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Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: Today at 22:21:19 »
Thanks BG.  :)  If only I was faster...
About Caravan XL - try the bigger bags ;)

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: Today at 21:59:19 »
That and the drugs they had prescribed left me in a worse state than before. Paxil left me completely conscienceless, like a robot...or a psychopath. And it permanently ruined my manly private plumbing, painful even today after nearly 20 years (a common side effect we didn't discuss beforehand, of course). And Zoloft created sensory overload that left me crawling under a bed just to get out of the light and sound...a good sign it isn't doing what they say it does.

Yes, drugs can really get you acting as a numb, senseless robot... and they call it "treatment". In the same time they are perfecly aware it's not a cure, it will never even touch the real reason for your condition, only the symptoms. I think the main reason is most of our inner problems are spiritual, but modern science denies the existence of anything close to a human spirit... Psychiatry included.
I dont entirelly agree with what mvlad said - there should be some psychologists (NOT psychiatrists) who are devoted to their patients and can help. I've never seen one personaly tho.

Well... I died  :-[. 5 levels later, from the 3 Princes of the s Sword in Old Eleusis. Got too cocky at first, trying to hit all with Phantom Strike... then got stunned, panicked, ran for a corner... one more hero in the graveyard  :(
I guess I've lost shape after months of too little gaming... or LoC's strong pets have spoiled me, idk.
Medea, prease erase the char from leaderboards. Lvl 15 death is not something to be proud of  :-\

General Discussion / Re: Poorly Thought Out Items
« on: Today at 21:21:12 »
I agree with what sauruz said, the devs did a good job with AE. However, I would also agree that Nordic team can pay more attention to what players have to say. Imo, with more communication and more creative thinking this game can really rise from the shadow of Grim Dawn and stand for its own again. It's an 11 years old game, so what? Who cares about the age of a masterpiece?

Ok, here is the char - Adonis, lvl 10 Ritualist (Untwinked), Spartan camp (just owned the 3 Nessuses)

One of the satyrs killed by old Hippias had dropped a Hood of the magi on the ground. Cool find for start  :)

Weird I can't find this at all in the Fanpatch notes.  What's the issue again?
There is an invisible spot on the ruins wall where you can pass through unintentionally and get swarmed by skeletons. Its not too big of an issue, maybe for new players only.

Maybe we should make a forum section called "General Trolling/Spamming/Flaming"  ^-^ Everyone will be happy

Good job Nargil!Unfortunetly,I dont speak bulgarian,so I cant test it,but can you please tell me how did you managed to translate it?I apologize in advance,because I imagine you wanted to keep this topic english-free.
Nah, no worries, the forum is english, i don't see a problem.
The easiest way to translate the text is to extract a language pack from the game (e.g. Text_EN.arc), and put the extracted Text_EN folder with the text files in the game's Database folder. Any change you make to the text files will be seen ingame immediately after you exit and restart the game. You can try it with the file menu.txt for example, and tanslate the game buttons to Romanian to test it.
The rest is just alot of work. You can use Google translate or some software to help you, I presonally use translator only for single words. I hope this helps :)

Hey, I'm joining the challenge. Is there any problem if i use CaravanXL Xmax? No mercenary and no codes ofcourse.

If this thread annoys you, just stop posting here. It's the simplest way.

I'm glad you like the mod, Hector  :)

There is at least 1 thing not incorporated - the fix for the ruins wall before Sparta.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 18 July 2018, 22:38:08 »
Happy birthday, BG, and glad to see you back! :D
Don't give up hope and what gives you joy, you know best your way.
A friend told me once "Hearts break, so we can be free".  It should be true even for the jelly hearts :P


if it's me i would've banned this member already.. this is not his first offense

What is his offense exactly? Is there a post where he actually offend someone?
I dont see much of a problem if someone seeks attention even by complaining... the forum won't overload and it's a free internet.
The real problem for me is when many people team up vs one person, Study Prey him and start attacking him. In my book that's a dishonorable thing to do.

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