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General Discussion / Re: How feasible is a non-summoning summoner
« on: 18 September 2018, 19:52:30 »
That's fine.  I imagine I'd end up going with the Core Dweller at some point, but he'd be more of a side point rather than focal point as most summons are in a summoner build.

General Discussion / How feasible is a non-summoning summoner
« on: 18 September 2018, 19:37:46 »
I have wanted to get Flame Surge to work as a primary attack and I am wondering if a summoner build with no summons may work.

Primary attack: Flame Surge
Heart of Oak: to cut costs in half and more health/resistances
Plague: Debuff and a buff to flame surge
Other standard earth skills.

Would it work?  Too glass cannony?

Other Modifications / Re: [MOD] Enhanced Gameplay for TQ: Ragnarök
« on: 11 September 2018, 15:43:58 »
I still can't get the bottom 1/3 of the transfer stash to work properly.  I've deleted the files in the save folder, but to no avail.

Love the idea, how about cleaning it up, making it a nice compendium with possible ratings and notes.  Add more as people post their builds?

Conqueror (Warfare + Defense)

~Club and shield Conqueror (Rating: 5/5)

Haruspex (Dream + Hunting)

~Bow Haruspex

~Spear Haruspex

Harbinger (Warfare + Dream)

~Dual wield Harbinger

Templar (Defense + Dream)

~Templar - You can drop Shield Charge as you have Phantom Strike which does the same thing. But I like to have both, in case the first one misses.

Elementalist (Storm + Earth)

~Basic Elementalist - To this build, add either Shards and Heart of Frost (all maxed) or Lightning Bolt/Chain Lightning or Thunderball tree (all maxed). You can also choose Volcanic Orb tree (VO and Fragmentation maxed, nothing or one point in Conflagration) instead of Eruption. Or you could go Fire-biased with VO and Eruption both maxed, at the expense of LB/CL, Shards or Thunderball trees.

Brigand (Rogue + Hunting)

~Bow Brigand

~Spear Brigand

Diviner (Spirit + Dream)

~Caster Diviner

~Melee Diviner - Add maxed Psionic Immolation if you go Int-based melee Diviner rather than Str-based.

Spellbreaker (Spirit + Warfare)

~Melee Spellbreaker

Oracle (Spirit + Storm)

~Lightning Oracle

~Oracler Sharder - You can max Ternion here but I only use it for energy leech and debuffing, thus there is no need to have the extra damage from increased Ternion. Shards is the damage attack skill.

Guardian (Nature + Defense)

~Clubdian - Subtract Concussive Blow if using a spear. If you have more than +4 to skills, you could also add the Regrowth tree for healing, or increase investment in Rally base skill. Subtract Batter as well if you don’t like it or don’t have enough points.

Conjurer (Earth + Spirit)


Ranger (Hunting + Nature)

~Ranger - Again, more than +4 to skills will allow you to invest in the Regrowth tree.

Evoker (Earth + Dream)

~Caster Evoker


~Melee Evoker

Warden (Hunting+ Defense)

~Ward Cleaver - Add Batter if you like it.

Soothsayer (Spirit+ Nature)

~Soothsayer - This is for a Soothie who stays well out of the action and uses his staff and Ternion only to do AoE debuffing/slowing of monsters to make it easier for the pets. If you prefer to do more damage, you could boost Ternion. If you prefer to be right in the frontlines, max Necrosis and perhaps add more points into the Wolves’ Maul skill. Extra points from more than +4 to skills could go into the pets’ synergy skills to help them survive and do more damage.

Assassin (Warfare + Rogue)

~DW Assassin

~Trapper Assassin

Battlemage (Warfare + Earth)

~Phys DW Battlemage

Druid (Storm+ Nature)

~Sharder Druid

~Lightning Druid

Champion (Warfare+ Nature)

~DW Champion - As you can see, this is a very tough build to attain without at least +5 to all skills.

Bone Charmer (Spirit+ Hunting)

~Hybrid Bone Charmer - Drop Take Down if you only want to use a bow.

Ritualist (Nature + Dream)

~Petmaster Ritualist - Briar Ward and Trance of Empathy are in there for bosses like Yaoguai. Killing them with reflect damage (Briar Ward reflects several times) is easier.

~Melee Ritualist -The one point ToW on most Dream builds is just to turn off monster Onslaught or Deathchill aura.

Slayer (Hunting + Warfare)

~Bow Slayer - Alternate between Marksmanship (LMB) and Onslaught (RMB) attacks, using Onslaught primarily when you want to cripple melee monsters that can rush you.

~Hybrid Bow/Spear Slayer

Spellbinder (Defense + Spirit)

~Bow Slayer - Add Batter if you like it, drop Concussive Blow if you’re not wielding a club.

Corsair (Defense + Rogue)


Thane (Warfare+ Storm)

~Physical DW Thane - Substitute Thunderball with War Horn if you prefer.

~Elemental DW Thane - More points in Storm Surge will be handy if you can afford them. Onslaught and War Wind can be kept at low levels, as increasing your physical damage isn’t a priority.

Paladin (Defense + Storm)

~Physical Paladin

~Elemental Paladin - You want a sword for this, not a club. Hence no Concussive Blow.

Summoner (Earth + Nature)


Sage (Hunting + Storm)

~Physical Bow Sage

~Elemental Bow Sage - I feel that I can afford to drop Find Cover to just one point, as Squall takes care of most ranged enemies. Marksmanship is also reduced to accommodate the elemental skills.

Illusionist (Rogue + Nature)

~Trapper/Petmaster Illusionist

Warlock (Rogue + Spirit)

~Trapper/Knifer/Melee Warlock

~Trapper/Caster Warlock

Avenger (Hunting + Earth)


Dreamkiller (Dream + Rogue)

~Spear Dreamkiller

Juggernaught (Defense + Earth)

~Juggernaught - As with all Earth physical damage builds, only max out Earth Enchantment if you use VO or Eruption quite a bit and feel that you want the extra Fire damage. You can leave EE at 1 if you’re not using spells a lot.

Prophet (Dream + Storm)

~Lightning Prophet

~Sharder Prophet

~Physical Melee Prophet

~Elemental Melee Prophet

Magician (Earth + Rogue)

~Trapper Elemental Magician

Sorcerer (Storm + Rogue)

~Trapper/Knifer/Elemental Sorcerer

Shaman (Rune + Spirit)

~Life Leech Shaman

Skinchanger (Rune + Nature)


Trickster (Rune + Rogue)


Dragon Hunter (Rune + Hunting)

~Throwing Dagger Dragon Hunter

Thunderer (Rune + Storm)


Stonespeaker (Rune + Earth)


Runesmith (Rune + Defense)


Berserker (Rune + Warfare)


Sedir Worker (Rune + Dream)

~Sedir Worker

Spirit AE / Re: Liche King is dubious
« on: 01 August 2018, 14:54:00 »
I always thought that they missed a chance for an "Ultimate" skill.  Something that only has a requirement for both sets of masteries.  Would have been a nice point dump as well.

Is this for use in the main game or just custom games?

Other Modifications / Re: [MOD] TQ Fun - Collection of mods
« on: 11 July 2018, 19:04:49 »
How about charms and relics on Epics and Legendaries. 

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