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Texture & Skin Modding / Re: [RESOURCES] Custom Models & Skins
« on: 27 January 2021, 22:36:39 »
This is very cool, maybe is better to make special shop/or shops for this, like used for skins and to activate as artifact. In case you are going to make more creatures like this.

Technical Support / Re: Frozen World Mod: Is there a fix?
« on: 17 January 2021, 08:15:42 »
I'm trying to make this to work. Same post from discord:

Need help with Frozen World mod/map. Got 1.01 version and used update 1.1 version to update database and resources, but not sure what to do with GameDir folder. Tried to place titan_quest_frozen_world folder as first inside CustomMaps folder, but every time I try to play, my game just minimize and close. Ideas?

Spoiler for Hiden:

efko i don't know if posted this thread at this section is right place or not, so if it's not, you may move it to the right section in forum?
Better to ask Medea, Sauruz or nargil66, they better understand content and how to organize it. My role is to help if something can't be done easily or helping with basic administration which is not case here, but this board is about videos and should be ok place. Just my thoughts, you can post it in this board as regular video and if its tutorial you can post it with other tutorials or similar as well.

About @mention and editing posts, 1st use Preview button if you want to use @mention because when you hit later edit button I won't get notification. Edit will hide notification.

Forum News and Info / Re: Happy Holidays
« on: 07 January 2021, 06:44:39 »
Happy Orthodox Christmas to all TitanQuestFans who celebrate.
Srecan Bozic i praznici  ^-^

New Projects / Re: Shadow Champions (Mastery Mod) - WNG
« on: 05 January 2021, 21:35:02 »
WNG is active on his discord. I can tell him to check these forums if you need him?
Wish him a Happy New Year in my name.

General Discussion / Re: TitanQuest question
« on: 03 January 2021, 22:48:19 »
I saw mod for forum with which we can make 2 in 1 forum, probably separating new boards with button, but the same login. Need to investigate this more, but it should not be a problem to make it be done like that.

General Discussion / Re: TitanQuest question
« on: 03 January 2021, 03:06:56 »
Exactly the same we did with Anniversary edition, Ragnarok and Atlantis. Idea of this forum is to be global knowledge base, everything related with this game should be here.

Forum News and Info / Re: Happy New Year 2021
« on: 03 January 2021, 03:03:58 »
Happy New Year titan slayers!

Android/Console / Re: Feedback to Handy Games
« on: 02 January 2021, 21:11:51 »
No so easy job to adapt something for everyone's taste. I don't have TQ on my phone so my opinion will be based on other similar android games and TQIT for PC, and your post above.

1. This is in generally hard task to make to be good for every phone. Depends on phone brand, android version, screen size, user fingers... So when in hurry you miss to hit the button this is something very subjective, but most of players probably have this problem.

2. Maybe additional button can solve this, I saw this problem in other games.

3. Is this the same game behavior like on PC version of the game? I think on PC you need to go with cursor over next target, but what if it focus here weak monster and other tough monster is going to kill player.

4. Sounds like priority target is not set, on PC version when you hold ctrl or shift usual target can be closer monster.

5. This sounds like a game mechanics bug and it should not be hard to be fixed.

6. #1 problem in TQ game is limited bags capacity, but on pc is not hard to teleport and to sell items. On 1 android game I saw auto-picking items and filtering. That game also have hidden shop with chance to get there, but character bag have an option to sell items for 50% less money. Filtered items with low price or bellow quality category are automatically destroyed/sold so player won't bother to go all the time to his inventory. Something like this could improve player experience on android.

All this is just my opinion from my experiences, so this is just my ideas and my point of view. Also as for now unexperienced software tester this is how do I see situation that you presented in this topic.

Forum Features, Questions and Answers / Re: Forum suggestions
« on: 27 December 2020, 01:38:08 »
Hello Julius635, MODIFY button is already provided after few posts and this is the way to help every user in case if there is a need to modify posts (misspelled, private information posted by mistake, outdated info corrected, update with new stuff). Delete option is available only to Moderators and Administrators and allowing such permission to everyone can bring problems and out of context topics.
In some specific cases user can contact via Personal Message active Moderator or Administrator for post deletion. Before sending PM, check profile and Last Active, otherwise it can happen to wait longer than expected.

Forum News and Info / Happy Holidays
« on: 25 December 2020, 06:17:34 »
Merry Christmas to all TitanQuestFans who celebrates  ^-^

World Modifications / Re: Seasons Greetings from DrGray
« on: 24 December 2020, 20:29:28 »
Thanks for the info. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year  ^-^

Art Manager / Re: Teleporter Zone.dbr missing
« on: 16 December 2020, 06:36:28 »
Spam is the main definition of every forum. There are 3 types of spam:

Oh... probably i'm keep few important words behind scene... I meant what asking (on-topic) questions on the forum is not a spamming. And there is no need to sorry about that.

PS: Surely everything has own limits, and if i'm in single day ask 100 questions even perfectly and sensible - then this act most likely will be treated as spam. :)
So far from my experience spam/spamming can be done both in positive and negative way at least for forum terminology and usually is nothing serious. Word used as negative or bad spam is flood/flooding with definition - arrive in overwhelming amounts or quantities. I saw that on multiple forums and it seems is used on global level.
@typhon007 did you solve your thing related with Teleporter Zone.dbr missing?

Art Manager / Re: Teleporter Zone.dbr missing
« on: 15 December 2020, 23:47:37 »
i don't want to spam the forums but i got another problem that i can't solve.
Isn't that what a forum is for?
Spam is the main definition of every forum. There are 3 types of spam:
1. Relevant content with the forum purpose,
2. Off topic content which is not related with the forum purpose but is acceptable,
3. Unwanted content, we barely had it. If it happen unwanted content to be posted, we will edit or remove it, or user will be warned not to post it, in worst case user can be banned from forum. But again this community is healthy and kind, in my opinion sometimes we need more action
(not talking about action against user/s, but about more posts and opinions), different opinions about some things and similar.

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