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Made  hippo Man Hybrid for act 2, found along side the Nile river.

Also filled some empty areas in the map with some elements, those litle addictions make the world more alive i think.

Heroes & Bosses / Re: Post Your Enemy Hero Screenshots
« on: 22 July 2020, 22:20:26 »
im pretty sure Mind raker appears in ACT 2 ( in the tomb before Thebes)

looking at it, rune its the only mastery that gives bonus to each stat ( str/int/dex) more a hybrid class mastery

I will leave it as it is, as i want to kept the feral look of the yetis, like a untamble beasts they are.


Forum News and Info / Re: Birthdays
« on: 18 July 2020, 14:09:38 »

Happy Birthday @Bumbleguppy !!

I wish you have a wonderfull day :)

The besteary is increasing day by day, i had that ideia yesterday, i think it could  not possible but glad i was wrong.

I will kept adjusting some minor elements but the main concept is done, what a day.

Items / Re: Relic/Charm Standard Completion Bonuses for AE/R
« on: 15 July 2020, 01:55:25 »
i can't remember which of those are relics and which are charms, so i just copy paste lolz

Membrane wing ( drop from mosquitos) is the only cham from the list , the rest are relics

New Projects / Re: A Few Bug Fixes And Some More
« on: 14 July 2020, 23:31:24 »
@Endymion  What do you think of Atlantis performance issues ?

When playing with it, i got the feeling that monsters animations are the source of the problem but i may be wrong.
Did someone try to simplify animations (or even cut them off) to check this ?
If so, this would open a door for a solution ?

I hope one day Atlantis will be playable with Xmax (unplayable right now).

This is my guess, and im sure this is one of the main problem with Atlantis

All the pink circles you see its the amount of itens have in the scenary ( flowers/terrain/mountains), as you see Nordic create and place then 1 BY 1...Unlike the vanilla acts the scenary is more placed toghter as unity.

As the game have so mnay different files to read and its a 2006 engine ( older maybe) its have the difficulty to read alltoghter fast...

Another thing i notice some monster doesnt have sound display on the animation ( unlike the rest) so the death sound is played as external mp3 file , causing to cause frames as well - as exemple serpentoids ( try to kill a pack of then toghter and you will see what im saying)


General Discussion / Re: Achievments
« on: 14 July 2020, 01:37:08 »
i think its when you complete Ragnarok act. if my memory is correct.

Atlantis isnt need to get the achivement since its a optional act.

Also welcome :)

One of vast new foes you will face during your adventure around Snow Mountains in Orient

-The Yaktaurs-

Just follow the instruction on 1st post

There's also a patch.
The patch notes are from pc version ? or on switch ?
uhhh i don't know if I'm alone on this but any updates on PC kinda scares me now. it's clear the devs don't play the game, they just make new features that are unneeded and they refuse to fix it. like the auto targeting that forces your character to move, for example
(edit: it's like they don't know the purpose of arpg is giving the players complete control of their characters)
what we'll just get is more bugs
every update slowly destroys the game
i honestly believe it's better if they just leave it alone. except maybe if they decide to play their game, but they won't

I dont want to be wrong , but from what i ve see in steam database website, it seens Atlantis was updated 2 days ago, so i believe they are planning something.


For me i have same impressions and feeling as you said it. What i dont understand is reading on steam foruns people wanting more xpacs and dlcs.

Lets hope not , not before they fixed the bugs and issues in Atlantis..

Technical Support / Re: Titan Quest Anniversary Edition crashes
« on: 05 July 2020, 19:13:53 »
Sometimes i have 2) game crash into desktop, from time to time ( rarely tho).

Some areas ingame have poor performance , like Atlantis and some of ragnarok, causing the game crash duo of the game isnt that fast to read so many files at once, as Nordic did on last xpacs.

Plus if you are playing with some mods, they might cause some problems if they are bad placed/instal or not updated...

Well, I am a playtester for them for the game and also a mod on their official discord now too so I get the news pretty quickly. 

I know people have been asking for patch notes and Zyddie, THQ's Community Manager, said he'd try and go back through everything to make one, but how soon he'll manage to do it I don't know.  Will post here when he gets it done.

Good to hear you're feeling better now too.

The patch notes are from pc version ? or on switch ?

My army will destroy you :D

Anyway, today i improved some out door areas i made in the past in the 1st act , as i think i could do better, and when i made then i didnt knew much of the details ( i still have much to learn)

Plus while i was with the editor adrenaline , i reworked knossos landing , its no more a bland area ( i guess i was inspired on what you did as well Bumble back in  Loc mod)

Oh time goes really different when i was working on the editor, it feel it was 1h but in reality it was 4h+..

oh well :P

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