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Hmm, I was looking at the quest reward skill tree, and i had this idea... maybe it's possible to make it someting like the Grim Dawn's devotion tree... it would be cool. The current skill tree is not very inspiring. All the skills are x3, one for each difficulty, which is a pure waste of space for a skill tree.

For now i'm gonna turn it into "quality of life"tree :D
Two ideas of nice utility skills I would like to put there:

Rest - Like in Underlord. I think to add it as a reward from the naiad Pegaea on Normal.
Light Wisp - Like koderkrazy's light bulb, but it's a pet that follow you. Reward from... ? Oracle maybe?

I can use your help on this. There are 24 skills, and I only can think of two... if you have an idea of cool utility skill that doesn't change the game balance, I'm open for suggestions.

Devotions-like Skills for Titan Quest? You have some dang good ideas, nargill66. :) So:

- what about granting high evade for your Familiars as Devotion (25% to 75% evade per difficulty for instance),

- I feel Stun Skills are underused, so "x% Chance to Stun target for x Seconds",

- Slow is good but not every Mastery allow you to slow Monsters,

- A Debuff for Masteries that don’t have it or badly need it,

- granting temporary Summons when getting hit hard (on low Health that is), like the Artifact Star of Ishar granted Skill Scimitar Spirits.

New Projects / Re: Hamunaptra Mod - Development
« on: Today at 14:31:49 »
...Also, I want to ask for ideas here --> What would you expect Khamor'aans blade to have with regards to stats and level requirements etc?? List your chosen ones below!

Plus, the Shadow Miasma aura --> Again, what's your thoughts on what this should grant the player?? I'm currently thinking Cold and Slowing damage with maybe resistance reduction hmm...

Is this Khamor'aans Blade of yours gained from a secret quest? If yes then the player would have to go out of his way to get this item. If so I think it would be great to give those who made the effort to earn it some edge:

- granting the blade the most efficient damage type in the mod. For instance adding effects such as "+x% Damage to Beastmen, etc ". Now if you haven’t finished the mod you probably don’t know what kind of monsters are predominant in the campaign :),


- making the blade tailored to finish off the Last Boss more easily. Again it depends on the traits of the last boss (monster's category / monster’s damage types / Elemental weaknesses,…),

About the Shadow Miasma Aura originally used by Shadowstalkers. They're hard to it sometimes, right? Does it grants them a chance to Evade? If yes Evade is first on the list. On the same vein adding a chance to enemies to Fumble their attack, maybe. ^^.

Earth AE / Re: Hybrid Melee/Caster Juggernaut
« on: 14 August 2018, 12:48:35 »
... (Juggernaut) so my question: do i start as str + dex first or int + dex first? anyone can give their opinions but


i want you guys to chime in :)

Man! You're haunted by Hybrid Builds (says the guy who wrote an Avenger Hybrid guide). :P

To answer your question I never had much success with a Juggernaut, I've tried two of them and gave up on both, way before the ending. Allow me to explain:

As far as I'm concerned the Juggernaut is one of the hardest Hybrid to build. You could make pure melee and use Earth as support (so not a Hybrid anymore) but even then you'll have a hard time putting things right. Here're the problems you'll face:

Basically when you build a Hybrid you'll try to have a characters that can make 2 opposite things: Physical + Spells, but:

You'll hardly find any synergies between Earth and Defense. The only thing worth of notice is the armor bonuses you can gather:

Armor Synergies

Battle Awereness (base skill) + Rally (conditional: you have to cast it) + Quick Recovery (% Armor Absorption, conditional too )+ Stone Skin (Earth Enchantment tree)

Even with all these bonuses to Armor I never achieved much, my Juggernauts always struggled damage-wise. To be fair I really don't know if all these Armor bonuses are additive of multiplicative, so it would be nice if a Veteran could clarify this,

Stat Distribution

Here's another headache, so you have STR, INT, DEX. With a Hybrid Juggernaut you'll be very tempted to spread your Skill Points into those 3 Stats.

And knowing you, botebote77 :), you'll probably be gunning for Stonebinder's Cuffs in the Minoan Labyrinth at the first opportunity.^^ An quite frankly I would do the same, Hybrids badly need this. But:

Every point you put into DEX [for Stonebinder's Cuffs] is less points you can allocate into INT, at least that's how I see it,

About your question on when to allocate Stats:

Personally I always dump points into INT late (around Epic to be clear). Why? Because I always play untwinked (self-drop) and only allow myself to transfer Artifacts ( 'cos it's time-consuming), so I never know what kind of items I'll get. Sometimes I cannot get Archmage's Clasp for instance. Another crucial point: I feel when you're serious about going Hybrid INT>DEX. In other words INT takes precedence over DEX.

I also put points in INT late because all these bonuses in % start to make sense later when you have items and skills that give you a noticeable bonus.

One last thing about Defense:

Defense has not much to offer to Hybrids, unlike Hunting:

- Study Prey+Flush Out: Hunting has a strong debuff that make your Spell way much damaging,
- Call of the Hunt boosts your Spells too,
- Herbal Remedy is good for your Pets: HP Regen and Poison Resists,

In other words Defense+Earth is not to my liking because it's like you're building the 2 Masteries separately, Defense for Physical and Earth for Spells, without real synergies. Not to say Defense is bad for Hybrids! I'm just saying Defense+Earth is not efficient. For instance:

Defense+Storm [Paladin] is way better: the basic thing to remember is that most Storm Skills do Stun Damage, so you'll benefit much more than any other Class from the Skill Concussive Blow.

Note: Still I remember Benitot, with his excellent Juggernaut The Master Armorer Guide, who used this Class to good effect.

Might of Hephaestus @CrocMagnum

i remember i completed this artifactbefore for testing purposes.. so i tested it again and:

yep it doesn't work with ranged weapons
it doesn't work with bare hands
it has 120sec cooldown
you are not forced to bind it to LMB.. it is not a proc skill anymore.. it is an active skill now which makes it less desirable.. cooldown of granted skills doesn't scale with cooldown reduction so you are forced to wait for 120 sec before it's ready again.. you can bind it to RMB or any number skill slot.. if you bind it to LMB, you have no control of when it triggers.. since it has high damage with long cooldown, it may be best used as an emergency skill against bosses

Ouch! Thanks for the correction, botebote77. I only need to add that in old version the cooldown was only 90 sec. *nerf*

Other Modifications / Re: [MOD] Dionysian Rider
« on: 08 August 2018, 16:30:36 »
Congrats! I see you updated the screenshot too. It looks seriously fantastic.

So a crazy Maenad riding a friggin' Saberlion will be available in Deities too, I gather? Along with Satyrs and Dactyls, right?

Good Lord! Sounds likes Dionysus Mastery will grant aggressive pets. ;D

my joke went potatoes...

Woops! I can't believe I missed that one.

Good joke though. ;D

New Projects / Re: Hamunaptra Mod - Development
« on: 08 August 2018, 15:56:47 »
Woah! That Nazgul Boss has really a LOtR feel to it. For a first draft this is very well done, Prosoro.

I swear I'll never ask to have a pet like that, that would be too awesome. :P

Note: my hunch was on Nazgul too but I restrained from posting (but who will believe me? ^^)

(about Iron Fist) why would you assign it to LBM? loose bowel movement? diarrhea works automatically? that's terrible

In AE you are FORCED to assign Iron Fist to LMB if you want to benefit from it, no way around it. Thing is Laionidas is probably using the Rune Weapon Tree as LBM so it's even worse to forfeit Rune Weapon (it has so much utility) to Iron Fist. So I agree with you botebote77, in AE Might of Hephaestus is not attractive anymore.

holy freeze mercenary.. damn right.. but i always preferred the lightning act 3 mercenary because it's the flashiest looking mercenary in the game

I liked the Act III Merc a lot too, but they're not the most popular. ^^ Also the Lightning Merc deals the least damage, Fire and Cold are better. Especially the Cold one because he can freeze stuff; and sometimes he could block your way by freezing monsters in tight corridors.  :-\

Holy Freeze was indeed dope in D2, maybe except for a Necro Summoner. Holy Freeze shatter corpses and the necro need those bodies to raise his skeletons and his revives. :P

(Bwah! botebote77 and Laionidas  beat me to it. Your too fast, friends! :P)

Well! Laionidas here’s what I think:

- most of the time you’ll try to get the bonus you need the most. Needless to say it depends on your Mastery Combination and the loot you gather along the way (if you're playing untwinked), here’s some difference between an Avenger an a Stonespeaker:

- an Avenger has no way to slow down enemies (TBO I never used Ensnare in my Immortal Throne days, now with AE it is a possibility). Slow is a big deal in any good hack’n’slash, if you can slow monsters down you lower their DPS, thus increasing your survivability. This is also why a Holy Freeze mercenary was such a coveted hireling in Diablo 2 lod. On the other hand a Stormcaller doesn’t care much about slow: he’s got Heart of Frost in the Storm Nimbus tree,

- Stonespeakers -like Stormcallers- too have a way to slow down monsters with Energy Drain in the Rune Weapon tree (Storm has a bigger bonus though). to rephrase what Firebrand once said, the Rune Weapon tree gives you almost everything you want,

- now like botebote77 said, the level cap is reached easily. Granted early game Speed is at premium, but late game you’ll reach the cap. Then you have the harsh requirement of Might of Hephaestus: LV 50! By that time you’ve already found all the speed you need from other items/skills, 

- finally there’s the nerf on the Skill granted by Might of Hephaestus in the Anniversary Edition:

Depending on your version of Titan Quest, Iron Fist actually works completely differently:

# Immortal Throne (original version): in this version Iron Fist DOES NOT work at all,

# Immortal Throne + Fanpatch 1.17: the granted skill works very well. This includes Melee and even Spells. This what made this Divine Artifacts so attractive (at least for me). I mean the granted skills proces a lot and you don't need to assign the skill on LBM, it works automatically,

# Anniversary Edition: in this version you are forced to assign the granted skill to your LMB! So it cannot proc with spells anymore (like Eruption, Volcanic Orb). This is somewhat sad but I guess I do understand the idea of the developers behind this nerf: indeed the tooltip of Iron Fist says “builds up the melee power of the player to epic proportions”, so now the skill works as intended (a melee bonus that is).

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 07 August 2018, 13:15:39 »
Have you run into Shadowmaw yet?  He hangs out in the cave in the Phocian Swamp area, but he's a random spawn so doesn't always appear.  He's really nasty hero for early toons to have to deal with, makes Polyphemus look easy.

Rhaaa! Shadowmaw! He caused my first death in the Anniversary Edition, and I'm not the only one, I feel. :P

One of the reasons is that this demon dog is always overleveled compared to your toon.

So my advice, if your playing the Steam version and are aiming for the 0 Death Achievement:


note: you can kill him, but it's not worth the risk I think.

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development Thread
« on: 28 July 2018, 16:24:56 »
Man! That's a tough one. The Dual Wield tree in Ares Mastery was worth 4 Skills. So if you remove the whole tree, you'll need to compensate with 4 new skills, right? My thoughts:

- just one shield skill (Batter?) seems pretty underwhelming to me, and since Hoplites were -historically- all about Lances and Shields, you shouldn't be shy to add more shield skills. But the Athena Mastery too is all about shields. Like I said that's a tough one ^^,

- as much as would love to dual wield spears this is still a no-no. Mainly because this is historically inaccurate,

- the Hoplite Shield weighted around 13 pounds (6 kilos!) so having a skill reducing Strength Requirements for Shields makes senses. So a Skill like "Runeword: Feather" (reducing Strength Requirements for Weapons and Shields) is a possibility,

Edit: I see your version of "Weapon Training" in Ares Mastery includes a new feature: reduced Requirements for Melee Weapons. Could you make it work for Shields too?

- maybe some people will hate this part but here's the idea: the Shield and Spear were the Hoplite's equipment par excellence, so for a Hoplite the loss of his shield was almost considered a crime in Greek cities. So what about giving double bonus (or wathever bonus^^) for holding both a Lance and Shield in your two weapon slots? That would be an incentive (or not),

- when you say "Hermes, on the other hand is a rogue - they often use offhand weapons to block" does that mean you found a way to make this character block with a weapon?  :o

Thanks for the heads-up, MedeaFleecestealer.

Wow! That’s some high praise for Grim Dawn, and the Expansion Pack Forgotten Gods is not even out yet. 8)

Whenever there's a video game charts there're always points of contention, you know. ^^ For instance when the game you love is not listed in the charts. Still this ranking is quite decent as a whole.
However PC Gamer's definition of RPG is in the very broad sense, I mean in the charts you can actually  find a lot of genres:

# true RPGs (Pillars of Eternity, Planescape Torment, Arcanum…)
# J-RPGs (Final Fantasy XII)
# Hack’n’Slash (Grim Dawn, Path of Exile, DIablo III)
# Hybrid First Person Shooters (Deus Ex, System Shock 2)

So in PC Gamer's view, from the moment characters are customizable it qualifies as an RPG it seems. That’s a bit of a stretch. :P

Titan Quest Anniversary didn’t cut it for some unfathomable reason. /o\

Diablo 2 didn’t make it either. You know I played this game a lot. But this year I re-installed but was totally put off by the graphics and the lackluster animations, I used to play this game every year or so. D2 graphics didn't age well. So my point is: those recent rumors about a Diablo 2 Remake might be true…,

Mass Effect 2

Suprisingly PC Gamer only listed Mass Effect 2 and didn’t include ME1 and ME3. This is debatable but I do think the Mass Effect Trilogy should be taken as a whole. So for those who never tried it:

When you play Commander Shepard (male or female) you’re are totally immersed in this unique Sci-Fi Universe. The Story is gripping and the Team Members you gather along the way are unforgettable. Now granted ME1 (2008) has this old-school rpg feel to it (the dreaded inventory management and the Mako Trips) that can turn off casual gamers. BUT the trilogy is worth it because a lot of things you do or say in ME1 have an impact on ME2, and the same goes for ME3. So basically the dedicated player will play the Mass Effect Trilogy with the same save from Mass Effect 1 to 2 and 3. Believe me when doing a playthrough like that, you get a an unrivaled sense of accomplishment.

Note 1: technically you can play ME2 and ME3 without a previous save, but you would missing some memorable content.

Note 2: The Mass Effect 3 ending was a letdown. I remember Bioware even had to change the ending with a friggin' DLC to clarify a few things. A frigging (free) Ending DLC. :o But even after the Ending DLC the Ending was still disappointing.

However it is somewhat unfair when so many people on the Net judge Mass Effect 3, or even the whole Trilogy by the ending exclusively. I mean it's not even 3% of the game(s).

Sport / Re: East Fife 4, Forfar 5
« on: 24 July 2018, 12:58:21 »
I must confess I scratched my head trying to understand what the thread was all about. ;D

Fortunately the link you provided made everything clear.^^

I've never heard of Eric Morecambe to be honest, nice find.

This reminds me how I discovered Milton Berle by accident just by watching the original Muppet Show, I'm fond of the original TV Series (don't laugh^^). It's old yet it's got soul. Coming back to Berle, it was good fun watching him getting totally destroyed by the 2 sour-elders always lugging around the balcony box: Statler et Waldorf. :P

...Statler: Hey, Berle? You know what? I've just figured out your style.
Berle: Really?
Statler: You work like Gregory Peck.
Berle: Gregory Peck is not a comedian.
Statler: Well?
Berle: Now just a minute, please. I have been a successful comedian half of my life.
Waldorf: How come we got this half?
Berle: Did you two come in here to be entertained or not?
Statler: That's right.
Berle: What's right?
Statler: We came in here to be entertained and we're not.
Berle: Oh, yeah? I'd love to see you come down here and be funny.
Waldorf: You first!
Berle: Ha ha ha, the audience. Don't pay any attention to him, folks. He's the ninth child of a family of eight. Let me tell this story....
Statler: Hey, Berle!
Berle: Ohhh... Yes, what is it? What is it?
Statler: You know what you're doing wrong?
Berle: What I'm doing wrong?
Statler: You're standing too close to the audience.
Berle: Oh, yeah? How is this?
Statler: You're still too close.
Berle: Oh, sorry. Is this okay?
Statler: Now little more.
Berle: How far back do you want me to go?
Statler: You got a car?...

General Discussion / Re: Need audio editing program
« on: 24 July 2018, 12:02:26 »
Hello, nargill66. As far free audio editors go Audacity is a solid utility. But IIRC removing crackling sound is not easy.

Audacity download link: Audacity 2.2.2

Audacity List of Effects (read about noise and click removal): Audacity Effects

Also here's a fine tutorial showing how to remove background noise:

How to Remove Background Noise in Audacity

Guides AE / Re: ↜ Hunting Mastery by WNG ↝
« on: 22 July 2018, 11:32:31 »
Good read. :) I would flesh out some descriptions:


Since update 1.32 ensnare now increases (moderately) in radius with level. So it could work with mobs,

Edit: Curiously the increase in radius doesn't show up on the Anniversary Edition calc for some reason ???,

Monster Lure

(taken straight from my Avenger thread^^) On higher difficulties that scarecrow is extremely resilient (+ Resists+HP). He will take an awful lot of hits and will save your hide many many many times.

Then you have the fact the its Provoke Radius increases the more points you put into the skill. At Level 6/6 it becomes a 10 meter radius (instead of the original 5 meter). Monsters provoked will come from very far, they will gather around the Lure to beat it up, which in turn allows you to kill them easily from afar: arrows, volcanic orb and Eruption are your best options for this.

EDIT: So you've cast Monster Lure and Enemies are gathering around it. BUT before you start pumping arrows/spells like mad, don't forget to cast Study Prey first to lower their resistances, of course.

The Monster Lure doesn't move but it works extremely well. Now as far as placing of the Lure goes, you'll get the hang of it, sometimes you'll notice that facing a a certain direction (left, right, whatever...^^)  will have and effect on the Lure location on the battlefield.


I would put a single point in its synergy Detonate. Because in the Anniversary Edition Detonate too has been reworked:

# It deals Fire AND Physical Damage now,
# denotes now also deals "1 sec of Stun" regardless of level, so 1 point is enough just to benefit from the Stun,

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