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Title: Need help ranger build, struggling in epic
Post by: demonardvark on 12 August 2019, 19:21:52

so first i'm playing the iphone version so it is vanilla titan quest that only goes up to act 3. I've beaten the game and started into epic and i'm level 34. I did hunting/nature starting with hunting. I maxed wood lore, marksmanship, puncture shot, scatter shot, volley, and have a couple points in call of the hunt. The problem here is what i do with my next skill points. I have 16 spare points sitting around. I went to the nature tree and maxed wolves but I'm finding art of the hunt is a lot more useful. The wolf AI is bad and they don't do a lot of damage, in fact it seems I kill things before they get there. A lot of the nature tree isn't seeming that useful to me at all (kind of regretting choosing it). So is moving all my points to art of the hunt a better idea? Or am i not supposed to cap all the other abilities that I did?

also I feel really squishy, all it takes is a couple hits and i'm dead, I've gotten a couple blues already, but i still feel really vulnerable and leveling up seems to be taking a lot longer than it used to

thanks for your help
Title: Re: Need help ranger build, struggling in epic
Post by: MedeaFleecestealer on 12 August 2019, 20:55:28
Welcome to the forum.  :)

I've never played the phone version, but maybe these two guides might give you some help.



Not sure if Cassidy's also covers Immortal Throne as well, the second one definitely does.  But even so the general principles will apply. 

If you can right click on the wolves icons and set them to aggressive they should charge off and attack anything within range.  Let them engage first to draw attention and then start shooting at enemies while they're focused on your pets.  Also maybe get the Nymph and set her to aggressive too, she'll start picking off enemies as soon as they're within her range. Refresh is another skill to get and max as this will allow you to cast Call of the Hunt more often.
Title: Re: Need help ranger build, struggling in epic
Post by: demonardvark on 13 August 2019, 02:35:22
thanks for the links, i tried switching up my skills a bit and my ability to kill things decreased a lot, so i think im going to just do all hunter skills first and then move to nature, on phone version there is no way that i know to set pets to aggressive, but at least it all gives me a good guide point
Title: Re: Need help ranger build, struggling in epic
Post by: sauruz on 13 August 2019, 11:53:13
Do you have plague and study prey ? both of those skills will reduce monster defenses, able killing then more faster
Title: Re: Need help ranger build, struggling in epic
Post by: demonardvark on 15 August 2019, 13:19:56
so i played around with a few things trying to see what i could do, i did not like study prey at all, it was slow and didn't seem to hit enough enemies. but i picked up heart of oak and dear lord that made a huge difference, then i decided to give plague a try it slowed down things compared to normal mode but it turns enemies into wet paper towels,

so i was dissapoint with nature mastery but between heart of oak and plague i'm like "okay this was a good decision" i think got my stonebinders cuffs, another blue armor that added +1 to all skills and reduced requirements by 20%, and a blue bow that does like 200 poison damge over time with a huge poison bonus, so now i'm basically face rolling epic, even the first telkine took me like 34 seconds to beat. doing much better now :D

also had my first legendary drop, its a sword i can't use it, and with vanilla titan quest on phone there is no way to transfer to other characters, sooooo i'm just keeping it in my inventory to look at it :D
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