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Ъпдейт. Диалозите по главните куестове на Атлантида са преведени.

If you are able to attach the upper body parts to a Lamia, it will look like real Lamassu... but i dont know if possible.

Some more ideas of monsters/bosses in Babylon area (these are from Shumerian myths, described as the ofspring of Tiamat):
Basmu (“Venomous Snake”), Usumgallu (“Great Dragon”), Musmahhu (“Exalted Serpent”), Mushussu (“Furious Snake”), Lahmu (the “Hairy One”), Ugallu (the “Big Weather-Beast”), Uridimmu (“Mad Lion”), Girtablullu (“Scorpion-Man"), Umu dabrutu (“Violent Storms"), Kulullu (“Fish-Man") and Kusarikku (“Bull-Man”).

Ъпдейт. Рагнарьок е преведен изцяло. Следващите дни ще се постарая да завърша Атлантида.

I hope the animation translates well.

Ha ha, made me chuckle.

Every modder trying animations: sweating, eyes shut, fingers crossed "pleasepleasepleaseplease"  :'(

Here's hoping nargil!

Haha, that made my day BG... :D Well, yeh, it's a little more than hoping and praying :)

Btw, here is the maenad rider... this time with long dress:
Spoiler for Hiden:
I dont remember how many reworks of maenads i did already... ever since my first try in the old forums. But, i if they are getting better, why the hell not :)

More realistic leopard (reshaped vanilla lion, still on the making):

Spoiler for Hiden:

Spoiler for Hiden:

I hope the animation translates well.

There is an official guide left by Nordic on how to make localizations. You can find it in "Titan Quest - Anniversary Edition/Toolset/Guide/". Things are explained there better than i could.
Spoiler for Hiden:

You dont need to repack until you are translating. Just leave the folder for translating unpacked in the main Database folder (rename it to Text_EN if its not already). Then start the translation directly in the files of this folder. Each time you add changes, restart the game and they will show immediately. Leave repacking for later, when things are more finished.

Cool stuff as always :) Keep up with the great work!

Around the world / Re: For the Ancient Greece geeks...
« on: 16 May 2020, 08:58:07 »
More accurate names of some mythological creatures:
(P) - Plural
(S) - Singular

Makhai/Machae (P) > Makhe/Mache (S) - Suggested: Makhe (non-Latinized) or maybe Makhos (because they are male in TQ)
Automatones (P) > Automaton (S) - i never found them named "Automatoi" in other sources
Androktasiai (P) > Androktasia (S)
Potamoi (P) > Potamos (S)
Phonoi (P) > Phonos (S)
Hysminai (P) > Hysmine (S)
Keres (P) > Ker (S)
Spartoi (P) > Spartos (S)
Nymphai (P) > Nymphe (S)
Kentauroi/Centauri (P) > Kentauros/Centaurus (S)
Kentaurides/Centaurides (P) > Kentauride/Centauride (S) - female centaurs
Erinyes (P) > Erinys (S)
Hekatoncheires (P) > Hekatoncheir (S)
Kyklopes/Cyclopes (P) > Kyklops/Cyclops (S)
Titanes (P) > Titan (S)
Titanides (P) > Titanis (S)
Gigantes (P) > Gigante (S)
Telkhines/Telchines (P) > Telkhis/Telchis or Telkhine/Telchine (S) - Never found them named "Telkine" in other sources
Mainades/Maenads (P) > Mainada/Maenad (S)
Satyroi (P) > Satyros (S)
Eurynomoi/Eurynomi (P) > Eurynomos/Eurynomus (S)

You shouldnt have problems after the first levels in Act I. I dont know if the potion drop rate is increased, but you find them pretty often.

I decided to rework the Egypt packs, again... reason is the skin tone just wasn't right... No matter what popular culture tries to present, in movies and such, they were of African origin, and threir skin must be darker than what i made.
Here is a comparition of old and new skin:

Spoiler for Hiden:

Spoiler for Hiden:

I wish i had the time to rework the game's NPCs, so it becomes more immersive... but that can wait.

Inanna v3 has been uploaded to Nexus:

-Fixed bird greaves having wrong normals and tweaked their texture
-Improved base female model - more lush curves, less thin
-Improved all dye textures and bumps (less pixelated base textures, more relief on bumps)
-Added one seminude skin (shown in the pictures there)
-Added new mesh femalepc01noarmorsweapons.msh (made to default) - all armors and weapons are invisible, Inanna will use her ring-and-rod symbols instead. To use another mesh, see ReadMe.
-Added alternative long idle animation (hands up, holding symbols). To use, rename to femalepc_idle.anm.

Sorry icefreeze, it would require coding knowledge, and messing with the game engine. I dont know how to do that.

A small utility mod i did lately, to help me making prettier faces for the upcoming NewSkins mod:

Link to the mod:

How to install:
1. Back up/rename the main game's database.arz (Located in Database folder)
2. Place the modified database_faceskinningmenu.arz in Database folder and rename to database.arz
3. Launch the game and choose female character.

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