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Bug Reports LOC AE / Re: Alpha tester bug reports
« on: Today at 13:51:51 »
Never suspected about less armor of the renevants, interesting

what a dumb decision made by the devs, why only the bigger ones dropps the charms?the charm isnt that much strong, oh well we never know

Couple more reports

Theres a few frost trolls stucks between the trees

Dvergr Giant bosses before Southern gate and Great shroom drop "Mykical orb" not sure if this intended

Gray Nymph summoned by  Nar ( the Dvergr boss mage) cant attacking you, just chase you.

 Kallikantzaros~Stumpbuster ( in the other words the giants ones) are tagged as beastman instead of demon like the rest of his kind

The great Shroom just cast that bomb that puts you on sleep , he dont use the rest of his kit very often ( even in melle)

Valkyries have bad animation file ( T pose)

I need help with Spectral wolf quest, so i could get the wolf skull inside the wolf den, but now i dont know where i should face the ghost wolf, he kept disappear when i found him around the map.

Bug Reports LOC AE / Re: Alpha tester bug reports
« on: Today at 01:37:14 »
Few things:

-Rune Renevants archers are named as one of  Pirataes heroe

-There is two Gyda npcs ( from spectral wolf quest in king Gylfly(?) camp) one near portal and other inside the cave.

Theres a ":" after Torso

Another blank Reward like the other quest, must had same problem
edited: i relog the game and this quest didnt gave me the relic as promised, must be the missing reward

two side notes:
-whats % drop rate of trolls tusk charm ? i almost dont see then dropping

-im feeling the hp of snow wolfs are somekind low , not sure

Bug Reports LOC AE / Re: Alpha tester bug reports
« on: 15 January 2019, 20:05:31 »
I have uploaded the fix to the pathing in act 5.

As for that quest, it wasn't one I added so I added it. The only thing I could see was that the reward for the quest was in the final action list UNDER  the "Complete Quest Now" directive. I am assuming that was the issue and updated the order in which the actions are listed placing the complete directive UNDER the reward.

I don't know what else it could be so I hope that works. If it doesn't, it's a vanilla issue I tried to fix and that's all.

Just to report it worked! i could re complete the quest and i get a yellow weapon :)

One thing i notice, the Ancient of the Wilds , his basic attacks dont deal any dmg.

Bug Reports LOC AE / Re: Alpha tester bug reports
« on: 15 January 2019, 13:27:31 »
There some kind of invisible barrier that dont let you pass further (  the river that cross the Nerthus Cave)

Also you can walk deep in the woods of the wild Heathtlands

what that means ? it says Reward and no info of what gives

Very interesting,

The one i remenber

Sigurd- relic; ( Sigurd cloak ) upper armor

Bug Reports LOC AE / Re: Alpha tester bug reports
« on: 13 January 2019, 20:52:19 »
Oh my, for real, Thank you for the effort! Sorry for this trouble, i didnt even remenber to check google to see if there were any secret. I didnt did the secret quest in vanilla , i was litle lost . Atlast now i will not forget about that trick.

Btw i found another one : The giant rats, in act 5, arent moving/attacking ( its a issue on their animation ? our they are trying to do some thing and cant do )

edited: it seens the rats are in sleppy mode, it means if you hit then, they will act normally

Also: rune mastery dont have bonus pos lv 40 in mastery, our isnt implemented yet?

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 13 January 2019, 20:21:21 »
I manage to complete act 4, with no single blue item :D! with Thunderer class.

i did forget to write, i found a monster shrine around Parnassus caves, it spawn Toxeus at lv 25 , i just the wind ahah

Some doors in the dungeon you extended in Perinthean Armory are tagged as "Unknown" and cannot be oppen, i belive its intended (?). The boss inside is well balanced.

Hades was scary, those vitality orbs deal alot of  dmg, but is doable.

MY last shard boss, guess who was it.....typhoon! ah very very fun batle! what a game :D

About rune, is jottun summon immune to mind control,  right ?

Some  suggestions

-Some bandit ninjas in orient could have ranged attacks (like shurikens)

-Lamia~Clan mistress and Ravagers have same set of skills. the Clan mistress could be defense/warfare based, using shield abilities and rally

-Anteok champions and the normal ones have the same set of skills. Anteoks champions need to be more dangerous.

-The gargantuan karkinos could have a slow aura that decrease the player moviment speed, so that ranged users have a bad time kitting the boss.

-Formicid larvas can have a gray/white colour

-Envoy Kor-Lhrut, the Machae mensager boss, from "Inside Source" quest, can be buffed


- if possible, in order to acess the  chests from "The general in repouse", in orient , you need defeat a boss that have "claimed" the treasures.

- Admetus Among the dead, in Hades, he could give better reward. We helped him get into Elysium and he just gives xp, little selfish no :p

edited: i forget to add some things.

Bug Reports LOC AE / Re: Alpha tester bug reports
« on: 13 January 2019, 19:25:54 »
good to know!Hope so :)

Btw the "noisy diversion" quest rewards  you bleeding resistance and the "flight the mensager" tht should give you boost on your moviment speed arent showing up, its because of the engine of  xpac ? like the side quests ?

Shade of the sandwraithlord is trying to cast some buff/speell without sucess,  all the batle and not attacking

Shade of the Charon is tagged as telkine ( 2nd form)

Bug Reports LOC AE / Re: Alpha tester bug reports
« on: 12 January 2019, 22:48:44 »
darn i remenber the vanilla version had that issue about the quest rewards in hades.

its no problem, you have the plan, its all that matters.

Legion of Champions IT / Re: LOC IT chit-chat
« on: 12 January 2019, 21:13:41 »
Was a long time i played the It mod version, i cant help you out with spirit, but about defense clubs and maces are same type of weapons

Bug Reports LOC AE / Re: Alpha tester bug reports
« on: 12 January 2019, 14:30:26 »
have issues on attacking/moving, the skills are working fine

The cyclops hero guarding hades passage have quest monster icon on mini map

Charon 1st form gives 649 xp ( not sure if is the same value on vanilla)

Both lampido and stugian lurker rewards stats arent showing up, our they have hidden bonus ?

The one who lead quest, the game isnt seeing the new Charon's Oar as quest item,  why not replacing the quest item? instead of us collect the the Oar  it could be asked for a stone our a medallion droped by Charon

Bug Reports LOC AE / Re: Alpha tester bug reports
« on: 11 January 2019, 23:29:53 »
That fixed the problem, im crossing Sonoris as im writing this.

If isnt today will be tomorrow,I believe thts one part of the magic , accomplish things by testing multiple scenarios.

You are doing great!

Anyway : the shadow lord boss that commands the nightstalkers in ixian woods, from "Outpost in the Woods" , is  tagged as Anteok hero

edited: this litle fella, have some issues attacking and runing

How do i open the secret door into spell piece room ? the fountain doesnt do anything,  our im looking at wrong place ?

Bug Reports LOC AE / Re: Alpha tester bug reports
« on: 11 January 2019, 11:14:08 »
when you kill Typhon the game crashes. tried a few times

when you relog the game, the quest is marked as complete and the pet bonus are listed. i can assume the zeus speech is causing the crash

Nice collection you have Prosoro :)

Bug Reports LOC AE / Re: Alpha tester bug reports
« on: 10 January 2019, 01:36:11 »
cannot be sold

Signet Ring of skills gives +1 to invalid skill profile ( green ring)

im felling the Shaitan ( the marid hero from djin quest) isnt alright, the batle was quick, its dies to fast than her sisters, in terms of hp

The tigermans heroes from sister quest, the big brute is alright ( tuff and deadly) , but the others two was Miao Miao and the Jun Shan, Warrior-Monk, they fell super fast

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