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General Discussion / Re: [Survey] How do you play Titan Quest
« on: 23 August 2018, 00:54:45 »
Done in a heartbeat  8)

When its about something you don't use / benefit from;

doing something that the game doesn't allow you to do (in this case, choose the bonus so it fits better your class) is cheating, by definition.

When the opposite is the case and serves you;

besides, how can xmax be considered cheating? it's a mod that increases difficulty bla bla bla.........

Also, regarding Xmax. I wouldn't consider Xmax cheating,

This isn't cheat, but just a non-honorable way to play the game.

Now lets just carefully examine/compare the words in bold form........ Is it clear enough now or should I explain even further??

Don't dance around the words just for them to support your own ideas guys.. you're only tricking yourselves..

If we are going with "definitions", then x-max is something the game doesn't normally allow you to use as well.. just like TQ Vault.. and yeah, it does make the game easier in the long run, just like any cheat does..

"IMO"s and "to me"s doesn't matter in this case cause mine sure as hell didn't, did it?..

I'm always in for pure and straight to the point discussions.. and would happily accept other ideas over mine when this is the case..

But not this one...

About Theban Set;

I got excited for it went ahead and wore every piece when the char's level was 14-15 something.. and what do you think happened?

This so called iconic, heroic gear fell short even before going into Act II.. it simply could not hold even against maenad groups.. terrible stats, not much impressive completion bonuses and not enough offensive power.. you are much better of with just wearing the helm and greens on other parts.. it is just sad.. I don't know what else to say...

Not only imbalanced, but completely unfair as well.. just look at the flat poison damage bonus and tell me this is not some BS to force the player into an unnecessary, time consuming hard labor.. trying to catch one of the useful bonuses by creating the same artifact again and again..

During this process, I mean by grinding (or farming, whatever the hell it is called), the player does something which is actually closer to cheating.. you over-level in the process, become stronger than you're supposed to be and ruin the challenge all together.. in most of the showcase videos that I watch, the only thing I see is a char with blinding speed and godly attacks, decimating anything in his/her path without breaking a sweat.. this sorta thing has never been and will never be my play style in this or any other game.. but everyone is entitled to their opinion in the end.. I'm just stating which I feel is true..

In my belief, when I use TQ Vault in order to give a char the completion bonus he needs, I actually manage to keep the flow of challenge.. he doesn't become absurdly stronger, just gains something he needs in the right time in order to be able to move forward..

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development Thread
« on: 02 August 2018, 22:06:20 »
Glad that you have recovered your files..

Its both on PC and the consoles, I believe.. I played it on PC and is still installed on my system.. an underrated gem IMO.. I can actually advice this game to all members of the forum, since its Greek Mythology and we all are familiar with it..

Forum News and Info / Re: Is there a problem with Kirmizi Perfect?
« on: 02 August 2018, 21:49:09 »
Weird... I wish we had a reliable source to look into this, and others if any..

God knows what else is hidden in this game's mechanics..

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development Thread
« on: 02 August 2018, 21:22:02 »
"Ares and Athena were never seen eye-to-eye with each other."

      - Rise of the Argonauts (2008)

Hi, nargil.. although I never got to write this down; I've been following your mod for quite a while.. your ideas, visualization, everything about this project looks totally awesome and I appreciate your efforts for this..

BTW, did you play this game by any chance? Its about the adventure of Jason and his Argonauts (Hercules, Atalanta, Achilles and Pan) trying to acquire the legendary Golden Fleece in order to resurrect his dead wife.. its an astonishing story with god-related dialogue choices, moral decisions and beautiful side quests accompanied with a solid fighting system..

The skill system in this game actually reflects some of your ideas and are very similar.. Dedicating the player's deeds to 4 patron gods.. serious attention to different kinds of weapons and how each of them are related to their own gods.. Ares with mace skills, Athena with spears, Apollo with shields and Hermes with swords.. there are both active and passive skills just like in TQ with weapon procs, activation after being hit, on low health any many other things..

If you didn't play it, I'd definitely suggest it.. It could give you some nice ideas for you to use them in your own mod just by looking its skill trees..
Some of its voice actors also worked on TQ and its a nice touch to hear them as well.. 

Forum News and Info / Re: Is there a problem with Kirmizi Perfect?
« on: 02 August 2018, 06:52:36 »
Not really related with the problem but;

Can someone enlighten me on this? 100 Dex increasing the block chance of projectiles by 10%? What is this? Is it true?

Guides AE / Re: Resistance requirement for Act 5 bosses
« on: 31 July 2018, 16:14:03 »
You're joking, right?.. even more individual damage and resistance types??

The game has more damage and secondary effect types than it needs already.. on the contrary, they (the devs) were unnecessarily hard working in terms of creating all this mess..

Just keep ADCtH............... and omit vitality, life leech and health reduction damages all together.. that's what they should have done from the beginning.. ah, also most of the secondary garbage cheap effects such as petrify, immobilization and freeze should also have been thrown into the trash bin while only keeping stun and slow.. they are nothing but extra and meaningless burden on the shoulders of players..

Why would I want to reduce the health points of a satyr, fire beetle or a tigerman, when I can already put them down in 1-2 hits anyway? why is this effect still in the game if its not gonna work on the things that it should?..

Ask yourself simple questions such as these, and you will easily get all the answers you need in no time..   

Guides AE / Re: Resistance requirement for Act 5 bosses
« on: 28 July 2018, 03:04:11 »
AFAIK, Mimer fights in a very "passive" way.. most of the time he keeps himself busy with summoning weaker phantoms and fooling around aimlessly.. I believe they sorta modified Act II Telkine's AI in a similar way cause he doesn't seem to be dangerous as he used to be like in the days of TQIT.. He had his own eruption which was very dangerous when coupled with his sun rays spell cause there used to be so little space left to kite around when that happened.. now, he only seems to use his volcanic orbish skill..

As for contributing to the topic, no other boss comes to my mind for now, but I think troll mages deserve an honorable mention here.. when they hit with their ranged-bleeding attack, it feels like you're fighting against a bleed oriented boss.. and there are many of them in the earlier stages of the Act.. dealing with a camp of trolls (especially when they are scattered around) accompanied by two of these f*****s hiding behind their warriors is a dangerous situation indeed.. you will already be receiving bleed damage from their "thrower"s and then mages join in and BOOM! the attack is a multi hit and trying to kite/avoid at the last second is really hard..

I know this is not related to the items or other mechanical changes with the game but;

Did anyone else get nostalgic feelings about Skyrim when playing the section right after Scandia? I can't remember the map's name right now.. its the snowy place with draugr tombs, eastern part of the big map in which you face The Golden Boar at the end..

The music, atmosphere, shape of the entrance sections of the tombs, everything about that place reminds me of Skyrim and its beautiful aura..

I remember talking about Ragnarok Ost (mostly in a negative way) in the past, but some of the tracks have actually changed my mind in a good way.. especially the second part of Land's end.. Compared to the Hades Palace track, Land's End does a much better job at giving you the sensation that the end is near and you're about to face your final adversary..

Guides AE / Re: ↜ Hunting Mastery by WNG ↝
« on: 23 July 2018, 17:47:49 »
Ensnare is not the best CC skill by far even after it was changed, but can be used when there are no better alternatives.

Its not about being the best.. its about trying different things.. getting out of that monotonous circle in which only the strongest skills are used in every build again and again.. I don't know about you but I'm really tired of depending on the heavy guns such as Distort Reality, Squall, Envenom Weapon and the alike..

Guides AE / Re: ↜ Hunting Mastery by WNG ↝
« on: 23 July 2018, 00:12:46 »
I just love these kind of visual guides.. enjoyed reading it, thanks..

Ensnare is underrated (especially in its current form) but I've always used it with my Hunting chars..

Are you really sure Take Down becomes an actual damaging skill even after maxing it though?  :) 

Other Modifications / Re: undead absorbation removel
« on: 22 July 2018, 23:10:40 »
I think the simplest way would be migrating all the undead into magical creatures' category.. no more poison, bleed or vitality immune beings in the game..

I've searched for a bit if Greek Mythology did include any undead in itself at all and didn't seem to find anything other than some old Greek cultures mentioning vampires and how people used to fear them.. but I've never considered vampires as undead to begin with so there should be no place for undead in this game..

But then there is Act V... damn Norse myth has draugr all over the place.. can't say anything here cause they officially play a big part in that mythology.. I was actually very happy with it while playing Skyrim, but here, hell no...

Hard to scale? why? while playing as a pyro, do you feel it becomes hard to scale earth spells' physical segments? what is the difference here? just integrate all the physical related skills into storm and remove them from earth.. also make sure none of the skills in earth sound like they have a concrete form such as "rock" or "volcano"..

BTW, yes, the idea is to make them half physical, not full..

Maybe you're right.. I mean you're definitely right about the "mismatching" part.. my understanding of some of the mechanics in this game is purely based on how it "feels" during gaming.. sort of a superstitious experience, if you will.. though most of the time, this gut feeling has proven to be useful and accurate in many situations but of course it doesn't mean the opposite can't happen.. I don't have the amount of mathematical knowledge you guys have for this game after all.. and the worst part is; I'm an inconsistent debater when the debate itself goes on for an unexpectedly long time.. a characteristic flaw in my part, I believe..

Anyways... I still more or less hold the same ideas about QR.. its not, say, a battle standart tier skill.. you may say its because they serve different purposes but people make it look like they are equally crucial in terms of survivability.. and there is this issue with it being an active skill but I don't wanna repeat myself like a parrot here..

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