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New Projects / Re: Titan Quest - Titanomachy Mod ( Development )
« on: 10 April 2019, 00:20:47 »
Having worked with that particular patch of the map, don't you wish there was a "cliff" tool in the map editor? Like, actually fall and take damage and can't get back up?

That would be perfect for that spot, you could drink a pot while you jump off the cliff COWABUNGA!!

New Projects / Re: Titan Quest - Titanomachy Mod ( Development )
« on: 05 April 2019, 23:17:59 »
Could be controller, some controllers have the random emote so they do an emote animation instead of acting. Try substituting a new controller like the xpack hero mage or hero ranged controller.

Also check the Monster and Character tabs in their files for alert or rampage and other things that they may be set to do instead of act.

There is a way to have different scaled monster in the same monster file but it requires using the MeshViewer.

Open the mesh for boarman02 in MeshView.

Under the Mesh tab, click the Mesh(v11) tab. So Mesh -> Mesh.

Right under the view window you will see the button "resize".

Click it. It opens with a "1" in the text box. THis means 100%. If you change that to 0.5, and click "ok" it resizes the mesh to 50% of the vanilla size.

You could do like 0.95/ok/save, the 0.95 again (which is 95% OF the resized 95%) and save each resized as a separate file like boarman02_95, boaman02_90 etc.

Now get them in your assets in game however you do it.

Now open the monster file for the boarman and click on the Monster Parameter tab.

Look for the "monsterMesh" entry and click in teh empty entry.

A box pops up. Click the "New" button a couple times to add a few entries.

In the top box of the window click the "...". Navigate to the new mesh assets one at a time and add them one by one to the new entries to create a list.

Click okay.

Now when the monster spawns in game it will have one of resized but otherwise identical (animations, texture, bump texture etc) meshes.

Take a look at any of Warfare's Ancestral Warriors in their Monster Parameters -> Monster Mesh to see the finished product.

New Projects / Re: Titan Quest - Titanomachy Mod ( Development )
« on: 05 April 2019, 19:16:04 »
As far as Boarman, I think I had great success in playing with their atctor variables -> scal to make multiple different sizes to make them look really like different kinds of boarmaen,

Keep it up sauruz!  :))

New Projects / Re: Titan Quest - Titanomachy Mod ( Development )
« on: 30 March 2019, 01:14:20 »
Thunderstrike = records\xpack2\skills\runemaster\arcattack.dbr
Unleash = records\xpack2\skills\runemaster\arcattack_unleash.dbr
runeweapon = records\xpack2\skills\runemaster\runeweapon.dbr
MAgical Charge = records\xpack2\skills\runemaster\runeweapon_bonus.dbr
Energy Drain = records\xpack2\skills\runemaster\runeweapon_sustain.dbr
Transmutation = records\xpack2\skills\runemaster\runeweapon_conversion.dbr
Runeword: Explode = records\xpack2\skills\runemaster\explodingstrikes.dbr
Runeword: Burn = records\xpack2\skills\runemaster\explodingstrikes_embers.dbr
Reckless Offense = records\xpack2\skills\runemaster\hailofaxes.dbr
Energy Armor = records\xpack2\skills\runemaster\forceshield.dbr
Runeword: Absorb = records\xpack2\skills\runemaster\ManaAbsorb.dbr
Sacred Rage = records\xpack2\skills\runemaster\shamanrage.dbr
Frightening Power = records\xpack2\skills\runemaster\shamanrage_frighten.dbr
Menhir Wall = records\xpack2\skills\runemaster\menhirwall.dbr
Guardian Stones = records\xpack2\skills\runemaster\menhiraltar.dbr
Rune of Life = records\xpack2\skills\runemaster\liferune.dbr
Runeword: Feather = records\xpack2\skills\runemaster\lightweight.dbr
Runic Mines = records\xpack2\skills\runemaster\mines.dbr
Freezing Mines = records\xpack2\skills\runemaster\mines_damage.dbr
Seal of Fate = records\xpack2\skills\runemaster\runecircle.dbr
Aftershock = records\xpack2\skills\runemaster\runecircle_aftershock.dbr

New Projects / Re: Titan Quest - Titanomachy Mod ( Development )
« on: 29 March 2019, 18:23:02 »
Now you're on the trolley!

« on: 27 March 2019, 21:33:39 »
Wow, that was insanely fast!
At this point I am very familiar with most of the mods content as far as bugs. THere are some fuzzy areas, especially the areas where there are 7 or 8 hundred files for a system like ordinance for example.

It's like having blind spots, I can see most everything but some things are fuzzy. But I know where they are, they are in my blind spots :)

Should I expect problems if I use my old saves with this version?

Nope, no problems

« on: 27 March 2019, 21:09:17 »
For some mysterious reason, all the champion heart fragment recipe for normal difficulty pointed to the wrong directory for the result of the crafting. Epic and Legendary recipes are fine. Ah well, fixed now.

TheOrdinanace torso armor for Berserker had the assassin set in the database file, updated.

The Ritualist ordnance summon had a bad controller, fixed.

EDIT: Latest build now linked in the first post

« on: 23 March 2019, 16:51:16 »
Edit: apparently, it does not affect all traps and does not happen 100% of the time.

Yeah, multiplayer bugs like these are just beyond the scope of the mod tools.

I can make a trap, add projectiles and build the mod. That's it. I'm helpless to address anything else.

I guess I could hit the side of my computer with a broom and yell "Come on, Emma!" BAM BAM.

« on: 19 March 2019, 19:43:23 »
This old bug. I really wish this had been fixed by Pieces/Nordic.

I will have to attach the club to the Jotunn's mesh to solve this.

Why did I think this bug was fixed? I should know better.

Other Modifications / Re: [Tutorial] PSEditor!
« on: 14 March 2019, 20:20:19 »
Light options are how the lights placed in the map editor work. Torches and braziers for example.

Choose a radius for the in-game light effect adjust the color. The color also determines the brightness based on the value of the curves, so you could have a light fade-in by having the slope start at 0 and go up.

The time is controlled by the emitter lifespan just like any particle effect.

You can add lights to your particle effect as well, like a quickly expanding flash for lightning.

The problem of course is seeing the light effect in the PSEditor lol

Other Modifications / Re: Customized animations cause crash
« on: 11 March 2019, 20:52:53 »
Well, put a larger existing effect in the dbr the animation points to? Like hydra breath pfx

Other Modifications / Re: Customized animations cause crash
« on: 11 March 2019, 19:35:15 »
Could it be that the orientation of the emitter is pointing down? The orientation of the attachpoint could be an issue and the effect is hidden by the mesh maybe?

Other Modifications / Re: Customized animations cause crash
« on: 10 March 2019, 02:29:15 »
Try using the original animation file unchanged but save and build it as though it was the altered version (name and location).

New Projects / Re: Titan Quest: Oakfall (Editor progress)
« on: 09 March 2019, 21:31:48 »
One warning, non-passable areas in the original game map are ignored by the Editor. They still exist in the extracted game map until you re-build a map section. So if you rebuild any map section, be sure to re-paint the non-passable areas in the editor and re-build pathing.

New Projects / Re: [CustomMap] Oakfall WIP
« on: 09 March 2019, 21:01:24 »
Is there an possibility to open the original Titan Quest map so it can be modified?

Here's a link to the game map I extracted:!94IjWQaa!0tG2WcGzqv70OkDGAZhmtFi8X2cgnHzRCh-1X82DRZE

Extract the "Levels" directory to a mod's Source directory root. Don't use the "Maps" for this. Xpack and Xpack2 are self explanatory.

Here's the World01.wrl and the I forgot to add. Place them in the YouMod/Source/Levels/World directory.!shgmjK7R!zgItf1TSosSLLRCJHQt6Ii-Yfdz-pBWevLrj3582gQg

Once all is in place, right-click the World01.wrl file and "Auto Create Asset". Hit build and wait a while for it to build.

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