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Don't you think it would make much more sense this way.. if you're hit by an ice, you actually would receive physical damage (since its a physical object after all) primarily and cold damage afterwards.. I mean if I spray fire to your face, would you get affected in a physical way at all? you would just get chemical damage..

But since this is only a game and these kinds of logic have no place while creating skills, I would like to address it from the gameplay perspective.. Cold skills simply doesn't have the versatility lightning and fire have.. its just ice shards and that's all.. we're just talking about spells here so weapon oriented cold builds are out of the spectrum.. there should be more than just one ice spell in the game.. look at Earth for example, it has 3 distinctive fire spells for gods sake!!

I don't think I have to mention we should also exclude utility skills here such as freezing blasts, mines or any other cold related skills because they can not be used as primary damage sources..

Add the physical damage to cold skills (maybe even add inherent slowing effects to it like they did in Diablo II) and combine lightning and fire instead of lightning and cold.. and remove either Electrical burn or Fire burn from the equation because they are both scientifically fire burn effects anyway.. I would have actually removed certain damage and effect types from this game if I had the necessary modding skills.. Anyway, I think a mastery mod with these types of changes could be invaluable indeed.. what do you think?   

Gaming / Need advice on fixing my laptop's cooling system
« on: 10 June 2018, 01:05:51 »
I have a problem with the fans of my laptop and the speed at which they run no matter what game I play.. the laptop reaches to very high temperatures in a very short time during gaming and the fans won't speed up to cool the extra heated sections.. I'm guessing its somewhere around 800-900 RPM..
The weird thing is, when I try to watch some video on my browser which causes seemingly no extra heat or whatsoever, the fan speed goes very high.. So I'm guessing the bios settings work fine and take control whenever I use video related stuff but they do not respond to excess heat during gaming periods..
What could be the problem here?.. I've searched the net and most of the answers are all about software suggestions but I think there must be a simpler fix for this issue..
My fans were cleaned recently and the heat-sink was refreshed so those are not the cause of the problem.. I'm also using a cooling pad and the laptop is positioned at a small angle for air to regulate underneath but that doesn't seem to help at all..

I'm looking at the changelog and it says undeads have now 70% poison and bleed absorb in all difficulties instead of having resistances against these damage types.. so that makes any kind of RR technically worthless at this point, doesn't it (considering a warlock-illusionist-brigand)?

How in the world am I gonna make a viable DOT build with these damage types if these ****** undead ruin all sorts of approaches?

I've always hated this so called realistic, stupid logic in ARPG games.. they have no flesh, no blood and no veins to carry the toxic effects so they can not be harmed by it.. Yeah, even the God of the Dead (who is also the god of those undeads) himself is not immune to these damage types but somehow these ******s are...

Anyway, do you have some suggestions for a poison + bleed build which is also capable of dealing with the undead? I've read some ideas from google search about making a magician and use elemental against them but is it reliable? how am I going to sustain my damage in later difficulties with this approach? or is there a better alternative here? Could traps alone be used against them if I make a brigand and buff them with AOTH and COTH?


I have a Warden at the beginning of epic and I want him to be a true warrior who is not only expert at just one weapon type.. What I'm trying to say is, I want him to be both efficient at spears and swords equally, charging into fights with spear and changing to his sword depending on the situation.. You know, something like hero warriors do in movies.

I'm planning to multi-master by using tqdefiler.. it works on chars who don't touch act V and I just skipped it at the end of normal difficulty by using defiler for this reason.. to be able to pick Hunter + Defense + Warfare..

Now I'm gonna go ahead and remove Hunting but keep its suitable skills, then choose Warfare and become a slaying conqueror warden, or in other words, a true warrior.

Would this ruin my game? How can I make it work, make the necessary adjustments so he won't be an abomination? I'd like to hear your ideas on this..

Adrenaline... Battle Rage.. Battle Awareness plus Art of the Hunt.. it feels like one or maybe two of them has to go away..or should rally be one of them which will bite the dust? Herbal Remedy feels cheesy too for a real warrior.. Man I'm so clueless... ???

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