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Other Modifications / Enemy 'hitbox' issue
« on: 19 June 2019, 04:02:10 »
Hey all, last night I was testing a priestess boss (human female pc mesh) and found that none of my ranged attacks were hitting her - my arrows kept aiming toward her feet   ???

Anyone know what needs to be tweaked in order to fix her hitbox? Am guessing its in the character variable list..

Hey guys  :)

There have been pathing issues encountered within certain Titan Quest mods since the Atlantis DLC happened.  Well, here's some good news!

The devs at Pieces Interactive have helped me solve this problem and I'm happy to say things are working as they should be.  So all credit to them!
I'll outline below what was done but first I'll just preface this by saying - these things tend to be case by case as no two mods are the same.  So depending on where you have things located etc and the nature of your modding, such things aren't always 100% the same for everyone.

As for me, the first sign of something abnormal was when building my current changes in the Art Manager.  In the build process pane an error showed up;
Spoiler for Hiden:
Then, loading up the game I found my character could not move.  Following this I also noticed no new changes were showing up ingame - I tested this by placing monsters/objects by my character spawn location and seeing if they were there ingame.  Nope.

 > At this point I'll just mention that yes I'm aware others in the modding community prior to this post have found alternate fixes - see this thread by Sauruz: Of course I tried these methods myself but still my problems remained.  As I've said all mods/setups differ etc etc.

I then had a thought to toggle the console while ingame and was met with a long list of errors:
Spoiler for Hiden:

The "unable to open file" from this and the "unsupported version..." from the Art Manager build step had me thinking it's something, at least in part, to do with my directory path locations.  Ultimately I was still stumped and reluctant to mess around with things incase I made it worse.  Sometime later the guys at Pieces provided some much needed insight.

The fix.
The new Atlantis DLC comes with an updated version of the MapCompiler.exe.  This is located in the Atlantis installation directory.  Therefore, the Art Manager needs to point to this new map compiler version when you are building levels/changes for your mod.  To verify this, in the Art Manager go to "Tools > Options" and ensure that the "Tools Directory" is pointing to the root directory of your Atlantis installation. (In my case, mine was still pointing to the old Immortal Throne directory, hence the aforementioned error messages)
Once this is correct, build your mod in the Art Manger and the process pane should build as normal and ingame pathing will be fixed  ;)


Modifications / Creating new Teleporters for your mod
« on: 26 February 2019, 23:49:30 »

Not sure where to put this.. buy anyway

Teleporters.  I'm working on getting these to function properly atm with all the UI elements in place.  Currently I've got one on the map that activates and has correct tags, but the UI is still vanilla and it doesn't allow me to teleport to and from my new areas.  So not much success tbh.

So wanted to ask anyone over here if they have done this successfully before and did they use the wiki guide or other resources?

I'll continue working this out tonight

Art Manager / Adding Custom Music and Ambient Sound tracks
« on: 23 February 2019, 05:07:51 »

This topic has come up a number of times and is documented in various places such as here:

But I bring it up here again to once and for all try and find definitive answers on how this is done - and perhaps more importantly, why the commonly found instructions need further elaboration. 

I've followed the instructions in that link, and consulted other sources, but it just doesn't work for me.  Maybe for others this works as it should? Idk, maybe I'm missing something painfully obvious here. 

In my case;
a. I import my custom music/ambient sound tracks (mp3) in the Sources tab of the AM
b. Then auto create asset.  New music shows up in Assets tab
c. Build this.
d. Manually copy my changes (my mod under CustomMaps) from Documents directory to Game directory
e. Open Editor, select Layer tool and then Sound Layer.  Create new Layer.
f. Open music/sounds database list using ellipsis
g. .......No sign of my new music anywhere within the massive list  :( >:(

Sigh.  So I go back to the AM and have a search around, try and see if I made a mistake or missed something.  Heck, even look into alternative ways at getting this to work.  Still no success.

So, any help?

General Discussion / Russian Titan Quest Gold box (unreleased?)
« on: 15 January 2019, 10:43:14 »

Maybe there's some TQ members here that can answer this for me..

During my usual searching sessions on the vast internets for all things TQ related I came across this unique Gold Edition box cover which, according to Mobygames, was only released for retail in Russia

But then again perhaps it wasn't?  And (much to my disappointment) I can't seem to find it anywhere else, including of course any of the online trading sites (ebay/amazon etc) listing this version

This leads me to believe that it was a potential prototype or concept cover for the Gold Edition that for whatever reason wasn't used ....unless someone has it??! (please post pics if so  ;))  In any case it's a real nice cover with the Greek marble ^^ Hope someone here can confirm the story behind it.


Hey all,

Am frustratingly stuck with this so have made this thread as a plea for benevolent wisdom! 

I am making a sword set, one being fire themed and the other lighting.  It's all well and good adding the appropriate stats etc, no problem there of course but my attention turns to adding some of those sweet effects; but how??

I've copied my chosen swords into my custom directory in the Art Manager.  Clicking into them brings up the usual variables but I can't see any designated space to enter or attach effects.. as an example take Pagos.  I can see the ice sword itself in the database, and can find the separate ambient effect that it has but cannot find how these are linked anywhere in the AM variables - looking in the wrong place or wut?

Thanks in advance for any insightful help!  :D

Gaming / Diablo Immortal - siigh
« on: 05 November 2018, 23:47:32 »

So bout that new Diablo game   ...which is for mobile.  ??? :-\

A sad mess indeed. Thoughts?

Streaming and cool TQ videos / Twitch Streaming Fun
« on: 23 August 2018, 14:27:18 »

Hey guys,

Wanted to post my channel here for anyone keen to join me during my arpg misadventures  :P
Pretty noob at all this tbh but will do my best!


Current Stream: Grim Dawn Ultimate Farming in preparation for Forgotten Gods.

New Projects / Kotaku Article on Hamunaptra!
« on: 20 February 2018, 11:23:26 »

Hey guys, am super stoked to share this news - Check out the article feature on my mod by Kotaku!  ;D

Am currently hyped about this if I can say so myself ^^,

Funny about the mistype of 'Roman' though.. haha

Art Manager / How to Change Text Colouring
« on: 08 February 2018, 11:01:22 »

Hey there, I found this in my archives of useful info I've gathered over the years from the old forums (

These are the tags you can use to change text ingame to your desired colour.  I've only used them so far on items and region names but I assume they can be used for most other text purposes such as monster names or dialog? etc.

Using the Art Manager and your own mod (or the base game if you know how), go to the Sources tab then click on Text and double click ModStrings.txt in the right-hand pane.

This will open up a notepad style document.  Type in the tag to the item (or your own chosen record) you are adding to your mod/game here.  For example, for an item I usually write tagCMSword01 which points to the tag I entered when I edited the Item Parameters (CM for 'Custom Mod').  This will make sense if you've ever edited an item record ...but that's a whole other thing that either myself or someone else I'm sure will write a guide to in the near future  ;)

So you've got your tag in the notepad-looking ModStrings.txt document. So then just add one of the below tags directly after it to change the colour.  Eg: tagCMSword01=^R(your name here - eg: Blade of Leonidas) Now the item name will be Red.

Also, note at the bottom likewise you can change font to italics, bold or normal.

After you have entered your complete tag close the doc, switch to the Assets tab, go to Text and right click on ModStrings.txt then Build. Now it'll be added in-game!  ;D

List of Font Changing Tags:

^A    change color to aqua
^B    change color to blue
^C    change color to cyan
^D   change color to dark gray
^F    change color to fuchsia
^G   change color to green
^I   change color to indigo
^K   change color to khaki
^M   change color to maroon
^O   change color to orange
^P   change color to purple
^R   change color to red
^S   change color to silver
^W   change color to white
^Y   change color to yellow
&I   change font to italics
&B   change font to bold
&S   change font to normal

Enjoy :J

New Projects / Hamunaptra Mod - Development
« on: 05 February 2018, 13:15:28 »

Teaser Trailer:

Hey, so thought it's time to get going with a development thread for the mod  :)


Hamunaptra is a new mod being made for Titan Quest:AE, though I did start making it way back before AE was a thing so it may work fine in IT (will test at some point) but of course there would be various features missing.. more on that later haha.
The mod introduces players to a new world (map) set in ancient Egypt along with a campaign to play through.  Characters start from level one and are thrown into an adventure that is considerably more challenging than the base game, requiring a survivalist approach to stay alive.  Exploration and careful attention to the environment is key here; things like blood stains or footprints in the sand can lead to much needed potions and gear from other, unfortunate adventurer's  ...or on the other hand you might be led into the midst of a Cultic gathering.  In any case, while loot is plentiful, potions are all the more precious.  The world itself is designed to be more open with minimal markers for things like dungeon/tomb entrances, further encouraging you to search out the map and discover stuff! That said, the way forward is always clear enough and areas aren't excessively large so that you end up traversing some vast, boring desert.

Aside from the world itself, other core features are secret areas, again paying attention to the environments/walls etc is a good idea  ;), new items and sets to collect, huge cities that are both hub areas and places to explore and delve into themselves, many new types of hero monsters to encounter, memorable Npc characters and a unique storyline.

> For more information, screenshots and other details check out the website. <

The idea for this project was in part from wanting to re-create The City of the Dead from The Mummy film in Titan Quest and have fun exploring more dangerous tombs/areas than in the base game.  Things escalated and the project grew as I gained more experience with the modding tools.  This is where was so helpful, but you can only read so much and I had to learn a lot from just trying out things, failing, then re-trying.  This of course = modding though right  ::)  The other part of what drove this project into existence was that I had played and farmed Titan Quest, particularly act 2 which is my favourite act, way too many times and wanted to have a go at creating a new world to, well, farm and loot stuff in.  I guess the third reason for working on Hamunaptra is that there are so many Mastery mods out there for TQ and very few new world/map mods. Hopefully if all goes well though, I can add another map to your guys' Custom Maps list in the game menu  ;D

Current Development: (updated as the project progresses)

-Overworld and underworld areas complete (98%- some to be polished)
-Npc's added (need to link with quests)
-World is populated (70%)
-New Hero Enemies added (30%)
-New Items created and in-game (45%)
-Lore features (25%)

Major Features Still To Do:

-Quests and Music

Other Features/Ideas:

-Easter Eggs ^^
-Dread "challenge" Dungeons
-Moar art

Regarding time-frame, I'm working as much and as hard as I can on it and at this stage am aiming to have the first build ready for testing sometime early this year.  So full release of the first chapter will likely be not long after that ...buuut it all takes time.  At the end of the day I want to give you guys something that's complete and, most importantly - fun to play!   

New Projects / Announcement! - Hamunaptra Mod
« on: 22 January 2018, 13:08:25 »
Hey guys  :D

I'm super excited to finally be able to announce this to you all and can't wait to share more with the TQ community about my project!

Edit: Head over here for the active Development Forum! >

~ An all new world mod for Titan Quest has arisen! Are you ready to return to the City of the Dead? Find out all the details and more this Wednesday 24th Jan 2018. ~


Hey everyone :D ...posting here first of course!

The official website for the the mod is live! Check it out at

Also, there's an official teaser trailer ^^, let me know what you think and please share around! Thanks

Hope you guys like what I've been working on :)

Teaser Trailer:

Items / New Ragnarok Items Showcase (spoilers)
« on: 15 December 2017, 14:13:37 »

Hey, so am curious to see the new loot people have been discovering since the new expansion arrived  :D

To start things off, here are some recent weapons that I've pried from the still warm claws of various monsters! (..and chests too ofc)


Man the guys and gals at THQNordic (Interactive Pieces?) are onto it!

Posted in the Steam discussion section by MegalomaniacNG - Here's the full list of latest changes and improvements:

4th December 2017

'Accomplished Heroes' now start with 2.5 million gold and 10 Health potions.
Fixed broken water textures in the base game.
Fixed some localisation errors, especially visible equipment gender tags.

Throwing weapons can now be found in all chests throughout the world.
Fixed bug that prevented new Arcane Formulae from dropping.
Added new design for top tier Health and Energy potions.

Further adjusted the volume and frequency of enemy babble and alert sounds.
Improved looks on enemies.
Fixed possible cause of freezing bandit corpses.
Added Lightning Retaliation to Storm Revenants
Gave correct staves to Fjord Ichthian mages.

A certain god no longer skips his story exposition speech.
Many minor quest logic improvements.
The quest ""Squabbling merchants"" now has a graphical representation of your choice.
Improved quest rewards and quest object aethetics

Improved visibility of main path in Heuneburg Outskirts.
Added even more music layers.
Improved Zealand chalk cave textures.

Improved and corrected stats on some Monster Infrequent weapons.
The final boss stepped up his game with a few additional tricks.
Tweaked the general balance of boss fights and some enemies.
Improved targeting on 'Seal of Fate' and adjusted damage scaling.

What I'm actually the most happy about > 'Fixed broken water textures in the base game.' The water looked so messed up after Ragnarok released and really annoyed me, so thank you indeed for rectifying this  ;)

Items / Item Reference - Weapons
« on: 20 November 2017, 12:44:33 »

Compilation of original weapon art and models created by game artist Joe Mirabello and Titan Quest developer Iron Lore.

Unique Weapons:

Vanilla Common Weapons:

Unique Shields:

Immortal Throne Weapons:

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