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Welcome back to the challenge stormyboy.  Good luck.

Updated Tauceti.  :)

Other Modifications / Re: [MOD] Enhanced Gameplay for TQ: Ragnarök
« on: 13 January 2019, 21:56:00 »
Grim Dawn has a horse saddle in it?  :o

Fingers crossed.  :)  But not while you're playing.

Way to go.  :)  Keep on rocking, letsrock.

No, the Brady Games one.  I think they used to do many of the guides back in the days. Seems they're now Prima Games and both owned by Random House publishers.

Oh, you got a figurine too.  Nice. :) I'm a sucker for strategy guides too.  I have a collection of those including a TQ one.  First thing I used to do when buying a game was hunt up a strategy guide and then read it before I even installed the game so I'd have some idea of how it worked.

Good work done there then Overnight.  Updated and well done.  :)

Updated.  Only 2 Acts to go.  :)

Updated and congratulations.   :)  Let's hope it's third time lucky and you can get to the end of Legendary this time.

Updated.  Keep on rocking, letsrock.  :)

Well, I only have TQIT levelling to go by since I haven't gotten any new characters that far into the AE version yet.

I never found much difference when playing melee, ranged or caster.  Usually I hit Typhon around 30-31 and Hades around 40 in Normal difficulty.  Elite difficulty I clear around 55 and Ultimate 60-62.  That's just straight playthroughs with no farming.  Can't say what Ragnarok adds to those figures since I've not played it enough to notice.

Oh no!  :(  Still, Exinite will always be remembered in the Fallen Heroes' Graveyard.

Updated and good work Overnight.  :)

Yeah, I sometimes think Nordic have gone overboard with those.

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