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Paladin is a terrible mastery lacking notable synergies. You want it to be physical? Enjoy not using storm much at all. Elemental? You'll have to make lots of compromises, put little in str and either use light armor and weapons or items reducing requirements (alke and timaios, thoth glory, with armor handling skill of course). Defense does not give you much for DPS and you're going to lack some either way. People were doing this as ice shard caster but I guess its with Persephone's caress and similar items, gear dependant.

Of elemental attack builds, dragon hunter is surprisingly strong with throwing weapons and ok with a spear, and sage has always been fine. I know its not sword and board or whatever you wanted there to achieve with defense. Thane is much better than defense hybrids due to dual wielding fast attack rate. And the strongest hybrid melee I've tried before AE was melee diviner with vitality damage. Rare weapon with vit damage and furies blood, vile ichor, deathchill, maxed distrort reality. That one could compete with average physical melees.

I don't think you should throw everything out and go elemental, its much harder to do right than physical and you will need good gear. Your elemental damage is nonexistant so you can get rid of storm nimbus and wisp. Get spell breaker, squall and energy shield. Use energy shield for cold and lightning mobs (like Barmanu), you can max it eventually - 85% absorb will make you almost immune to it. Maybe get thunderball and throw it into ranged packs or something. Not very convenient but that was yours mastery choice  :)

titan calc

Thanks for sharing. My own experience actually reflects that. A templar in epic with maxed DR TR and +3 or 4 all skills, ~180% physical damage collected on gear and 700 strength. DR stops being efficient - and by being efficient I mean oneshotting mobs, why would I need an expensive skill on long cooldown that doesn't. Like it oneshots tigermen but not draconians, so I'd expect it won't oneshot anyone in legendary at all. Not using any debuffs - templars have no aoe debuff skills. And using weapon debuff defeats the whole purpose - I wanted DR to kill packs with one hotkey instead of Lclicking each mob.

Maybe it can work with some mad gears setup like a harbinger dual wielding Giant's tooth mace, not something I want to level though.

320 physical damage is like a single autoattack, its not low but not really enough too. Compared to ~300 vitality and 700 electric burn in TR you can get if investing in int instead of str.

How really viable this and distortion wave are in legendary for a generic melee build? When you are stacking strength, %strength and physical damage but perhaps not going over the top with that and want to use them as direct damage AOE spells. What about eruption used by juggernauts and battlemages?

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Scrools
« on: 20 May 2018, 00:08:41 »
Scroll of frenzy is a monster on any pierce build. Summoners have stalwart alliance and behemoth. Behemoth is a pet that does 2,5K damage before pet buffs. Now the real killer is the primordial chaos scroll which is op for any physical or elemental attack build and comes with damage absorption like colossus form.

I tend to buy stacks of them for some special occasion, but rarely use any as that occasion never comes. Or when it comes, its to late to use a scroll.

Arrow dancer or fortitude for undead and machae if a build relies on life steal or otherwise weak against massed archers.

General Discussion / Re: HELP, can't beat Epic Typhon
« on: 18 May 2018, 14:26:04 »
Don't know what is there to achieve with just two pet items but I won't be the person who advised that  :). Pet stats were added to some of the old items too. Off the top of my head I can remember Nemean lion braces. If you are going to do pets maybe its worth checking the database for more.

General Discussion / Re: HELP, can't beat Epic Typhon
« on: 17 May 2018, 12:19:55 »
I have no problem changing plans, but I do have an issue changing an entire build because of what is essentially not a wall, but just a single collumn. Like I said, I have not had problems with this character before, and I have not had problems with other similar characters after.
This is not going to work and it does not matter that you can kill trash mobs with it. It will fail even more either in A4 or legendary unless you either get damage for your pets or buff your character to appropriate melee.

Plague is something I'd try, but what worries me is that it is 17 points (maxed core skill and maxed Susceptability) for full duration -39% physical resistance, while the poison damage, and poison and elemental debuffs are just wasted on this build.
I'm surprised you hesitate, just grab it asap whatever you do. What do you mean wasted? The skill is designed to be usable for three damage types, you just pick and use one, or have you seen a physical/elemental/poison build anywhere in TQ?

I don't think you need all these pet skills, you can readily throw out maul and nature's wrath. I tried nature wrath at low pt investment and it did almost nothing - since chanelog says it was buffed I suppose it has to be either maxed or not taken at all. Even maxed it would better suit a druid being elemental damage. Nymph don't need all the skill points really, her damage comes from your jewellery, she's fragile but avoids melee and almost never dies. I'd remove most of points from adrenaline too at least for now, regen won't help you as much as what was suggested here, plague first of all, and duration gain is not that great to have it early.

Here is my current

the plan I have +5 nature so saving final points to use elsewhere.

Chest and helm are quest enchanted with extra stats (cold/light resistance and CC resistances and flat hp with reduced requirements). Necklace with allfather's of convocation might be difficult to find. Staff with allfather's of focus shouldn't be that rare but I never seen it so far.

Ritualist is good at layering defenses. There is plague that cuts physical damage by 50% (almost all melee damage is physical anyway). Then multiple % damage absorption that is again cutting all damage and stacks multiplicatively with plague. If it works like in GD they should stack multiplicatively with each other too. Sanctuary, trance of convalescence and distortion field. Whats left has to go through both armor and flat absorption. Flat absorption is like armor but absorbs all damage types. Overgrowth has some, distortion field has some (Overgrowth should be at level 9 - I am using a few extra + nature items for summoning to up the ranks of nymph and nightmare and all the pet skills). Then mobs even in Olympus hit like wet noodle.

General Discussion / Re: HELP, can't beat Epic Typhon
« on: 17 May 2018, 01:33:37 »
Hmmm,.. my melee Diviner also has pets and she's fiiiiiine liek,..
Nature is not spirit. Nature summoner is made like I described above. Was it a caster with pets? Summoner does all the damage through pets.

Your plan of build developement is wrong. If you stumble at walls like this, its a good time to get rid of that plan and make a new one. But full summoner with defense is not easy, most optimal and straighforward is a melee that uses pets for buffs only. Wolves at 7 pt and maxed strength of the pack. Plague for debuff, nymph for overgrowth, refresh to reset cooldown skills. Like a popular ranger.

Anyway, I doubt a full-time 4-item petmaster would not have them dying like that

26 seconds, 0 wolves died, no scrolls used for clear reference, stalwart alliance scroll could have improved that. I'll leave gears and stats for tomorrow, its late here

General Discussion / Re: HELP, can't beat Epic Typhon
« on: 16 May 2018, 22:23:57 »
Regarding Typhon's attacks, I allready stated that I'm not getting hit by his fire, lightning or poison attacks, and most certainly not the meteors. They're the easiest to dodge of all, and you can just spam at his side, while he is casting them. The problem is purely the life leech and non-elemental damage. He gains more than I can damage him, and after maybe 15 minutes of not dying, he just needs one lucky shot.
That means your dps is the problem, no? With either pets or melee.

Finally, I am not playing a 'primary "tank-and-spank" toon'. Pets are a major part of this build, thus them being useless against Typhon is a problem. I really wonder how other Wolves & Nymph builds are dealing with this.
I don't think melee with pets is a good idea without battle standard, self-found and without Ragnarok. As a summoner you need 4 items with pet damage, two rings, neckace and a staff. Always four, and up to date. You are lacking staff, even if your jewellery has it. Champion can compensate it with battle standard, though you will also need enough -recharge to use it. Others can get some new ragnarok str based armor pieces with pet damage on them to replace staff.

I tried a melee summoner like this in IT, with just pet jewellery and a spear, and was dissatisfied with it. Wolves fall behind in damage and the character can't do much in melee either. Jack of all trades.

My petmancer is not too far from legendary Typhon, I can show it if you wish. Full summoner, recently equipped all the gear I was storing for her though. Steamrolling, but expect to slow down in acts IV-V.

General Discussion / Re: HELP, can't beat Epic Typhon
« on: 16 May 2018, 14:41:54 »
The problem is he leeches back more than he takes in damage, even with my 80% resistance, and Wolves are just useless against Typhon.
The goal is to do more damage to him inbetween leeches than he leeches back. Susceptibility does just that and -50% phys resistance is one of the biggest boosts to DPS you can get with your build. Its by no means "a bit more". Strength of the pack is another option, probably weaker though, depending on your stats.

Edit: I think 1,5K DPS in the stats panel is a more appropriate number when you're melee in epic. Achilles, Heracles, Ares, raptor tooth have +% physical damage or can get it as completion, some can also get attack speed. Of the winds rare shields have attack speed. I suggest you revise your gear and decide where you can improve that, in addition to plague. I think you are mostly lacking attack speed though. Average damage number = dps number, 99% as, thats not very good.

General Discussion / Re: HELP, can't beat Epic Typhon
« on: 16 May 2018, 13:05:50 »
Are you doing any melee damage at all? It must be low. I'd relocate some points from adrenaline etc defense skills into plague and max susceptibility to increase your dps by 1,5, whatever you're doing it with.

Poison is there by the sound and visual effect. Bleed - doesn't seem so by the visual again.

This is a troll in a troll thread. Don't waste your time on this. He's here for the drama, not help. To keep writing his incredible bs and make you try to disprove.

Oh really, thats funny to hear after one of them been almost oneshotting my slayer with a normal attack in legendary. Could have been their MI with an interesting roll but I gave up trying after a second fail. They still have fuckton of weapon damage for it to matter with a lucky roll.

Are you through the same cycle in this thread again? Dactyls are rare enough to get through all quests and right to Hades without meeting one from second attempt if needed. Petrification does work but occult jewellery - gigantes are now "giants" monster type, not "magical". I wonder why weren't they nerfed after all, to have cooldowns on their skills, or are there implications of some sort.

Now I get it. Said illusionist can be melee, petmancer, caster (with poison) and maybe ranged with throwing weapons. Dragon hunter can be ranged and caster but also melee. Haruspex is like dragon hunter too

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