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Challenges (all versions of the game) / The Purist Hardcore Challenge
« on: 12 September 2020, 10:14:43 »
Solo Self-Found (untwinked) deathless run from start to finish
pure vanilla
just complete all quests
no other rules
like how it's meant to be played
anybody up?

botebote77 - elementalist - L21 - Rhakotis
Tauceti - pyromancer - L7 - Sparta

guys, what do you make of this?

the stat points below each mastery are total stat points for that mastery
(just for refresher, 1 stat point spent on str, int, and dex will add 4 points to that stat. 1 stat point spent on health or energy  will result to 40 hp or mana)

40 str     10
80 int.     20
60 dex.   15
800 health   20
65 stat points

120 int.        30
60 dex.         15
800 health.   20
320 energy.   8
73 stat points

100 int.          25
60 dex.           15
800 health.    20
640 energy.    16
76 stat points

80 str.             20
70 int.             17.5
1400 health.    35
320 energy.     8
80.5 stat points

70 str.           17.5
100 dex.         25
1400 health.   35

80 str.             20
80 dex.            20
1600 health.   40
80 stat points

60 str.              15
80 dex.             20
2000 health.     50
85 stat points

70 str.                17.5
100 dex.             25
1400 health.       35
77.5 stat points

120 int.             30
40 dex.              10
840 health.        21
600 energy        15
76 stat points

120 int.                30
60 dex.                 15
900 health.          22.5
240 energy.         6
73.5 stat points

these are all max values (40 skill points)
rune has the lowest while defense has the highest stat points.
you can argue that rune has some of the best skills? but i refuse to believe defense has the worst skills.

Hello everyone. I just thought of maybe could be an interesting challenge that i think anyone can join and play.

From the title, it's a single mastery challenge, but there is a (sort of). That's because you are allowed to get a 2nd mastery, BUT you are not allowed to get any skill from your 2nd mastery. That is, you are only allowed to put points on the mastery bar of your 2nd mastery, but only the mastery bar, no skills from there.

So by this rule, i think it shouldn't be too hard because the drawback of getting too little health, mana, and stats is eliminated. But it's also not too easy because it's untwinked (no inheritance items allowed), and it's a hardcore challenge so you are not allowed to die.

What do you guys think? Chime in with your opinions and post your entry character/s if you like.

botebote77 - plsdrinkpoison - Rogue - L66 - Helos

banished from existence
Tauceti - Ni - Defense L63 - Olympus - died against Typhon
botebote77 - Rin - Storm L34 - medea's grove - died trying to farm Typhon
rakshir - Durgoth - Spirit - L40 - died in Atlantis

blue => normal
green => epic
red => legendary
maroon => i see dead people

General Discussion / funny annoying %@¥©
« on: 07 June 2020, 02:26:13 »
lolz. i thought about playing TQ again. i thought hmm how about vanilla solo self-farmed hybrid deathless. i have no previous saves btw, all my characters are gone now. the game is still a buggy mess. i got to the poisoned spring quest and as i was about to enter the cave, the old bug triggered. i got stuck on the entrance of the cave. so i pressed the reset button where your character spawns on a different location near you. lo and behold, i got transferred to act 5 where there are high levelled harpies. and there is no way to run because there is always a lag when teleporting. i died. lol nice troll. so much for that deathless run. i don't know if I'll start again or continue. it's still sucky. hopefully sports starts again soon

Are you up to the challenge?
Rules are simple:

1) Play 6 player difficulty mod
2) Never give it items from your other characters or whatever. Only use items you find with that character
3) Don't die

And i guess the unwritten rule is be honest. Don't make a save of your character, then if you die, replace the files with your backup save. Don't give it items from your other characters, then lie saying you found it solo self-farmed. Don't make an accomplished hero, then lie saying you went through the first 4 acts deathless. Don't edit items using 3rd party programs. Don't change completion bonuses of items using TQvault. Any other things you can do in-game are allowed (eg: potions, scrolls, cheesing).

Atlantis: this one is complicated because it feels wrong using Atlantis items and lvl 40 skills, yet skip Atlantis map entirely. But Atlantis act is just so buggy and laggy. So how about playing Atlantis act is required only in legendary? (I'm open to suggestions)

About 6 player difficulty mod:
1) Monster Spawn Rate
This mod will spawn 300 percent more monsters during your playthrough.
2) Higher Level Monsters
All the monster you encounter will have higher level. (I change the file but not sure it will work)
3) More Loot
All the container (bonepile,chest,boss remain etc…) will spawn more items. Just the same amount as in a 6-player game. (But this time no one can steal)
download link (in case KP link don't work):
(courtesy of @Torstein159 )

in case you are wondering, bosses are not multiplied by 3

In xmax HC challenge, pics after every boss kills are required. But i don't think it's necessary. Just every once in a while. Maybe once per act or whenever you feel like it

(I'll enter a character here eventually)

Were not talking ultimate builds here. As long as it works, let the world see your creativeness

Torstein's bow Elementalist

mammoth_hunter's elemental archer Sage

botebote's Oracle caster + weapon + pets

@Billy_pilgrim post your paladin here, just a simple pic will do

i might have one more coming, just for trips.. probably inferior to builds posted here

@all you've probably tried it. let's see it. just a pic will do. this is the fun side of gaming  :))

(just a reminder, without rune)

MeMes / Post your memes here
« on: 06 December 2019, 21:33:30 »
I know i can be an ass sometimes and believe you not i asked not to be moderator. But I'm not really a moderator so i guess that half-works. I'll just ask that you refrain from posting dirty porny jokes. Alright, that's all the rules.

You can post your funny memes here related or not related to TQ

General Discussion / Interesting Myth Stories
« on: 28 November 2019, 13:26:09 »
Do you know of any interesting myth stories you want to share?

There may come a time we forget about our characters but a memory of a good read can sometimes last a lifetime

I hope this one is interesting enough

What really started the Trojan War?

Most of us here probably know the story of the Trojan War. That Trojan horse, Greece vs Troy, Achilles' legacy, Helen running away with Paris. But how did it really start?

I wish i had known this when i was in high school when I had the wonderful task of reporting the Iliad. My teacher asked me why do i think Helen went willingly with Paris.

And no, the answer isn't because Helen had a fangirl crush on Legolas.

There was this nereid (sea nymph) named Thetis, who i guess was beautiful enough because both Zeus and Poseidon tried courting her. But there was also a prophecy that Thetis' son would be greater than his father. And so Zeus decided Thetis would be married to a mere mortal. If you read more about Zeus, he isn't really a respectable God. He probably was afraid he would have a son stronger than him. This mortal human was no douche though. He was Peleus, king of the myrmidons.

Now if those names sound familiar to you, that is because Thetis and Peleus would be the eventual parents of Achilles (remember that 'son greater than the father prophecy'?).

And so here begins our story, the wedding of Thetis and Peleus. On this wedding, the gods (Zeus,etc) were invited. Also present in this wedding is Paris, prince of Troy, and yes that character played by Orlando Bloom on the 2004 movie Troy.

But there was one goddess not invited, Eris, goddess of discord. The Gods probably know her presence would not be appreciated, she was the goddess of discord after all. So out of spite, she threw an apple inside and written on it was "to the fairest one". That apple would eventually be known as the apple of discord.

Three goddesses said "ah to the fairest one, so this should be mine". They were Hera, wife of Zeus, Athena, goddess of wisdom and warfare, and Aphrodite, goddess of beauty.

To settle the dispute, Zeus said it should be Paris deciding who claims the apple. Paris apparently had previous accomplishments that Zeus deemed him worthy, but for all we know, he might have just planned it all.

So Hera came to Paris, saying "if you choose me, i will make you king of Europe and Asia". Athena then said "if you choose me, i will give you victory in your battles, you will have fame and fortune". Aphrodite, being the goddess of beauty, appeared to Paris fully naked, and simply said "if you choose me, i will give you the most beautiful woman on the planet". This happened to be Helen, the face that launched a thousand ships, and who also happened to be the wife of Menelaus, king of Sparta.

Well, you can probably guess who Paris chose. On some versions, all 3 goddesses appeared to Paris fully nude. But most versions say at least Aphrodite appeared to Paris in all her naked glory. And so the Trojan War started.

You can probably Google "apple of discord" or "the judgement of Paris" and stumble upon this story

Do you have an interesting story to tell? please share

Items / Batrachos Greaves - The Fallen Luxury
« on: 28 November 2019, 07:55:19 »
Batrachos Greaves
A sad MI, the star everyone forgot

Base Stats
Before: +120% Defensive Ability, 7% Chance to Dodge Attacks
After: +120 Defensive Ability, 7% Chance to Dodge Attacks

In TQIT, this used to be a highly sought out item but a super rare drop at the same time. Say you have 500 DA, you wear a batrachos and you get it to 1100 DA instantly. Now, you have 500 DA, you only get it to 620.

I get that it used to be OP, but maybe the nerf was too much considering there are many boots now that give more than 120 DA, and way easier to drop too

They nerfed the item big time but the drop chance remained the same, according to

Now why would anyone want to farm for this when there are many warrior and mage boots that give about the same DA or higher and easier to drop too?
(leggings of the defiled, myrmidons greaves, boots of freyja, blackbeard's booties, barbarian's greaves, trunks of mogon, etc)

From riches to rags

Items / chakram fluff
« on: 28 October 2019, 13:28:30 »
now for a little advertisement

looks like mongol chakram?

that shows damage numbers?
I don't have steam
thnx in advance

Storm AE / Caster Thane: Double Neiths Will
« on: 05 October 2019, 12:34:03 »

It feels a bit embarrassing that i am sharing a build that hasn't even finished act 3 epic yet. I thought about finishing at least epic first before sharing but when i tried playing, i lasted only about 15 mins before exiting. Yeah good luck with finishing epic then. The same fun just wasn't there anymore. This character isn't really new but hasn't seen daylight for quite a long time.

But if you look at the pic, i should just replace SB cuffs with a legendary version, socket it with perhaps incarnation of sigurd's courage with pierce res comp bonus and it should be good for legendary already. And all my items are nothing awesome. And yep that occult ring will have to be replaced with a better version. The socket essence of dionysus wineskin is also so outdated by this time. Actually, i spent very little time (about 5 mins) thinking about gear that i played this through epic for a long time with only -40% pierce res.

So this build revolves around 2 neiths will.
100% skill disruption protection
100% vit res
100% stun res
30% CDR
50% total damage
That's better than any staff can give you. I remember i even tested before whether that total damage will stack multiplicatively or additively. Thankfully, it seems to stack additively. If you want to check my test, see spoilers below.

For a larger picture, it's all 2 neiths will, ice shard, lightning bolt, squall, battle standard, and permanent ancestral warriors. Storm skills are fun because you just click anywhere and it will hit. Battle Standard gives +1 to all skills, much needed survivability and reduces energy cost by 50%. Goes well with squall. Ancestral Warriors are the best pets in the game. So this build works best if you have the 2 expansions.

Not really a guide but at least i was able to show the idea. I haven't spent a single point on str yet. I have 59 unspent stat points, I'm not planning to spend any of that the whole epic (no need to). I probably will add more points on dex for more DA and to equip legendary SB cuffs. Warfare doesn't add any points to energy so I'm using persephone's ring and polaris, and it's still a little bit mana hungry. But it's fine, it's about 75% reduced energy cost as long as you cast battle standard all the time (which you should). It's not a smooth starting caster because warfare doesn't help you with anything except higher health, but when you start casting battle standard all the time and summoning an army of pets, that's when getting warfare finally pays off.
Spoiler for Hiden:
here is how i remember testing %total damage:
i used warfare + dream (what's that called again?)
dream because the damage shown from distortion wave is always the same, so that's the damage you check using show damage option

first, to be more accurate, i unequipped all items
i hit dummy or any other enemy, and noted the damage (say 100.. i forgot the exact values)
then i equipped 1 neiths will and checked the damage (say the damage went from 100 to 120)
then i unequipped the 1st neiths will and equipped the 2nd (say the damage went from 100 to 122.. %total damage is not always the same)
then equip the 2 neiths will and again check damage
so if the stacking is additive, the additional damage should be 42 (20 and 22)
if it's multiplicative, it should be lower (25% from the 1st neiths will, then 25% of 25% from the 2nd)
if you test it yourself, you will see the additional damage doesn't get lower
i even equipped myrmidons pendant and it's still the same (it was as if it's additively)

finally, i checked this pet damage guide by Vio
if you scroll down to build example under practical example, he counted 3 ritualist jewelries as 36% physical damage (that's additively)
he even added 90% physical damage from strength of the pack as if it stacks additively
now, i don't know how he does it but when it comes to mechanics like these, Vio knows his stuff

Storm AE / Oracle - Weapon Damage Converted to Elemental (WIP)
« on: 11 July 2019, 22:10:55 »
because we never learn

Spoiler for Hiden:

First, I'll throw this right here so you'll know what to expect. If you are looking for a safe, tanky, easy to play character, this is not the build to play. However, if you want a flashy build that summons damaging pets, casts powerful spells, and kills with a weapon, this is a good candidate. Basically an all in one, do-it-all character.

Second, no, Lightning Dash is not a great LMB skill. It's the highest tiered LMB skill but it's the most underperforming LMB skill. Maybe it's not an LMB skill after all...

A few weeks ago when i changed my converted to elemental dreamkiller into a psionic beam + traps build, i was left with these 3 items:

Spoiler for Hiden:

The completion bonuses of those were not done through TQvault editing. The 1st eitr i got the comp bonus from luck iirc just by auto-sorting. The 2nd eitr i got the comp bonus using this trick long ago before Atlantis. The gambanteinn i got the comp bonus again out of sheer luck (my very first try).

Well, if you have those 3 items just lying around gathering dust, i bet you'll be tempted too to build around those items.

So let's see how this thing works, how you can get seemingly all playstyles into one character. And in all holy hell of classes, an oracle. duhh...

1) Caster - By converting our damage to elemental, we also make int our main stat. That means lightning bolt is not compromised. The more you spend on str, the weaker lightning bolt gets. Lightning Dash is a single target skill. A character with no AoE damage is like a fish taken out of the water. Lightning Bolt is the AoE and the caster aspect of this build.

2) Petmaster - Because i was just reusing those 3 items, and because i need socrates and occult anyways for lightning bolt, i don't have access to pet rings. And because i promised pets that actually does good damage, i had to rely on skills that boost pets. I have to get eye of the storm, and i have to make dark covenant active at all times. And fortunately, all 3 pets of oracle does considerable elem damage. I'm not really a fan of the liche king because it requires too many skill points. But for this build, it improves greatly with eye of the storm and unearthly power. Plus it helps with reducing enemy resistances (assuming you have invested enough points on the base skill for the RR value to be higher than squall's). The Outsider is great with 80% CDR. Summon it often even if there are no bosses, the cooldown is only 72 secs. Remember that these pets are controllable, even the outsider. So if you know there are dangerous mobs ahead, you can make them take some agro first before you attack. The health cost of dark covenant does NOT apply to pets.

3) Weapon - Eye of the Storm and Unearthly Power also boost my attacks, both lightning bolt and lightning dash. Dark covenant is great for this build. It makes this character not too mana hungry, and making it always active means you can leave spirit ward active all the time even when there are no undeads. Less drink of mana pots and treating spirit ward like a permanent buff makes this easier to control. But to counter the health cost of Dark Covenant, i need a good weapon with life steal, low str requirement, but still does good damage. Enter Chakram of the Moon. The str requirement is 288, not much higher than Rings of the Rhine (284). And with the 15% requirement reduction that comes with the shield, the str requirement is now only 245. Plus, the +10% to int makes up for the stat pts you spent on str. And with fully maxed necrosis with very fast attack speed, we might as well forget about the health cost of Dark Covenant. A good alternate weapon is chakram of the sun.

This is how my DPS looks like with both eye of the storm and unearthly power active:

They are always active in every battle. But you see, the DPS doesn't tell the whole truth. That damage is single target only. Ternion build, even though it shows less DPS, actually outperforms this build in terms of kill speed. (see spoiler notes below for a little comparison)
This still has good AoE damage though thanks to lightning bolt and pets.

If you have winds of asphodel, that would be a good secondary weapon. Pair that with another rings of the rhine. If you don't have winds of asphodel, a green thrown weapon of the betrayer enhanced with shen-nongs will do. By lowering enemy resistances, you not only increase your own damage but you also increase your pet's damage as well. It's good against bosses. For my low bleed res, i carry with me dwarven bone fetish (amulet).

My recommended target build:
If you notice, i left some pet skills 4pts shy of fully maxed. That's because the liche and the wisp don't die easily. Most of the time when i get a mastery shrine and resummon them, the liche and wisp stay alive the rest of my play session. But you can put more points if you want. You may or may not fully max spirit mastery.

This is reeaaalllly tricky to build. DO NOT rush lightning dash. If you don't do anything with it, it is vastly inferior to lightning bolt or ice shard. And the first half of the game there's hardly anything you can do with it. I suggest starting as a storm caster first since your main stat is int anyway. Or if you are more comfortable starting with Ternion, that's fine too. Even though lightning dash also works with staves, it's still no match for Ternion. When you have 2 eitrs, pearled cap, a good weapon and a good shield both with low str requirements, that's the earliest reasonable time to switch to lightning dash + lightning bolt. Slowly build storm nimbus tree starting 1/1/max and later maxing all 3. Your other targets are squall tree, deathchill aura tree, dark covenant tree and eye of the storm. Around late epic, start putting more points on pets.

Stat distribution is even more tricky. I can't help you there. Just save a lot of stat points so you don't go over the necessary str requirements. Dex should be just enough to equip items and reach 1k DA. I spent exactly 12 pts on health. Oracle has an awful low HP.

Remember that completing the Lampidos Potion quest in legendary will give you +10 to str and 200 health. Completing the Stygian lurker quest will give you +8 to str, dex and int. However, it's already near endgame. It's not my practice to wait that long. I also don't edit my stats through TQdefiler, hell no. If i make a mistake then so be it. Nothing is easy here. This requires a lot of experience, a lot of patience, and a lot of planning. You see, I've done this a few times before but i still made a little mistake. I got my str a little higher than i should have. But hey, I'm not finished with this yet. I'm still thinking of replacing blessing of the gods with essence of styx. That will lower my pierce res to 41 but will increase my armor and health. My str will get lower if i do that but I'm planning to only do it after i complete those 2 quests mentioned above. Mid act 4, i still plan to get my health to about 4700 and DA to 1k.

additional info:
Spoiler for Hiden:
* if you bind lightning dash to RMB instead of LMB, and you use a thrown weapon, you can dash even without a target. but only do this if you have high enough CDR already because lightning dash has 0.7 sec cooldown. if you right click during that 0.7 sec cooldown, your character will not do anything at all. but if you have it on LMB and you left click during the cooldown, your character will at least attack with a normal attack. at 80% CDR, the cooldown of lightning dash is only 0.1 sec so it hardly matters. this can make things faster and also can be a means of escape (minolord/s). but also be careful because you can sometimes unintentionally get very close to dangerous mobs. again, dashing without a target only works with ranged weapons.

* yep, i know those are not the best items. i have some good items but i gave them away to my other characters. i am also too lazy to farm and too stubborn to duplicate items through
TQvault or dream image bug. also too stubborn to use the act 5 blacksmith quest reward.

* another requirement reduction item seems like it would be good for this build. but i couldn't come up with a gear setup that doesn't sacrifice my resists. also, see above. i had to make do with what i have.

* of immortality is a better prefix than of grace. if you do the maths, of immortality translates to more stat points than of grace, of might, or of erudition. but I'm just reusing those 3 items. i don't know if i have extras but i don't bother to check. and at this stage of our TQ days, i can't be bothered to farm. i would rather spend my time playing sudoku than farm. lolz

* naturally, i tried Ternion build for this too. or more accurately, lightning dash on LMB and Ternion on RMB. If this turned out to be vastly inferior to the known Ternion build, i wouldn't even have wrote this. Thankfully it's not. In fact, i favor this build more. Ternion staff beats this build in terms of kill speed hands down even though the stat pts i spent on str becomes useless. But for ternion builds, it seems CDR is what you really sacrifice. At least with the limited items i have, CDR is what i end up sacrificing. I don't want to sacrifice DA, resists, +4 skills, ADCtH or attack speed. And i like the tricks i get with 80% CDR, most notably dark covenant and summon outsider which becomes more important with increased mob mod. Even soul vortex i cast it often. Freezing blast against Dragonians, Dactyl.
Ultimately though, if you have a very wide selection of OP items, and you somehow manage to get everything (+4 to all skills, 80% CDR, resists, 1k DA, ADCtH, attack speed, cast speed, damage, health) with just 9 items, ternion build probably wins.
From my experience though, it's very hard to get all of those with just 9 items. And an oracle that has a very low health and doesn't give any bonus to DA? well, dunno
But hey, most people prefer damage, i just like complete builds more.

* i took a short break from TQ when Atlantis came because i didn't like it. that means i lack Atlantis items except for a few i picked up along the way. after this char, i probably will take another break :/

more to come probably. maybe a vid. i wrote this now just in case I'm not able to update it. at least I'm able to contribute a different way of building an oracle.

a lot has changed since the TQIT of long ago. some for the better, some for the worse.

General Discussion / Complexities of Playing a Hybrid
« on: 28 June 2019, 01:00:50 »
don't ask me why i wrote this. it was just a whim of the moment. also pls understand that i lack enough playtime since Atlantis, so my info might be a bit outdated

First of all, i hope this doesn't discourage people from playing hybrids. Playing hybrids can be very rewarding, from fun meter to sense of accomplishment

People might have different definitions of hybrids. Mine is either raising all main 3 attributes (str,dex,int), or equipping a bunch of requirement reduction items to allow you to equip items meant for the opposite playstyle.

The very first thing that people might see in hybrids is the difficulty in distributing stat points. But actually, that is the simplest of your problems. In reality, hybrids have layers upon layers of problems. Equipping lots of requirement reduction does not make it any simpler. In legendary, you might end up lacking in resists, or all skills or something. Just from my experience, it is better to limit requirement reduction items to 1 to 2 items, then spending a few points on stats just enough to equip items

Getting your stats to 400+/400+/400+ early legendary is actually quite easy. Just a symbol of the polymath and some careful stat spending can get you there. Adding a hale ring can get it to 500+/400+/400+. Not that you need those stats to be a hybrid but having those stats practically suggests your char is a hybrid. But that is not the only problem. With those stats, are you sure your damage will be fine? it's easier for petmasters but what if you're not a petmaster? I'm not sure how people address this but for me, it is total damage and/or resistance reduction. But then, you will likely face another problem and that is usually resists, all skills, or CDR. Increasing damage does not mean you are allowed to sacrifice survivability. Also, because you spent all/most of your points on str,dex,int, you have to get additional health from items. And considering hybrids are gear dependent already, well... adding a problem to another problem just creates more problems. Then assuming you have addressed all these problems already, you still have to compare how it performs compared to your 2-stat builds. Because let's face it, if your hybrid pales in comparison, then why build a hybrid at all? Fun maybe? But let's see how fun it is dying a hundred times just trying to get past Dragonian mobs. Let's be real, if your hybrid is not at least as good as your 2-stat builds, you might as well declare it a failure. Not that it's bad, failure is good in these types of games :)

Many times while i was trying to gear my characters, i was like: "alright, I'll equip tunic of the magi for resists, archmages clasp and trackers hood for CDR, aaaaannd it's done. oh crap no all skills." Take 2: "vestment of the overlord in favor of tunic of the magi, boots of freyja to make up for the resists, aaaannd low DA." Take 3: "priams gate and talisman of the jade emperor for resists and DA, aaaand no total damage." It's one thing if you have lots of OP items like Aionios, demonskin walkers, complete set of freyja. I don't have those

With all these problem solvings, it's like a riddle. But once you solve all these, assuming you get good resists, +4 to all skills, 80% CDR, with enough survivability and damage, maybe even dishing long range spells then finishing those that survive with your weapon, you probably see why it's rewarding. It is sugar, spice, and everything nice :)

General Discussion / My Basic Approach to Casters
« on: 15 June 2019, 14:49:32 »
This is basically what i tried to say here. Only this time I'll try to make it more... uhmm.. more more

This is my basic approach to building casters. I'm not saying this is the best way of building casters. I'm not saying every caster should be built this way. But I'm saying this is my preferred way of building casters. And mind you i love casters. And if you hate deaths like i do, this is what i recommend.

Like I've said in some of my posts, i don't like staves. I like it if i have 10 items instead of 9. But that means getting strength, right? Right of course. So hybrid? not necessarily. So strength and int so that means no DA? Of course you'd want that also.

This is doable self-farmed but you have to be patient in farming. Why? Because low dex means you have to get your DA from items. And that's one of the beauties of playing this a caster. Because you don't need OA. And DA can be easily get from items especially for twinked characters. Also, if you are gunning for no deaths, i recommend to just twink. It's allowed anyway. And to cheese whenever you can. It's also allowed  ;D

No str + dex melee references here please. This is a caster thread :)

Many people like int and dex for casters. This is slightly similar but i take str instead of dex

The advantage: you get a shield and you also get DA

The disadvantage: you don't get access to dex items like SB cuffs. you can solve that if you get dex also but that's another story. that's harder but doable. but harder  :D

The stat distribution is different though. And this is where it gets a little harder. For int + dex, you can just go 1:1 and it will be alright. For str + int, you can't go 1:1. Just trust me on this. Start int first then just get str later. Start with a staff. Usually, i use a staff until act 3 normal. Then i put a little bit of points on str just to equip shields. But not too much. Learn to save stat points. I read somewhere before, someone said to spend stat points because you need to, not because you can. I agree with that. If you feel you're fine, just save your stat points. 400+ int is enough for the whole normal and epic. You'll have enough points on str if you do that. The rest, just save them.

This will be easy to gear if you do it this way. If you have items waiting for you already, you don't have to pre-plan what your items will be. I don't plan at all whenever i do this. It always turns out fine. Like i said, this is my basic approach. My go-to build whenever i want to build something safe. Usually i still put points on dex but not too much. Just 200+ endgame legendary.

Do i nerf my damage by doing this? maybe but i don't really feel like my kill speed is slowing down. I kite less with these characters after all, and when i kite less, i have more time to attack. Have i tried casters with no str or just all in on int? Of course. Like everyone, i tried to build my characters the usual way. But i find that this works for me better and I'll take this way over the usual practice.

just some examples. managed to scrounge some pics

Spoiler for Hiden:

still no deaths but haven't started legendary yet. ignore the lightning dash and phantom strike. i just tried it for fun

Spoiler for Hiden:

an old pic from my haruspex. the first death of this came from 3 Fafnirs. I died twice there because i got bored so i decided to do it again and again for about 10x. Really could've done this no deaths :)

Spoiler for Hiden:

Corselet of freyja has been nerfed since Atlantis. My DA used to be 1200 but it dropped to 700. Haven't decided on another gear combination yet or if i will change my gears at all. Still don't feel like playing this since Atlantis

Spoiler for Hiden:

But this is different. I have low DA but i just hide in briar ward all the time

Starting With Mage

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