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Ok, after a long delay, the new version is approaching...
This update will focus on immersion - some monsters have more accurate names, NPC markers (above their heads) are recolored to blend better with the game world.
Endymion's latest fixes are already in. I'm still working on a skin overhaul - skin mod will be improved, as well as mastery pet looks and some NPCs. You know me, im the nymph lover guy, so i started from Nature nymph (now called Sylvan Dryad) and Pegaea NPC. My party of revamped Nature pets near the spider cave:

Other Modifications / Re: [MOD] Battle Nymphs
« on: 31 July 2020, 01:09:06 »
Yeah, the plan is to do something like that. But right now im working on something bigger... i'll leave next version for another time.

Other Modifications / Re: [MOD] Battle Nymphs
« on: 30 July 2020, 08:41:23 »
Thank you :)
Fixed 2 missing nymph names on the skinlist picture (Naiad1 and Oceanid3).
Right now the skins have no proper bump textures, coming for the next version + maybe some glows and effects.

Other Modifications / Re: [MOD] Battle Nymphs II
« on: 30 July 2020, 02:17:45 »
After a long delay and dozens of nymph reworks, i think it's finally time for an update. I present to you... Battle Nymphs 2!

This time all nymphs have unique look, both as model and as texture. Here is the current skin/model list (click on the image to see the full list):

Battle Nymphs Version 2 Addon Mod

This mod replaces the female character model with one of several types of nymphs.

How to install:
1. Remove previous addon mods if you have any.
2. Unpack the archive and put the folders from inside to your main game "Database" folder.
3. Go to "Creatures/PC/Female" folder. Choose a nymph mesh from the list (see Skinlist.jpg) and rename it to "femalepc01.msh.
4. Launch the game and choose female character.

Features and Info:
- Dyes will NOT work. No matter what dye you use, the character will preserve her default skin.
- Each nymph mesh is linked to only one skin. To change appearance, you have to use different mesh.
- All helmets are made invisible, but you can still equip them and get their bonuses.
- Rigid Bodies data is removed. This means the nymph will always use death animations.
- Added an optional menu. To disable it, rename or delete "Menu" folder.

Download link:

Texture & Skin Modding / Re: [RESOURCES] Custom Models & Skins
« on: 29 July 2020, 10:06:56 »
Its a normal armband, equippable, not attached. But its just a modding resource for now.

Texture & Skin Modding / Re: [RESOURCES] Custom Models & Skins
« on: 29 July 2020, 09:54:27 »
Maenad Claws MI:


Feel free to use in any mod.

Nice :D Keep them coming!

Other Modifications / Re: Death Effects Mod for TQ:AE
« on: 26 July 2020, 20:50:47 »
Check if there isn't folder inside folder after you unpack the mods. The effects are supposed to show, even at the horse quest in Helos.

Other Modifications / Re: Death Effects Mod for TQ:AE
« on: 26 July 2020, 04:58:33 »
You put GoG mods in "My Games/Titan Quest - Immortal Throne/CustomMaps" folder and load through Custom Quest menu. It works for Steam mods too btw.

Texture & Skin Modding / Re: [RESOURCES] Custom Models & Skins
« on: 21 July 2020, 03:06:16 »
Tonight i'll try to finalize Kali, so i can move on something else. For the next version there will be two options, one cosmetic (all attributes, for NPC or just fun) and one normal (visible weapons for regular play).
The normal version is easy to make, but the attributes version will need some work, if i want her to look close to mythology:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Kali Lower Right Hand - Trident:
- (Recolored)

Kali Lower Left Hand - Plate:
- Cut from Oracle's plate probably (with fire burning effect, i like it better than blood)

Kali Upper Right Hand - Sword (possible candidates):
-'s-fang (currently used in v2)
- Gold Machaera or Gold Heavy Khopesh - unused items, found on the sword section here:

Kali Upper Left Hand - Head (replaced with a skull):
- Use Skull Mace 1 or 2 (golden) - unused items, found on the mace section here:
- or to make a custom skull offhand, like this one:

Edit: Some attributes were added, i'm not completely satisfied, but it looks more lore-friendly now:
Spoiler for Hiden:
If you guys have suggestions, let me know.

Texture & Skin Modding / Re: [RESOURCES] Custom Models & Skins
« on: 20 July 2020, 16:50:45 »
Kali PC Mod version 2:

- Skins are usable now, but i still recommend the default white dye. Kali's model is skirtless, so vanilla skins may not look good.
- The character now uses 4 cosmetic swords (all weapons can be used, but they are made invisible)
- Most attack animations now look like dual wielding, but bow, staff and thrown weapons will still cast projectiles.
- Bone skirt has been removed (too much clipping with the body)
- Improved some textures and bumps.


Texture & Skin Modding / Re: [RESOURCES] Custom Models & Skins
« on: 20 July 2020, 07:37:32 »
Thanks, just to let you know, version 2 is on the way :)
Btw, i'm working on another goddess concept too. I found this gorgeus greek hair on another game... which inspired me to start the long delayed Aphrodite:

Spoiler for Hiden:
The model is still early in the making, she still needs more details to add.

Forum News and Info / Re: Birthdays
« on: 18 July 2020, 19:11:55 »
Happy birthday man! :D

Texture & Skin Modding / Re: [RESOURCES] Custom Models & Skins
« on: 17 July 2020, 09:38:48 »
Hmm, @icefreeze , you were right before about Kali looking like an asura/rakshasa - i made a small research on Hindu spirits & demons, and i think Kali model will make a good enemy ingame.
Some info that i found about rakshasas:

The rakshasas are evil spirits in Hindu mythology with magical and shape-shifting abilities. The Ramayana states that they were created from the foot of Brahma to protect the primeval waters. The demon, Ravana, was their king. Other sources refer to the rakshasas as the descendants of Pulastya or the children of the Vedic goddess of death, Nirriti (Nirrti), and her consort Nirrita, & even as the children of Khasa.
In terms of appearance, rakshasas are described as yellow, green, or blue with vertical slits for eyes, matted eyes, large bellies, and five feet, as well as having poisonous fingernails that can kill humans. They tend to take on the appearance of animals such as dogs, vultures, and owls, but can also appear as humans.

Rakshasas feed off of human flesh and foods which have been contaminated by insects or sneezed upon. They are mischievous creatures that inhabit cemeteries, destroy sacrifices, and possess humans (through food) causing insanity and illness. Many rakshasas were cruel humans in a past life.

Here are some good pictures:

The female rakshasa is called rakshasi, and the term is often used interchangebly with asura. I think with a slight rework Kali model can be turned to a hero or a boss (perhaps "Nirrti, Mother of the Rakshasas").  Nirrti's depictions are very similar to Kali, Google shows basically the same images.
Btw, i reworked the base model again to use 4 weapons at once:

Texture & Skin Modding / Re: [RESOURCES] Custom Models & Skins
« on: 15 July 2020, 19:51:19 »
I think you should make a belt for her  ^-^
There is small issue that when she spins the shield, it show the inside side of the shield without hand attachment.
OK for the belt. Maybe ill make it on top of tiger pelt (or paint over it).
About the spinning animation, there is not much i can do atm. It was designed to work with weapons, so i just recommend using dual wield :)

I'll take a break from this model for a while. I was thinking today - i've put alot of effort to the female model and too little on the male... he got neglected for far too long. No matter what male god i want to make - Anubis or Shiva or Apollo, etc., the vanilla male model is just not good enough. So it will be the next task - making a male character that is closer to old ideals of masculine beauty. I dont know how much time it will take, but i think its still worth it...

Edit: Tried today, but its damn boring to make the male. Someday maybe...

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