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Ok so i know PvP is not popular in Titan Quest. But it is possible in-game and some players may be interested

To start, me and my nephew used to have fun killing each other in gladiator PvP mod downloadable at kirmiziperfect. But it's just 1v1 because we don't have anyone else to play with. But back in my college days, we would spend hours playing diablo 2  1v1 PvP, team PvP, free for all PvP, 2v1 PvP, anything. We even came up with new strategies specially made for PvPs.

Don't worry about deaths, should you die in gladiators PvP mod, the deaths don't reflect on your main game. I don't know about other PvP mods, but in gladiator mod, what you do in PvP does not get saved on your main game. There are gladiators outside but we don't use that, we stay inside and a player signals the start of the fight. Also, there's a mystic, caravan driver, merchant and arcanist near the rebirth fountain.

So if anyone is interested, just reply to this post. I may not be even able to join because I'm in a different time zone than most of you guys.

Rules (all are subject to change):

1) matchups are to be decided by players themselves, whether 1v1, 2v2, etc

2) no use of defiler or any cheat engine. custom made items are not allowed

3) difficulty is to be decided by players, whether normal, epic, or legendary difficulty

4) i suggest a level division. like 40-50, 50-60, etc.

5) i suggest a limit to potions. me and my nephew use 10 HP and 10 MP only. that way the fights don't take very long and we find some balance for weapon users and casters

6) In the case of team PvPs, if one dies, he/she should wait in the rebirth fountain until the fight is decided

No bragging please. You might win 1 PvP but you can always lose to other PvPs :)

Players with strong PCs are requested to record and post video PvPs. Requested, not required. That way we get a small taste of the fun, even by just watching :)

Now, nobody might participate but that's ok with me actually. For those who want to join just reply to this thread. For those not interested, that's ok but you are always welcome to join should a PvP match pique your interest one day :p

can anybody do a capture the flag PvP mod? would it be feasible?

@ALL let's have some fun team PvP battle :)

I would really like to play some PvP someday.

I'd be up too. Also if anyone finds the idea of having to get a custom map troublesome, I can host PvP in the main game.

great.. when i finally have 1.57 i hope i can join you

i kind of fancy 2v2 or 3v3

hopefully some of these days


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