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I checked the 1.5d changelog, a big work you have done. Thanks.
For the next patch, I'll be working on the Soul Collectors, new NPCs that will allow you to preview the souls that drop in each act.
What do you mean, will it be possible to check all the perks of a particular soul or a short description of it ?

What is planned is :

- Add Soul Collectors, new merchant NPCs in every town (in general, where there are already merchants)
- Soul Collectors will sell formulas with 1x1 square size looking like souls.
- Each formula will correspond to an existing soul that can be dropped in the current act, meaning the result of completing the formula is a soul worn by a hero/boss in this act.
- No soul will be actually craftable with these formulas in the first released version, the formulas will be used to display what the souls do. The reagents will be impossible to find.
- The description of the souls will be in the formula description, like if you read an artifact or a forged item formula. So you will get the same level of information as if the soul is in your inventory.
Due to engine limitations, I can't make active skills show their description.
- The colors of the formulas will be based on the attributes required to wear the soul (red for STR, green for DEX, blue for INT, gold for 3 attributes and a mix of two colors for souls with two attributes).
- The description of souls will include the act where they can be found, and the type of monster that drops it.
- If time, the drop rate may be included in the formula description.
- Later, I may add ways to craft the souls, maybe with other souls, or specific items. Not sure if I'll do that or let them stay there only for display.

Finally, after a lot of tries, got the chance of dropping Epic Typhon soul  ;D

Spoiler for Hiden:

But since my melee char is built on str/dex, i cannot show what looks like the meteor storm granted skill

1.5d is out.
Mainly balance and bug fixes.
For the next patch, I'll be working on the Soul Collectors, new NPCs that will allow you to preview the souls that drop in each act.

General Discussion / Re: Performance Issues
« on: 20 May 2020, 01:46:22 »
Atlantis is known to offer poor performance, and poor optimization, even with good computers.

Bug Reports SV AERA / Re: Soulvizier AERA bug topic
« on: 19 May 2020, 22:23:09 »
Found in 1.5c:
Armor of Troy: Trojan helm and Bracers of Troy don't have set bonus when worn together (only one is recognized as part of set).
Spoiler for Hiden:

I don't see any issue in the game files. Was one of those items dropped in the vanilla game or both in Soulvizier ?

Torc of Lochar Moss: Invalid skill profile
Spoiler for Hiden:

Shadow Veil: armor description
Spoiler for Hiden:

Axe of King Budli: weapon description
(Note that weapon and armor descriptions are immersive contents. A blank line for the armor/weapon value, or a different color, would be a plus)
Spoiler for Hiden:

Already fixed in 1.5d. In a future patch, the lore text is planned to be in light yellow if I can't find a better color, with an added line after.

Morloc soul: Guardian ward
There is no description of the granted skill. The death ward works well in game but would need a description of the health amount, CD time, %health that triggers this skill.
Spoiler for Hiden:
Not a bug, it's just that the game is not designed to allow a description in this case because the skill is a passive one with a built-in trigger.
Only active skills with a separate trigger can have a proper description.
Here, I'd have to modify manually (won't be dynamic text) the name of the skill with a different color to simulate a description, and it will look bad because if the description is too long, it will widen the window of the item too much instead of adding the text below. Or I'd have to modify the skill to make it an active buff with a separate trigger, but then it won't be the same % health trigger.
So maybe one day, because it would need to chance every skill like that, now not a priority.

Found this item: there is no level requirement.
Fixed in 1.5d

1.5c is out.
Minor changes, biggest change is that missing textures and icons for the custom quest versions are fixed.
Hi bro! my game have some error when i open vault, some item display error in game, and sometime map display error
even though I went through those positions before. Finally i hope you can buff for Pets stronger, i feel the pets quite weak at difficulty legends. THANKS YOU SO MUCH FOR MODS <3
TQ Vault is not 100% supported by the mod, there maybe missing textures that are not recognized by Vault.
For the bugs ingame, be sure to check the FAQ here
Map display bugs can't be because of SV because I haven't changed the map, so it's a vanilla bug.

For pets, many people ask exactly the opposite, because pets are far too strong at least in Normal/Epic, especially Spirit and when you have an army of pets (like more than 10, sometimes 15-20).
I don't have specific reports for Legendary though.
So you need to tell what class you play, what skills you use, and what is your gear, to see if the problem comes from the mod or the build.

Thanks for your detailed answer.

OK. It would be better if there are more dummies with specified resistances and armor, to help for tests.

Sure, Boss dummies would be a big plus!  That said, even basic monster dummies are helpful for creating builds  ;)

I meant, like have a dummy with 0 armor, 0 resists, and a fitting name so that you know it.

Also have next to it a dummy with like 0 armor and 40% resists to everything except physical.

And a third one with like 150 armor and 10% physical resist and no other resists.

You can added grant skill that activated on taken enemies dmg and has effect that boosting health/energy regen or +%block chance/higher block dmg,... in duration.
Adrenaline + Quick Recovery does something similar, except it's recovery time, and I can't increase the amount of damage blocked by the shield.

Hey, i have idea about shield. In Dark Soul or games like it, you parry sh and you get a gift about that, right ? So i think have a gift like that in Defense skill. Block success, you will heal a small hp/mp, high chance to block larger damage in next time and maybe, just maybe that kill enemis incontinently.
Problem is that there is no way I can do that.

  • Are the resistances of static bosses (Typhon, Hades...) still the same as in the Vanilla game ?
In general, all monster resists are higher, so it's also true for bosses. It's lower in SV AERA than classic SV though.
For Typhon I reduced a bit in Epic/Legendary so that he doesn't have more than 100% base Elemental resist.

  • How are new heros and random bosses resistant to the following effects, do they share a template ?
    - Impaired aim / fumble attacks / confusion
    - Slower attack / slower movement
    - Stun / petrify / freeze / immobilization
    - Reduction to enemy's health
Impaired aim/fumble attacks : there is no resistance to that type of thing in the game. As far as I know, the bosses don't have any skill to reduce the effect of these. Maybe worth adding in the future.
Confusion, Slow, Stun, Petrify, Freeze, Immobilization : 1000% resistance at least.
Reduction to enemy's health : non reduceable resistance of 80/85/90% (N/E/L).

  • Is vitality decay damage (occultist) boosted with vitality resistance debuff (spirit) ?
Vitality decay already exists in the vanilla game but it's almost never used. It works the same in SV, it's resisted by Vitality resistance.
Note : in the next patch, the tooltip of the Vitality resistance in the character window will be upgraded to show that.

  • The skill Parry has been moved into the DW tree (warfare). Hence, does the %chance to dodge attacks applies when wearing 2 weapons even at rest, or only when DW procs based on % to be used ?
I haven't tested, but it's supposed to work all the time, as a passive skill, as long as you wear two melee weapons.

  • How much is the damage of ancestral warriors ? (it's not indicated in the tooltip), is it still pure physical damage ?
It's pure physical damage (will be added in the tooltip)

As a suggestion, it would be useful if 3 dummies were placed in Corinthe like in Sparta so that we could check numbers with an accomplished hero (single target and aoe attacks).
OK. It would be better if there are more dummies with specified resistances and armor, to help for tests.

About lightning dash, i think change it like vanilla is much better. It's LMB skill so 0,7s recharge and 20 enrgy costs make it not ok to use, especially playing fast speed melee.
By vanilla, you mean make it like the first vanilla version ? Now the skill in SV is like vanilla current version, except it's tier 5 instead of 7.
Either way it's a bad skill, 0,7s makes it clunky to use with left-click, you've got to use right-click as secondary.
And if cooldown is removed, there are no passive procs like shield procs, so it sucks.

There is an ability to teleport without a target if you use a stationary attack + the skill, but that's a bug and should get fixed in the next official patch.
So, another option I see is to make it like Onslaught, no cooldown and use of procs possible, and give the player additional movement speed, and dodge. It would build up when you attack, and maybe allow you to chain between groups of monsters. So you wouldn't be able to teleport from the get go, but it would allow you to get a duration bonus.

Bug Reports SV AERA / Re: Soulvizier AERA bug topic
« on: 11 May 2020, 23:23:29 »
Epic Atlantis act, dropped Benthic Band from regular chest in Africa.
Problem is, it doesn't have any stats or description whatsoever.
And also it sells for only 250gold so I guess it has no attributes.
Don't know if it's vanilla problem because never found that item before.
But it has 57lvl required so it was probably changed like other uniques.

Screenshot below:

The vanilla game is unfinished, many atlantis items are empty and can't drop, mainly jewelry and artifacts. I've reactivated the drops, but I haven't added bonuses yet, it's on my list.

What?  Did you make them even more expensive than they are in the vanilla game soa?   ;D
This was done by my predecessor, but potions are extremely cheap and overpowered in the vanilla game anyways.
Health potions : Gold cost goes from 120 (A1 Normal) to 18,000 (End Legendary) in vanilla, 800 to 54,000 in SV with increased cooldown to 10s instead of 6s.
Energy potions : Gold cost goes from 180 (A1 Normal) to 27,000 (End Legendary) in vanilla, 600 to 47,250 in SV with increased cooldown to 15s instead of 6s.

Note that in SV, you get flat Health and Energy regeneration depending on your maximum Health/Energy. You may also find more items hence more gold. But the monsters hit harder.

1.5c is out.
Minor changes, biggest change is that missing textures and icons for the custom quest versions are fixed.

There is a bug in the Custom Quest versions that make you start with 500 Gold only, so you can't buy any potion. I'll need to fix this and give like 2000 Gold (or more)

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