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Title: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
Post by: Bumbleguppy on 26 June 2019, 04:55:30
Starting a new mod for the Ragnarok and Atlantis DLC, not sure exactly what it will be when it's done. Not even sure I will name it Legion of Champions, but probably.

I really don't want the Ordnance in this version, I never used them.

I am focusing on charms and relics with the new Tinkerer affix, it really inspired me to add custom completion bonuses as a better alternative to the pseudo-crafting of the Ordnance stuff. Player skill or even mastery bonuses for example. Nerthus' Mistletoe is now given by the King as three pieces that when assembled give +1 to random mastery.

Also improving epic and legendary items to help with skills more.

Anyway, here is a video showing my Skinchanger in Epic Egypt. I tried to get the tooltips for the relevant skills to show the mods new stuff.


Playing with Rune golems is similar to Menhir Wall, and it's a lot of  fun.

Still trying to get a good feel for the new Crushing damage added to Heart of Oak. I changed the combat equation for physical DoT to be int + str /2 instead of just flat int.
Title: Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
Post by: sauruz on 26 June 2019, 10:14:38
It looks super FUN!

While the monsters are busy dealing with Golens and Rune stone your dmg pets can crush their ranks at will! Very interesting :)

The twinker affix has open alot of possibities with relics, you can build creative build using gree itens rather than full purples/blues. If the relics/charms from previous versions return in this version, will be fun playing around  tinker affix.

Kept it good work man :D
Title: Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
Post by: nargil66 on 26 June 2019, 10:50:31
I like those golems. Menhir wall was boring imo.
Please dont rename the mod. It's your "trademark" :D If it looks like LoC, and it sounds like LoC, it must be LoC...
Title: Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
Post by: anl93 on 26 June 2019, 13:47:43
is this mod going to be a "Pet oriented" mod like the LOC?
If so; please don't try to add too many monsters on the map because it will:
1) Increases the difficulty dramaticly.
2) Increases the game lenght unnecessarily.
3) Increases system requirements and causes most pc's to slow down and lag.
I know strong pets will not work on vanilla world but maybe pets do not need to so strong.
These are all my opinions anyway.
Keep up the good work.
Title: Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
Post by: Bumbleguppy on 27 June 2019, 03:09:15
Those are sound arguments. I have noticed more lag playing lately myself, especially with a lot of monsters dying at once...almost like the ragdoll is pegging my computer.

Balancing a game like this isn't just mechanics, though you need to know those, but about having a game experience vision, creating a certain play style that gives an overall feeling or theme. Without that you just flounder and flap around.

This mod will be like vanilla only for petmancers. So the pacing and difficulty will be about the same as vanilla, but with pets instead of solo. I'm not planning on an XMax experience lol

Anyway, I am finding that Skinchanger petmancer takes a little more button-pressing coordination than I am capable of sustaining for a long game session lol

Casting Golems, then spamming Guardian Stones where I want, which don't last as long as vanilla but now there's a tier 7 cooldown timer reduction for the skill...basically a copy of Rapid Construction, so I can have three out at once.

The pet balance is pretty good right now, I will lose a Wood Nymph during boss fights, and golems don't usually get killed before their timer expires.

Here's a video of my Skinchanger vs. Epic Gargantuan Yeti just for fun


Title: Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
Post by: MedeaFleecestealer on 27 June 2019, 07:35:39
Glad to see you're back modding for the game BG.  :)
Title: Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
Post by: Bumbleguppy on 30 June 2019, 19:34:50
I discovered a niche techique for particle effects for buffs using a skill modifier.

In this mod, I reworked Storm mastery's Storm Nimbus into two skills instead of three.

First is Frost Nimbus which adds flat cold damage and +%cold. Then Static Charge which adds flat lightning and +%lightning.

Now the first skill had the Storm Nimbus particle effect on the player's wrist, right? But it contains the lightning effect  which I didn't want for a skill called Frost Nimbus.

So I used the effects/weaponenchantments/343_weapon_cold.pfx and halved the emission rate and changed the spark texture to a snowflake texture.

Next, I took the snowflakes out of the original Storm Nimbus wrist particle effect and halved the glow particle emission rate. I then added it to an fx and CharFx template dbr files.

I added the new cold CharFX to the frost nimbus skill charFxPakOtherNames and that adds the effect when you activate the skill.

Now here's the cool part...I added the new lightning CharFX to the skill modifier's charFxPakOtherNames slot.

Now when the skill is activated, both particle effects activate and both are layered on the same attach points.

Pretty clever.

Now when you only have the base skill the active particle is cold themed. But when you add points to Static Charge, the particle effect layers the lightning over the cold efffect simultaneously.
Title: Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
Post by: Bumbleguppy on 01 July 2019, 18:57:04
I've updated a new utility  in an HTML page to create value arrays for skills in ArtManager. I've attached it as a zip file.

I use this to create an array of values when I know how much I start with and end with and how many skill levels, the utility then calculates all the values between the min and max for the amount of levels I entered.


Titan Quest Array Values Utility
Use this to create an array of values for database entries in the Titan Quest Art Manager database. Use these arrays for defense values or offense values or whatever takes a semi-colon delimited array of values.

To paste a semi-colon delimited array into a values slot in a file in ArtManager:
Simply double-click the NAME of the value, not the values entry for that property.
e.g. To add an array of physical damage value to a skill, go to the Offensive Parameters tab, then the Offensive Absolute tab, then the Offensive Physical tab. Double-click the name of the value, e.g. offensivePhysicalMin itself, not the values column to the right of the name. The little "Editing Variable" window pops up just like if you clicked the values, but all the "Array Editing Controls" buttons are grayed out. Double-click the "Value" slot next to the file name and paste there or enter the array into "Set All" text-box and click the "Set All" button and click "OK". Now you can click the values and the array is displayed as though you had entered each value normally.

Start Value
Enter a value in the textbox for the value you want the array to have at the start.
End Value
Enter the last value in the array, the highest value
Number of values
Enter how many levels the skill has e.g. 16 skill levels will mean a 16 element array.
No decimals (decimal format)
The default format for number values in ArtManager is "1.000000" or six decimal places. If you want values less than one included, uncheck this box.
Integers only
This checkbox strips all the numbers less than one from the values. This is useful for things like "Skill Charge Levels" for skills like onslaught or chance to proc skills like Dual Weapon Chances to Proc.
Number of decimal places
Values for skills that use damage over time like Envenom Weapon usually only have 1 decimal place (10ths) to get that extra point of damage per 3 seconds. You can have up to 6 decimal places though.
Reverse array
Reverses the values generated. This could be useful for decreasing cooldown on a skill for example.

Types of incrementing values buttons
Once you've entered your values and selected options, click one of the three buttons to create the array:

Linear Sequence
An equal amount is added each level until reaching the maximum value entered. Straight sloping sequence.

Parabolic Curve

Generates a faux-parabolic sequence (just the Bezier curve reversed) that starts out adding smaller vaues each level and increasing the amount added until the maximum is reached. A shallow slope to an increasing steep slope at maximum. Becauise the slope starts out so shallow, the minimum value is sometimes duplicated in the next value...edit manually I guess.

Bezier curve
Starts out steep and flattens out at max. Adds larger values per level at first and increasingly smaller values at max.
Title: Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
Post by: Bumbleguppy on 06 July 2019, 22:06:34
Using that utility makes some things so much easier.

Today I decided to rework the attack speed modifier on Hunting's Wood Lore.

Wood Lore increases the attack speed with bow or spear using the Character Parameters -> Character Speed -> characterAttackSpeedModifier. This increases your attack speed by the set percent. It is set to theses values:

At level 1 the attack speed is increased by 5% up to 33% at max level +4 to skills.

If you look into the player character database files in XPack ->Creatures -> PC and check out Character Bio -> Character Parameters -> Character Speed you can see that a player's attack speed base is 0.740000 before modifiers.

So I thought, what if Wood Lore added to the player's base attack speed? That would mean that any other attack speed modifiers like from equipment or other mastery skills would add a percent of THAT base speed.

This is a powerful way to "cheat" the attack speed cap of 80% since the cap is not checking the player's BASE attack speed.

So I took the base attack speed of 0.74 and got 5% of that  with my trusty calculator. It's about 0.04. Then I took 33% of the base of 0.74 which is about 0.24. Next, I plugged the two values into my utility and set it to 2 decimal places and 10 levels and got:

I added this to Wood Lore's Character Parameters -> Character Speed -> characterAttackSpeed, NOT the characterAttackSPeedModifier like in vanilla. Some of you might remember the Homados bug, that was this switch between value slots. I then deleted the values in the modifier entry of course.

Now Wood Lore adds an amount to the player's BASE attack speed every level.

In game, it displays "+0% Attack Speed". What? Yeah, the vanilla UI.txt has that value displayed with this tag:
Code: [Select]
CharacterAttackSpeed={%+.0f0}% Attack Speed
So I want to display a float value without a percent to two decimal places. Took awhile to figure it out but I got this tag for my ModStrings.txt:
Code: [Select]
CharacterAttackSpeed={%+.2f0} Base Attack Speed
Notice the "2"? Yep, that tells the game to display 2 decimal places, at least in this format.

Done. Now a Hunter with points in Wood Lore has the same attack speed as before if they have no other modifiers to attack speed. But once you add +%attack speed from equipment, it boosts the new sum of the player base Added to the based value in the new Wood Lore. :)

Title: Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
Post by: Bumbleguppy on 08 July 2019, 18:29:18
Pretty happy with Defense and Warfare at the moment.
I took out the new tier 7 skill for Ancestral Horn as I want permanent summons, but I limited them to two, which you start out with two when you first unlock the skill.

The Archer summon is limited to one, but he is a HOUSE. With the Onslaught upgrade he is like a machine gun.

Here is a little video demonstrating my Conqueror in Jotunheim.

Title: Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
Post by: sauruz on 08 July 2019, 22:15:07
Oh man, HOW do i miss having shieldmaiden fighting on my side, her war crys still echos on my head!

Looks super neat as always

This version will have less number of pets but in other hand they are more tuffer and stronger ?
Title: Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
Post by: Bumbleguppy on 08 July 2019, 22:23:07
Well, they aren't tougher than the last version per se. I just don't have the XMax monster numbers this version.

I had to put equipment on to boost fire resist for all my warfare pets to beat Surtr today.
Title: Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
Post by: Bumbleguppy on 14 July 2019, 23:54:57
SO far, I've encountered 3 different skill templates that no longer work like they used to since the atlantis update.


Not on all skills, but mostly on existing monster skills that were already working before the update. Also, Runemaster's Guardian Stones won't work without using the old templates for me at all.

I placed the original Iron Lore templates in my working directory along side the most recent templates in their own directory. It's just as easy to navigate to my tqit_disc_templates directory in my working/database as the latest templates and it solved several issues with skills no longer working like they did before the templates were changed.

I will attach the disc version of the game database templates for those who don't have easy access to the disc version.

EDIT: I almost forgot! To have these templates in a directory beside the new templates directory, you MUST do a search and replace in these templates for database/templates and replace it with database/whateveryounameyourdirectory or it will get the includes from the Atlantis template directory and won't work any differently than the newer templates.
Title: Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
Post by: Bumbleguppy on 16 July 2019, 19:20:13
Ha! Made a wasp mesh out of the giant mosquito in Atlantis!

Here is my summoner in Northern Germany getting critted by some.


Also, she is using the Gaian staff I pinched from a Hesperaides Mage, along with the Torso armor that grants the skill "Stone Enchantment".

Both the item skill and the staff are Crushing Damage based.

EDIT: Also, the Tier 7 skill for Sylvan Nymph was changed into an attack projectile from a wave. I didn't like the range on the wave since she hangs back so far she would hardly use it.
Title: Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
Post by: sauruz on 16 July 2019, 23:06:11
Looking Great! Also you made very cool model of wasp !

If you want you can create somekind of living wasp nest, by using moslluke turrent creature from Atlantis act. Ive been playing around with that mesh and created a somekind foul nest. Be carefull, some base meshes from Atlantis have huge size, like the corrupted priest and turrents, you might need tune a scale bit.

How it looks on my game ( on the editor)


edit: if you want the mesh/texture let me know
Title: Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
Post by: Bumbleguppy on 17 July 2019, 00:16:01
Looks great!

It could also spawn little cryptworms as larva too
Title: Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
Post by: nargil66 on 18 July 2019, 15:18:44
Hey, nice wasps! And those turrets really resemble hives :) 
Title: Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
Post by: Bumbleguppy on 18 July 2019, 19:14:09
Discovered a niche but very interesting trick in the database today.

I wanted to spawn the Adept's Didem with random caster skills as affixes, so I created a table that did that.

Then I copied the unique caster helm tables and made master tables by the name of the originals. So like casterhelm_e01.dbr is now a master table and casterhelm_e01_static.dbr is the original.

In the master table I added the new static table and the table that spawns the Adept's Diadem with affixes.

Here's the trick:

In the loottables/head/mastertables/uniques/ is a file called "headall_eo1.dbr" that is a master table. It includes the melee and caster helm table reference. However, my new caster helm master table is in there now.

So I tested it in game and gave unique helms from the "head_all" master tables to all the Maenads in Knossos Epic.

Sure enough, the "headall" master table points to the "helmcaster" master table that points to the "helmcaster_static" & Adept's Didem loot tables and it works.


Title: Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
Post by: sauruz on 27 July 2019, 18:10:41
With the last update (2.8 ) , they add a button skill ( any char can make have it) that orders all pet to attack / move at your command, before it was f7 or something. It might help  pet classes users having a fast easy way to organize the attacks/strategies
Title: Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
Post by: Bumbleguppy on 27 July 2019, 18:18:06
I always assign that to my middle mouse button. I'm glad it includes all pets instead of the first 5 like the original version.
Title: Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
Post by: Bumbleguppy on 28 July 2019, 23:46:33

Pets still can't target Surtr in melee in his second form, second position. I tried the "specialExtent" setting upping it to 7m and actorRadius as well, no go.

I guess I will have to include the game map so I can nudge the quest location towards solid ground a little some time.
Title: Re: New mod project for Atlantis DLC
Post by: sauruz on 29 July 2019, 00:25:34
mhm the problem still remains i see,

Did you tried re sumon the pets when that happens ?

Thta heatshield take alot of fire dmg, neat :p
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