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Modifications / How to import lights in MeshView/Viewer?
« on: 24 July 2019, 19:22:03 »
I see in both programs there is an option to import custom light settings. Does anyone knows how to save or export lights from the game? Or are they located somewhere? I'd love to import Helos light, instead of relaunching the game 100 times...

Installation and Tools / GAMING TOOLS A-Z
« on: 20 April 2019, 05:43:23 »
List of tools for players (some are usable ingame, others outside of it):


Camera Mod Collection (Full)
Download Link(s):!FTphWC4T!TMeNNoq4N-w5P5MyBI_x56VQ0XSvg_dBvaI4XJcWrVk

Clear All Fog (TQIT)
Creator(s): p0a
Description: With this mod, you can reveal all dark corners on the map that you have not explored yet. For it to work, you must have visited the area first.
Download Link(s):!1GoFVASa!Wq2bliPCZz1mPCLhs94wllWRdRj629I2bnnK5NKGTWg

FastSkill & QuickFire (TQAE)
Download Link(s):!1G4HnKxI!GMAkgPeSbqrGgzXcmCq0CdoUE6QOTxcD2FPtwop0UAE

Grim Dawn Defiler 2.3.3
Creator(s): SoulSeekkor
Description: Allows editing of Grim Dawn characters. Partially supports AE/Ragnarok.
Download Link(s):!ZH4hhawK!gUEAyT-ASC9kLxZTn7i2BpY4rM8uILIdSMPcb77dhdk

Soulvizier Skill Calculator
Creator(s): ?
Description: Offline mastery calculator for Soulvizier mod. (Outdated)
Download Link(s):!9HojAIrR!6Z_Q19GlhHxMFnnXGVSbJkS57VoFJ2WbqQEtSqM2Wl8

TQ Blacksmith 0.1.3
Download Link(s):!QTxhnA4A!RViobYHyxixPzaj0gApwC5WB83xa3DSayWhxp4vQgJA

TQ Cheat Engine Tables
Download Link(s):!gXwz0YpB!ss3jlMM86PUcZ9TgxjVOGZ9XmirfiPMpxwZkl92zN04

TQ Equipment Database 2.0
Creator(s): ?
Description: Offline database of TQIT items + 3 mastery calculators.
Download Link(s):!xL5zlAjY!ogKue_g8WBdwCwbdXsXEomTP_4_VWe62smy7iG9YNY8

TQ Respec
Download Link(s):!la43yAQa!ri_NGtJ2yG9BJOLwCtgUxpE2_HcKHgjm2e8xYq5060g

TQ Collector 1.1.3
Download Link(s):!RChREK6Z!mtrJNLPoYvkkEVu4emm7P4tnBxunYdidkTHe-bzhuYU

TQIT Fanpatch 1.17a + Patchfix 1.17c (TQIT)
Creator(s): ?, Malgardian (Spectre)
Description: Community fix of some issues for vanilla Immortal Throne. Do NOT use for AE!
Download Link(s):!ICgBEQra!pVu0UeaXyf_9EOKJwNhQTBcL-ZGGvQSZ4OZ5lHr2q-Q

TQ Defiler 1.3.9
Creator(s): SoulSeekkor
Description: Allows editing of Titan Quest characters for Immortal Throne and partially for AE.
Download Link(s):!tToH2AgK!9T6HtIRoesZ1WYD27Z4IMTKE-lYlwiVxZSiqG96WEAY

TQ Vault AE 2.6.0
Description: Offline storage for Titan Quest items. Supports custom game characters as well as AE/Ragnarok.
Download Link(s):!8HhDCSqJ!wbtxF7bqQYgm8_jKBUfWJ6HiPeSbLc3P5tOr7HO5Sng

TQ Vault XL
Creator(s): HandballFreak
Description: Offline storage for Titan Quest items. Supports custom game characters as well as AE/Ragnarok. Slightly different from TQ Vault 2.6.0
Download Link(s):!ZfxTnQhD!Y-SAv4xxhDAOTyy6fyZe1oB3fZtRFFVd4z0jg4GzGvQ


Other Modifications / MODDING TUTORIALS A-Z (PDF)
« on: 20 April 2019, 05:29:37 »

Here are some tutorials, old and new, to help those who want to try modding. All are converted to PDF.

Download Folder:!JbpDHI4I!5eH2N0-Y1uuRPGsLTprjKg

Also, a link to the Modding Guides section in the main TQ Fandom Wiki:


(Official) TQ Modder's Guide
51 Things to Know in Modding by HandballFreak.pdf
Add a Custom Monster by WNG.pdf
Add a New Weapon by WNG.pdf
Add New Affixes by WNG.pdf
Adding a Miniboss to Unique Proxy by Bumbleguppy.pdf
Adding Effects to Animations by Bumbleguppy.pdf
Adding Flavor Text.pdf
Advanced Grid Design.pdf
Atlantis - Using the Game's Existing Map in Your Mod by Bumbleguppy.pdf
Beginner's Guide to PSEditor by Asylum101.pdf
Building Changes into the Main Database by Poinas.pdf
Changing the Game Fonts by Heron.pdf
Connecting Grids.pdf
Create a Custom Item and Get it Ingame by Asylum101.pdf
Doors with Keys.pdf
Editing the Records by Sonny.pdf
Editor Monster Level Matrix.pdf
Extract Wireframes from Existing Models by daloonie.pdf
Getting Started on Your Own Map by BlackHitman84.pdf
Getting Started with the Editor Part I by WNG.pdf
Getting Started with the Editor Part II by WNG.pdf
How to Create a Custom Mastery by Poinas.pdf
How to Make Your Own Mastery by HeavyMetalFreak.pdf
How to Setup ArtManager by Asylum101.pdf
Ingame Music.pdf
Making a Difficulty Mod by Munderbunny.pdf
Merging a Mod with Your Base Game by Undefind.pdf
Misc Tools Guide by Endymion.pdf
Modding the Titan Quest UI by Kirii.pdf
Play as Monster Mods by Poinas.pdf
PS Editor by WNG.pdf
Quest Modding from A to Z by Tarim.pdf
Talking NPCs.pdf
Teleporter Shrines and Zones.pdf
TQ Mechanics.pdf
Trapped Chests.pdf
Tutorial Collection by Talon.pdf

Around the world / For the Ancient Greece geeks...
« on: 10 April 2019, 00:50:52 »
I found this some time ago on the net. It's a big list of military terms and words from the time of Alexander the Great. If you are interested in ancient history, you may want to check it.

Glossary of Ancient Greek Military Terms

This glossary offers an explanation of Greek (GR) and a few Persian (PE) terms and expressions associated with ancient Greek warfare. All Greek words have been transcribed in the Latin alphabet. Distinct meanings of the same word are indicated by numbers between brackets. Please note that some of the Persian terminology is derived from educated guesswork rather than hard evidence.

Part I: A - L


Agema (GR): ‘leading part’; elite unit.
Agema toon hypaspistoon (GR): 'leading part of the shieldbearers'; elite unit of Macedonian royal foot guard.
Agrianos (GR): elite light infantryman.
Agooge (GR): Spartan upbringing.
Aichme (GR): javelin.
Aichmophoros (GR): spearbearer.
Akinakes (GR): Persian shortsword or dagger.
Akontion (GR): missile; projectile.
Akontistes (GR): javelineer.
Akrobolos (GR): skirmisher.
Akropolis (GR): citadel; fortified part of a city.
Alala (GR): warcry.
Alalazoo (GR): to raise a battle cry.
Amphippos (GR): cavalryman with two mounts.
Amrtaka (PE): ‘Immortals’; Persian royal foot guards.
Anabasis (GR): march inland.
Anaklesis (GR): retreat; withdrawal.
Anakletikon (GR): signal to retreat.
Anastrophe (GR): (1) back-turn; (2) wheeling manoeuvre.
Anax (GR): king.
Andreia (GR): courage.
Antilabe (GR): grip of a shield.
Aporthetos (GR): unconquered; unplundered.
Arete (GR): virtue; valour; martial distinction.
Argyraspis (GR): ‘silvershield’; title of Macedonian infantry guard which is probably identical with the hypaspistai (GR).
Arithmos (GR): ‘number’; military unit.
Arstibara (PE): ‘spearbearers’; Persian guardsmen.
Asapatish (PE): cavalry commander.
Askooma (GR): leather sleeve surrounding lowest oar to prevent the ship from taking water.
Aspidiske (GR): small shield.
Aspis (GR): shield.
Aspis koile (GR): ‘hollow shield’; concave hoplite shield.
Asthetairos (GR): ‘city companion’; title borne by Macedonian infantryman, possibly an alternative name for the pezhetairoi (GR) from the northern districts of the kingdom.
Asthippos (GR): ‘city cavalryman’; title borne by some Macedonian mounted troops.
Athanatoi (GR): ‘immortals’; nickname of the infantry guard corps of the Persian king which was always kept at its establishment strength of 10.000 men by direct substitution of losses among its complement.
Auletes (GR): flute-player.
Auloi (GR): double reed-flutes.
Automolos (GR): deserter.
Axine (GR): battle-axe.

Baivarabam (PE): 'unit of ten thousand'; Persian military unit cf Greek term myrias.
Baivarapatish (PE): 'commander of ten thousand'; senior Persian officer.
Bandaka (PE): 'bondsmen' or 'retainers'.
Basileus (GR): king.
Basilike ile (GR): ‘royal wing’; Macedonian royal guard cavalry unit.
Basilikos (GR): royal.
Belos (GR): missile

Chalkaspis (GR): bronze shield.
Cheir (GR): arm protector.
Chiliarchia (GR): ‘unit of thousand’; military unit.
Chiliarches (GR): ‘commander of thousand’; officer.
Chiliostys (GR): ‘unit of thousand’; military unit.
Chitoon (GR): tunic.
Chlamys (GR): cloak.

Dathabam (PE):'unit of ten'; squad.
Dathapatish (PE): 'commander of ten'; squad leader.
Dekania (GR): ‘unit of ten’; file; squad.
Dekarchos (GR): ‘leader of ten’; junior officer; squad leader.
Dekas (GR): 'unit of ten'; squad.
Diastema (GR): interval.
Diekplous (GR): naval manoeuvre to break an enemy’s line.
Dilochia (GR): double-file.
Dilochites (GR): double-file leader; junior officer.
Dimoiria (GR): ‘two quarters’; half-file.
Dimoirites (GR): half-file leader; NCO.
Dipechiake (GR): space of 2 cubits separating two tholepins in a file of oarsmen, probably some 98cm.
Doration (GR): light spear.
Dory (GR): spear.
Dorydrepanon (GR): shafted sickle.
Doryphoros (GR): (1) spearman; (2) guard.
Doulos (GR): slave.
Drepanephoros (GR): scythed chariot.
Drepanon (GR): battle-scythe.
Dromos (GR): charge on the run.

Eirene (GR): peace.
Ekdromos (GR): 'out runner'; hoplite leaving the phalanx (GR) formation to chase light troops.
Ektatos (GR): ‘someone outside the battle formation’; supernumerary officer or NCO.
Ektaxis (GR): battle order.
Elephantos (GR): elephant.
Embolon (GR): (1) wedge formation; (2) ship’s beak or ram.
Encheiridion (GR): dagger.
Enoomotia (GR): ‘sworn band’; military unit.
Enoomotarches (GR): commander of an enoomotia (GR); junior officer.
Eparchos (GR): officer.
Epi dory klinai (GR): ‘face to the spear-side’; right-face.
Epibates (GR): marine.
Epikouros (GR): auxiliary.
Epilektos (GR): picked soldier.
Epimeletes (GR): officer.
Epistates (GR): rear-ranker.
Epitagma (GR): supporting force.
Es cheiras (GR): ‘at grips’; in close combat.
Euzonos (GR): light infantryman .
Exelasis (GR): cavalry charge.
Exeligmos (GR): counter-march.
Exeligmos Lakoonikos (GR): ‘Laconian counter-march’; manoeuvre in which the file-closer does an about-face on the spot and the file-leader leads his men past the file-closer.
Exeligmos Makedonikos (GR): ‘Macedonian counter-march’; manoeuvre in which the file-leader does an about-face on the spot and the rear-rankers counter-march to form up behind him.
Exeligmos Persikos (GR): ‘Persian counter-march’; manoeuvre in which the front-half and rear-half both counter-march to form up in a mirror-image of their original disposition and the battle-order remains in the same position.
Exoomis (GR): sleeveless tunic fastened at the shoulders.

Gastraphetes (GR): ‘belly bow’; heavy crossbow/light catapult.
Gerrhon (GR): wicker shield.
Gorytos (GR): (1) quiver; (2) combined bowcase and quiver.
Grosphomachos (GR): skirmisher equipped with javelins.
Grosphos (GR): javelin.
Gymnes (GR): light-armed skirmisher.

Halysidootos (GR): mail coat.
Hamippos (GR): infantry skirmisher fighting mixed with the cavalry.
Harmostes (GR): Spartan governor.
Harpage (GR): looting; plundering.
Hazarapatish (PE): ‘commander of a thousand’; Persian officer.
Helootes (GR): helot; serf from the subjugated population of the Spartan state.
Hemilochion (GR): half-file.
Hemilochites (GR): half-file-leader; NCO.
Hemithoorakion (GR): ‘half-armour’; body armour covering the breast only.
Hetarieia (GR): company; (1) aristocratic warrior band; (2) dining association.
Hetairos (GR): companion; (1) aristocratic warrior; (2) Macedonian heavy cavalryman.
Hegemoon (GR): commander.
Hekatontarchia (GR): ‘unit of hundred’; military unit; company.
Hekatontarches (GR): ‘commander of hundred’; officer.
Helepolis (GR): siege tower.
Hieros lochos (GR): ‘Sacred band’; Theban elite formation composed of 150 couples of male lovers.
Hippakontistes (GR): mounted javelinman.
Hipparchia (GR): cavalry regiment.
Hippeus (GR): ‘horseman’ or ‘knight’: (1) cavalryman; (2) elite infantryman; title of picked Spartan hoplite.
Hippike (GR): cavalry.
Hippikon (GR): cavalry.
Hippos (GR): horse.
Hippotoxotes (GR): horse archer.
Holosideros (GR): (1) heavily armoured soldier; (2) cataphract horseman.
Homoios (GR): ‘peer’; Spartan enjoying full citizenship.
Homozygos (GR): soldier from the same rank.
Hoplites (GR): heavy armed soldier; hoplite.
Hoplitikon (GR): heavy armed part of an army.
Hoplomachia (GR): weapons drill.
Hoplomachos (GR): weapons or drill instructor.
Hoplon (GR): weapon, both offensive and defensive; note this word is often used in modern literature as a technical term for the hoplite shield when in fact this was by no means the case in Antiquity.
Hyparchos (GR): officer.
Hypaspistes (GR): ‘shield-bearer’; (1) Macedonian infantry guard; (2) military servant.
Hypaspistes basilikos (GR): ‘royal shield-bearer’; elite soldier among the Macedonian infantry guard.
Hyperesia (GR): 'auxiliary group'; naval crew in addition to the rowers and captain such as marines and deck hands.
Hyperetes (GR): officer.
Hypomeioon (GR): 'inferior'; second grade citizen; Spartan lacking full rights as homoios but still subject to military service obligation.
Hypotaxis (GR): array behind main battle line.
Hypozygion (GR): pack animal.
Hyssos (GR): spear; javelin.

Ilarches (GR): ‘wing commander’; cavalry officer.
Ile (GR): ‘wing’; military unit.
Ile basilike (GR): 'royal squadron'; elite unit of Macedonian hetairoi (GR) cavalry, possibly of larger size than other ilai (GR).
Interscalmium (LA): space between two tholes in oared ship.

Kakos (GR): coward.
Kara (PE): host; army.
Karda (PE): warlike spirit.
Kardaka (PE): Kurdish soldier.
Kardax (GR): either 'warrior' or 'household soldier'; Persian mercenary soldier.
Katalogos (GR): mustering list.
Katapaltes (GR): ‘shield smasher’; artillery piece.
Katapeltaphetes (GR): (1) artilleryman; (2) artillery instructor.
Kataphraktes (GR): suit of armour.
Kataphraktos (GR): armoured soldier.
Kataskopos (GR): scout.
Katoikia (GR): military colony.
Katoikos (GR): fief holder; military settler; soldier granted land to support himself.
Kausia (GR): Macedonian hat.
Keleusthes (GR): naval officer responsible for setting and maintaining the rowing speed.
Keras (GR): wing.
Keryx (GR): herald.
Kestrosphendone (GR): special type of bolt used by slingers as a short range missile.
Klaros (GR): fief; tract of land.
Kleros (GR): fief; tract of land.
Klerouchos (GR): fief holder; military settler; soldier granted land for his upkeep.
Klisis (GR): right/left-face.
Knemis (GR): greave.
Koile phalanx (GR): concave battle-formation.
Koilembolos (GR): hollow wedge formation.
Koinon (GR): association; unit.
Kontophoros (GR): spearman.
Kontos (GR): spear; pike.
Kopis (GR): slashing sword; falchion.
Kopidion (GR): slashing knife.
Kranos (GR): helmet.
Krypteia (GR): ‘secret service’; Spartan death squad for keeping the helots in check.
Kryptes (GR): 'secret agent'; Spartan who roamed covertly through the territory to look for signs of possible helot rebelliousness.
Kybernetes (GR): helmsman.
Kyrte phalanx (GR): convex battle-order.

Lakedaimoon (GR): name of Spartan state.
Lambda (GR): Greek letter ‘L’ for Lakedaimoon painted on front of the Spartan shields.
Lineothoorax (GR): linen corselet.
Lithobolos (GR): ‘stonethrower’; torsion gun.
Lochagos (GR): (1) unit commander; (2) file leader.
Lochos (GR): (1) military unit; (2) file of men.
Logas (GR): picked soldier.
Lonche (GR): spear; javelin.
Lonchophoros (GR): spearman; javelineer.

Installation and Tools / Paint.Net - Selected Plugins
« on: 29 March 2019, 01:36:39 »
Hi, I want to share some plugins for Paint.Net that I find very useful when making textures. I know most people use Photoshop or Gimp, but BG uses it for sure... Anyway, here is the archive for anyone who needs:!IaAE0SoZ!HU6yHbFUY1oVNzzSPUucfUvEiVqabUOuMFkZEOSaPIs
I had hundreds of plugins in my last install, but most were useless and made the program to crash very often. So I removed the junk and left only the good ones. You can download the latest Paint.Net from here:
Unpack the plugin archive and put the folders inside in your Paint.Net installation directory.

Other Modifications / Tips & Tricks with MeshView
« on: 01 March 2019, 18:37:38 »
Original description of MeshView by Tamchi:

Spoiler for Hiden:
I'm working on a new mesh viewer for TQ and IT:

This is an early screenshot, but you can already see the default material. It's a gradient based on the texture coordinates, so the borders you see are where the texture is stitched.

The program supports loading more than one mesh at a time and the meshes' source folders are automatically scanned for textures. (The texture's extension is ignored, it starts with the shortest matching filename, in alphabetical order, then proceeds to the longer ones.)

Supported texture formats are TQ textures and XNA or WIC compatible image files:
tex, dds, dib, hdr, pfm, ppm, tga, jpeg, tiff, gif, png, bmp and HD Photo + any WIC plugins installed on the computer.

Additive shaders are rendered as emissive textures, so it is possible to preview glowing auras.

The background color can be changed the same way as the colors of the lights. Text inputs in MeshView are somewhat different from those in most other programs: Because there are no input dialogs or save buttons every input is applied directly to the rendering. If the input is invalid, the background turns red and the value is ignored until it changes to a valid one. If a valid value is entered, the text field's background turns green as soon as the changes are applied.
(In case there is an input that takes some time to process, the text field will first turn yellow and then green or red to show whether the changes have been saved.)

I finished the save module for meshes, so this is now a functional mesh editor.

The COLLADA export seems to be easier than I though: I finished a very basic export for vertex positions and normals! The code is relatively simple, so I should be able to add texture support and skeleton export in the next few days.

Imports are more complicated, but it's doable.

I finally got the texture coords working:

Softimage's crosswalk import seems to be picky about where I link the vertex parameters, so I moved it where every 3D program can understand it. I still had to manually select the textures, because the program didn't recognize the effect definitions. The next thing I want to add are bone definitions and proper rigging...

On a side note: I ran a test on some of the msh files: Most were working fine, but some of the shader definitions contained duplicate texture references. I added a workaround, but the exporter's behaviour may differ from the game's when loading these meshes.

The bone indices in the weights are a bit... strange. You can sort them manually with the panel under "Vertices".


I updated MeshView to version 1.2. It's now portable and you can import .obj files over existing meshes. It's similar to MeshDrawCS' import function in that you need a base mesh to load a .obj, but works properly, merges multiple normals per vertex and lets you import small meshes over larger ones to create objects with any number of vertices and triangles.
(The last one is untested, should work though...)

Hey, I'm trying to make a list of the better magical affixes for the item filter mod. I'm asking the dedicated players here - can you point out some good yellows (to be left yellow in the filter instead of white)? Especially in higher difficulties.

Other Modifications / Suggestions for expanding the modding limits
« on: 21 January 2019, 14:24:37 »
This post contains suggestions from the modders of for lifting the engine/template limitations. Here is the current list of suggestions, including my own:


1. Add skill augment/mastery augment and item skill to the set template. Arrays, not variables please. If only the skill level values and not the file path.

2. Fix racial damage in petbonus template, if not fixed already.

3. Add Left Mouse Button Availability bit to all skill templates.

4. Single button auto targeting for projectile skills. Just target wherever my mouse is, no extra click required.

5. Add "reduces resistance X" to the base offensive duration skill template for all damage types. All we have is reduce ALL resistance duration.


1. Add option for multiple playing characters with dropdown box in character creation UI. The more slots, the better. My idea:
Spoiler for Hiden:
2. Add more weapon animations categories.  At least double count. This can allow making equippable mounts, though crude.

3. Make all UI elements moddable.  Encountered problems:
-  Merchant window grid cannot be expanded by record editing, despite the template option.
-  Character windows cannot go in front of the lower part of the HUD.                   
-  Parts of the compass bitmap are hardcoded and cannot be moved or deleted.

4. Possibility for community localizations.

5. Include all damage types, damage modifiers and special conditions to retaliation damages (like % Elemental retaliation, Fear retaliation, etc)

6. Projectilename variables for staff and thrown in the weaponechantmentpak template.

7. % Chance of % Total Damage Absorbtion.

8. More slots for Monster Race.

9. Projectile count of weapon skills like Volley to be changed to Array.


1. More slots for Augment Skill/Mastery.
2. More special animation slots.

3. More slots in LootRandomizerTable.tpl. More will allow to not not spread affix tables over mutliple files

4. More slots on the players mastery trees, quest trees and potion trees

5. More slots for LootTableRandomizer, LootTableMasterTable and LootTable_FixedWeight

6. %Chance of Racial Damage

7. % Duration Modifier for all special conditions (Trap, Fear, Freeze, Petrify...)

8. Modifier, ModifierChance and DurationModifier to offensiveSlowTotalSpeed

9. Min-Max to offensiveTotalDamageModifier


1. Implement vertical pivot and rotation axis for all assets, ensuring more customization and varied environments etc.  Currently everything can only be rotated on a horizontal axis.

2. Fix dungeon grid portals.  Many of these are broken and majority are problematic - often will only link to a handful of opposite portals with many others failing to link correctly.  Basically a process of elimination until you find ones that works correctly.

3. Increase amount of items allowed in the Palette.

4. Perhaps have an option for autosave to prevent loss of work.  This is due to certain records once placed on either grid or terrain, or simply being clicked in the records pane causing the Editor to crash.   So while fixing the crash issues is the main thing here, adding an autosave after a set duration might be an easier option.

5. Include a directory under Creatures called 'Hero Monsters'.  Here should be the full roster of hero monsters for both vanilla TQ and another in the xpac section respectively.  Aside from ease of use, I have highlighted this since only a small portion of the hero monsters are shown in the Editor (i.e; under the Mummy creature directory only Hanif the Cruel shows)

Quest Editor:

1. Overhaul this to make it more intuitive and user friendly.  I've only ever used this quest editor but from what I hear, compared to others this one is pretty archaic.  Granted it is from 2006 and is aged but it can be very confusing even with the TQModdingPDF tutorials.


1. More than 24 skills in the mastery trees.

Other Modifications / [Graphics] TQ Reshade - Gamma Correction
« on: 23 December 2018, 05:04:42 »
Finally, after 2 days of tweaking with the new Reshade 4.0.2, the base settings are done :)
Nothing too fancy, everything looks like vanilla, just improved.

This is my birthday present for Medea (with a little delay) and Xmas present for the rest of you.

Link to the latest settings file:
You need the latest Reshade 4.0.2 applied to your TQ.exe.

Enjoy :)

Other Modifications / [REL] Horse Rider
« on: 14 December 2018, 21:00:13 »

This small mod makes both playing characters mounted. All weapon and special skill animations are reworked to be usable from horseback.
To play the mod, go to Custom Quest menu and choose "horserider -" from the mod list. You will be redirected to the main game, where you can play normally or create a new character. I recommend you to start anew just in case.
You have to reload the mod each time, if you want your character to remain mounted.


Download Beta 0.1:
Download Beta 0.2:

Special thanks to:

Koderkrazy - for his custom made bone renamer tool
Tamchi - for his mesh and animation tools
Endymion - for his tutorials and tips

General Discussion / % Attack Damage Converted to Health
« on: 13 October 2018, 09:36:02 »
Hey, I have a question about ADCtH - does it work with DoT damages or it convert only direct, flat dmg?

Texture & Skin Modding / All Non-Included Database Items
« on: 02 October 2018, 05:22:33 »
I've planned to start this for a long time, and finally decided to...
There are dozens of items made by the old devs, which have "never seen the sun". No idea why, maybe they were cancelled or the devs didn't have enough time to include them. Anyway, alot of them look awesome :).
Most of the items are very easy to include in a mod, they only lack bitmap icons for inventory. And that's what I think to do - render the items in MeshView and make the bitmaps, then upload them as a resource for any modder, who wants more variety of commons, uniques, new type of MI's or whatever.
First I'll post some screens to show the INCLUDED common item models:

This is just to compare the items with the screens of the unused ones. Here we go:



Spoiler for Hiden:

Hand Axes:

Minoan Ceremonial Axes:

Minotaur Axes:

Egyptian Ceremonial Axes:

Egyptian Hatchets:

New Projects / Expanded World - Early Development
« on: 25 September 2018, 04:15:01 »
Hey, here I'll post drafts, info and ideas about Expanded World, a new mod I'm starting. The plan is this mod to be the base for Deities Masteries - If Enhanced Gameplay improves game elements and Deities changes the skill trees and pets, Expanded world is about new monsters, heroes, bosses and items, balance and difficulty, and in the end - maps. The idea is the mod to be played on top of Enhanced Gameplay when there is enough content - with or without the mastery mod.
Next few posts will be reserved, so I can post more info later. Warning: there will be heavy spoilers!  ;)

Around the world / Ancient Greeks used crossbows! :O
« on: 20 September 2018, 19:44:48 »
Check this out:

This would be great if made to unique weapon.

Does anyone know what are the game's BIK videos converted from? Or how they can be compiled?
I was able to extract the BIKs and insert subtitles in the cinematics (in MP4 format), but the game doesn't read them...

Here are the subtitles in English, if they can be of use to someone:

Titan Quest Opening Cinematic (TQCinematic.bik)

00:00:02,670 --> 00:00:06,470
<i>Before the light of the gods entered the world</i>

00:00:06,670 --> 00:00:10,570
<i>there was only darkness, ruled by titans.</i>

00:00:10,970 --> 00:00:16,470
<i>After an epic war, Zeus seized the heavens
and exiled the titans</i>

00:00:16,670 --> 00:00:21,470
<i>seeking to imprison them for all eternity.</i>

00:00:21,770 --> 00:00:25,470
<i>The lands were cleansed and mortals flourished.</i>

00:00:25,870 --> 00:00:29,470
<i>But arrogance precedes many a fall</i>

00:00:29,670 --> 00:00:34,470
<i>аnd even a gods' prison may be breached...</i>

00:01:23,470 --> 00:01:28,470
<i>Your gods will not save you!</i>

Titan Quest Intro (TQGameIntro.bik)

00:00:02,870 --> 00:00:08,770
<i>One day the sun will dim
and spread a shadow over the earth.</i>

00:00:08,870 --> 00:00:14,270
<i>Temples which have stood forever
will be destroyed.</i>

00:00:14,670 --> 00:00:19,970
<i>The heavens will vanish
and the gods will fall upon the earth.</i>

00:00:20,670 --> 00:00:25,170
<i>One day the weak will have power
over the strong.</i>

00:00:25,370 --> 00:00:31,370
<i>The poets will stop singing
and instead take up the sword.</i>

00:00:32,470 --> 00:00:41,070
<i>It is in these darkest times
that the strongest of heroes are born...</i>

Ragnarok Cinematic (XPack2GameIntro.bik)

00:00:02,070 --> 00:00:05,670
<i>Human heroes...</i>

00:00:09,470 --> 00:00:12,770
<i>So mighty...</i>

00:00:21,870 --> 00:00:24,870
<i>So brave...</i>

00:00:41,170 --> 00:00:45,670
<i>But still, just human...</i>

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