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Title: LOC IT chit-chat
Post by: efko on 12 January 2019, 18:24:01
Started to play LOC few days ago for the first time and I'm impressed with tons of items, items combinations, endless recipes and interesting gameplay, most of time is going easy, but then surprise and boom player dies in 2 seconds, or is permastunned. Missing souls from soulvizier, confused with white color of bone pile and similar chests, same as for Champions hearts since half name - Champion heart is red and in white is mastery. Gameplay seems better than soulvizier because on soulvizier there is a problem sometimes in lvl difference between player and bosses or heroes and if player haven't farmed enough, he will lack lvls and won't be able to kill heroes or bosses, but if overfarmed heroes or bosses won't have any chance, so loc is more balanced from this point of view.

Now what I noticed and questions. Playing Spirit/Defence (Spellbinder), I took Spirit because it has skill to apply to left click on mouse, wanted to play like that, and was important to play Defence since was playing it long ago last time. Its called Spirit Strike and has 2nd part Cascade, both have 2 skill points:
available on lvl1
Spirit Strike
1 Energy cost
3 Charge levels
35 life leech 3 seconds
8 energy leech 3 seconds
63 vitality damage
60-115% of attack damage converted to health
12 damage to undead

available on lvl10
4,5 meter radius
38 life leech
12 energy leech
12-22 vitality damage
17% chance of 2-4seconds of fear
+22 damage to undead

Now since this was very important skill to me, grants energy leech + attack damage converted to health + life leech, I noticed from beginning that after hitting enemies I don't drain their energy which wasn't the case with other mods. My idea was to have unlimited energy from this skill, but it seems like skill is bugged or doing something else that I don't understand. It grants me for sure more damage and converting attack to hp, but for everything else no idea, this 4,5 meter radius, never saw it, nor fear. So any info about this skill?

About Defense:

Conclusive blow - Requires Mace of Axe weapon to work

Heavy weapon handling - Requires Mace of Axe weapon
The Defender's skill with heavy axes and clubs gives them greater attack speed, damage and accuracy

Question here is about Maces and Clubs, are they same type of weapon?
Title: Re: LOC IT chit-chat
Post by: sauruz on 12 January 2019, 21:13:41
Was a long time i played the It mod version, i cant help you out with spirit, but about defense clubs and maces are same type of weapons
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