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but what happens if you just delete everything on the epic folder of your save char?

Modern problems require modern solutions <3
Thank you very much for your kind advice (it worked just fine)!

Best wishes,

Thank you for your answer @MedeaFleecestealer!

I obviously hold a legitimate copy and have been using characters without Defiler (and I do not think this is the main reason since the software should have no bearing on the quests at all).
I think your advice is my best shot - thank you very much! I will report that to THQNordic.

Best wishes,

Dear TQ Fans,

As above, I am facing a huge gameplay problem with my conqueror (which actually forced me to start another character - with the same thing occurring again).

After finishing Act V and killing Surtr with my 47 lvl character (I used TQ Defiler for name changes, char backups, etc.) I went through the portal to credits and decided to start Epic difficulty (as usual);
to my disdain, however, I quickly found out after seeing no mobs next to the Helos horse quest (while on 6P difficulty) that the entire questline with main and side quests from all acts has appeared exactly as I left it in Normal, but during my Epic playthrough. It is worth mentioning that no portals are activated and some of the quests seem to be displayed in the Polish language (which was the initial one before my switch to English).

I was not discouraged entirely and decided to start a new character, also a conqueror. Right now I am halfway through Egypt and decided to make a copy in Defiler with enabled epic difficulty to foresee possible disappointments and to save myself some time. Sadly, I have proven myself right because straight after I entered Epic mode on my copy I spawned next to reincarnation fountain in Helos (without entry cutscene) with exact full quest log of my first character (all main quests + the majority of sidequests done)...

I really do not know what to do - I reinstalled the game after the first occurrence of this bug and, as you can see from my post, without luck.
Do you have (hopefully) any hints how to deal with this game-breaking problem? I would be much obliged!

With best wishes,

I'm getting a 'player file equipment block' load error. has anyone else encountered this?

oddly enough it happens on a different character depending on which computer I use. It just loads the character as though they have no equipment.

Yes, I am experiencing the same issue. It appeared two days ago - everything was working perfectly (both the TQVault and my game on Steam) up to that particular time.

New Members Introduction / Hello from an old stager!
« on: 20 June 2019, 17:18:46 »
Hello TQFans!

Although I am quite new to this forum, I have been dwelling within TQIT community since early 2008 O0 (I have the original box somewhere). My first character ever was an Oracle (because I was told that "Oracle" sounds better than "Sorcerer" haha!) and I got to level 38 (Cerberus; Normal) with just shinobi unlockable set, maxed lightning, and a fire staff... ah, the noob times. Later on, I tried to learn from people who bypassed the mechanics of the vanilla game by creating mods that allow you to kill players in game / apply textures / etc. (I think I still remember a bit from those experiences).

I had few, maybe four years of break from TQIT and came back with the Ragnarok release to start a Dragon Hunter (Dual Throw Ele Hybrid, A4 L). Nevertheless, I do feel nerfs of both the looting and the game mechanics (like avoiding projectiles) and feel that TQAE is much more challenging. If you would like to embark on such a challenge with me, then join me on AZURALIAN PLAYS server (I will be doing a Conqueror playthrough since I need to have a viable character to farm for inheritance toons - bow Haruspex had big troubles in A3L so I deleted her cause I was fed up). See you and hi again!

Best wishes,

PS. If you want to play anytime else - feel free to hit me up!


Re-done Hades Palace:


I actually made an account to say that this is indeed a sick configuration, well done! Best of luck with the rest of the characters.

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