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Guides AE / Re: DW Spellbreaker - Hardcore and Farming setups
« on: 26 February 2019, 19:52:05 »
Actually low DA and low chest armor value (330) but DA and armor are means of protection among others: useful but not mandatory.
With dmg absorption from BS and reduced damage from the aura, it's not a big deal.

About BS, yes it can be destroyed but only in normal/epic and if the skill is not maxed.
In legendary, BS at ultimate level is like a rock.

The main problem, is like you say: deatchchill aura can be nullified, thats' why i put it in the weaknesses. That said, you know where is the danger. In mimer 's maze it's a problem only if you kill ghosts in presence of drones. So ignore ghosts and kill the drones first. Regarding gilded mages, thats's where ancestral warriors are helpfull, the best use is for meat shield in that situation. If you check the video, it's what is done before engaging gilded undead in the climb towards Typhon.

Defense AE / Re: Journal Thread: Hybrid Stat Melee Conqueror
« on: 26 February 2019, 19:34:16 »
I don't remind having trouble with shield charge with my runesmith.
But the main difference with your defender is i was playing without much CDR and therefore i kept shield charge only for moving from one pack to another one when available.
So if the problem comes when using it at melee range, i hardly noticed it.

« on: 26 February 2019, 19:28:42 »
Yeah, writing has never been my strong suit. It will be a couple weeks before I can compose anything meaningful.

I am exhausted just thinking about it.
Hey it's not serious  ;) i was asking in case of you already have one on hand.

You have to activate the "custom maps" and restart and then select the mod from a dropdown list. My version still crashes on some items.
ok thanks

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development
« on: 26 February 2019, 01:04:53 »
Drunk satyrs  ;D  it fits well with Dionysus.

« on: 26 February 2019, 00:52:48 »
Always played with TQ vanilla, so it's time to explore new roads.
Have you a few lines summary, presenting the mod, for people like me who never played with it ?

For the technical part, have i to do something with TQ vault ?

Texture & Skin Modding / Re: Beware...
« on: 26 February 2019, 00:46:36 »
Your pet looks like having some vaccines in late  ;D
Not bad for a 1st try !

Guides AE / Re: DW Spellbreaker - Hardcore and Farming setups
« on: 24 February 2019, 11:41:52 »
i said on another topic that if you have corselet of freyja, archmages clasp and something of the mammoth helm with +2 erebus, that it's reason enough to go hybrid stat for just about any character.. i still stand with that.. vit also scales with int and necrosis + circle of power is crazy vit damage
Actually it was the initial idea if you remember in this thread: building a DW vitality spellbreaker. I have still vitality weapon in vault, not difficult to find in Asgard.

But i was not sure of the result, so i kept the classical physical dmg way and, if i can avoid corselet of Freja and the big tooth, it's better  ;D.

if you are going for immunity builds, more item choices makes it easier.. although it's also possible with only str and dex if you spend enough time researching (like what you did)
Hmm yes, immunity builds would be easier with hybrid chars, i had not thought about that.

Guides AE / DW Spellbreaker - Hardcore and Farming setups
« on: 24 February 2019, 02:21:15 »

This guide give some clues for building a dual-wield spellbreaker with permanent battle standard. It is intended for farming or hardcore playstyles.
The build relies on a balance between offensive power from warfare and defensive aura from spirit mastery.

dynamical playstyle that pushes forward
feeling of still gaining power after lvl 70
quick farmer when perma battle standard and ultimate core skill levels are achieved

DW tree takes time to shine, not before lvl40
lost of deathchill aura is one step towards death. It's wise to keep an eye on it (Mimer's maze, gilded mages)
gear intensive but not unachievable

Skills at lvl 80 - Warfare mastery

Core skill trees are Battle standard, Onslaught and  Dual-Wield.
Why no points in war horn tree ? it's a great skill when playing self-found but unnecessary with good gear. 1 pt can be handy for leveling though, depends mosty on gameplay style preferences.
Note that casting war horn is a waste of time when you can cast battle standard instead. Moreover, warwind strike is efficient if monsters are all around close to you, not scattered around by doom horn.

Spoiler for Hiden:
The value refers to max (respectively ultimate) level of the skill.
  • Weapon training: brings 222 (350) OA and 16% (25%) Attack speed.
  • Dual wield tree: allows 52% (75%) chances to hit with 2 weapons at once, AOE 2 to 3 targets and +50% physical damage sometimes.
  • Battle rage tree: triggered (8% chances) when hitted by ennemies with a cooldown of 12s for 10s. Gives a huge physical bonus and works as Ares' wrath, making this passive skill great for killing speed.
  • Battle standard tree: +88 (120) flat OA and +166 (274) physical damage per hit to any weapon, either low of very fast.
  • Onslaught tree: +52% (76%) physical dmg at full charge, and +16% (25%) Attacl speed if at least one charge is present.
  • War wind tree: +21% (49%) physical damage, AOE up to 7 (9) targets, and some bleeding damage.
  • Ancestral Horn: summons 5 ancestral warriors for a 24s duration. Each one deals 130 to 174 dmg (157 to 215).
  • Dodge Attacks: 21% (30%) chances to dodge attacks.
  • Battle standard tree: 36% (45%) damage absorption.
  • Onslaught tree: 15% (20%) physical and pierce resistances.
  • Battle standard tree: -40% (60%) damage,-40% (60%) physical resistance within 12m radius.
  • Onslaught tree: -28% (44%) DA, 56 (90) reduced armor and -35% (55%) mov speed, at full charge.

  • Battle standard tree: +1 to all skills, and -50% Energy cost.
  • Onslaught tree: +16% (25%) movement speed if at least one charge is present.
  • War wind tree: +300% movement speed.

Skills at lvl 80 - Spirit mastery

Core skill trees are Deathchill aura and Dark covenant. The aura allows the spellbreaker to make the best use of warfare offense without the need of a shield. The liche king, although cosmetic with few points, is handy for pulling from time to time, and for its soul blight ability.

Spoiler for Hiden:
  • Summon outsider/liche king: basic attack and 33% reduction to ennemy's health.
  • Dark covenant tree: +50% (75%) dmg for a 21s (30s) duration.
  • Spirit ward tree: +65% (119%) dmg to undead, + 46 (70) dmg to undead.
  • Spirit ward tree: 45% (62%) less dmg from undead within 6m radius.
  • Deatchill aura tree: -25% (33%) total speed, 36% (45%) reduced dmg, -36% (45%) armor absorption, -81% (119%) LL/bleeding/vitality resistances within 3.7m (4.5m) radius.
  • summon liche king: Soul blight ability allows -15% (30%) reduced resistances for 8s within 6m radius.
  • Death ward: activates when health drops below 15%. 680 (990) HP restored and 77% (94%) dmg absorption for 3s.
  • Dark covenant tree: +10% total speed, 21 (30) energy regeneration/s for a 21s (30s) duration.

The aim is to keep a balance between offensive power and means of protection. Although really tempting for AOE, leveling warwind early isn't a good idea.
WW energy requirements imply leveling dark covenant in parallel, and other priorities are better. Some AOE ability is allowed anyway with the DW tree. 
L 1 - 30: onslaught tree, Ravages of time
L30 - 50: DW tree, battle standard, weapon training
L50 - 70: Dark covenant + WW tree (energy), dodge attacks, deatchill aura, spirit ward tree
L70+: Ancestral horn, death ward (if hardcore), battle rage finally for big numbers in farming gear.

Hardcore setup
A permanent Battle standard is a game breaker, so all gear efforts have to focus on CDR. Talisman of the Jade emperor seems the best artifact with its -25% recharge. Actually hardcore mode is much more easier with 3 other artifacts: Sigil of the bast, silver heart and golden belt, depending on the zone. Finally, from skill analysis, it appears, like for most classes, that core skills benefit greatly from ultimate skill level. Battle standard brings +1 skill, so +3 have to be found on gear. Therefore hardcore gear setup has to be found under 3 constraints:
  • 80% CDR without Talisman of the Jade emperor
  • +3 skills on gear
  • all resistances positive, when possible >50%, in particular 80% stun resistance is required
It's like squarring the circle. Here is one setup, the 80% CDR come from Tracker's hood, Brinsingamen and Ring of the three:

Spoiler for Hiden:

Ritual cleaver x2: 40% physical dmg x2, adcth, elemental and vitaly dmg resistances, attack speed
Ring of the Three: -12% recharge, vitality dmg resistance
Star of Elysium: 700 health, 15% physical dmg, pierce and poison resistances
Brinsingamen: +2 to skills, -27% recharge, 10% physical resistance
Tracker's Hood: -42% recharge
Mantle of Sa'jun: low armor value but lots of resistances
Gauntlets of the Necrolord: +1 skills, 12% attack speed, lots of resistances
Trollwrestler Greaves: 23% strength, 37% mov speed, lots of resistances
Sigil of the Bast: 100 less dmg from beasts and beastmen
or Silver Heart: 100 less dmg from undead and demons
or Golden Belt: 80 less dmg from giants

Why 80% CDR and not 70%, wouldn't be easier ?
Because 70% means a battle standard each 18s whereas 80% reduces the cooldown to 12s. This is the difference between a jerky and a flowing style since in hardcore, the spellbreaker has to fight under the dmg absorption zone from battle standard.

Farming setup:
In that case, talisman of the jade emperor can be used, which simplifies gear requirements. Also, less constraints on resistances allow to wear good green weapons to improve dps. Note that a lot of tries are necessary to seek the best combination for its own playstyle and a good killing speed. Here is one setup among others:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Tyrant's Aesir War Club of Havoc socketed with Anubis' wrath: 43% physical dmg, 26% total dmg, 12% adcth, 35 attack speed
Blacksteel Executionner socketed with Anubis' wrath: 265 reduced armor, 25% chances of 37RR, 12% adcth, 35 attack speed
Mark of Ares: 10% chances of +497% physical dmg
Star of Elysium: 700 health, 15% physical dmg, pierce and poison resistances
Brinsingamen: +2 to skills, -27% recharge, 10% physical resistance
Tracker's Hood: -42% recharge
Mantle of Sa'jun: low armor value but lots of resistances
Gauntlets of the Necrolord: +1 skills, 12% attack speed, lots of resistances
Hervor's Fine Steel: 17% physical resistance, 235 DA, vitality dmg resistance, 20% less from undead
Talisman of the Jade Emperor: -25% recharge, 50% elemental resistance

Farming setup: Battle standard + Dark covenant boosts
At full charge, attack speed cap is nearly achieved.
Spoiler for Hiden:

In this video, the same farming gear is used, except for Hades and Loki encounters that require a fine tuning. Some of the items are taken from immunity thread.

Edit: a few corrections.

Earth AE / Re: Using flame surge skill
« on: 23 February 2019, 20:11:30 »
Pairing Flame surge with TOW was a good idea though. If you encounter problems in late epic, even RR rings won't help past mid legendary..
This skill tree deserves a last tiers. I hope upgraded skills will be introduced in the incoming patch.

Runemaster AE / Re: In the electric mist - Journal of a thunderer
« on: 20 February 2019, 00:47:02 »
Level 30

Time to raise rune mastery. Squall still does the job, with some help of thunderstrike.
Titan calc

As hoped, it has been possible to wear a chest of high armor value for a mage as soon as lvl 25, provided that other weightless items are available.
Spoiler for Hiden:

Corselet of Freyja (+100% DA) and Giant's Tooth (+80% str, +40% physical dmg), compared to other items of same level, are OP.

A mage wearing Freyja' set gets 2.5 k DA with Persephone's rings, and with Coronal of the abyss, 3k DA.

Defense AE / Re: Journal Thread: Hybrid Stat Melee Conqueror
« on: 17 February 2019, 22:58:43 »
I agree, too much DA can be gathered that way  ::)
However i remember that DA was nerfed with AE.


- Defensive Ability greatly exceeding the attacker's Offensive Ability yields diminishing returns

But by how much?  is there a fair balance ? i couldn't say.

Defense AE / Re: Journal Thread: Hybrid Stat Melee Conqueror
« on: 17 February 2019, 01:37:45 »
Ohohhhh,  I'v never seen that, int on conqueror, i want to see more, what have you in your Pandora's box ?

new ways, new builds  ;D

But as much as possible i would like to avoid corselet of freyja (it's too OP)
Up to now, nobody reported it in devs thread, but we could do it if you want.
I've no real opinion about that, the same for big tooth.

Happy to see you rejoin finally the challenge. Actually last time, i hesitated between a templar and a spellbreaker.
Let us know how is your feeling about this class. Templar seems promising.
Wish you the best, man  ;)

Runemaster AE / Re: In the electric mist - Journal of a thunderer
« on: 17 February 2019, 01:11:16 »
Level 20

Leveling consisted in quickly filling Squall and go up to storm mastery to uncover summon wisp and eye of the storm.
Titan calc

Squall is damn powerfull at low levels. Remembering Mammoth_hunter's thread i played with lvl 36 harpies right at the beginning along the way.
The spell can be casted really far, it seems there is no limit. Without entering into the gorgons arena, i could cast it. Is it a cheesy skill ? Yesss, but that's fun  ;D
Spoiler for Hiden:

Gear & main perks;
Spoiler for Hiden:

Master Seer robe: 10% elemental dmg + Golden Fleece: -15% energy cost
Light winding of acuity: -10% requirments + Amun-Ra's glory: health
Boots of the Valkyrie: +1 to all skills, 18% mov speed + Hermes' sandal: 15% mov speed
Ceremonial circlet: 8% int, 12% experience + Amun-Ra's glory: health
Cartouche ring: 20% elemental dmg, 53% casting speed, -11% energy cost
Storm eye: 18% lightning dmg
Spellbound medallion: 26% elemental dmg, -20% energy cost
Skeletal darts: high base dmg + Zeus' thunderbolt: 33% lightning dmg
Outrider's Buckler: -9% requirments + Turtle shell
Shroud of Eternal Night

In particular, i try to incorporate high armor gear when possible:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Edit: a question to storm addicts, what is the best way to deal with Typhon: Squall + Spellbreaker + (Lightning bolt or Iceshards ?)

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