage player by botebote77

Discussions of a Mastery – Nature – Making Friends and Helping Out by legowarrior


Defense guide TBD

Warfare guide TBD

Hunting guide TBD

Spirit guide TBD

Dream guide TBD

Spoiler for Hiden:
I can update this guide later if another mastery guide appears on this forum. If anyone is expecting i write guides for the other masteries, sorry i just can't. It will have to come from other people. Those other masteries, many people can probably provide a better in-depth analysis than me. And you probably don't want an in-depth analysis from someone who plays even defense as a caster. even hunting. Even my assassin is a caster :D

Yep title says it. This is actually my 2nd mastery guide (1st one was rogue). But unlike rogue which I've played as melee, archer, throwing weapon, mage, and petmaster, I've only played storm as a mage. Well, i think storm is best played as a mage anyway. Like my rogue guide, i will include spoiler videos to show some of my old tricks. Active members of this forum have probably seen these videos. I will not rate the skills though because it's... just.... too... hard :)

Storm has 2 skills that i would recommend for every build with storm no matter the playstyle or stat distribution is: squall and spell breaker. I'm not saying it's a must but if you want your gaming to be easier, i highly suggest you get those two.

Storm Mastery at lvl32:
+96 int
+32 dex
+672 health
+480 energy

Squall and Obscured Visibility:

These 2 combined are just so good i consider squall the best skill in the game (biased :))  ).. Obviously very good against archers and throwing weapon users but it's also good against melee mobs because it reduces physical damage by percent. Not that you would want to tank just because you have squall but it's a good defensive skill. It's also a good offensive skill because it reduces enemy resistances by percent. Only by percent but can you imagine if the devs made it flat with the same value? It would be too OP. What makes squall better is it only has 5 seconds recharge. It's not too long by itself but if you play caster, you usually would want CDR items. The recharge time becomes 1 second with 80% CDR.

Spell Breaker and Spell Shock

The other great skill. But unlike squall where you basically cast it all the time, spell breaker is only situational. Spell breaker dispels enemy buffs, drains their mana, and provides skill disruption. You can also use this to dispel hostile debuffs on yourself like study prey and ensnare. Some bosses have high skill disruption protection and energy leech resist so you can't rely on this too much. Still it helps big time against baddies like Typhon, Dactyl, Fafnir, etc. Also, i once killed myself by hitting a monster with energy shield (another storm skill) with lethal strike. I forgot it has reflection. If you have storm, you can dispel their energy shield 1st before attacking. Skill disruption seems to last longer if you cast squall first before spell breaker. I have no real evidence other than just the feel by doing it countless times. But it's possible because skill disruption is displayed as a secondary resistance on the 2nd tab of your character page. Unlike squall where it's very good to max even in early game, you can get by with just 1pt each for the most part of the game. Late game though consider maxing this skill tree. Side note: In TQIT, spellbreaker can kill bosses with just the energy drain but that was a broken mechanic and has since been fixed by the devs. It's still a very good debuff skill though and it has saved me many times from being mobbed by beastmen (ensnare).

Dactyl can't attack with his wave like thingy
Spoiler for Hiden:
Fafnir forced to attack melee
Spoiler for Hiden:
in case start time function didn’t work, the spellbreaker trick starts at 1:43
spellbreaker dispels Typhon's thorns
Spoiler for Hiden:
Typhon thorns gone with spellbreaker 00:14, 00:54, 01:15, 01:55, 02:15

Ice Shard skill tree

Very good early game skill. You can clear normal with just this skill alone. If you plan to use this as your main skill all throughout the game including legendary, be sure to provide ample support. If you search for ice shard builds, the 2 most popular are probably druid and paladin. Druid is quite easy to understand because nature has briar ward and plague. Briar ward helps with survivability and energy cost while plague reduces enemy resistances. You can also have pets and of course HoO. But what  about Paladin? It seems best for melee but why are there many ice shard builds on youtube? Well, i played an ice shard paladin in TQIT and here is the answer i came up with: Ice shard is not a hit and run skill. It does very little damage if you use it like that. If you want to deal good damage you have to spam it. But if you spam it, it makes your toon static making you vulnerable to attacks. In comes defense. Defense does not have many CCs but when it comes to tankiness, Defense is still the best defense. So it helps offensively by being good defensively. What about attribute points? You need str and also int. Armor handling helps with that. It's still gear dependent because you probably would want Persephone's Caress. If you don't want to invest too many on str, you can look for swords that have % cold and frostburn suffix like of rime or of ice. You're lucky if you find it with a Tyrant's prefix. Requirement reduction items can also help. There is a less popular Persephone's Caress ice shard build. It's a Thane wielding 2 Persephone's Caress. If you have ragnarok, Rune allows you to equip 2 Persephone's without investing on str. If you want a tankier mage, Svalinn is a good shield option. cough *menhir wall* cough. Ice shard is one of the most mana intensive skills in the game so consider getting energy cost reduction or high energy regen.

Lightning Bolt and Chain Lighting

TQIT, you could actually beat legendary with this skill alone. But those CDR OP days are long gone now. With 80% CDR capping, you can't get this to anything lower than 2.4 seconds, meaning you have to pair it with another skill of about the same recharge time or lower. Some examples are distort reality from dream and thunder strike from rune. But you know what i love about this skill? You can cast it on the far end of your screen and it will hit enemies even if you only managed to hit the ground. This results in tricks like clearing the secret passage without opening the gates or using it against the act 3 demon bull and then running back to the bridge. What about the damage? It might suck in legendary if you don't give it any support. Reduce resistances first.

beat secret passage the chicken way
Spoiler for Hiden:
in case start time function didn't work, lightning bolt trick starts at 2:57

Thunder Ball and Concussive Blast

Not a fan of this skill. But that's because i don't play storm as a melee char. The targeting mechanic makes this hard to hit your target if you are a ranged/caster build. It might be easier if you bind this to RMB but the problem is there are lots of better skills to bind to RMB. If you're somehow tanky like a melee storm, this will be easier to use. I always play storm as a mage so i tend to always avoid this. heck if i can play a conqueror as a mage, i will play it as a mage (lulz).

Storm Nimbus, Heart of Frost and Static Charge

The base skill gives little damage to your weapons but the 2nd and 3rd synergies are often maxed for certain builds. Max heart of frost if you deal cold damage like ice shard or ternion cold staff. Max static charge if you deal lightning damage like lightning bolt or ternion lightning staff. In AE/R, static charge also boosts EBD so that means it also boosts skills like distort reality, distortion wave, and thunder strike. However, if you are a weapon user investing on int, it might be worth maxing the whole skill tree. Throwing Knife (rogue skill) is considered a weapon attack so storm nimbus tree also boosts throwing knife. (ahh my favorite :) how i miss this)

Freezing Blast

In AE/R, this skill lowers physical resist by 100%. But don't be fooled into thinking you deal more physical damage if you cast this first. This skill gives damage absorption to frozen enemies by 66% and damage absorption cannot be reduced and is computed last after resistances and armor. So even if you deal double damage, you still take away more than half of the total. This means this skill is still best used as a CC. As a mage, i tend to ignore this skill but i remember one time when playing multiplayer, i was saved by this skill by a party member. i was running away with my health very low but my pots still in cooldown. Buddy cast freezing blast on the monsters pursuing me and i was saved :)

The Almighty Wisp

One pet that is good on all 3 difficulties even if you leave it at only lvl 1. Even at lvl 1, this pet already has 99% chance to avoid projectiles and melee attacks. It will still die against AoE spells but for the most part of the game, it will stay alive. And even if it dies you can just resummon it. But what makes this pet so good is eye of the storm. It increases your elemental damage by 100% at 8/8 and 140% at 12/8. This is a must for storm spellcasters. It's also an aura so it also boosts your pets and allies if you play in multiplayer. That means if you equip elemental pet buffs like jewelry, it increases your pets' elemental attacks. As a mage player though i always favor mage jewelry like occult rings rather than pet buff jewelry (yeah I'm biased). This also provides lighting and cold resist.

Storm Surge

For me, this is a one-point wonder. I like it for the stun and yes it always procs because you will still get hit. One point won't hurt.

Energy Shield and Reflection

This has been changed in AE/R. In TQIT, the damage absorption is flat so the aura disappears when the absorption dissipates. But in AE/R, the absorption is percentile and the aura lasts 100 seconds. One thing to note is the buff is absorption. So it's still good even if you already have high lightning and cold resists. One side note: I always recommend getting high resists even if you already have damage absorption. Reflection is the better skill of the 2 imo. It reflects all types of damage, not just lightning and cold. Imo late game when you've already maxed your core skills, reflection is a good choice to sink your loose skill points. It's only percent chance to proc but when it procs, the damage returned is more than doubled. And as I've said before, you will still get hit. One trick here is you can cast it on your pets and allies too giving them thorns. But if you have many pets/allies, casting this every 100 seconds will be painful :/

Some storm builds i can recommend:

Spoiler for Hiden:
Tsunderer.. oh sorry i mean Thunderer. This class offers many possible playstyles
noogens’ thunderer
Spoiler for Hiden:
i haven't recorded a good video of my thunderer so I'll just use my naruto edition video
Spoiler for Hiden:
Spoiler for Hiden:
noogens’ druid
Spoiler for Hiden:

You can play storm as a spellcaster, weapon user or a mix of both. Weapon users has the potential to deal higher single target damage but spellcasters can deal better AoE damage and is easier to use when kiting in my experience. Many people still think spellcasters fall off in legendary. It does not if you know what you are doing. Monsters just get resistances in higher difficulties that's why they get tougher. If you have items that reduce resistances, it's easier to debuff if you're a weapon user. Spellcasters on the other hand can equip Aphrodite's Favor and not be bothered by the mind control. You can still reduce resistances of bosses and they won't get mind-controlled by Aphrodite's Favor. Consider equipping a boreas staff or similar resistance reduction items on secondary. I specialize on caster builds. If you want to play storm as a weird melee hybrid, other veterans in this forum can give better help. Ask @gasconron   :) . If you want to play a ternion oracle, ask @Tauceti  :) . Other veterans in this forum can probably also help. Those 2 names are just what came to my mind when i wrote hybrid melee and ternion build.

I think i somehow made a reference to every class except hunting and earth. Hunting, i haven't paired it with storm yet but i think this could be good as a ranged attacker. Monster lure is just so good with high CDR. You can take my word on this. And with high CDR, you can have permanent call of the hunt (65% or above). It's up to you if you're ready to play hybrid though. I think you can also play it as an ice sharder. Abuse monster lure, squall and study prey-flush out. Elementalist, the only experience i had with this class was back in TQIT and i only made it good when i was able to stack very high CDR (>90%). It's not possible in AE/R anymore. You can visit @Firebrand 's earth guide here for more info on earth. @CrocMagnum  is another earth nut that can probably help.

special thanks to noogens (JTN gaming) for Druid and Thunderer videos
gasconron, Tauceti, Firebrand and CrocMagnum because i used their names (without permission) and redirected other members to them for advice/tips

General Discussion / Kiting 101 by botebote77
« on: 29 April 2018, 22:09:19 »
Kiting 101 by botebote77

10 kiting rules i developed for myself over the years. You can also follow these when playing other games, not just TQ.

1.) kill every enemy you see before you advance to the next area.. you want as much running space as you can have

2.) when you're finally doing serious kiting, do not go into places you haven't been yet.. those dark areas on the map, don't go there.. go backwards to the areas you have cleared in (1)

3.) try to break up a mob.. see if you can aggro 1 or 2 at a time

4.) when kiting in open areas where you know you won't encounter additional mobs (usually against bosses), don't go backwards unless you really have to.. go sidewards.. in fact, everytime you can go sidewards, go sidewards instead of backwards.. that way you can attack easier and you also keep them in your sight while dodging their attacks

5.) look at the area and see if there's a spot where you can be in an advantageous position.. like if there's a stair, try to get the enemy below and you above.. if you're below, you're at a disadvantage

6.) use CCs.. moving faster than your enemies and being able to freely move can spell the difference between dying and surviving.. the less running you have to do, the better

7.) learn the behaviors of monsters especially bosses.. what spells they cast and what do they do before casting a spell

8.) don't drink health pots very late.. potions have cooldowns.. if you drink a health pot when your health is already very low, it only takes a few more hits before you need to drink another potion.. your health pot might not be ready yet by that time

9.) if on a 50/50 choice between attacking and dodging, choose dodging.. your first objective is to not get hit.. or not get hit much

10.) you will still get hit so don't even think you can get by without any resists

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Masteries Sink Points
« on: 31 March 2018, 00:58:18 »
good day people.. I've made the boring task of counting how many skill points you can spend on each mastery.. i know this doesn't mean anything, i mean why would you want to max a skill you hardly have any use for? and there's not enough skill points to max each skill anyways.. but, well (shrugs) :}

nature is the mastery that gives the most sink points, while warfare the least

runes: 228
spirit: 232
nature: 256
dream: 232
storm: 230
earth: 246
rogue 228
warfare: 196
hunting: 204
defense: 202

numbers include mastery points (32) ie: warfare mastery, defense mastery

Sport / Conqueror vs Conqueror PvP
« on: 26 March 2018, 01:39:15 »

I think i saw the red dude cast warwind in the 2nd rd.. some shield charge/batter here and there

so this is where marcin tybura started  O0

MMA fighters buy swords, shields, helmets of all kinds

This is Spartaaaa!!!

Heroes & Bosses / Black Elf Debuff
« on: 20 March 2018, 19:35:27 »
I actually don't know where to post this but i think these findings deserve it's own thread. And while black elves doesn't necessarily mean hero monsters, a pack of these is much more dangerous than most hero monsters, even more dangerous than an ordinary boss monster.

Alright so black elves are dangerous but what makes them dangerous is the debuff they cast. So dangerous i died testing this :)) . I've done this test before on epic 3 times and since the results i got were consistent, i decided to only test normal and legendary twice. Take note: the debuff gives flat absolute reduction in physical, pierce and vit.

Again for those not familiar with the mechanics of resistance reduction, this guide by the veteran apocalypse80 is a great help

so here are the values:

1st test:
physical resist: from 0 to -34
pierce resist: from 21 to -13
vit resist: from 42 to 8

2nd test:
physical resist: from 0 to -34
pierce resist: from 56 to 22
vit resist: from 76 to 42

epic: (I've done this before so i only copy paste)
1st test:
pierce resist: from 24 to -14
physical resist: from 18 to -20
vit resist: from 65 to 27

2nd test:
pierce resist: from 61 to 23
physical resist: from 26 to -12
vit resist: from 36 to -2

3rd test:
pierce resist: from 24 to -14
physical resist: from 18 to -20
vit resist: from 45 to 7

1st test:
physical resist: from 14 to -28
pierce resist: from 30 to -12
vit resist: from -4 to -46

2nd test:
physical resist: from 14 to -28
pierce resist: from -11 to -53
vit resist: from 47 to 5

conclusion: black elf debuff gives a flat absolute resistance reduction of -34, -38, -42 in normal, epic, and legendary respectively

Now i discovered something too: although the RR is flat absolute, multiple black elf debuffs don't stack. Meaning if two or more black elves cast their debuff on you, you only get debuff as if only one black elf debuffed you. I had to test this on xmax to confirm. Only on normal but i would assume the mechanics are the same in epic and legendary also. This might've been intended or else it would've been suicide in xmax legendary

This had me thinking that maybe multiple debuffs of the same skill don't stack.. Anyone tested double squall or double study prey on multiplayer?

* good as of version 1.54

Gameplay / Open PvP Coop
« on: 18 March 2018, 02:14:43 »
Ok so i know PvP is not popular in Titan Quest. But it is possible in-game and some players may be interested

To start, me and my nephew used to have fun killing each other in gladiator PvP mod downloadable at kirmiziperfect. But it's just 1v1 because we don't have anyone else to play with. But back in my college days, we would spend hours playing diablo 2  1v1 PvP, team PvP, free for all PvP, 2v1 PvP, anything. We even came up with new strategies specially made for PvPs.

Don't worry about deaths, should you die in gladiators PvP mod, the deaths don't reflect on your main game. I don't know about other PvP mods, but in gladiator mod, what you do in PvP does not get saved on your main game. There are gladiators outside but we don't use that, we stay inside and a player signals the start of the fight. Also, there's a mystic, caravan driver, merchant and arcanist near the rebirth fountain.

So if anyone is interested, just reply to this post. I may not be even able to join because I'm in a different time zone than most of you guys.

Rules (all are subject to change):

1) matchups are to be decided by players themselves, whether 1v1, 2v2, etc

2) no use of defiler or any cheat engine. custom made items are not allowed

3) difficulty is to be decided by players, whether normal, epic, or legendary difficulty

4) i suggest a level division. like 40-50, 50-60, etc.

5) i suggest a limit to potions. me and my nephew use 10 HP and 10 MP only. that way the fights don't take very long and we find some balance for weapon users and casters

6) In the case of team PvPs, if one dies, he/she should wait in the rebirth fountain until the fight is decided

No bragging please. You might win 1 PvP but you can always lose to other PvPs :)

Players with strong PCs are requested to record and post video PvPs. Requested, not required. That way we get a small taste of the fun, even by just watching :)

Now, nobody might participate but that's ok with me actually. For those who want to join just reply to this thread. For those not interested, that's ok but you are always welcome to join should a PvP match pique your interest one day :p

General Discussion / The Theory of Hybrid
« on: 15 March 2018, 11:17:37 »
(title in honor of the late Stephen Hawking)

Yes, it's taken from The Theory of Everything. In TQ, Everything could mean strength, dexterity and intelligence. And if you have all 3, you have a hybrid. duhhh  ???

Hybrids are complicated, just like Stephen Hawking. Complicated enough that i don't feel I'm good enough to write a definitive guide about it. Instead, I'm hoping this thread turns out to be a discussion about hybrids.

So what is classified as a hybrid? The simple meaning in gaming is a mix of 2 completely different builds . And yes, the meaning just came from me so anyone is allowed to dispute it. Because it's a mix of 2 different builds, i personally think for a build to be classified a hybrid, it has to meet the following requirements:

1) must have a good amount of strength, dexterity, and intelligence

2) must deal a good amount of physical damage as well as elemental or vitality damage

Are those requirements fair enough? I hope so. Thus, a pure int or a mostly int transmutation rune build is not a hybrid for me. It's a fake hybrid. I'm not saying it's weaker. I'm not saying it's cheating (heck no). But you didn't go the hard way so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of being a hybrid? I really hope many people chime in on this. As i said i don't feel I'm worthy enough to write everything about hybrids. Not that i haven't played a successful hybrid before but i just feel that hybrids are complicated enough that any combination can benefit from being a hybrid. Ok, maybe a conqueror can't deal elemental damage. And maybe it benefits most by ignoring int. But frankly, i wouldn't be surprised if someone pro comes out and proves otherwise. Yeah that's what i mean, complicated. But I'll start anyway.


• Able to wear just about anything

• Because it deals different types of damage, it benefits greatly from %total damage

• You don't have to be squishy because you can wear strength based gear including shields

• You won't have a damage dealing weakness against any type of enemy because you deal different types of damage. I mean you can deal good damage against undeads, beastmen, water nymphs, everything.


• Not recommended for beginners

• Not recommended for self-found characters

• Can be gear dependent because you might have to wear stat enhancing gears or requirement reduction gears.

• You can't concentrate on a certain type of damage

Personally, i build my hybrids by going either str/dex first or int/dex first. Not a lot of dex, just enough to meet requirements. Then after i get my strength to about 400, i wear strength enhancing gear like robust ring of something, Symbol of the Polymath, etc. If i start int/dex first, i stop at about 350 int and wear int enhancing gear like Socrates' ring, Plato's ring, etc. From there, i start putting points in strength and gradually go full hybrid. Requirement Reduction gears also help like Odysseus' Armor, Rhesus' Whitewashed Armor, etc. The new XP scaling also helps.

Hybrids are not easy but certainly doable. It might be difficult at first but when your hybrid finally takes shape, it can be very rewarding. Rewarding because you've done something complicated. And also because... heck the wide item selection is huge. If you have items in your TQvault already, your character can really become an all-rounder. High armor? high resists? +4 all skills? high CDR? With hybrid, getting all of those is possible. But to have those, you have to have the necessary gear and you have to be well versed in the game to make the necessary planning.

Building a hybrid can be tricky. One can say a hybrid is a jack of all trades but a master of none. Good at everything but excelling in nothing. All things considered though, a hybrid is perhaps the most balanced build in the game. But because it's the most balanced, it's either the safest build to make or the riskiest build to make.

So what do you think about hybrids? Do you think it's a nerf or do you think more people should try it? Do you think it's easy enough and I'm just making it sound complicated? :) Share your opinions/experiences here

ps: thanks Typhon for indirectly giving me an idea for a title

Before this forum was created, we had a mini contest like this at reddit. It wasn't really a contest but i lost horribly to these:

I still cringe at the sight of that half humanoid female insect

Now i want to recreate that fun in this forum. Doesn't matter if it's not your in-game items. Just wear what you think look cool together.. or terrible together.

I'll start. These ones i ithink look cool

This one for the ugly looking category

Rogue AE / A Comprehensive Analysis of Rogue Skills
« on: 27 February 2018, 22:40:53 »
Before i started writing this, i actually had to convince myself that I'm capable of writing a guide with comprehensive in the title :) . But Rogue is actually my favorite mastery and i have tried it as a melee, ranged, petmaster, and mage. I actually wrote guides on knifethrower mage sorcerer and petmaster illusionist before but i have tried it with other masteries as well.

I will be listing every skill, list its description, rank it from 1 to 5, and talk about how i use it.

I decided to use this ranking system but foreword: just because a skill is ranked 5/5, doesn't mean it's recommended for every build. The same for 1/5 or 2/5. Just because i ranked it low doesn't mean it's useless. A skill is just like a weapon. A blunt weapon or a small knife may not look scary but in the hands of a true master, they can be deadly. Remember when John Wick once killed 3 people with a f****n pencil? heh :))

1/5 - hardly worth putting any points to
2/5 - below average. not that good but not useless either
3/5 - average
4/5 - good. above average. not perfect but a good skill nonetheless
5/5 - great skill. recommended for most builds

I've included some spoiler videos if you want to see how a skill works and also to show some hidden tricks

Abbreviations you will see in this guide:
CDR - cooldown reduction
CC - crowd control
CS - Calculated Strike
PGB - Poison Gas Bomb
SB cuffs - Stonebinder's cuffs
AoE - Area of Effect
AE/R - Anniversary Edition/Ragnarok

Rogue Mastery lvl 32:
+56 strength
+80 dexterity
1120 health

Calculated Strike and Lucky Hit:

Calculated Strike:
Used in place of your normal attack, every fourth hit with calculated strike will deliver increased damage. Assign this skill to your left mouse button.

skill lvl: 1/8
100% Chance to pass through enemies
3 charge levels
+45% (physical) damage
35 piercing damage

skill lvl: 8/8
100% Chance to pass through enemies
3 charge levels
+156% (physical) damage
103 piercing damage

skill lvl: 12/8 (ultimate max)
100% Chance to pass through enemies
3 charge levels
+221% (physical) damage
159 piercing damage

Lucky Hit:
Uncommonly good fortune provides a chance that calculated strikes will slip past enemy armor causing tremendous damage.

skill lvl: 1/6
44% chance for one of the following:
78 (physical) damage
+70% pierce damage
120 bleeding damage over 3 seconds

skill lvl: 6/6
44% chance for one of the following:
228 (physical) damage
+215% pierce damage
414 bleeding damage over 3 seconds

skill lvl: 10/6
44% chance for one of the following:
348 (physical) damage
+351% pierce damage
744 bleeding damage over 3 seconds

Both skills have been boosted in AE/R. Calculated Strike now has 100% chance to pass through enemies. Lucky hit chance proc has been boosted from 33% to 44%. The damage likewise has been boosted. Most people used to leave lucky hit at level 1 pre-AE but I've had a good amount of experience with this and i think lucky hit procs quite often now. Calculated strike now passes through enemies every 4th hit making this a good skill for bows as well as throwing weapons. I recommend fast attacking weapons for this to make empowered hits proc more often. Also notice that this has no energy cost. It might not mean much but it can be annoying having to constantly drink mana pots especially if you focus on strength and dex. If you make this your main attack, i say both are worth maxing.

rating: 3/5

I think this is better than psionic touch if you have to choose between the two. Not better than onslaught. Better than marksmanship but only early game, late game marksmanship would be better especially if you have lots of all skills. Compared to rune weapon, probably CS is better if you go str/dex. If you go int, rune weapon is worlds better. If you go hybrid, it's complicated :)

Blade Honing:
While active, this skill ensures that any bladed weapon used by yourself and allies will remain razor sharp and inflict increased piercing damage.

skill lvl: 1/6
16.0 meter radius
+16% increased piercing ratio
3 piercing damage
+50 energy reserved

skill lvl: 6/6
16.0 meter radius
+56% increased piercing ratio
15 piercing damage
+50 energy reserved

skill lvl: 10/6
16.0 meter radius
+88% increased piercing ratio
31 piercing damage
+50 energy reserved

• Blade Honing provides unique bonus. Rather than simply increasing one's Pierce Damage, it affects property found on swords and spears that converts percentage of one's Damage to Pierce Damage

• Pierce Ratio bonus is multiplicative. Using 30% Pierce Ratio spear and 4th level Blade Honing results in 42% Pierce Ratio.

• This skill switches off if you change to a weapon that isn't a sword or spear (ie: hit the W key to use a bow instead of your melee weapon+shield combo. You have to manually reactivate it upon changing back.

It's still accurate in AE/R so i don't think i have to explain much further. Max this skill if you use sword, spear, or throwing weapon. (If you actually attack with a weapon heh :)) ).  This also seem to affect throwing knife (skill)

rating: 3/5

Lethal Strike and Mortal Wound:

Lethal Strike:
A single deadly hit that multiplies the damage of a normal weapon attack.

skill lvl: 1/8
12 seconds recharge
52 energy cost
+225% physical damage
+225% pierce damage

skill lvl: 8/8
12 seconds recharge
68 energy cost
+500% physical damage
+390% pierce damage

skill lvl: 12/8
12 seconds recharge
74 energy cost
+600% physical damage
+450% pierce damage

Mortal Wound:
Stuns victims of Lethal Strike and greatly magnifies the impact of poison and bleeding damage caused by the attack.

skill lvl: 1/8
15 energy cost
+60% Bleeding Damage
+60% Poison Damage
3 Seconds of Stun

skill lvl: 8/8
15 energy cost
+305% Bleeding Damage
+305% Poison Damage
3 Seconds of Stun

skill points: 12/8
15 energy cost
+445% Bleeding Damage
+445% Poison Damage
3 Seconds of Stun

The %damage on lethal strike is just ginormous. Shield Charge and Phantom Strike might be better for melee but at least Lethal Strike can also be used for ranged weapons. In fact, i think it's better used for ranged weapons because you can stun from afar. I like using this against a mage in a pack of mobs. Interestingly though, you need high base damage on your weapon to fully benefit from the added damage. So while i prefer throwing weapons for calculated strike, i prefer bows for lethal strike. What i did with my illusionist is i equipped a throwing weapon and shield on main, and a bow on secondary. I then set plague as my right click on my main, and lethal strike as right click on my secondary. So if i want to attack with lethal strike, i switch to secondary, right click, then switch back to main. The downside is i have to recast blade honing again. One of my favorite attacks with my illusionist is plague, lethal strike, refresh, lethal strike. That is a good boss killer. I used illusionist in this example because it's the one character i have that uses both calculated strike and lethal strike. On my assassin, i use onslaught instead of calculated strike. But I've made an interesting discovery, if you equip 2 throwing weapons, be it dual wield from warfare or reckless offense from rune, there is a chance you attack with 2 weapons if you attack with lethal strike. It doesn't seem to happen with melee though, only throwing weapons. Now while i think lethal strike is worth maxing, i think mortal wound is not. Poison and bleed now scales with dex but i still think there are better skills you can spend your points on. I recommend max lethal strike and 1pt mortal wound for the stun. Maybe when you've maxed all your preferred skills and you don't know where to spend your extra skill points on. But chances are it will only happen late game. Also, there's a noticeable delay when your attack speed is very low (below 100%). This can be annoying and sometimes dangerous when attacking with left click, then suddenly attacking with Lethal Strike. When you've reached an attack speed of about 120%, there is no noticeable delay.

notice the delay at very low attack speed. I'm hitting the other target so it's more noticeable
Spoiler for Hiden:

watch for the dual wield lethal strike
Spoiler for Hiden:

rating: 4/5

Open Wound:
Adds a chance to inflict bleeding damage when attacking with a sharp or pointed weapon.

skill lvl: 1/12
33% Chance of 27 Bleeding Damage Over 3 Seconds

skill lvl: 12/12
33% Chance of 309 Bleeding Damage Over 3 Seconds

skill lvl: 16/12
33% Chance of 441 Bleeding Damage Over 3 Seconds

It's a passive skill so it's worth a point i guess. It has been boosted in AE/R and bleed now scales with dex but it's still useless against undeads and constructs. It seems to affect throwing knife (the skill) provided you equip a spear, bow, or throwing weapon. But it's still meh

rating: 1/5

With a deep knowledge of anatomy, attacks can be directed at vital points in the body increasing the chance and effectiveness of bleed damage.

skill lvl: 1/8
36% Bleeding Damage

skill lvl: 8/8
120% Bleeding Damage

skill lvl: 12/8
199% Bleeding Damage

Another passive skill but this is unlike open wound which is only a chance to proc. This boosts all your bleed damage be it from skills or items. And incidentally, rogue has probably the best skill to spread bleeding damage: throwing knife. If you make throwing knife as your main attack, it's worth maxing. If not, maybe just 1pt. If you pair it with dual wield tree as a melee, this is 1-max.

rating: 2/5

Throwing Knife and Flurry of Knives:

Throwing Knife:
Throw a piercing blade at your opponent capable of causing prolonged bleeding.

skill lvl: 1/12
6.0 seconds recharge
18 energy cost
1 projectile
10% chance to pass through enemies
48 Bleeding Damage over 3 seconds
15 Piercing Damage

skill lvl: 12/12
1.6 seconds recharge
29 energy cost
1 projectile
10% chance to pass through enemies
204 Bleeding Damage over 3 seconds
58 Piercing Damage

skill lvl: 16/12
0 seconds recharge
33 energy cost
1 projectile
10% chance to pass through enemies
270 Bleeding Damage over 3 seconds
81 Piercing Damage

max this with +4 from gear to get zero cooldown

Flurry of Knives:
Learn to throw additional knives at once and cut down enemies with a lethal flurry of razor-sharp metal.

skill lvl: 1/12
15 energy cost
1 projectile
26% Pierce Damage

skill lvl: 12/12
24 energy cost
4 projectile
48% Pierce Damage

skill lvl: 16/12
30 energy cost
8 projectile
66% Pierce Damage

• This skill carry over many unusual damage factors and effects.

• This skill use Casting Rate rather than Attack Speed.

• Properties applied to Throwing Knife:

• armor, jewelery and artifact flat damage bonus

• armor and jewelery charms'/relics' effects

• any kind of percentage damage bonus from any source

• any on hit effect provided by armor, jewelery and artifact

• Properties NOT applied to Throwing Knife:

• any kind of flat weapon damage

• any kind of flat shield damage

•non-damage weapon properties

• non-damage shield properties

Many people think this is a bad skill now because of the 10% chance nerf. It's not. I have used this skill extensively and i can say with certainty that this is still a very good skill. Actually, it might be better now. Bleed and poison now scales with dex and throwing knife is probably the best skill to spread those DoTs. But the bigger reason is the cooldown now depends on the skill level rather than CDR. That means you won't get hostaged by CDR items anymore allowing you to get other necessary attributes like resists, life and mana steal, etc. Also, that opens up more knifethrower builds besides sorcerer and magician because you don't have to concentrate on int anymore. I know it's always been possible to get very high CDR without getting int but honestly, that is very gear dependant and would limit your item choices even more. Now it's not a problem anymore, heck legendary SB cuffs alone gives +3 all skills. I have even written in one of my guides how to be a full knifethrower as early as lvl 25. And because this carries weapon buffs like storm nimbus, earth enchantment, battle standard, rune weapon tree (except transmutation) etc, you can make this your main attack and have a powerful caster toon. Or if you want it to just be a utility skill, it's a very good CC because it carries envenom skill tree including nightshade and mandrake. Imagine an AoE CC with no cooldown. And while this skill doesn't benefit much from bonus from weapons, it triggers chance to proc skills from weapons like Study Prey from Mbuti's Advocate, Summon Ancestral Warriors from Key of Elysium and Summon Spriggling from Staff of the Chosen, and also non-weapons like Dvalin's Simulacrum. If the devs make the chance to pass through back to 100%, this would be overpowered and break the game.

mage sorcerer
Spoiler for Hiden:

this one was a take 2 i admit :)
Spoiler for Hiden:

rating: 5/5

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