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_Draguna_'s added to the leaderboard icefreeze and good luck with her.  :)


1. that's fine.  I used to do that when I played IT.  Hate it that I can't do the same with the AER version of the game.  Drives me nuts having to go back to sell stuff so often early game.

U can do it. U need separate install of old defiler AND TQ IT separately as well.

Make a Fresh Char in IT in IT >> Load it up  in defiler & give it all bags, disable mod DLL afterwards. DO NOT TAKE THIS CHAR TOWARDS HORSE.
Open Ragnarok. You will see this fresh char there after loading/backups process >> Play

Um, interesting.  I was never able to get my IT and AE versions both working.  If I had IT installed, the AE just wouldn't start.  Maybe I need to give it another go.

That's okay, I can mark the character as using that mod for the challenge.

Yes, you can use items in the transfer stash.  If you have TQVault and want to use items from that as well then just let me know so I can mark your character as being twinked.

The rules for the challenge are in the first post on the first page.

andyblast yes

1. that's fine.  I used to do that when I played IT.  Hate it that I can't do the same with the AER version of the game.  Drives me nuts having to go back to sell stuff so often early game.

2. I guess so.  :-\  What will you be using most though? I make a note of what mods the challenge is played in if it's not just the normal game.

3. Yes of course.  Only scrolls and the other colours except white aren't allowed.

Welcome to the forum and to the challenge Ororo and well done!  :)  Added to the leaderboard as being in Epic Helos since you've completed Normal.  Good luck for tackling Epic!

Added to the leaderboard 1cec0ld and good luck with him.  :)

Forum News and Info / Re: Is there a problem with Kirmizi Perfect?
« on: 15 October 2018, 22:42:04 »
Wonderful Pain. So good to see it looking at it should again.  :)

Technical Support / Re: Game won't connect online
« on: 15 October 2018, 07:19:45 »
Good to hear.  Enjoy the game HORSE.  :)

Forum News and Info / Re: Is there a problem with Kirmizi Perfect?
« on: 14 October 2018, 09:45:54 »
Wow!  You did have a lot dumped on you all at once Pain.  Hope you're getting things more settled now.

Technical Support / Re: Game won't connect online
« on: 13 October 2018, 21:03:57 »
Don't multiplay myself, but have you verified the game files?  For Steam right click on the game in your library and go down to Properties.  Then choose Local Files and then Verify Integrity of Game Files.

Made sure the drivers are up to date?

Completely exited Steam and then opened it again? 

Other Modifications / TQIT Diablo 2 Immortal Enhanced Edition
« on: 13 October 2018, 16:18:21 »
The most advanced TQ mod to date, Diablo 2 Immortal introduces unique new skill mechanics and elaborate balance systems to combine what people loved about Diablo 2 with the possibilities of Immortal Throne. Play as an Amazon, Barbarian, Sorceress, Necromancer, Assassin or Paladin – or any hybrid combination of them – to experience both games anew.

MORE decisions and diversity through new skills and even better balance
MORE Glamour and immersion thanks to improved effects, animations, textures, sounds, …
MORE challenges through unique and intelligent enemies
MORE equipment, sets, recipes, relics, secrets and bonus stuff to discover!
LESS bugs, exploits, or things like useless attributes
MORE special features such as Immortal companion, extra large box, and gambling
And top it narrows the supplied ENB Mod TQ engine by the addition of modern post-processing effects, whereby everything looks even better!
October 2015 Jubilee Update:
The Diablo 2 Immortal mod is back with another year’s worth of additions and improvements to the Enhanced Edition of 2014. This bumps D2I to over 14.000 files added or changed in the name of balance and player-based badassery!
Even more lovely loot! (And all the sets are useful.)
Even more horrific heroes! (Of basically every enemy type.)
Even more spectacular skills! (And all 180 are worth getting.)
Even more pretty particle effects! (Including the BorderLines.)
And even less inadvertent imbalances.
New Features:
Transmutations – Turn lots of things into other things!
Trophies – Collect Hero Stars and display them over your fireplace!
and more…


Note: DO NOT IMPORT OR EXPORT your characters between the normal game and the mod!
1. Click on “Play Custom Quest”.
2. Use ANY character to start "Diablo 2 Immortal -"
3. This will activate the Mod and bring you to the main character selection.
4. Now create your D2I character and start as normal, or host/join a MP game!
5. In-Game: change your attack skill to the starting stuff.
How to Change Language:
Go to Diablo 2 Immortal folder in your mods directory and open the change_language.bat abd choose want you want (French ,Spanish, Deutsch...English )
Note: the final directory may change just look for the one with the change_language.bat

Download link

Other Modifications / TQIT Clash of the Gods Mod
« on: 13 October 2018, 15:55:13 »
What is the Mod About?
Clash of the Gods mod is a new mastery mod for Titanquest Immortal Throne. In this modification the 9 masteries, which are called Philosophies, are separated in 4 “good”, 4 “evil” and one “neutral”.
* 9 new masteries, called “Philosophies”
* Potions are stackable up to 50
* New designed charakter- enchanter- and mastery selection screen
* New high-level Set with mystery
* Many easter eggs
* 80 new affixes, made by Kir4
* 2. Philosophy at level 12
* Boni at the 32nd level of the skill bar
* New Item-class: “The Oathstones”
Updates – Version 5.0 (14. 07. 2010)
* New Effects
* Oathstones
* And many bug- and balacefixes
Earth will be replaced with Exorcism
Warfare will be replaced with Heresy
Defense will be replaced with Judicature
Nature will be replaced with Spirituality
Ghost will be replaced with Occultism
Rogue will be replaced with Zombiefication
Dream will be replaced with Ambivalence
Storm will be replaced with Esoterism
Hunting will be replaced with Demonology
Judiciary is the cave of stone that offers protection to the weak and poor, keeping all evil beings out. With his strong arm and iron will, the Judge shatters all underwordly dangers.”
“Even the most abnormal souls fear the Exorcist, because there’s no Warrior among the forces Good that equals his doggedness. With his strong skills the Exorcist excels at both, melee combat and magic.”
“Esoteric deals with the supernatural energies within the body to do miracles. Above all, the Mystic is able to heal and protect himself and his allies.”
“Those wandering on the path of Spiritualism are entities blessed by the Gods, carrying the divine powers of the elements. Chosen to eliminate all evil on the world, a Spiritualist is also able to summon powerful minions to lead the good-hearted to victory.”
“The Edgewalker doesn’t make a difference between good and evil- the middle way suits him best. He preserves the inner balance of the universe by keeping the eternal battle between good and evil alive.”
“An Occultist studies the dark arts, completely disregarding all possible risks. His miscellaneous knowledge makes him a dangerous enemie of the good-minded.”
“The Heretic is widely known for his cruelty and ferocity in battle. He is a sadistic murderer through and through and the total warrior.”
“The Awaker gathers many dead slaves through dark alliances with the gos of the underworld. He fights many enemies as good as superior creatures because of his dastardly skills.”
“Demonologists are swift mages, capable of using bows, spears and staffs and skilled in offense, defense and magic. His variety of skills offer a solution for every problem.”

Download link

Other Modifications / TQIT Project X Mod
« on: 13 October 2018, 15:39:13 »
What is the Project X Mod About?
Project X is a masteries mod, with many new skills, pets, effects, items and all that.
New Masteries
Boost allies with concoctions, buff yourself with a brew, summon a pet by means of experimenting, throw some greek-fire grenades…
Only mastery with no pets. Has other cool stuff though.
Similar to vanilla Hunting, has the wolf as companion.
Has 3 pets. Even has a pet, that summons pets. Also has skills to boost pets.
Has many active skills, only 1 pet and 1 toggable.
Spiritual: –
Frighten your enemies, buff and heal your allies, debuff enemies…
Has stances, can summon the Titan of War.
The Unknown:
Yeah … who knows eh?
Well, install the mod to find out all the specifics.
I’m unsure how balanced all the skills are, as I haven’t really tested this. Took me long enough to test all the skills individually to make sure it’s all working the way I want it. Am pretty sure everything works correctly, though you’re free to a drop a note if it’s not.
This mod should be compatible with any hard mod, though you won’t get any skill or mastery bonus from any new items. (am willing to create any sort of patch, if the demand is high enough though … )
I’ve had much fun making this mod, which is why I created it, but I hope you’ll enjoy playing it as well!
All kinds of feedback are welcome.
I guess that’s it …
Now please, go play some ?

Download link

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