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Always with potion... and I am a chugger. Given that I play this game in Hardcore setting 100% I use whatever available resource there is for me

General Discussion / Re: HELP, can't beat Epic Typhon
« on: 17 May 2018, 15:12:32 »
Regarding Typhon's attacks, I allready stated that I'm not getting hit by his fire, lightning or poison attacks, and most certainly not the meteors. They're the easiest to dodge of all, and you can just spam at his side, while he is casting them. The problem is purely the life leech and non-elemental damage. He gains more than I can damage him, and after maybe 15 minutes of not dying, he just needs one lucky shot.

Finally, I am not playing a 'primary "tank-and-spank" toon'. Pets are a major part of this build, thus them being useless against Typhon is a problem. I really wonder how other Wolves & Nymph builds are dealing with this.

Like another person has stated, this is equivalent to "you lack damage" at higher difficulties especially when running an unoptimized setup boss fights will tend to be a battle of attrition, and the scenario you are describing will always happen. This is especially true if you are running a pet dependent build, in which case you build yourself to outlast bosses, while buffing your pets damage... this means high armor, high HP, high res, low cooldowns and Ritualist/Wraithlord prefix gear (minimum of 2: rings, max of 4: +amulet & staff). Nature Pets tendency to wipe on most boss fights is not something new nor is there any work around for it which is why cooldowns, +skills and pet stat gear are important.

Define and ask yourself "where do I want my main damage to come from"? Pets or myself? One will inevitably be sacrificed there is no middle ground. Even the most optimized Nature based pets were okay at best in VANILLA Immortal Throne unmodded gameplay and shitty in xmax or harder modded games. With the AE buffs bumping Boss stats and resists Nature based pet builds literally got shat on. You have to go all out on either Melee or pets, and just have the other as supplementary damage. From your setup there doesn't seem to be a clear definition on what your primary damage is; best if you adjust based on what people have told you here.

Love this guy, I've been watching his stream for build ideas. Wonder if he's here in the forums.

Was inspired by his Thor, Petforce and Vampyre Builds, he doesn't seem to like optimization much and is there mostly for the role-play, but his ideas are worth trying with the right amount of micro.  ;D

General Discussion / Re: HELP, can't beat Epic Typhon
« on: 16 May 2018, 17:23:02 »
you have a very high HP tool and have access to one of the best boss killing skills by the name of Colossus. With applied Plague for the -% damage resist debuff + spamming Pulverize this fight shouldn't even last 20 secs if your gear is up to par.

  • with balanced resists the fire, lightning & poison damage he does is negligible, yet your resist levels are abysmally laughable by late Epic standards
  • you can invest on life leech and mana leech resist as they would help greatly for this fight, while they do very little to minimize the damage you take, it affects the gains Typhon gets from you.
  • the only viable threat to you are the meteors
  • looking at your gear and being that you are already in Epic Act 3 > Practically Act 4, barely equipped with Legendaries or higher-end Epics if you are playing untwinked, just shows me how ill-prepared you are for this fight... instead of spending that week trying again and again in fruitless endeavor better put that time into farming better Equipment.
  • you are a primary defender with Heart of the Oak active, and you only net ~5k HP...

You need to respect the AE buffs. Playing as a primary "tank-and-spank" toon you need High HP, decent DA, decent resists; all of which are absent in your current setup. I run ~7k HP on Warfare/Defense based melee (my Conqueror has ~10k with Sapros on), ~5.5-6k on Rogue hit and run type melees and 4.5-5k on Mage Melee Hybrids. You scale purely off STR and HP and you have ~545 Str and 5k HP with HotO active. Your stats speak for themselves and there should be no wonder why this fight is hard for you. It's not a matter of tactics or what-not you're just not prepared for it enough.

and i just ran my illusionist there just recently.. it is indeed bleed.. it will stack because DoT from different monsters stack.. it's why DoT bosses like Fafnir and hydra are more difficult in xmax.. died once, looked at my bleed res and saw it was -75%.. thought about looking for bleed res items on my TQvault, but decided I'm too lazy to do that so i just continued.. died couple more times ;D  ..  the jotuns though were not much of a problem.. they were too busy attacking my 7 pets

this is actually very useful to know... i've always thought they didn't stack because in the mechanics discussion it was always taken from the player's perspective when dealing the DoT damage. so i guess it would make sense that applying DoT damage on the same target doesn't speed up your killing speed.
However poison/bleed attacks from 3x Cerberus, Yaoguai's, Hydra's will DELETE your HP bypassing even high levels of % and flat damage absorption, because they are damage from "3 different sources." Is this even fair? lol?
Going by the same logic they should make it so that poison/bleed damage from regular auto attacks stack with DoT damage from skill attacks such as Lethal Strike.

@botebote77 is there a resource/database that list monster/boss stats and resists updated for ragnarok? i'd like to make my own calculations on testing instead of just guess-timating all the time.

This thread made my day... Was wearing a huge smile at work while reading this. Was saying "I'ma Knifu your Waifu..." over and over again under my breath and giggled to my self.
My workmates must have thought I've gone crazy with the looks they were giving me.

Nooooooo ! Saiga finally died to the bloodsisters Sagira & Safyia in a cave near the waypoint Jade Palace.

Noooo!!!  :( :( :( Were you caught unaware or was it a high damage spike? Were you map clearing on Legendary on a caster? Don't do that dude...
A lot more things aside from bosses can kill you in Legendary, leave the map clears after the challenge. It's those retarded champion spawns that usually catches you by surprise that ends the challenge.

Well even in vanilla Sapros was the go to for melee sustain weapons, that's not designed to one-shot.
Admittedly, it was pretty strong: decent base-damage, flat ~50 RR and a ~15-20 ADCtH%.
It was just too perfect for anything that wanted to clear this and not die via tank and spank method --- but you're right @Tauceti -25% might be too steep.

While most generic/mainstream users of Sapros, have a huge HP pool that renders the nerf insignicant.
Sapros is no longer a viable option for frail Hybrid builds that used to abuse it as a debuff weapon before applying their main damage.

As for the bias on Ragnarok items, look no further: - +skills, -% CDR, +% Ele resists and damage --- hunting for this set to give to my Elementalist, it's OP asf --- 200 DA, 20% damage reduction to undead? 70% Vita Res, 15% Phys Res, +1 War Skills? So much defensive stas for an item meant for a class already with Triumph and Ignore Pain... lol --- laugh @ Bleed and Pierce damage, -% beastman damage which is the vast majority of the game, health and +20% STR --- Ferrus Gnosi ver. 2.0: very high armor rating +25% shield block chance, +25% DA, +25% Armor Protection, High Source of Bleeding and Pierce resist, +1 Defense skill, seriously wtf... balance much???

I am aware that they needed increase player options to deal with the new scaling of the already buffed AE monsters into Ragnarok that now reached absurd levels @ Legendary, but they could have at least reworked existing Legendaries to scale just as much as Ragnarok items would to make them just as competitive rather than allowing the vast majority to just be relegated as levelling items. IMO, every Legendary should have the potential right to become a decent end-game option. Having so many toons and experimental builds I hate having to fall back on the same item every goddamn testing phase just to balance the character enough to be Legendary viable, then waste even more time trying think of alternative gears that would make the current build more unique than the last one.

***END OF RANT: sorry, love AE:R but this thoughtlessness of devs at times really does trigger me.

Heroes & Bosses / Fafnir Stats
« on: 13 May 2018, 22:26:57 »
I'm currently experimenting on a Bleed+Poison Brigand Build  using the power of Winds of Asphodel, but when I was testing I noticed that Fafnir is absurdly resistant for both bleed and poison.

With Winds and Shield of Korybantes equipped along with 2 monkey tricks -100+ flat resists that should theoretically be stacking per hit.
To the point that I'm actually degen-ing Dragon Liche, Scarabeus, Scorpios & Cereberus Legendary that poison and bleed should be doing sh-- damage to.

But Fafnir's bar on the other hand was not moving at all except for the flat damage received from the actual weapon itself. How much poison & bleed resists does this guy have?  >:(

Sounds cool to me. Good luck i GD play testing.

Whichever you will allow.
I have been quite impatient these days and rushing too much in normal and lost a couple of entries already in a marathon with a bulk of screens that just ended up getting binned   ::)

@MedeaFleecestealer i might just enter in entries when they hit Epic like in the past, if you'll allow that. It's really annoying managing these screenshots. Also kills your momentum when you just want to just marathon.

Sivon (Champion) is also out of the challenge for now; Dead at Typhon - Normal.
Waste of screenshots and time investment.
I've already forgotten how tilting it is to do Typhon Normal on a melee with barely any early-game caster damage.
Will definitely re-do it in the future. Dual-Wield Key of Elysium Champion has a pretty strong end-game.

Yunah (Thane) 67, Epic Rhodes

Lot's of level grinding on this one while the lvl curve still allows it at decent speeds.

@Tauceti gratz on finding your copy of Winds... it's a very strong weapon, that's borderline broken IMHO. I have used my copy to carry under-performing builds and make them viable through the annoying buffs AE gave the existing monster roster.

I wouldn't classify it as a DW-only build tool. The utility it gives to poison/bleed/hybrid-elemental builds is golden. With the fact the its a safe ranged weapon with a Sapros-level debuff is insane. It's a cheese tool than can be abused in so many levels, tbh. Might need a nerf in future updates.

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