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Title: TQRespec: A respec tool for Titan Quest (all versions)
Post by: epinter on 22 January 2018, 02:30:30
I'm developing a tool to respec Titan Quest characters. The objective is just respec (redistribute attribute points). It's NOT possible to use it to cheat, add points or remove masteries. It's a working in progress, this is the first public release, so you need to have patience and ALWAYS make backup. The tool itself is designed to create a backup of the character being modified, but I recommend a manual backup before every usage, at least during the first versions.

The source code and the download links can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/epinter/tqrespec/releases

There are three types of build:

Application with JRE builtin (preferred, bigger)
This version contains executable with JRE, no need to download java.

Application executable (Requires Java JRE 9.0)
This version contains executable.

Application jar (Requires Java JRE 9.0)
This version contains .jar file.

* Version 0.2.0
-Bug fixes
-Added feature to copy character