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Ah, well then, when I next do the run up the Aethenian Passage I can detour and try it out.  :)

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 13 September 2018, 12:44:28 »
Yes, Ragnarok is installed.  Can't remember if the problem was around before that though.  If it is the expac causing it, then still something BG needs to know about.

Is the Hydra there in Epic?  I didn't go that side of the swamp because it's so foggy in the AE version I can't be bothered to run around all of it.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 13 September 2018, 11:29:59 »
BG, just so you know, I get this with my LoC toons in the AE version of the game.

For some reason an inventory bag goes missing when playing the old AE mod version.

Geeze, been away from the game too long.  Bog Terror got another couple of deaths so total up to 4 now in Epic Greece.  :(  Decided to just do all the quests to speed things up a bit.  Mind you I guess I could try a Fast or Very Fast mode.  :-\

No screenshot of stats as the game just vanished on me right in the middle of a battle in the Athenian Battleground, but he's up to L53 now.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 13 September 2018, 07:22:59 »
Nice.  Look forward to it.

What do you mean by uses the game map as well though?

Forum News and Info / Re: EU laws will kill internet?
« on: 12 September 2018, 20:21:57 »
Revised law has been passed.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 10 September 2018, 07:03:23 »
Sounds fun BG.  Looking forward to playing this when it's done.  :)

This is what I have come to think of how these health related attacks work… Test em and correct em maybe. I’ll try and be a specific as possible. Any suggestions are welcomed. I have updated this everytime something has been tested and proven. This is accurate.

Life leech is a life leech dmg type over time. It is resisted by life leech resistance. It is increased by +%life leech. This is true for both heros(our toons) and enemies. The amount of dmg that is inflicted on your enemy gets returned back to you as health.

Vitality dmg is a vitality dmg type. It is not increased by any character stat(possibly increased by intellegence). It is resisted by vitality resistance. It is increased by +%vitality dmg. This is true for both heros(our toons) and enemies.


as for P2, it is increased by int but i can't remember if it did in TQIT
anyways for TQAE, iirc it's 10% per 65 int
and for vit decay (DoT), 10% per 50 int

##% reduction of health is a vitality dmg type. It takes the total current health (like the static charge skill from the sorc in D2) value, determines the %reduction and inflicts that number. The number is then resisted by vitality resistances and for enemies there is also an additional resistance to specifically %reduction of health attacks. This is why this dmg has little to no effect on bosses. When using items that reduce resistances all resistances (including the hidden %health are lowered) This dmg can NOT be increase by +%vitality dmg.

% of Attack converted to health. This stat will take the “flat” dmg that you inflict (physical, pierce, fire, cold, lighting, vitality) (no dots). Once that dmg has been resisted by the armor and resistance of the enemy is it totaled, multiplied by the %conversion to health and then before this health is granted to you it is reduced by the life leech resistance of the enemy. The amount of health recovered can NOT be directly increased by +%life leech, but indirectly the amount CAN be increased by lowering the -life leech resistance of the enemy.

Paths masteries AE / Re: List of Skills for each class
« on: 08 September 2018, 11:32:24 »
This I think is all you'll find.

-9 entirely new “masteries” called Paths.
-24 complex skills per Path makes 216 brand new skills (not including all of the hidden/linked skills and pet skills).
-New artwork
-New Path Selection screen as seen above.
-Gameplay is designed with skillful play and thoughtful build creation in mind. Build-creation is tremendously more complex. Each Path has fundamental strengths and weaknesses. Build on two Path’s similar strengths, or use one Path’s strength to make up for a weakness.
-100+ heavily modified or slightly modified items and sets to fit the new Paths.
-3x monsters, 1x bosses that are tougher than before.
-Rewrote or edited most of the in-game formulas, here’s some:
—Armor is more effective
—Compared to default Titan Quest, XP gained from monsters weaker than you is lower, while tougher monsters give MORE XP.
—Offensive Ability now makes use of Dex, Int, AND Str in various degrees.
—Defensive Ability now makes use of Dex and Int in various degrees.
—Much more…
-Changed the core gameplay drastically!
—Skills are now hugely more useful and potent, this is balanced with other weaknesses.
—Rather than spellcasters using spells occasionally and the staff being the primary attack used, there is at least one spell that can be used constantly instead of the staff.
—Some spellcasters use weapons in the place of staves.
—Path Level (mastery level) set to 100 instead of 32, with a unique Path bonus at 100.
—Increased level cap to 100.
—Gain 4 skill points per level instead of 3.
—Path Level (mastery level) rarely grants attributes such as str, dex, or int. Instead, you gain immunities, special resistances/bonuses, weaknesses, and other class-defining traits.
—Gain 16 attribute points per level instead of 2 (each attribute point increases an attribute by 1).
—Health is now rarely gained from increasing the Path (mastery) Level.
—Attribute points give you more health and energy per point.
—Potion cooldown is MUCH longer than normal, around 30 seconds.
—Potion stack increased to 20.
—“Stances” can be class-defining. Only one active at a time, last forever with no cost. 1 point max. Some have small benefits with no downsides while others have huge benefits but also big weaknesses.
—Bow and Staff projectiles much faster, arrows do not leave trails. Neither do melee weapons.
—Most skills are much more complex than normal TQ
(Any much more!)
***Difficulty Information***
-Monsters have normal health but deal half damage.
-Monsters have normal stats.
-Monsters have 33% more health and deal 50% more damage.
Very Hard
-Monsters have 33% more health, deal 60% more damage, 15% slow for 3 seconds on hits, 1-5% current life loss per hit, and 5% chance of 1 second of stun or skill disruption on hit.
-Monsters have 50% more health, deal double damage, 20% slow for 3 seconds on hits, 1-10% current life loss per hit, and 10% chance of 1 second of stun or skill disruption on hit.
More Info:
Below is the list of the classes. I’m using a lot of obscure terms from various cultures. Mostly mythology, but some other stuff too (Korean, Chinese, Mesopotamian, Greek, Bulgarian, Roman, Celtic, etc). There’s also a few Biblical names. Others are just in the theme of Titan Quest. None are made up words.
Lich Only = Lich
Khloros Only = Fallen
Dokkaebi Only = Dokkaebi
Sekhmet Only = Menfyt
Venefici Only = Veneficus
Tartarus Only = Devilbringer
Mind Only = Cerebralist
Berserker Only = Berserker
Poseidon Only = Avatar
Berserker + Lich = Gatekeeper
Berserker + Khloros = Thracian
Berserker + Dokkaebi = Vandal
Berserker + Sekhmet = Warlord
Berserker + Venefici = Scythian
Berserker + Tartarus = Hellthirst
Berserker + Mind = Fury
Mind + Lich = Shade
Mind + Khloros = Vasal
Mind + Dokkaebi = Anunnaki
Mind + Sekhmet = Vizier
Mind + Venefici = Prophet
Mind + Tartarus = Vexillarius
Tartarus + Lich = Infernalist
Tartarus + Khloros = Extispicist
Tartarus + Dokkaebi = Fiend
Tartarus + Sekhmet = Flamekeeper
Tartarus + Venefici = Heretic
Venefici + Lich = Archmage
Venefici + Khloros = Guojiu
Venefici + Dokkaebi = Shaman
Venefici + Sekhmet = Amaumnetan
Sekhmet + Lich = Ammit
Sekhmet + Khloros = Axex
Sekhmet + Dokkaebi = Bennu
Dokkaebi + Lich = Dybbuk
Dokkaebi + Khloros = Karakorum
Lich + Khloros = Decayer
Poseidon + Berserker = Leviathan
Poseidon + Mind = Votary
Poseidon + Tartarus = Bathyal
Poseidon + Venefici = Mystic
Poseidon + Sekhmet = Vanguard
Poseidon + Dokkaebi = Abzu
Poseidon + Khloros = Tiamati
Poseidon + Lich = Euxine

Paths masteries AE / Re: List of Skills for each class
« on: 07 September 2018, 13:16:24 »
Welcome to the forum fingolfin.  :)

Easiest is just to look at the AE version of TitanCalc.

Yes, it's here as a backup, but also because it's a very useful compendium.   

Wolpak since your post includes the Runemaster mastery why not repost it in a new thread in this section of the forum

and start a new compendium for the AE version of the game.  :)

If you or anyone else has IT only builds they can add them here.   The more builds the more variations people have to try out.

Guides IT / Titan Quest Mainstream TitanCalc Class Compendium by Irma2
« on: 05 September 2018, 10:58:21 »
Hello all,
As we are still getting a lot of requests about sample TitanCalc builds, I thought I’d post a basic compendium containing each class. As builds are subjective and dependent on factors like personal preference, experimentation and perhaps even oddball unique items or other gear finds, this is not intended to be a definitive “this is the best way to make class X” guide. Instead, it serves only as a pointer to new players as to what builds are generally recommended and favoured by mainstream players. Think of it as a translation of Poinas’ Guide to Skills in TitanCalc form.
The builds featured here are not necessarily the most effective or “best”. They are not eye-poppingly innovative. However, they will give you an idea of what mastery synergies to exploit and how to construct a basic build that will get the class through the game. So sorry if your Poison Gas Bomb Assassin isn’t featured, but we have to limit the builds to just the mainstream basics.
As a side note, I am not pulling any of these builds out of other people’s experience or posts. I have played all of them at least well into Epic, and almost all of them to level 60+ in Legendary. So these are my views based on experience, not copy & paste jobs on other people’s toons.
Where there is more than one popular approach to a particular class, I have given alternative builds tailored to each approach.
I’ve also ranked the builds in approximate order of popularity, with the most played builds up the top of the list and the least popular builds down the bottom. Right, let’s get down to it:

Club and shield Conqueror -

Dual wield Harbinger -

Bow Haruspex -

Spear Haruspex -

Templar -
You can drop Shield Charge as you have Phantom Strike which does the same thing. But I like to have both, in case the first one misses.

Basic Elementalist -
To this build, add either Shards and Heart of Frost (all maxed) or Lightning Bolt/Chain Lightning or Thunderball tree (all maxed). You can also choose Volcanic Orb tree (VO and Fragmentation maxed, nothing or one point in Conflagration) instead of Eruption. Or you could go Fire-biased with VO and Eruption both maxed, at the expense of LB/CL, Shards or Thunderball trees.

Bow Brigand -

Spear Brigand -

Caster Diviner -

Melee Diviner -
Add maxed Psionic Immolation if you go Int-based melee Diviner rather than Str-based.

Melee Spellbreaker -

Lightning/staff Oracle -

Ice Shards Oracle -
You can max Ternion here but I only use it for energy leech and debuffing, thus there is no need to have the extra damage from increased Ternion. Shards is the damage attack skill.

Club wielding Guardian -
Subtract Concussive Blow if using a spear. If you have more than +4 to skills, you could also add the Regrowth tree for healing, or increase investment in Rally base skill. Subtract Batter as well if you don’t like it or don’t have enough points.

Conjurer -

Ranger -
Again, more than +4 to skills will allow you to invest in the Regrowth tree.

Caster Evoker -

Auramancer Evoker -

Melee Evoker -

Warden -
Add Batter if you like it.

Soothsayer -
This is for a Soothie who stays well out of the action and uses his staff and Ternion only to do AoE debuffing/slowing of monsters to make it easier for the pets. If you prefer to do more damage, you could boost Ternion. If you prefer to be right in the frontlines, max Necrosis and perhaps add more points into the Wolves’ Maul skill. Extra points from more than +4 to skills could go into the pets’ synergy skills to help them survive and do more damage.

Dual wield Assassin -

Trapper Assassin -

Physical dual wield Battlemage -

Ice Shards Druid -

Lightning Bolt Druid -

Dual wield Champion -
As you can see, this is a very tough build to attain without at least +5 to all skills.

Hybrid Bone Charmer -
Drop Take Down if you only want to use a bow.

Petmaster Ritualist-
Briar Ward and Trance of Empathy are in there for bosses like Yaoguai. Killing them with reflect damage (Briar Ward reflects several times) is easier.

Melee Ritualist -
The one point ToW on most Dream builds is just to turn off monster Onslaught or Deathchill aura.

Bow Slayer -
Alternate between Marksmanship (LMB) and Onslaught (RMB) attacks, using Onslaught primarily when you want to cripple melee monsters that can rush you.

Hybrid bow/spear Slayer -

Dual wield Slayer -

Spellbinder -
Add Batter if you like it, drop Concussive Blow if you’re not wielding a club.

Corsair -

Physical dual wielding Thane -
Substitute Thunderball with War Horn if you prefer.

Elemental dual wielding Thane -
More points in Storm Surge will be handy if you can afford them. Onslaught and War Wind can be kept at low levels, as increasing your physical damage isn’t a priority.

Physical Paladin -

Elemental Paladin -
You want a sword for this, not a club. Hence no Concussive Blow.

Summoner -

Physical bow Sage -

Elemental bow Sage -
I feel that I can afford to drop Find Cover to just one point, as Squall takes care of most ranged enemies. Marksmanship is also reduced to accommodate the elemental skills.

Trapper/petmaster Illusionist -
I use a bow with this build, to debuff/slow/confuse monsters. You’re just helping the pets and Traps, not aiming to do mega damage. Knives are also useful to spread debuffing effects.

Trapper/Knifer/melee Warlock -
Toss down Traps, hurl Knives to confuse and slow enemies, finish off what’s left with a spear and Lethal Strike. Insane fun.

Trapper/caster Warlock -
Ternion and Envenom Weapon ftw.

Bow Avenger -

Spear Dreamkiller -

Juggernaut -
As with all Earth physical damage builds, only max out Earth Enchantment if you use VO or Eruption quite a bit and feel that you want the extra Fire damage. You can leave EE at 1 if you’re not using spells a lot.

Lightning caster Prophet -

Ice Shards caster Prophet -

Physical melee Prophet -

Elemental melee Prophet -

Trapper/elemental Magician -

Trapper/Knifer/elemental Sorcerer -

Yeah, I know, I know – “wah, why don’t you max skill X?” Because I don’t. If you do, please post your TitanCalc so that we can broaden the range of choices available to readers.
Also, if you have any builds that aren’t listed, like a funky melee Magician or spear Ranger or whatever, please add the TitanCalc to the list.

General Discussion / Re: Weapons for my dualwielding spellbreaker
« on: 01 September 2018, 12:39:40 »
No, it got nerfed.  :(

General Discussion / Re: Weapons for my dualwielding spellbreaker
« on: 31 August 2018, 18:57:27 »
Welcome to the forum.  :)

Dual wield?  Why not have one of each?  Or put the Reckless on one weapon slot and the Harrowing on the other.

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