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General Discussion / "Ring of Flames" & "-X % Energy Cost"
« on: 24 July 2020, 22:35:32 »
Hey everybody,
got the ingredients for a artifact with a non-inheritance char and wanted to share something with you...

The lesser artifact "Touch of the Fool" grants "-15% Energy Cost" and this does NOT effect the energy cost of the ability "Ring of Flames".

Just checked with a stop watch a couple of times how long it takes before energy is regenerated with and without the artifact.

One of the things you do... :D

Have a good time and happy TQ'ing,

Technical Support / [HOWTO] TQ:AE + WINE = No sound?
« on: 21 July 2020, 09:52:48 »
Hey everybody,
just did some updates yesterday, including an update to wine 5.12, and all of a sudden the sound in the game stopped.

It was possible to turn it on in the game options but as soon as it tried to save, it stopped working again.

I tried a couple of things and this is how I solved it YMMV:

1) Open the "options.txt" file in a folder like:
$WINEPREFIX/drive_c/users/$USER/Meine\ Dokumente/My\ Games/Titan\ Quest\ -\ Immortal\ Throne/Settings/

Replace "Meine\ Dokumente" with a path like "My\ Documents" depending on your profile language, of course. :)

2) Set the values to either "0" (off) or "1" (on), values like "0.4" did not work, eg
masterVolume              = 1
musicVolume               = 1
effectsVolume              = 1
dialogVolume               = 0
inputVolume                 = 0

3) Enjoy the game again with sound!

Have a good time, hope this helps somebody...

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