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Looks great!

It could also spawn little cryptworms as larva too

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
« on: 16 July 2019, 19:20:13 »
Ha! Made a wasp mesh out of the giant mosquito in Atlantis!

Here is my summoner in Northern Germany getting critted by some.

Also, she is using the Gaian staff I pinched from a Hesperaides Mage, along with the Torso armor that grants the skill "Stone Enchantment".

Both the item skill and the staff are Crushing Damage based.

EDIT: Also, the Tier 7 skill for Sylvan Nymph was changed into an attack projectile from a wave. I didn't like the range on the wave since she hangs back so far she would hardly use it.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
« on: 14 July 2019, 23:54:57 »
SO far, I've encountered 3 different skill templates that no longer work like they used to since the atlantis update.


Not on all skills, but mostly on existing monster skills that were already working before the update. Also, Runemaster's Guardian Stones won't work without using the old templates for me at all.

I placed the original Iron Lore templates in my working directory along side the most recent templates in their own directory. It's just as easy to navigate to my tqit_disc_templates directory in my working/database as the latest templates and it solved several issues with skills no longer working like they did before the templates were changed.

I will attach the disc version of the game database templates for those who don't have easy access to the disc version.

EDIT: I almost forgot! To have these templates in a directory beside the new templates directory, you MUST do a search and replace in these templates for database/templates and replace it with database/whateveryounameyourdirectory or it will get the includes from the Atlantis template directory and won't work any differently than the newer templates.

Just two mods that are in the Working directory pre-build.

It results in a "Custom Map" mod,

However, you can create a bounce mod from the resulting merged mods to virtually merge it with the base game.

There was a utility a long time ago that would allow you to merge mods. I found it in my archive and attached it.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
« on: 08 July 2019, 22:23:07 »
Well, they aren't tougher than the last version per se. I just don't have the XMax monster numbers this version.

I had to put equipment on to boost fire resist for all my warfare pets to beat Surtr today.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
« on: 08 July 2019, 18:29:18 »
Pretty happy with Defense and Warfare at the moment.
I took out the new tier 7 skill for Ancestral Horn as I want permanent summons, but I limited them to two, which you start out with two when you first unlock the skill.

The Archer summon is limited to one, but he is a HOUSE. With the Onslaught upgrade he is like a machine gun.

Here is a little video demonstrating my Conqueror in Jotunheim.

I wonder if it is even possible. sauruz would have to master the monster ->character ->defaultTeamMajor and defaultTeamMinor settings somehow.

There are default dropdown lists under defaultTeamMinor like TeamMinorMonster_Red and TeamMinorMonster_Indigo so it's like the original devs had something in mind for various factions in the monster AI, whether or not is was ever implemented in the game engine.

One thing about this mod is that it wouldn't be any trouble to merge it with Masteries mod, Paths mod, Dieties mod etc. and put thos up to play as well.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
« on: 06 July 2019, 22:06:34 »
Using that utility makes some things so much easier.

Today I decided to rework the attack speed modifier on Hunting's Wood Lore.

Wood Lore increases the attack speed with bow or spear using the Character Parameters -> Character Speed -> characterAttackSpeedModifier. This increases your attack speed by the set percent. It is set to theses values:

At level 1 the attack speed is increased by 5% up to 33% at max level +4 to skills.

If you look into the player character database files in XPack ->Creatures -> PC and check out Character Bio -> Character Parameters -> Character Speed you can see that a player's attack speed base is 0.740000 before modifiers.

So I thought, what if Wood Lore added to the player's base attack speed? That would mean that any other attack speed modifiers like from equipment or other mastery skills would add a percent of THAT base speed.

This is a powerful way to "cheat" the attack speed cap of 80% since the cap is not checking the player's BASE attack speed.

So I took the base attack speed of 0.74 and got 5% of that  with my trusty calculator. It's about 0.04. Then I took 33% of the base of 0.74 which is about 0.24. Next, I plugged the two values into my utility and set it to 2 decimal places and 10 levels and got:

I added this to Wood Lore's Character Parameters -> Character Speed -> characterAttackSpeed, NOT the characterAttackSPeedModifier like in vanilla. Some of you might remember the Homados bug, that was this switch between value slots. I then deleted the values in the modifier entry of course.

Now Wood Lore adds an amount to the player's BASE attack speed every level.

In game, it displays "+0% Attack Speed". What? Yeah, the vanilla UI.txt has that value displayed with this tag:
Code: [Select]
CharacterAttackSpeed={%+.0f0}% Attack Speed
So I want to display a float value without a percent to two decimal places. Took awhile to figure it out but I got this tag for my ModStrings.txt:
Code: [Select]
CharacterAttackSpeed={%+.2f0} Base Attack Speed
Notice the "2"? Yep, that tells the game to display 2 decimal places, at least in this format.

Done. Now a Hunter with points in Wood Lore has the same attack speed as before if they have no other modifiers to attack speed. But once you add +%attack speed from equipment, it boosts the new sum of the player base Added to the based value in the new Wood Lore. :)

Technical Support / Re: PS Editor (Effects Editor)
« on: 06 July 2019, 02:00:50 »
Okay, it is reading from a custom mod I named "AtlantisMap" for some reason.  I copied all my effects into that mod's source and it can see them.

I open a file from there...nothing. No emmitter, no debug lines...nada.

Ah well, I guess I'm just screwed, then.

I'll continue using the original disc versions of PSEditor and Viewer then. Bummer.

Texture & Skin Modding / Re: [TEXTURES] Custom Textures & Skins
« on: 06 July 2019, 00:21:11 »
I really like these. You have real talent, thank you for sharing them.

These really have a soulful quality that people just can't be taught, it's an expression of human experience and understanding that is deeper than the conscious mind, yet just as real to our shared experience.

Like trying to explain how falling in love feels, it's only a select few than can weave the words together that makes sense. And you still already have to know what it's like to get it lol :D

Texture & Skin Modding / Re: [TEXTURES] Custom Textures & Skins
« on: 05 July 2019, 22:11:38 »
Very nice, excellent work! :D

Technical Support / Re: PS Editor (Effects Editor)
« on: 05 July 2019, 22:05:43 »
My GOG and Steam PSEditor don't work at all since the Atlantis update.

I thought that maybe it was looking in a different directory again, but  can't even create a new emitter.

Anyone else? I am back to using the original THQ disc version.

but as long as they're still actively patching the game, I don't wanna get to work on something that could be obsolete a few days later.

This is why I'm hesitating to add the game map to the mod I am currently working on :)

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