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General Discussion / Re: How feasible is a non-summoning summoner
« on: 19 September 2018, 09:30:09 »
Summoner is possibly one of the most synergystic casters in this game, don't look at its class name, it only represents what the devs thought might be appropriate at the time. With nature pets and core dweller it is certainly not the worst full summoner, but with fire spells, plague, briar ward and heart of oak it is also one of the best casters in the game. Some people reported here that there are no mobs with high fire absorbtion in the game, so plague with fire spells should carry you through all difficulties. I'm only concerned about flame surge, at the times of main game and IT it was severely underperforming and I haven't tried it in Ragnarok to have an opinion. It might be better to go with tried and tested volcanic orb and eruption. Regardless of what you do, better try to incorporate eruption there, its one of the best aoe damage spells in the game for 12 points. And you won't be short on skill points in 70's.

Here is a plan for you

Core dweller is also an always get it crowd control option for earth casters.

Earth AE / Re: Hybrid Melee/Caster Juggernaut
« on: 14 September 2018, 21:07:38 »
I actually finished building that battlemage Link

Physical eruption and VO need ~300-400% physical damage increase, half of which might come from strength (1200 strength). It is not obligatory to use Giant's tooth for that but it makes things alot simpler. Melees need to worry about more things than damage. They need OA, higher DA and armor, and if you can save on gear slots dedicated to damage by equipping one big ugly mace its awesome.

On per hit basis 1,5K is enough for act 4 and 5 legendary. 2K is very good, 1K is low. If recharge is low - with maximized recharge 1K might work just fine.

We had a discussion like this here. Get a necklace like that if you can. Add any "of the Restless King" monster infrequents, Marduk's tablet of Destiny, vile ichor, Hades Aspis or any other items with %vit. If you can and where you can - in TQ people think about defensive stats first, damage only after filling these to some minimal personal comfort level.

~500 strength until you can wear all your items and for damage, up to 500 int for damage, minimal dex, like >=250, you won't be able to use swords or throwing weapons with that though which might not be convenient. You will likely be using %str%life or %int%mana rings. I'm not sure how much str would be a good fit in current game, maybe its better to spend most points there even.

Since you won't have much dex, using items with high DA would be good idea. OA too, though it is partially covered with weapon training skill if you have warfare. though you will unlikely have enough str thats more likely
I'd also take this I know how I'd personally solved DA issues if I had to make a melee vitality build but its not a good example :)  :(

Weapon with furies heartblood or one of the legendaries with high flat vitality damage.

Like botebote said this sort of fun is not good for starters, it is demanding. Needs a few good items and to know what you're doing, to not drop it if something goes slightly wrong.

From Jade Palace portal, go to the right, then to the left. Watch out for double battle standards just past the river. Going far into farmlands is for when you feel like walking rather than restarting.

Bleed resist is PITA, people here were calling worst decisions made by current team, well, mine would be for making bleed and vitality take penalties in epic/legendary. Vitality has and easy fix in demon's blood, and maybe some new relics (Athena) and artifacts, but bleed is just too rare. Not sure what to advise to adress it.

Showing some dubious numbers in a phone photo is boss.  :)

I somehow feel my dps is lacking?
Is that epic act II? Perhaps. Who knows. You may try to use newer axes with Achiller or Anubis with attack speed completion if it bothers you. To get possibly more attack speed while using heavier weapons

Prowler's cuirass is not an insane grind in the slightest. I think stonebinders are harder to get. Similar hands or legs with good affixes might be exotic but chest is common enough as tigermen themselves are common.

Does Prowler's Cuirass have good resistance buffs
Thats a matter of looking up

and what would be the best relic/charm to attach to it? with pierce res or hp completion in Ragnarok for any energy issues. If you don't have energy issues and Ragnarok it might be Guan-Yu's grace with DA completion to fix DA. If you don't need to fix DA (strange) take anything. Casters like Golden fleece for mana cost reduction.

Looking at these pictures you might be missing one more meta item to fix resistances and other issues that is Apollo's Will. I guess you just don't have it or else it would have been there. I think common simplest source is Hydra, though I've been gifted it as quest rewards in act III regularly too.

Act IV legendary level 63? Thats a good number for same area in epic. Unless you don't have the expansion maybe. But if you are in legendary, you can try and get a prowler's cuirass, which is a dexterity related item and lets you use relics in it too.

Base game does not have challenges that restrict builds to the point where minmaxing is even needed, so you just use whatever works, so long as it works. Some things may work better but meta does not even interest anyone out of 20 people visiting this board regularly. OK, 20 people is sarcasm  :)  Resistances are generally considered more valuable than armor. You would value armor more as a defense build, when you can invest in armor absorbtion.

General Discussion / Re: Weapons for my dualwielding spellbreaker
« on: 02 September 2018, 23:46:08 »
Ternion spellbinder, omg. Don't use vitality without a useful secondary damage type from your other mastery by the way, or wolves or traps with pet jewellery. Vit damage cannot kill constructs so you need something else to deal with them. Electric burn as diviner. Fire as conjurer. Ternion spellbinder is madness for that reason by the way. Spirit says vitality, its what it can support the best, and your second class offers nothing to help it. Not even pets. Its for shield tanks and physical damage. Might be the least synergistic class in current game. Your best option would be Fingerbone of Boreas on swap, but even with that killing constructs or anything really would be very slow when you do not support cold damage with anything other than ~1000 intelligence. Oh wait, you won't even have that much int...

Yeah I'm trying to make a turtle Spellbinder so I'm mixing my Attribute points to allow him to wear Strength armour, as well as having both the Liche King and the Outsider. Will good armour and the two pets with a Life Steal Ternion be enough to finish the game?
And a staff? Finishing the game isn't anything difficult but this design just wants to fail :). Do you like challenge that much? Attribute requirements on items went up considerably so investing attribute freely is even much worse idea than it was before anniversary.

No, pets are not going to help you. link Outsider has nothing to help you with bosses though maxed he can cut down any mob in 2-3 hits. That can be useful in places like Yotunheim or Wusao, but he's on longest cooldown anyway. 

General Discussion / Re: Weapons for my dualwielding spellbreaker
« on: 02 September 2018, 18:59:00 »
Arghhhh, what is the best prefix/suffix for a Ternion caster now, or should I just try and get a good blue or purple staff?

I think you might want to check anniversary changelog or reexamine it if you seen it. Full text is here

General Discussion / Re: Strength of Atlas
« on: 31 August 2018, 21:37:56 »
Traditional spear brigand geared for pierce damage. Lethal strike with study prey. Lightning caster with debuffs can also do it with Ikon of Zeus artifact proc. Like a druid using plague, and maybe also Fingerbone of Boreas or 2 monkey kings and Shen-Nong. Maybe dream phantom strike can also do it with lots of debuff and heavy weapon like a spear. You can use scroll of primordial chaos to be sure. Or combat shrine.

General Discussion / Re: Weapons for my dualwielding spellbreaker
« on: 31 August 2018, 19:08:58 »
Are you playing Anniversary edition? If yes, harrowing does not work on bosses. It will work on normal mobs and will make you do more damage to them proportionally to their hp, but see for yourself if that is going to be of any help to you.

If you are playing Immortal Throne only then life reduction is very much worth it in conjunction with deathchill, mainly against bosses of course.

Gaming / Re: Who says you're too old to play video games?
« on: 29 August 2018, 15:16:25 »
I don't think you properly understand me.

Learning ability deteriorates with age, but not to the point of total incapability. Like other things it is mediated by motivation and reward. If said motivation is near zero, learning is hard. By common citation, kid sees how the ball rolls, while adult knows how the ball rolls. Older people exist in a set of already developed schemes of reality and hate to leave them, the further - the worse. After living for 40-50-60 years you get to see this sparky gadget, blip blop, ahahah what do I need it for, look at funny images? I would rather keep living like I lived. Its worse for women when some of them hate to understand technology at all, much worse with age. Going by example of my mom, my father is familliar with internet since 90s, but he also needed that for his job. While my mother lived with that retrograde attidude - "I do not need this" - and what was she doing, reading (paper) books she has read 3-4 times alredy, while she could possibly get any kind of info or entertainment. Appropriate reward does it, I think it was damn videos with cats :facepalm:. Or maybe she was just bored to death at last to try anything.

What income do you think these people have?

Spoiler for Hiden:

TV was also considered luxury at certain point. If there is a demand there will be offer and people will find a way. Computer games were first developed for kids, sure, and this attitude towards them will stay for some time, most likely a generation will have to pass. Traditional and / or authoritarian societies will likely actively shun "deviations" too. Until they become mainstream. Then, in ~20 years, internet will be full of bored chinese pensioners, and whats left of Nordic and Crate will be developing games for them - mark my word.  :) To complete this joke, Crate has experience in dealing with overaged crowd, and can pioneer it, can they?

Gaming / Re: Who says you're too old to play video games?
« on: 28 August 2018, 22:30:28 »
Many people here above 40 have no clue how to use pc nor phones with OS. My mom could not learn to use her simple small nokia for 9 years of having it, she never remembered how to use sms, yes I agree it wasn't simple but far away from hard. So depends on location, with 200e salary there is not.much to expect.
This point of view you are talking about, call it conservationist, though it will turn retrograde over time. It has nothing to do with salary. Some 200 years ago people did not have much mass entertainment other than alchohol and perhaps religion. XX century added tv/radio, widespread sports and professional sports. There had been games that children do not play for a long time already. I would rather expect more cyber entertainment coming, for different ages and social strata.

Your mom does not use phone not because she can't, but because she does not need to, like Medea says. If she will suddenly finds there something she likes... In a new model perhaps. And with large enough text too - text size in any phone is a big roadblock. My own mom 70 y.o. now learned to use the internet. Not on a phone, on pc but damn it, she almost spends more time there then I do

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