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you're welcome  ;D

@gasconron i want to see some hybrids and how people go about gear optimization.. can i ask 10 mins or so of your time and post a pic on my The Theory of Hybrid thread? most items i can identify by appearance but i would appreciate it if you include highlights of the item.. check my spoiler pics in one of my comments in my thread for reference.. you have more experience than me when it comes to hybrids ^-^

it might still be possible but you have to do your own farming.. which would be very very very long because you have to farm in normal and epic also.. and then early legendary.. the naked hardcore i think is near impossible (if not impossible) in AE:R

edit: the difficulty spike, i remember posting something like this i think at reddit

farming i have simple answer: i don't :P

hm yeah forgot about this.. i planned to test normal and legendary also.. I'll do it tomorrow

also, is it just me or is the dual throwing range bug fixed now?

Hunting AE / Re: Shuriken Storm
« on: 19 March 2018, 00:49:12 »
I regularly have triple Volley streaks.
damn this would really be uber volley

question: i think there's no way you ignore thunder strike.. so does volley proc off thunder strike? lol how many projectiles would that release?

Hunting AE / Re: Shuriken Storm
« on: 18 March 2018, 22:00:08 »
CrocMagnum, only transmutation is permanent.. not magical charge and energy drain

haven't played around it yet but i think the change can either be good or bad.. i mean what if you deal physical and elemental and you only want transmutation to be active when you use rune weapon.. it can be bad for hybrids maybe

just saw the video.. i have first hand experience with an illusionist though and I've played around it with different playstyles (as I've done with most of my characters).. and i can say the best build is circled around traps and pets.. and going all dex on an illusionist is a nerf because your part in the action is mostly casting plague and staying alive.. you need high armor and some run and cast speed.. going all dex limits your item choices.. i went str/dex but i think going str/dex/int is ok too as long as you have good items stored already.. i play primarily xmax x3.. it's still on the 3rd town act 5 legendary because i have many characters i play also and my playing time has lessened these days

and nargil66, throwing knife is a debuff depending on your items and other skills.. i think i mentioned it in my rogue guide.. can provide slow, reduced resist, chance to fumble.. pairing throwing knife with mbuti's advocate makes it a debuff weapon for example

for a petmaster maybe.. assassin's set requires dex then you can wear santa's shield and spear.. illusionist would still be a good choice.. but i don't know if that's what you mean.. i mean why would you go pure dex for a petmaster right? but heh i like this.. now I'm thinking crazy again >:D

edit: brigand.. then wear an elemental wraithlord's/allfather's ring for traps.. study prey to reduce elem resist.. then you help with bow or throwing weapon nah throwing knife.. SB cuffs too

Gameplay / Open PvP Coop
« on: 18 March 2018, 02:14:43 »
Ok so i know PvP is not popular in Titan Quest. But it is possible in-game and some players may be interested

To start, me and my nephew used to have fun killing each other in gladiator PvP mod downloadable at kirmiziperfect. But it's just 1v1 because we don't have anyone else to play with. But back in my college days, we would spend hours playing diablo 2  1v1 PvP, team PvP, free for all PvP, 2v1 PvP, anything. We even came up with new strategies specially made for PvPs.

Don't worry about deaths, should you die in gladiators PvP mod, the deaths don't reflect on your main game. I don't know about other PvP mods, but in gladiator mod, what you do in PvP does not get saved on your main game. There are gladiators outside but we don't use that, we stay inside and a player signals the start of the fight. Also, there's a mystic, caravan driver, merchant and arcanist near the rebirth fountain.

So if anyone is interested, just reply to this post. I may not be even able to join because I'm in a different time zone than most of you guys.

Rules (all are subject to change):

1) matchups are to be decided by players themselves, whether 1v1, 2v2, etc

2) no use of defiler or any cheat engine. custom made items are not allowed

3) difficulty is to be decided by players, whether normal, epic, or legendary difficulty

4) i suggest a level division. like 40-50, 50-60, etc.

5) i suggest a limit to potions. me and my nephew use 10 HP and 10 MP only. that way the fights don't take very long and we find some balance for weapon users and casters

6) In the case of team PvPs, if one dies, he/she should wait in the rebirth fountain until the fight is decided

No bragging please. You might win 1 PvP but you can always lose to other PvPs :)

Players with strong PCs are requested to record and post video PvPs. Requested, not required. That way we get a small taste of the fun, even by just watching :)

Now, nobody might participate but that's ok with me actually. For those who want to join just reply to this thread. For those not interested, that's ok but you are always welcome to join should a PvP match pique your interest one day :p

Items / Re: New Ragnarok Items Showcase (spoilers)
« on: 17 March 2018, 21:24:12 »
good eye on the rat's pack.. that probably proves passives from items and skills stack.. the only mechanic still unproven is whether passives from same items stack.. like 2 jagged silks.. but i think it does too.. i think you mean Einherjar's line though.. Einherjar's fate is a sword.. it says it grants reckless offense although you still need dual wield or reckless offense to equip two weapons.. maybe it meant it gives chance to proc reckless offense.. i have 2 Einherjar's sword i could maybe test whether the chance does stack but it only gives 4% chance to proc.. 4% wouldn't be noticeable

if it's your last quest or if you remember the day you did that quest, you can find which .que file it is.. but if you missed anything, i don't think so besides the XP reward.. me i would just back my character up and proceed to wodan

General Discussion / Re: The Theory of Hybrid
« on: 17 March 2018, 06:01:42 »
tholuneve, i just looked at tq-db for gorgon's edge and winds of asphodel.. i just remember that gorgon's edge gives huge poison but i didn't know it also gives 20% reduced resist as well as a slew of CCs.. and winds of asphodel...50 flat reduced resist? 25% reduced damage? damn are you kidding me? you're right that these 2 would go together.. sometimes i think some of these throwing weapons are OP.. sigh i have to play more again i'm getting behind on all these new items

Hunting AE / Re: Shuriken Storm
« on: 17 March 2018, 00:57:17 »
high five

I'm still drooling at the idea of 2 jagged silks + max volley.. add in runeword:explode/burn + study prey.. total annihilation.. shame that i haven't found any jagged silk yet

also try menhir wall.. got the idea first from @Tauceti that higher skill levels would result in more stones

borrowed your pic Tauceti

edit: speaking of 2 jagged silks, do you guys know that it's still possible to duplicate an item through dvalin's simulacrum? but very weird circumstances must be met first

General Discussion / Re: OA/DA vs Damage
« on: 17 March 2018, 00:05:25 »
The diversity and variety of available skills, pets, and casts, is what I'm counting on to save my skin, when I'm in a pinch.
most of the time that's enough.. even with xmax
ROFL,.. shokugeki!
nyahaha.. still my favorite chapter.. erina just melted... and reborn.. one of these days i will try to recreate his dish that chapter.. hopefully

General Discussion / Re: OA/DA vs Damage
« on: 16 March 2018, 22:09:14 »
ratio stat distribution has always been wrong for me.. as good as Poinas is, i doubt he followed his own advice to the text.. it was just as you said, to keep things simple.. but if you want to go beyond, things just aren't simple. sorry

it always depends on your gear.. but you don't always know which gear to wear and even if you plan it out, chances are your gear planning will change once you start playing it.. what i do is i always keep a few unused stat points.. that way if i need some dex for example, i have some to spend.. sometimes i keep about 10 unused stat points but most of the time, i only keep about 3-5

my experience with DA.. iirc back in TQIT, very high DA was good enough to save your a$s 90% of the time.. in AE/R, that is no longer the case.. in TQIT, iirc 1400 DA was good enough to face tank most melee mobs.. in AE/R, you will get hit more often.. then if you look at act 5, there are many throwing weapon users, archers, rock throwing trolls, water elementals, fire elementals, elves that cast sunrays, monsters that deal reflect damage.. DA is useless against any of these

so what do you do for survival? getting defense mastery would be a good start.. but what if you don't want defense? time to turn on your brain gear.. it's not that simple then :)

me i have always been big on CCs, that's why i like rogue.. but other masteries provide CCs or some kind of survival as well.. but i don't want to deviate your thread so my simple answer: no.. don't follow any fixed ratio stat distribution.. it's only for beginners

heck my knifethrower guide i advised going dex first instead of str or int :)

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