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Sport / A Danish guy shows great archery skills
« on: 15 April 2018, 18:13:01 »
Check this out:

Other Modifications / Re: Put new music
« on: 10 April 2018, 07:45:10 »
I think you have to change the map to put more.

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Early Development
« on: 07 April 2018, 16:55:18 »
About that. I feel the skill names should be easy to grasp for new players, I mean they shouldn’t be too cryptic. When I read "Hecate's Key" or "Hecate's Hecate's Rope" for instance, I have absolutely no idea what the skill is about. This is nothing serious really, just my two cents about it. Edit: I see the tooltips you devised clarifies the skills a bit.

Yeah, I noticed it, both the names and descriptions are very abstract, so I reworked them today.
TBH i'm starting to get burned out. Gonna just play the game or some other mod for a while. Never finished LoC with "no death challenge", maybe its time to try again :)

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Early Development
« on: 07 April 2018, 00:37:29 »
Last two days things are going very slow. I mostly work on tweaking drafts, but none of them is ready yet.

I made 3 different passive Volley-like skills in Apollo, Hecate and Zeus with 25% chance to activate on last level (1 of them is reworked Ternion). Apollo's one (Sun Arrows) works with staff and bow, Hecate and Zeus' ones for staff and thrown. Tested them ingame and it looks decent and not too OP i think.

Another thing is some ot the skill columns in Hecate will be reworked. I made her look almost evil in her skills, and it is far from how the Greeks imagined her. Maybe after Christianity she is demonized and becomes symbol of black magic, but not before. If there is an "evil" god in the Pantheon, it is Ares, not Hecate.

So, here is a preview of the reworked Occult column for Hecate:

Spoiler for Hiden:
OCCULT (Passive Tree)

Lvl 1: Hecate's Key
Hecate's key unlocks the mystical door to the unknown that each seeker must pass on their path to knowledge.
-% Strength Requirements for Melee Weapons (Sword, Thrown)
-% Intelligence Requirements for Staffs
+% Casting Speed

Lvl 10: Hecate's Rope
Hecate's rope connects the Occultist to their inner wisdom, springing from the depths of the spirit.
+% Energy Regeneration
% Chance of -% Energy Cost
% Chance of -% Recharge

Lvl 16: Hecate's Knife
Hecate's knife does not cut flesh, but the veil of illusions and external influences that clouds the mind.
+% Sleep Resistance
+% Trap Resistance
+% Reduced Confusion Duration (for Pets/Traps)
+% Reduced Mind Control Duration (for Pets/Traps)

Lvl 32: Hecate's Torch
Hecate's torch is the ultimate revelation of truth, in which the Occultist realizes their full power and potential.
+% Elemental Damages
+% Intelligence
+% Energy

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Early Development
« on: 07 April 2018, 00:10:48 »
people will not look at the balance between masteries but rather the balance between each class.. but sadly enough, no matter how hard you try, some people will feel an imbalance in your mod.. it's always like that.. it's something even game developers of big companies face.. if people think your mod is imbalanced, you can always release v1.1, then v1.2, and so on.. which means more work for you  :o

instead of another weapon proficiency, how about some innate skill like warmth from sorceress diablo 2
summon ichthians or geysers.. hmm.. does it always have to be summons? can't it be like suiton water something technique?

Yeah, maybe it's an impossible task but I'll still try as best as i can. The problem with Poseidon is that i added it last, when i made the old drafts i had only 9 gods in mind. I'll leave it out for now, if I can find a way i can always include it later.
I like the idea of every mastery having pets connected to the god. I know many people prefer to play solo, but in Deities there are 24 skills for each mastery and there is enough space to include more pets. It won't be a pet focused mod, but will add more options for petmancers.

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Early Development
« on: 05 April 2018, 19:21:21 »
Looks good.Im guessing there will also be item sets for every path,right?

Probably, after the masteries are done. Can't wait for them to be finished, so i can do what i really like to do - adding new monsters and items.

You mean post #219 on your profile? That's little extreme. Better post a link of what is updated :P

I meant post 219 on this thread.

Actually the more I think about the tortoise, the more I think it shouldn’t be a familiar. It's shell being a symbol of protection, how about using it as a defensive skill just like Stone Form? This could be a panic button, when you trigger it, the character would turn into a turtle with a ghostly shade texture – if possible- and benefit from a +100% damage protection (temporary invincibility).

On the Skill Screen, the ability could be shaped as the Overlord, you know the Turtle-like item that opens Secret Passage, the Skill could be named: "Turtle Shell".

The turtle is a symbol of the first lyre, which he made by her shell. Hmm, can be a temporary buff like Distortion field that activates on hit... not making you invulnerable, but giving decent total damage absobtion. Or there can be a spirit turtle summon, that cast it as an aura. "Song of the Turtle" or something similar?

Finally thank you kindly for being so patient with my ramblings, nargil66. I think I’ll let you work now. :)

Nah, i enjoy when there is a discussion. No worries.

There are some news. Poseidon will be removed from the list of masteries. Every attempt to balance gods weapons and damage types with 10 masteries in the new drafts failed. Other reasons are that I can't explain how you can summon Ichthians or geysers in the middle of the desert for example; i can't think of any good class name combiantions with Poseidon. So it is out. I hope you don't mind playing with nine masteries.

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Early Development
« on: 04 April 2018, 04:54:07 »
The second part is done. Post #219 is updated.

Other Modifications / Re: [MOD] All Ragnarok Items
« on: 03 April 2018, 22:38:17 »
Thank yooou! It will help alot when retexturing items and making new sets! I wait for such a mod for a long time.  :D

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Early Development
« on: 03 April 2018, 22:29:08 »
Nice ideas about Hermes! And thanks for helping with the research. All this myths can really hook you up, doesn't they? :P

Hermes Sounds like a fun Mastery. In Mythology Hermes has so many traits that make him attractive:


Hermes is the Patron of Athletes and Travelers. He's all about Endurance and Speed. So you proposal about Burst of Speed (conditional bonus which activates on low damage) makes sense. I do think whe should give Hermes Mastery more Speed Skills:

- Hermes Blessing: would be a permanent bonus to Total Speed, like Temporal Flux in the Lucid Dream tree,

Furthermore they're various types of speeds in Titan Quest, Attack Speed, Movement Speed, Total Speed. So they're a few options open as far as Skill design goes,

Yep. There will be a permanent speed buff aura. Just one life saving skill isn't enough. And Hermes' Blessing sounds like a good name.

Lyre Symbol

Victory Song: a temporary buff to Health and...Speed maybe,

How about moving the Sleep song from Apollo here? One of Hermes' notable deeds is putting the hundred-eyed giant Argus (Hera's guardian) to sleep with his lyre. After slaying him, Hera turn the giant into a peacock (her symbol). It will be something like Sands of Sleep, only with radius effect. And maybe i should add a magic offhand to his related weapons?

The Caduceus

This staff wakes the sleeping. So some passive resist to Sleep, Stun (and Petrification maybe?) would be fitting.

If you take this skill just don't give it a "Heal" effect! Indeed upon checking, Hermes Caduceus has nothing to do with the Rod of Asclepius. Only the latter has a healing effect,

Source: Rod of Asclepius (Wikipedia)

Edit: I bet you already came up with the same conclusion, but I had to point it out,

Yeah, nothing to do with healing. And nice suggestion about sleep resist. I read somewhere it can turn things into gold, but i think it was a superhero fanfiction.

Tortoise Symbol
Yep. This is one the symbols of Hermes. But right know I cannot see how to make a Tortoise pet attractive or even badass, unless we give him some nasty Skills and some serious...Speed, of course. Pfft! Forget it. :P,

Supersonic turtle, ahaha! Why not? Will make it his ultimate summon, just for the lulz. About permanent pets - he is the father of Pan and has some other satyr offspring - maybe satyr thief/rogue? Apart from the hawks, ofcourse. I know there are already planned satyrs for Dionysos, but they can easily can the turned to Silenoi (satyr brutes/centaurs).

The Winged Helmet (Talaria)

Hahem. No idea right now,

Well, some say he borrowed his Cap of Aidoneus (The Unseen) from Hades in his archetype of a guide for the dead. Hence the invisibility skill idea. Source:
I just saw his sword is special too :o, wtf, this guy if full of artefacts. If only there was a way to increase magic find in TQ like in Diablo... Treasure Hunter skill will fit him well, also a trade related skill, but what will they do... hmm, summon a separate vendor which buys on higher price... will it be OP?


The only thing I've found is that one day Hermes decided to turn 2 Men into Hawks, apart from that I haven't found much about the Hawks.

Their names were Hierax and Daidalon. So I humbly think there should be 2 hawks with different attributes (yeah more work for you, sorry ^^):

# Hierax: He saved a lot of Men from famine, so lets' make him Defensive Pet,

# Daidalon: found absolutely zilch about him :o. Lets' make him an Offensive Pet,

I understand why you left Hermes Mastery for last, they're so many options I don't know where to start.

I didn't knew the hawks were two. About different skills, i prefer to have similar pets unified. But i can add both offensive and defensive skills as they gain levels.

Btw, i'm working on the second part now - God Animals and Companions. Will post it when it's ready.

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Early Development
« on: 03 April 2018, 13:49:35 »
I have some news people, I decided to stop making new skills untill I have a very clear idea of how all the masteries will be like. I think to draft them all first, before I continue. Working on them piece by piece can cause troubles and inbalance in the future.
So, i'll start with some research. As I said before, the plan is to make the masteries as close to the lore of Greek mythology as they can be. Here we go with the first part - Weapons of the Gods. I'll update this post int the future when there is more progress.



Spoiler for Hiden:

1. Bow - Personal weapon, a gift from Hephaistos, can spread disease and cause sudden death. More magical than physical. Bow skills and bonuses.
2. Staff / Rod - Not directly related to Apollo, but a symbol to his son Asclepius. Staff skills and bonuses.
3. Lyre - Given to him by Hermes, a symbol of music and arts. Ingame will be represented by magic offhand/shield. Magic offhand skills and bonuses.


1. Spear - Ares' main weapon and symbol is the long war spear (doru) used by hoplites. Spear skills and bonuses.
2. Shield - Not a main symbol, but he is always depicted with a shield. Some of the more offensive shield skills will go to him.
3. Sword - He is also depicted with unsheathed sword as a secondary weapon. Sword skills and bonuses.     


1. Bow - One of her epithets is Toxotide, meaning "Archeress". Main weapon. Bow skills and bonuses.
2. Javelins (Hunting Spears) - She sometimes carry shorter spears for hunting and fishing. Thrown skills and bonuses.
3. Thrown weapons - The other thrown weapons from Ragnarok will be included here. Thrown skills and bonuses.


1. Armor (Aegis) - Main symbol, a breastplate or cloak made from chymera/gorgon/goat skin. In Deities Athena will reduce Dex reqiurements for armors.
2. Shield (Aegis 2) - Sometimes the Aegis is her shield. Often has a gorgon head (gorgoneion) on it, or it's mirror-like.
3. Spear - Not a main symbol, but she always carry a spear. Spear skills and bonuses.


1. Wand (Thyrsos) - Symbol of fertility. It's a short staff covered with ivy vines and a pine cone at its tip. Wand skills and bonuses.
2. Wine cup (Kantharos) / Drinking Horn (Rhyton) - his symbols as a god of wine. Ingame will be represented by magic offhand/shield. Magic offhand skills and bonuses.
3. Axe - One of his epithets in some parts of Greece was Dionysos Pelekys (Dionysos the Double-Axe). Axe skills and bonuses.


1. Club (Torch) - Main symbol, used both to as a weapon and to bring hidden secrets into the light. Club skills and bonuses.
2. Sword (Dagger) - Symbol of Hecate's power to cut through illusions, used in magic rituals and herbalism. Sword skills and bonuses.
3. Wand (One hand) - Also because of the torch (it's aspect as an elemental weapon). Wand skills and bonuses.


1. Club (Hammer) - His main symbol as a smith god. Club skills and bonuses.
2. Axe - Less common symbol, similar to the hammer. Axe skills and bonuses.
3. Armor - Hephaistos is not depicted wearing armor, but he crafted many legendary armors for gods and heroes. He will reduce Str requirements for armors.


1. Wand (Caduceus) - Main symbol as a god of travel, heralds and diplomacy. Wand skills and bonuses.
2. Sword - Sometimes carries it instead of the wand, maybe as a god of rogues :P. Sword skills and bonuses.
3. Winged boots (Talaria) - symbol as a god of speed. Many skills will have speed bonuses, Hermes also will reduce total requirements (Lightweight skill).


1. Spear (Trident) - Main symbol as a god of the seas and earthquakes. Spear skills and bonuses.
2. Staff (Trident 2) - When he bends the oceans, the trident is more used as a staff. Staff skills and bonuses. 
3. No idea here :/


1. Javelins - Zeus' thunderbolts in mythology are basicly magical javelins. Thrown skills and bonuses.
2. Staff - His symbol as a king of the gods. Staff skills and bonuses.
3. Armor (Aegis 3) - In some legends Athena borrowed the Aegis from Zeus. Zeus will reduce Int requirements for armors.

Spoiler for Hiden:

1. Raven - Messenger of Apollo. Was white once, but turned black after bringing ill news to Apollo of his lover princess Coronis being unfaithful. Main pets.
2. Phoenix - An Egyptian or Persian resurrecting fire-bird that lay its eggs in the temples of Apollo/Helios. Symbol of the sun. Timed summon pet.
3. Other animals are the wolf, lion, dolphin, hawk and swan. His companions are the nine muses. (None of these will be included, except the muses, which may be related to a skill.)

1. Demonic Horses - Four fire-breathing horses that drive his chariot. Names are - Aithon (Red-Fire), Phlogios (Flame), Konabos (Tumult) and Phobos (Fear). (Will be cool if I can make ingame a horse from Hades to attack and breathe fire)
2. Dragons (Drakones) - Serpent-like monsters, offspring of Ares that guard groves and springs sacred to him. They are depicted like wingless giant snakes and breathe poison instead of fire - not much like modern fantasy dragons. In greek myths Ares has at least two dragon sons - the Colchian and Ismenian Dragon.
3. Spartoi - war-like men born from the teeth of Ares' dragons. That makes them his grandsons, lel. They are fearsome warriors, but not very clever - if you throw a stone between them, they usually kill each other.
4. Ares' companions are many minor gods and daemons of war. Some of the gods are Phobos and Deimos (Ares' sons Fear and Terror), Enyo/Eris (goddess of Strife/Discord, sister or lover of Ares); daemons include: Makhai/Machae (Battles), Alala (War-Cry), Achlys (Death-Mist), Homados (Battle Din), Hysminai (Combats), Kydoimos (Confusion), Keres (Death-Fates), Androktasiai (Slaughters), Proioxis and Palioxis (Onrush and Backrush), Polemos (War). Many of the names in TQ are used for weapons and armors, but it will be cool to make them actual monsters in Act 4 when the time comes.
5. Animals related to Ares are the vulture, dog, boar, serpent (because of the dragons maybe), some types of owls, and Ornithes Areioi (Birds of Ares) - fabulous feather-throwing birds in Amazonian lands in Scythia/Sarmatia. Amazons themselves are offspring of Ares and the nymph Harmonia and have temples dedicated to him.


1. Nymphs - Many types, but most notable are the sixty Oceanides (ocenids were many types, but these ones were probably Nephelai - rain-cloud nymphs), the twenty Amnisiades (Cretan Naiads of river Amnisos) and the three Hyperborean Nymphs (breeze nymphs, daughters of the north wind Boreas). The latter three were her closest attendants, and the name of each was related to an archery skill - Opis (Aim), Loxo (Trajectory) and Hecaerge (Distancing). That made me thinking... Maybe an temporary buff for the Nymph at higher levels... +% attack speed, weapon piercing and projectile speed?
2. Hounds - Artemis has 13 or 14 hunting hounds, gifted to her by Pan. Half are males and half females. They are described so strong, that could tear a lion apart.
3. Animals related to Atremis are the stag, deer, boar, bear. She had many mortal hunter companions (mostly girls), some of them she made half-gods. I would love to make a golden deer as an ultimate summon, but for now i cant so i'll stick with the boar (she send giant boars after those who anger her).


1. Owl - Main symbol as a goddess of wisdom. Will be made silver and ultimate summon pet.
2. Other related creatures are the snakes (also as symbol of wisdom probably); spider (she turn Arachne to this after weaving contest) and gorgon (she is the one who turn Medusa into a monster. This is why Athena will have Gorgon Spirit for summon as a pet).
3. Not many other companions, except the goddess Nike (Victory). Will be related to a skill somehow. 


1. Maenads - Female companions in his ecstatic festivals (called Dionysia or Bacchanalia). The name "maenad" is used for nymphs as well as for human followers, so maybe in the mod there will be both types. According to, the nymph ones were mix from wood nymphs (dryades), mountain nymphs (oreiades) and water nymphs (naiades). Other names for maenads: Thyades, Thyiai (early name around Delphi); Bacchantes, Bacchai, Bassarides (Roman counterparts); Mimallones, Klodones (Macedonian counterparts). More info on maenads: they are said to performed miracles with the thyrsos, making wine, milk or honey spring out from nowhere; they fought as warriors in the Indian wars of Dionysos; the bacchic frenzy gave them enough strength to tear apart the enemy with their bare hands. It is also said that while in frenzy, they cannot be hurt by enemy weapons and fire cannot burn them. (Physical and fire resistances).
2. Satyrs - Goat-men companions. Most notable are: The three Arkadian Satyrs who were sons of Hermes and heralds of Dionysos; Silenus and his three sons, the Silens, who were fat elder satyrs and personal attendants of Dionysus; fourteen elite warrior satyrs who lead Dionysos troops in his war in India; Tityroi (flute-playing satyrs). Young satyrs (lvl 1 scouts) were called satyriskos.
3. Elder Centaurs - There are twelve elite centaurs (called Lamian Pheres) that drive Dionysos chariot and serve as his elite guards. Sometimes they are depicted as satyr-shaped, other times as horse-men.
4. Corybantes/Curetes/Dactyls - three, five, seven or nine demigod giants from Crete or Mount Ida in Phrygia that were sent by Zeus to guard infant Dionysus. Fathers of many nymphs and satyrs. Might be his ultimate summon. They are said to have war dances, in which they bash their shields like thunder.
5. Sacred animals to Dionysos are all types of great cats - most often the panther, but also lynx, lion and tiger; foxes - roman Bassarides wear bassaris - fox pelt, also Dionysos most probably send the monstrous Teumessian Fox/Cadmean Vixen in fis anger; other animals are the bull and the snake.


1. Lampades (meaning Torch-Bearers, in Roman Nymphae Avernales, Infernal Nymphs) - finally found more info on them. They are underworld nymphs, companions of Hecate. They were a gift from Zeus for Hecate's loyalty in the Titanomachy (Hecate is a titaness, but she fought on the gods' side). They bear torches and accompany Hecate on her night-time travels and hauntings. Some accounts tell of how the light of the Lampads' torches has the power to bring prophetic visions or drive one to madness, depending on their desire (maybe Dream skills?). Greeks doesn't say much of their parentage - probably the daughters of various Underworld gods, daimones, river gods, or Nyx. In Deities i'll stick to the Roman version, according to which think they are Naiads, daughters of the five Hades river gods: Styx (River of Hatred), Acheron (River of Pain), Phlegethon (River of Flame), Lethe (River of Oblivion) and Cocythus (River of Sorrow) and i'll rework their skills to be related. The daughters of Phlegethon will be fiery lampads with burning hair - that should look awesome :D.
2. Empusas - In greek legends sometimes they are interchangeable with the Lamias and Mormos/Mormolykeai. Described as shapeshipting female demons or spectres that take the form of beautiful women and seduce men to eat their flesh and drink their blood. Have one donkey leg and one brass/copper leg (now i know why they made the MI like this in TQ). Empusas are servants of Hecate and she sends them to haunt those who anger her.
3. Black Dogs - serve as familiars of Hecate. Sometimes they are only two and are tranformed mortals, in other legends there are packs of Stygian Hounds that follow her. I prefer the stygian hounds, becuse they look more epic.
4. Polecat - transformed mortal sorceress, similar to the dogs.

1. Elder Cyclopes - A tribe of ancient fire Cyclopes that live in volcanoes. Long before Hephaistos was born, they forged Zeus thunderbolts and Poseidon's trident in the war against the Titans. After they started working in Hephaistos' forges. Compared to them, lesser Cyclopes like Polyphemus (a tribe of shepherds) are just noobs.
2. Automatons - animate, metal statues in the shape of animals, men and monsters crafted by Hephaistos or Daedalus. The best of them could think and feel like men. They are many kinds of automatons, made from Hephaistos: Caibeirian Horses - a pair of bronze fire-breathing horses he crafted for his two sons; Caucasian Eagle - a giant bronze eagle who tortured Prometheus; Celedones (Golden Maidens) - a pair of automaton women, housekeepers of Hephaistos; Gold and Silver Dogs - metal watchdogs gifted to some king; Talos - a giant automaton that guarded Crete from pirates; a pair of Bronze Bulls in Colchis that breathed fire and were one of Jason's tests; Golden Tripods - wheeled animated tripods that served on the feasts of the gods in Olympus. Man, this guy was really productive. Many ideas of more enemies here.
3. Animal symbols are the donkey (he is often riding one in vases) and the crane bird. Other companions are Aphrodite and Kharis (Goddess of Grace); and Cabeiri, his sons. Sometimes also satyrs. 


1. Not much info on him about followers, this is what i found: As a father of Pan, he's accompanied by mountain satyrs and nymphs (oreiades). His wife is sometimes Peitho (goddess of Persuation). Has half-god sons from human lovers - Autolikos (thief that can change shapes of objects with touch) and Aethalides (Argonaut with unfailing memory). Also have 3 satyr sons (see Dionysos).
2. Sacred animals are the hawk, turtle, hare and ram. Ram and hare are out, i guess the pets will be 1 satyr rogue, 2 hawks and 1 giant superfast turtle. Will be fun to see.


1. Triton - In myths Triton is just one and son of Poseidon and Amphitrite. But in Titan Quest there are already many of them. One of the pets.
2. Nereids - Sea nymphs, daugthers of sea god Nereus. They are attendants of Poseidon. But i think 3 types of nymphs is enough, so i'll go with the Ichthians for pets.
3. Divine offspring - Aiolos (god of wind); many minor sea and river gods. Some sources say even Telkhines are his sons, but more likely they are much older.
4. Other creatures - Animals are the horse, bull, dolphin and the creature Hyppocampus (a horse with a fish tail). Also many sea monsters, most of them children ot Ceto and Phorkys, like the two Cetus monsters (Trojan and Etiopian), and three serpent-like women (drakainae) - Scylla, Thoosa and Echidna.


1. Divine followers - Apart from the main ones like Hera or Hermes there are the three Moirae (Fates), Nike (Victory), Horae (Seasons), Kratos (Power), Themis (Judgement), Bia (Force) and Zelus (Rivalry). I dont think i'll include any of them, but may give ideas for skill themes.
2. Sacred animals - Bull (he takes its form to abduct Europe) and the giant Golden Eagle (two legends about it - either its the mortal Periphas, transformed from Apollo to serve Zeus, or he came to zeus in the war against the Titans as a good omen). I' pretty sure to use a giant golden eagle as a pet is too OP, except as a timed ultimate summon. No idea what other Zeus' pets will be.

Spoiler for Hiden:
There will be a change from old drafts. Every mastery will give a bonus vs two different monster types. List:

Apollo - Demons, Magical
Ares - Giants, Beastmen
Artemis - Beastmen, Beasts
Athena - Insectoids, Constructs
Dionysos - Beasts, Plants
Hecate - Undead, Demons
Hephaistos - Constructs, Devices
Hermes - Devices, Undead
Poseidon - Plants, Insectoids
Zeus - Magical, Giants

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Early Development
« on: 03 April 2018, 00:11:49 »
Well, trainer from cheathappens for IT version have the invisibility option, but one detail - when this is active, monsters don't see both player and NPC's.

Anyway, I think it's possible.

Is it used as a skill or it's permanent? It might be messing with the game code to do it. I'll try find it anyway, thanks.

Made the elemental aura for Hecate's idol today. Here is how it look:

Spoiler for Hiden:
Still needs some tweaks, but it's close to how I imagine it.

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Early Development
« on: 02 April 2018, 10:29:00 »
Ideas for some fun Hermes skills:

Invisibility - I dont know if possible to make, but it will be really cool if it is. If somehow i can turn Phantom Strike skill template to a temporary buff skill... or maybe an attack with 0 movement speed? Idk yet.
Thievery - Activated on hit skill, that spawn invisible pets which die instantly and drop gold. Much like Davy Jones amulet in LoC, but its tiered. I may add it to some of the Hermes pets, cuz its useless, lol. Or it can have additional bonuses, idk yet.
Burst of Speed - Activated on low health or taking damage - % Attack & Movement speed, chance to dodge and avoid.
Athletism - Passive of temp. radius buff, +% to Str; +% to Dexterity

I think Hermes will be the only mastery that has equal points on Str, Dex and Int. I imagine it to be something like vanilla Dreamkiller, without the poisons. If you have any ideas of skills or pets (the only pet im sure about is the hawk, which is his symbol), let me know :).

Yeah, I guess your right, every class can be strong with the right build... but generally neither ritualist or soothsayer are considered among the strongest classes. You have to make non-typical builds, which often are gear dependant, to make them equal to any straightforward conqueror or warden. But on the other side, non-typical builds are more interesting to play.

some skills are best when maxed, some are best left as one point wonders

I see a problem there. Why a 1 point wonder skills should even exist? Isn't it better to merge it with the main skill or some other modifier and make place for more usefull skill that's worth investing in? List of 1 point wonders i can think of:

Accelerated Growth
Old Rapid Construction
Old Heat Shield (not sure about new)
Molten Rock
Stinging Nettle
Old Battle Rage + Modifiers (not sure about new)
Trail Blazing

Ever seen a build in which maxing Accelerated Growth is worth it? For me 1 point wonder means the skill is either not worth investing in for more than its basic effect, or too strong - the bonus is more than enough at 1 point. Even if i'm wrong for few, you get the idea. Some of them are real waste of skill tree space if you ask me.

Hmm, weird... Two of my masteries already have exactly 200 points for skills, and i planned to stick on the number with others. Maybe some people think similar (or just like round numbers, haha). IMO he's right about one thing:
The first step is to balance needed points. After balancing basics balancing advanced things would be easier. Not vice versa. That could get complicated.

edit 2: he did say the more skill points you have, the stronger you are.. damn so the 2 strongest classes in the game are soothsayer and ritualist.. and warden is the weakest followed by conqueror

And you don't see any imbalance in this? Point sinks classes being weaker?

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Early Development
« on: 01 April 2018, 17:15:32 »
Made the Spear Throw skill for the Spartoi yesterday. You remember Achilles throwing his spear on 100 meters in Troy movie? I think it fits good with the Hoplite theme. I'm still not sure about their third skill - can't decide between War Cry, Spear Tempest and some kind of Battle Rage skill.

Today i started making a list of all the templates for the vanilla skills. I had enough of not knowing what template to use, now i'll try to memorize them.
Other thing, maybe there will be some changes in the skill trees. Reason - I checked Grim Dawn calculator and there is an Exclusive skill for almost every class. I can't force myself to play this dark gloomy game over Titan Quest, but it doesn't hurt if i borrow some ideas.
So, here is a crude explanation what the mastery changes will be about:
1. All the masteries will have 24 skills and will need equal number of points to invest. No more point sinks like old Nature mastery or easy to max Masteries like Warfare. As you probably have noticed, every mastery have 24 skills - 6 columns with 4 skills each, 4 skills on each mastery tier row.
2 Each mastery will have a Trance-like skill. This means you must choose one of the two trances available for your class.
3. Every mastery will have a left button attack skill. Another opportunity to make choices.
4. I'll try to make the types of skills each Mastery uses a little more balanced. For example vanilla Storm has 5 different active attack skills, no weapon % to use skill, no temporary summon skill, no trance type of skill.  The idea is in Deities most of the skill types to be present in every mastery and the player to choose depending on the build. Expect more tables soon like those in the first page, but reworked and more in-depth this time.

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