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Guides AE / Re: Best builds?
« on: 18 October 2018, 11:45:03 »
By best you mean meta (strongest + popular) ?

- Conqueror (melee, mace)
- Harbinger (DW melee)
- Brigand (melee, spear)
- Haruspex is still strong, just not broken (spear or bow)

- Ranger (ranged, bow, permanent call of the hunt with refresh)
- Dragon hunter (ranged, thrown)
- Stonespeaker (ranged and caster, thrown)

- Druid (caster, ice shards)

- Diviner has a chance with vitality ternion, but you need a staff called Praxidikae to even try.

Rogue AE / Re: [Guide] Poison and bleed trickster with traps
« on: 17 October 2018, 20:34:31 »
I think I'm not getting the message of that video. Killing bosses from stairs had been an anecdote about TQ difficulty. Increased game speed must be a good option when you want to kill bosses with gas bomb.

On flat pierce stacking on knives: brigand has auras and temporary buffs to scale %pierce, trickster has nothing. With basic stats knives are pointless as a source of direct damage.

Rogue AE / Re: [Guide] Poison and bleed trickster with traps
« on: 17 October 2018, 17:35:20 »
Blade Honing will boost piercing dmg for your character and traps, Throwing Knives too. Why don't you using it?
By how much? I can't see flat damage number of the ultimate rank skill in calc but rank 6/6 is 15 flat. Single allfather's is 110 flat. Doesn't seem like worth the effort. For the character himself too: out of sources of pierce damage scaling he has ~700 dex, thats actually +70% pierce damage. And nothing else. Without appropriate scaling it will be a change like 500 pierce per knife -> 530 pierce per knife.

You should using " additional elemental dmg " item for pets when facing undead type enemies to deal with them easily.
I had this idea, but quickly discarded it. Why? Consider that all mobs get 60% elemental resist in legendary. Without debuff it is the same as having 60% damage absorbtion like ghosts do to physical. It can be removed by debuff unlike absorbtion, but to do so you need to hit mobs with seal of fate or asphodel first. So you're making your elemental traps do against any mob type like mine currently perform against ghosts only, unless you debuff.

Elemental traps may be a good recipe for illusionist because plague is so much simpler to use on any monster group.

Using Poison Gas Bomb Only you can kill x24 Typhon ( Massbossess) Easily.
Spoiler for Hiden:
- 52 minute duration. Em. Um. Can you please tell in a few sentences whatever you meant to say? Or if you want to show something, tell me the exact time where it appears in the video.

Rogue AE / Re: [Guide] Poison and bleed trickster with traps
« on: 17 October 2018, 01:07:03 »
Why would I even want elemental damage here? And a point sink like rune weapon when I need these points elsewhere.

Archmages clasp is nice except it does not have poison res. Or skills.

Rogue AE / [Guide] Poison and bleed trickster with traps
« on: 17 October 2018, 00:37:57 »
I never liked rogues before and now I think I know why. Rogues used to have only pierce damage for them, everything else in their mastery didn't work for various reasons. With DOTs and traps fixed, there are now at least two more ways to play this mastery.

General info

This trickster is a full rogue build using rune mastery for support only, while  relying on poison, bleed and traps to do damage. It uses throwing weapons or  occasionally melee weapons together with skills like throwing knives and poison gas bomb. Rune is chosen for the quality of its support skills, there is a debuff  (seal of fate), crowd control blocking path (menhir wall) and resistances (rune of  life). Due to this full rogue focus it does not have to be a trickster but can  also be built as illusionist or perhaps a magican.

Poison and bleed do no damage to certain types of mobs, constructs and ghosts, and  only do marginal damage to other undead who in Anniversary edition got 70% poison absorbtion instead of 100%+ resist. Piercing damage which is another rogue mastery specialty also does poor against these mobs. Traps, however, that were made into  "pets" in Anniversary, can carry any damage type from pet jewellery. Physical or elemental or vitality, in practice physical is just enough for killing undead and constructs.

Skills discussion


Calculated strike - This is an auto-attack replacer skill to start the game  with as one pointer, necessary for early game progression. High direct damage on  fourth hit can help kill any mobs at any stage of the game too. Lucky hit makes it  more valuable with its chance to do high bleed damage.

Lay trap - Taken early, leveled together with its modifiers steadily but  persistently over first four acts of normal. Requires pet damage jewellery to be  good, thus used together with 2-3 pet items. Traps are more consistent than wolves  and do not need support, so minimal pet jewellery is just fine. I was wearing just  two pet items in the end. Its needed to deal with undead and constructs after all,  not being main focus of the build. Rapid construction modifier at ultimate rank  (max +4) reduces skill recharge to 0.

Poison gas bomb - "Spell" that should be taken early at first opportunity  and is a priority to level, it is the main nuke in the build, used to destroy  packs of mobs. Fast recharge even without recharge reduction gear makes it a good  early game nuke. Shrapnel may be left as one pointer until late.

Throwing knives - One more damage spell, does bleeding damage and carries  poison from equipment (except weapon) and envenom weapon. Can be left as one  pointer until early to mid epic, but only to focus on something else as this is  also an important damage skill. Knives have much longer range than throwing  weapons and with flurry of knives can hit multiple targets, thus having its own  use not covered by normal attack. Carrying poison, slow and confusion from envenom  weapon this is part damage part crowd control skill. At ultimate rank skill has 0  recharge time.

Lethal strike - This is how melee pierce rogues suicide themselves on reflect. Thanks to its modifier mortal wound amplifying poison and bleed by huge % poison rogues can try it too. Main skill is best left at 1 point, modifier maxed if possible (and if you were  even going to use melee weapons).

Flash powder - Crowd control skill that applies fumble and confusion,  useful to prevent melee mobs from swarming you or put fumble on a boss.

Envenom weapon - Characteristic rogue buff that is of course fully maxed in this build.  Adds poison damage to attacks, improves %poison damage globally, debuffs mobs with  slow and low chance of confusion. Provides damage, and crowd control by means of  just attacking mobs.

Anatomy - simple passive boosting %bleed damage. Can be left as one pointer until very late.

Disarm traps - boosts % racial damage to constructs. 1 pt is enough if any,  your damage is not your traps damage and you will mostly use traps to kill constructs.

Seal of fate - Very slow-to-fire nuke with high elemental damage (main),  bleed damage and debuff (aftershock). Used as one pointer with maxed aftershock to  debuff. Can easily hit not very agile bosses and immobile ranged mobs. To hit  melee mobs with it, they are best blocked and aggroed by menhir wall first.

Menhir wall - A row of rocks that block path. Most efficient way of crowd  control in the game, there is no immunity to this and it can block bosses. Rocks  can be destroyed, but their hp grows significantly with points invested. Left as  one pointer to be maxed late however, as there are other more important things to  take.

Energy armor - Huge flat damage absorbtion that protects against physical,  pierce and bleed. Requires either huge mana pool or lots of mana cost reduction.  When having neither its still good to keep a few points in it.

Rune of life - A castable duration buff giving vitality and bleed  resistances.

Runeword: feather - Reduces requirements for weapons and provides some OA.  Can help using heavy shields but otherwise not critical. 1 point.

Runeword: absorb - Reduced block recovery makes block more efficient, with  top shields you will hear it blocking all the time. Energy absorb helps to restore  mana.

Sacred rage - Upon reaching low health grants 20% damage absorbtion and  together with its modifier also monster damage reduction. Not much absorbtion and  damage reduction in rather short radius for short duration, so not investing much  in it.

Reckless offense - Allows dual-wielding weapons, including thrown. Not  needed if you weren't planning to.

Guardian stones - A pet that is immobile and fires at mobs that come near.  Attacks do not convey pet damage from gear, so if you don't have sources of global  %pet damage, its damage will stay at what is listed in the tooltip (terrible).  Good to impress early game bosses, but I fail to find a use for it in late game.

Leveling progression

Stat distribution is strength : dexterity 1 : 1 until level 60, then all into dexterity. 6 quest reward points go into energy and 6 in health (all normal and epic), or all 12 into energy for energy armor.

Start with rogue mastery and pick calculated strike and envenom weapon as first skills. Use a spear with calculated strike, and some ranged weapon on swap. Work on the mastery bar to get poison gas bomb and traps.

level 10

Poison gas bomb is super efficient at clearing packs at low levels and will even wipe out undead just as easily as living (except ghosts) until end of normal, if not halfway into epic. This skill is the first priority to max.

Traps won't be very useful with the first few points in them and until rapid construction is maxed, so there is no need to bother with pet jewellery until act II normal. They will become more practical by end of act II - beginning of act III and will be already needed there too, so its best to plan ahead and put some points in them every now and then. They are the second priority to max.

level 25

Envenom weapon is the third priority to max. Maxing both masteries can usually be done around level 40, if putting 3 points to mastery bar and 3 points into skills every other level.

level 40

Next, skills are maxed in an order traps - envenom weapon - rune of life - aftershock - throwing knives - flash powder. The build is mostly finished by level 55.

level 55

level 70

Gameplay and tactics

Poison rogue has distinctive contactless tactic made possible by poison gas bomb and traps. These two skills have unlimited range so you can hurl them wherever you want within direct line of sight, and kill packs before they see you. Withing shorter range it will use menhir wall followed by same gas bomb  or throwing knives for packs, or just hitting individual mobs with throwing weapon.

Spoiler for Hiden:
Sending traps and gas bomb from act I to act V in Arcadia

DOTs in Titan Quest do not stack, they are good at killing mobs but slow at bosses, though placing few traps can still speed up boss fights.

There are several mobs and locations worth noting. Reflect mobs can be very dangerous when you have lots of poison damage. Using something like Gorgon's Edge on mobs like draconian mages is a terrible idea. Use traps to deal with them. Reflect also demands 80% poison resistance in endgame at all times. Not an easy thing to do I know, but I will note a couple of simpler solutions in gear section.

Yggdrasil area has mobs with very high projectile resistance. Mobs get additional proj resist on epic and legendary, so these mobs get to 100% in legendary. Add to this that they all have moderate reflect too. I don't know if its working as intended or an oversight, but for a build like this one relying on projectiles mostly it is a PITA. Poison gas bomb works, but a melee weapon is also needed in legendary. Just don't use lethal strike on them. Get a stack of health potions before going there too.

Ghosts are not affected by either poison or bleed. They also have 60% physical and pierce damage absorbtion that makes them a harder target for physical traps. They are the reason traps are needed early and before you meet lots of them (act IV lost souls). When dealing with them, use debuffing skills and attacks. Winds of Asphodele in particular is better for this task than Gorgon's Edge, but any other source is useful.

Gear Discussion

A poison rogue needs some + skills, +4 rogue is mandatory (because traps, throwing knives), rune can be left at lower but having both masteries maxed is always good. Around 400% poison damage. I consider bleed secondary, but having some is useful with so many bleed skills. My character has 500% poison and can oneshot any mob with throwing knives or gas bomb up to legendary volcanic wyrm, cyclops and yotuns. With Gorgons Edge, he oneshots legendary yotuns too. So it is actually a very high number, but then the lower you have it, the longer you have to wait for mobs to die, running around in circles is fun up to a certain limit. Mana regen is needed to use all the expensive spells, energy absorb and mana leech can also help. 2-3 items with pet damage for traps, this is most common on magic and rare jewellery but can also be found on several strength based armor pieces like gloves and boots. DA and resistances as always.

Where to get DA. This is simple, build is lucky to be dexterity based and every one point of dex is one point of DA. Dexterity can bring around 700 or more than 1000 DA alone. If you scale dexterity with items getting 1000 isnt hard, but these items are not common. Star of Ishtar artifact has 20%, then there are also Sigil of Bast and Symbol of the Polymath. Sigurd courage relic has 9%. A number of rogue related items have high flat dexterity.

1000 DA is sufficient number for endgame when you can keep mobs at distance. 1200 is a more comfortable level though.

Additional DA can be procured from relics. Guan Yu grace and Shade of Hector, both with DA completion. Monkey King can have 75 DA completion.

Where to get poison damage
Assasin's cover is one of the convenient ways to get  that when you happen to have the items, my character uses 3 out of 4.

Diseased plumage charm can have up to 50% (with 25% completion)

Ismene's helm has 40% along with 80% poison resist. Common MI that drops from lamias in act IV that can also help to solve the issue with poison resist.

Jormungandr guards happen to have 33% along with 90% poison resist, +1 rogue and +1 rune. Can similarly help with poison resist.

Venomhusk shield has 50%.

Envenom weapon provides 170% poison damage and is something every poison rogue is going to have.

Dexterity can provide 100-150% (100% per 600 points). 100% is guaranted then, extra 50% can be procured from dexterity scaling, see "where to get DA" above on this.

Where to get energy regen
Items with high flat mana regen. Puppetmaster's rare necklaces, Eldhrimnir stew relic (with rare chest), ring of Veleda, golden shield of Pelaron, Apples of Idun artifact.

Screens of items used in build

Spoiler for Hiden:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Head - Assasin's shroud, option: Ismene's helm

Chest - Assasin's harness, option: prowler's cuirass

Hands - Assasin's bracers, Jormungandr guards, Stonebinder's cuffs, Bracers of the Nemean lion (for pet damage)

Legs - Assasin's greaves, option: Belisama's greaves

Ring 1 - Ring of Veleda, option: Star of Elysium

Ring 2 - rare with Allfather's prefix (pet damage)

Necklace - rare with Allfather's prefix

Artifact - Talisman of the Jade Emperor, Star of Ishtar, Wheel of Taranis

Weapon (throw) - Gorgon's edge, Winds of Asphodel, otherwise use rares with poison damage and Shen Nong

Weapon (melee) - Deathweaver's legtip

Shield - rare with +2 rune, any rare or legendary shield can actually be used here, whatever you wish

Runemaster AE / Re: Dragon Hunter is the best Rune class?
« on: 16 October 2018, 00:26:41 »
Also, don't give too much attention to the DPS displayed in the character window. It's cool to see the little number rise, but it is very inaccurate (for the best or for the worst) since it doesn't take  a lot of things into account (such as your LMB, for example.)
As a general advice this is sound, but not for rune weapon - for that skill tooltip DPS number is accurate. Everything it has - it places on your weapon in the form of charges. Converted weapon damage, flat damage, %int affecting all. Using this one for comparisons is fine.

Marduk's tablet of destiny is vitality and spirit mastery related.

I think when physical weapon has %piercing and is converted to elemental, elemental conversion happens first, and conversion to piercing does not happen at all.

Runemaster AE / Re: Dragon Hunter is the best Rune class?
« on: 15 October 2018, 13:31:10 »
VIII. End Game Gear
Weapons : Touch of Nyx (right)
                    Blessings of the Moiriae (left)
Head : Golden Agris Helmet
Torso : Corselet of Freyja
Hands : Armlets of Freyja
Legs : Boots of Freyja
Rings : 2x Celestial Band
Amulet : Brisingamen
Artifact : I forgot its name. But its a new blue (epic) level from AE version.
With gear like that any class is best. Except most anti-synergistic ones maybe. On dragon hunter its 1000% meta. Can I have a little more meta with this meta? :) If I am to propose something there, it would be getting more attack speed and mana regen. ADCTH is also useful.

Right, the only true damage spells in rune are seal of fate and runic mines. Rune weapon and thunder strike are attacks. Caster dragon hunter is sort of a contradiction in itself. Natural dragon hunter is mage-zon like build with flashy elemental attacks and few spells to support them.

I think this game was never supposed to be balanced. Its very old single player almost adventure-like arpg.

The faces of the guards being the same of our heroes is quite unfortunate, but I think it is pretty minor. At worst, it was used as placeholders and they forgot to replace them, who knows?
If that was a single issue I'd rather not notice it myself, but then there are greek women in celtic and germanic settlements, plants are from China, birds from Egypt, half of environment and decorations reused, half mobs are from different acts. Birch forest looks like sudden snow in may... Let me guess, they were saving on models because they din't have money and worktime to spend on them. They were spent on bandits shouting in dozen different languages and console.

How did Nordic managed to make Russian voice acting about as good as the original game where there was professional by whoever did the disc version (Buka?), and then completely fuck up the English one? Its a shame to even complain about that when they should have made less of it to begin with, to save budget on unique models for the expansion. To not make hero character models into guards and the like  >:(

This expansion priorities are all wrong with a dozen native voice acting for mobs, console versions (that are even also fucked up I heard) and then reusing models from the original game on industrial scale.

Someone did the effort to model this Good job by the way. Impressed.

Spoiler for Hiden:

Only to fuck it up completely with that guard model. There are more of them in that settlement too

Spoiler for Hiden:

General Discussion / Re: Dragon Hunter vs Sedir Worker
« on: 07 October 2018, 21:51:30 »
The only other mastery that has similar simple debuff to flush out is nature, which is also one of the best support masteries for nearly anything, you can't go wrong with getting more hp and resist for you while reducing resist, total speed and damage on mobs. Mobs in legendary have 60% all resistance (except physical) by default. Ultimate rank flush out is -50 something (-55?), so its almost 2,5x damage improvement on its own. Plague is slightly higher I think. That can be dropped into negatives with seal of fate. When its deep into negative, % reduction like TOW or squall or Hera's shield can drop it further.

You don't have to use skills to debuff in an attack build, it can try to debuff with attacks with items like Winds of Asphodele, Korybantes, Hera's shield. Twisted coil of the parasite.

And you don't have to use skill debuffs to get something very meta, you can also buff damage instead with elemental masteries. Earth or storm, and their 100%+ damage auras for fire or cold and lightning. Also 180% elemental from wisp if storm, and flat cold and lightning. Elemental masteries are glass though, they do not have DA, evasion or other defensive support.

General Discussion / Re: Dragon Hunter vs Sedir Worker
« on: 07 October 2018, 14:38:05 »
But does it beat seal of fate?
These are two different skills you will use in different situations. Seal of fate is a very slow nuke that you will sometimes use on bosses and sometimes to raze archers (who refuse to move). It won't hit anything unless its blocked by menhir wall and aggroed at it. Flush out is one click AOE debuff you will commonly use to debuff or aggro anything. Very easy and very convenient. Trance of wrath on its own is melee range debuff, don't count on it in ranged build, even throwing ranged. When it ticks on mobs once, these mobs are already sitting on your head bashing it.

I believe you have seen my dragon hunter build on this board. There were some people who voiced their intention to make seidr or said they are already in process but no one has published any guide or report AFAIK. Electric burn won't give you much synergy. Its damage is improved by intelligence, %elemental and %electric burn damage on gear. %elemental is particularly hard to find in big numbers. So it very much depends on gear.

For the actual resist reduction order there is this writeup. In current Grim Dawn mechanic seem to differ though, but for Titan Quest first link info should still be valid. Trance of wrath is efficient when you already have lots of flat resist reduction, to put it even further into negative. When its the only thing you have, its very modest.

General Discussion / Re: How feasible is a non-summoning summoner
« on: 19 September 2018, 09:30:09 »
Summoner is possibly one of the most synergystic casters in this game, don't look at its class name, it only represents what the devs thought might be appropriate at the time. With nature pets and core dweller it is certainly not the worst full summoner, but with fire spells, plague, briar ward and heart of oak it is also one of the best casters in the game. Some people reported here that there are no mobs with high fire absorbtion in the game, so plague with fire spells should carry you through all difficulties. I'm only concerned about flame surge, at the times of main game and IT it was severely underperforming and I haven't tried it in Ragnarok to have an opinion. It might be better to go with tried and tested volcanic orb and eruption. Regardless of what you do, better try to incorporate eruption there, its one of the best aoe damage spells in the game for 12 points. And you won't be short on skill points in 70's.

Here is a plan for you

Core dweller is also an always get it crowd control option for earth casters.

Earth AE / Re: Hybrid Melee/Caster Juggernaut
« on: 14 September 2018, 21:07:38 »
I actually finished building that battlemage Link

Physical eruption and VO need ~300-400% physical damage increase, half of which might come from strength (1200 strength). It is not obligatory to use Giant's tooth for that but it makes things alot simpler. Melees need to worry about more things than damage. They need OA, higher DA and armor, and if you can save on gear slots dedicated to damage by equipping one big ugly mace its awesome.

On per hit basis 1,5K is enough for act 4 and 5 legendary. 2K is very good, 1K is low. If recharge is low - with maximized recharge 1K might work just fine.

We had a discussion like this here. Get a necklace like that if you can. Add any "of the Restless King" monster infrequents, Marduk's tablet of Destiny, vile ichor, Hades Aspis or any other items with %vit. If you can and where you can - in TQ people think about defensive stats first, damage only after filling these to some minimal personal comfort level.

~500 strength until you can wear all your items and for damage, up to 500 int for damage, minimal dex, like >=250, you won't be able to use swords or throwing weapons with that though which might not be convenient. You will likely be using %str%life or %int%mana rings. I'm not sure how much str would be a good fit in current game, maybe its better to spend most points there even.

Since you won't have much dex, using items with high DA would be good idea. OA too, though it is partially covered with weapon training skill if you have warfare. though you will unlikely have enough str thats more likely
I'd also take this I know how I'd personally solved DA issues if I had to make a melee vitality build but its not a good example :)  :(

Weapon with furies heartblood or one of the legendaries with high flat vitality damage.

Like botebote said this sort of fun is not good for starters, it is demanding. Needs a few good items and to know what you're doing, to not drop it if something goes slightly wrong.

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