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New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development Thread
« on: 21 June 2018, 06:48:03 »
i don't mean to be a smartass but that is a Caduceus.. the distinction is Asclepius rod has one snake and looks more like a wooden staff.. that one right there is a Caduceus

potions are easier to use than regrowth because no clicking of the mouse is needed.. but that one is a matter of preference

Rogue AE / Re: Petmaster Dreamkiller
« on: 20 June 2018, 12:49:36 »
I'm worried about its constancy in late-game and its actual benefits
that's where the fun is.. if it's a surefire strong character, where's the fun in that? :)

if it ends up to be a powerful one, that's double the fun

Keep us informed.
will do :)

Rogue AE / Petmaster Dreamkiller
« on: 20 June 2018, 11:18:29 »
This is not a guide.. I just thought of something crazy that i want to try with my dreamkiller in the coming days and i want to share it with you.. This is a theorycraft for now but the good thing is i already have a dreamkiller and it's a hybrid so i can go with whatever build i want

So how do we make a dreamkiller a petmaster hmm.. traps are pets now.. but why dream? ahh because of nightmare mastermind.. ok that's it, got the idea now.. that simple ...  ... nahhhh ;) .. those 2 are part of this build but it doesn't end there.. we need more pets.. and the only way to truly justify dream is by getting lots and lots of pets so they all get mastermind.. that's where one particular pairing of skill and item comes... aphrodite's favor and throwing knife.. AoE mind control.. good for xmax.. but that's dangerous right? because what if the duration ends? instant mob.. enter traps and distort reality ;)

this build has many holes:

1) it requires lots of skills so it takes a long time before the build takes shape

2) Aphrodite's favor is not easy to find and the level requirement is 52

3) build requires at least +4 to all skills, cast speed, and probably a bit of CDR.. maybe some pet buff rings as well

4) this build is useless in secret passage and primrose passage
(here i probably take back all the points from knives and envenom tree and put those on distortion wave)

those are the cons.. the pros are:

1) it is weird.. and

2) it is weird

that's good enough.. i will update in the coming days :)

@Hector I'm not gonna argue with you man we're cool..
but i actually find the base game too easy.. that's not boasting or anything.. I just have the necessary experience and i farmed to death when AE was still in its infancy.. I'm sure I'm not the only one

@koderkrazy the legendary craftsmanship yeah i agree with you.. i try to optimize gear without relying on that

ok then so thanks and thanks for the Zeus Typhon silence mod

Spoiler for Hiden:
i just don't like cheats.. i use to cheat myself though not in this game.. small cheats lead to big cheats which then leads to free for all anything goes start at lvl 99.. or in this case 85 :/ 

is this like the cheat TQdefiler used to offer? where whites and yellows don't drop making greens and above quality items drop in abundance? if so, i don't like it
party pooper me

i have like 4 chakram of the sun and no hati.. might be just RNG though.. also no chakram of the moon despite tq-db saying they have about the same chance of dropping (at least from heroes and bosses).. most thrown weapons i got were dropped by regular mobs

edit: i just looked at Hati drop chance and it says "no bosses seem to drop this item".. that explains it.. maybe there's a chance it's given as a quest reward.. but the chance of getting it must be slim

or tq-db isn't updated and Hati now drops in the latest versions

@Hector late answer regarding ADCTH.. I'm just remembering some of my experiences with some of my melee characters back when i was still playing them.. may or may not be informative...

ADCTH has always been a must for my melee chars but only starting late epic.. 4 AE characters of mine that all uses ADCTH:

bonecharmer (melee/non-ragnarok) - with just 1 incarnation of Anubis wrath, i steal truck loads of health.. with ultimate max necrosis, combined with permanent call of the hunt and unearthly power, i can fully replenish my health with 1 to 2 hits.. that's counting volley procs.. DPS i think was about 9k

assassin (this was a long time ago before it got weird/better ;) ) - dual wielder.. both weapons have anubis wrath.. life steal was not as huge as bonecharmer's but almost as good because of rapid attacks and 99% of attacks critting.. would never have survived legendary without it

sorcerer (mage) - not melee but life steal from elemental rage works with throwing knife.. being a glass cannon, it's obvious i also can't survive legendary without it.. life steal from one projectile is puny but because it's a multi fast attack, i can facetank most mobs with not much kiting

illusionist - the least life steal of the 4.. i tried high DA first (at about 1k give or take/argonauts set) and it helped.. i tried throwing knife next with phobos and deimos (10% ADCTH set bonus).. DA got down to 600 but i like it better.. more right clicks but less running

tldr: 20% life steal may not be necessary provided you deal high enough damage whether single target attacks or rapid multi attacks.. and also if you have necrosis

Guides AE / Re: Resistance Reduction Guide by apocalypse80
« on: 18 June 2018, 21:12:59 »
regarding my flat reduced resist stacking test, a Stanislav dude answered on youtube.. this what he said:

it is not explained properly... gear slots and mastery skills directly tied to weapon attack stack additively  but not in between gear and spells( two different sources-can not stack)
 -> hence the difference attack(weapon) vs. casting(spell).

i only said:
stanislav, maybe so.. at least it's clearer now :) 
i won't bother with more tests I'm not using sapros anyway ;D

ps: this little conversation was in clex plays advanced damage guide video on YouTube

Guides AE / Re: Illusionist Build
« on: 18 June 2018, 11:56:05 »
I'm glad i wrote this guide.. i decided to reread it and only then did i remember about mbuti's advocate.. maybe i changed weapons when i was trying to optimize this for ragnarok and just forgot about it.. anyway it's my secondary again and i like it more than winds of asphodel because the study prey procs with knives.. and I'm playing x3 so a debuff is better if it's AoE.. i killed 3 Typhon and 3 Surtr faster this time.

btw, if anyone is following this and can't beat Toxeus, there is a trick to that.. if you hug the wall you can summon wolf inside the cage without opening the gate.. immediately cast refresh so you can summon 2 wolves quickly inside.. then cast plague.. you can eventually summon 3 wolves inside.. nymph is no go.. do not hug the gate because you might accidentally open it, just the wall to the side (press shift just to be safe).

actually the trick is not mine.. it's a trick thought of by someone from another forum borne from his desperation of trying to kill Toxeus with his petmaster (not illusionist).. i just ripped the idea.. credit to that guy (sorry i can't remember your name :/  )

it takes time but i can guarantee it works because it's the only way i can beat Toxeus with this character.. you can use scrolls like ice nova or stalwart alliance or something if it takes too long to your liking

the other bosses in SP pose no threat to pets + traps even if you open the gates.. it doesn't work against the newest cage (the one with no door) so you just intentionally let yourself get teleported by that mage guy with a staff.. or if you can attack melee, melee weapons can reach through those walls (sometimes the mage does not want to cast teleport)

ps: this build is still so much fun i decided to play it again starting Typhon.. I'll go through the whole act 4 and act 5 again :)

Runemaster AE / Re: Rune Weapon Dragon Hunter Build showcase
« on: 17 June 2018, 20:29:13 »
i always thought of focus is a green suffix.. maybe because it can roll to as low as (8% ? memory is bad, way not sure).. but at 19% together with 45% pierce res, that helm is every bit as good as a green item

Other Modifications / Re: [MOD] TQ Fun - Collection of mods
« on: 17 June 2018, 20:25:15 »
i only want the Typhon Zeus shut up mod.. nothing more

edit: or only talks after last Typhon is dead

Guides AE / Re: Skinchanger - Defensive Petmaster Build Guide
« on: 17 June 2018, 10:23:58 »
alright i know i said not to facetank Dactyl.. well, that's because it's Dactyl.. but today i really wanted to test it's sturdiness and i thought legendary Dactyl is the next step... facetank

i managed to make him appear 3x.. i made sure my fortress is already set-up before i facetank him.. i can click fast enough to cast plague on him before his 1st wave

1st wave he breaks briar ward, but energy armor holds.. i immediately recast briar ward, this has to be done fast or I'm probably dead

i cast seal of fate, and recast briar ward again.. then bombard with rune weapon attacks.. all this time guardian stones is attacking

of all those 3x, he managed to break my energy armor but of all those 3x i won.. which may only be possible because of seal of fate because once it explodes, he dies quickly

i tried to make him reappear for 4th time but for the next 15 or so runs, he just won't reappear.. for now I'm content with 3-0  :)

all 3 tests were done xmax x3 but it's always 1 Dactyl spawning in 1 place.. he always has mob gigantes with him but them i can ignore.. i focused all my attention on facetanking Dactyl as if the mob gigantes weren't there

it's still very dangerous but just in case someone wants to follow this build and wants to kill Dactyl, this is an option

all tests done with ultimate max briar ward, sanctuary, energy armor and overgrowth.. lvl 1 seal of fate and aftershock but i have many + to all skills

Guides AE / Re: Skinchanger - Defensive Petmaster Build Guide
« on: 17 June 2018, 06:15:18 »
looking at my video, it makes sense to cast seal of fate in the middle of that mob.. and so i tried it and yes it helps.. this will only work well against heavy mobs that last long though... and of course stationary mobs and bosses that don't move much

so credit to @Hector for indirectly making me realize seal of fate is a good skill to use for this build


wait wait Hector said the same thing about mobs phasing through the wall

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