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Other Modifications / Alternative Music for Titan Quest
« on: 04 December 2017, 00:51:46 »
This is an atempt to make the music of the game closer to the spirit of the ancient world. I made it mostly for myself, but i'm sharing it anyway, someone else might like it. Only the first part (Greece) is ready. Here is the link:

To replace vanilla music, put folder "Music" in your Database folder. If you dont like any of the tracks, just rename/delete them from the inside folder.
Not all the tracks are replaced, but most greek cities/towns have new themes. I hope you enjoy this compilation :)

Other Modifications / Invisible markers for Camera Mods
« on: 24 November 2017, 19:24:32 »
This is a small addon, which makes invisible the ugly ingame markers (proxy points, sound objects, triggers, etc.) when using a low horizont or high zoomout camera mod.

Here is a preview to compare:


Spoiler for Hiden:


Spoiler for Hiden:


You can find the CameraMod Here:

Someone posted this on the old forums, i repost it now so it doesn't get lost.

Soulvizier 0.98i Chinese Version for Anniversary Edition

Known Changes:
1. Expanded caravan, added unlock code for a portable caravan (Code:"ck")
2. Monsters dissapear on death
3. Added new rebirth fountains in some areas
4. Added portal to Olympus (if I remember right)
5. All skin vendors from AllSkins mod 0.8c can be found in Helos.
6. Changed default female mesh to skirtless
7. Added new quest areas called "monster camps", accessible through each major city. To unlock the door, you must find a quest item from a special monster somewhere near that city.
The monster camps are loaded with heroes and champions, hard to survive but good if you want to farm souls
8. Human enemies in monster camps have a chance to drop special set items for the different classes.
9. Changed main menu screen
10. Maybe there are other changes, but these are all I know of

Known issues:
- Missing tags from the Chinese added content
- The game sometimes crashes when reloading the mod
- Female mesh doesn't work good with some of the skins
- The mod is compatible with AE, but not really adapted to it

To install, place TQSV folder in your Custommaps folder.

Soulvizier creator:

New content:

Download link:

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition - Full Log
by THQ Nordic

"+": Added feature or improvement.
"-": Bug fix, change or removal.

+ Merged TQ and IT into one standalone game
- Fixed the "Slow Cast Bug" once and for all
- Fixed lags caused by Tower of Judgement and Crystaline Stellae scripts
+ Optimized world loading to minimize pauses and edited specifically problematic areas
- Reduced background saving when picking items below "rare" quality
- Reduced lag caused by AI failing to find a path
- Further performance improvements
+ Stash and Transfer area item files now use relative paths
- Doubled size of caravan stash
+ Added key to pick up nearby gold, relics and potions (auto pickup)
- Removed GameSpy implementation
+ Added new multiplayer and lobby system
+ Implemented NAT Traversal and NAT Proxy Connectivity Layer
+ Added support for Steam friend invites
+ Added voice chat for multiplayer parties
+ Added Steam Achievements
+ Added Steam Trading Cards


+ Bleeding Damage now increases by 10% per 50 dexterity
+ Poison damages now increase by 10% per 50 dexterity
+ Physical DoT now increases by 10% per 50 intelligence
+ Vitality Decay Damage increases by 10% per 50 intelligence
+ Life Leech and Mana Leech increase by 2.5% per player level
+ Pirecing damage now depends less heavily on Strength and more on Dexterity
+ Physical damage from abilities and item bonuses now scales with Strength (10% per 65)
+ Pierce damage from abilities and item bonuses now scales with Dexterity (10% per 100)
+ All Retaliation Damages now scale with character level
- Defensive Ability greatly exceeding the attacker's Offensive Ability yields diminishing returns
+ Dodging now caps at 80%
+ Projectile Dodging now caps at 80%
+ Cooldown Reduction now caps at 80%
+ Less Damage from Race effects now cap at 80%
- Special resistances against % Life Reduction and Mana Burn Damage can no longer be reduced
- Attribute points now yield 40 Health or Energy per invested point
+ Elemental Damage % bonuses now also boost fire, cold and lightning DoTs
- Fixed interferences between DoT resistances and DoT duration reductions
- Fixed passive weapon/shield attack skills not working when granted by an item
- Fixed an exploit that let characters reclaim one gravestone twice
+ Increased Potion stack limit to 25
+ Increased Scroll stack limit to 10
+ Difficulty resistance penalties now also apply to Bleeding and Vitality
- Increased enemy health bonuses with difficulty, and with more players in the game
- Increased the number of extra monsters spawning with additional players
- Enemies move and attack 5% / 10% faster in Epic and Legendary difficulty
- Enemies inflict 5% / 10% more damage in Epic and Legendary difficulty
- Player run speed was increased by about 10%
+ Players receive 10% / 20% extra experience in Epic and Legendary difficulty


- Fixed main menu on resolutions bigger than HD
+ Added support for 1280x720 resolution
+ Increased camera zoom ranges
- Implemented shader & renderer improvements
+ Added new shadow mapping technique
+ Added menu option for UI scaling
+ Added menu option for UI style selection
+ Added a new default UI design
+ Health and Energy bars in the classic UI are now 50% wider
- Life Leech resistance no longer adds to the Vitality Resistance stat
- Energy Leech effects no longer factor into the DPS estimate
- Secondary resistance stats no longer display numbers above the resistance cap
+ Added (dynamic) cooldown display to skill tooltips
- Changed main menu screen to an updated version of the original TQ look
- Updated loading screen art
- Adjusted position of mastery description window
+ Redesigned Knossos labyrinth minimap

- Added missing AoE explosion effects for Lightning, Cold and Elemental staff projectiles
+ Improved look of Elemental staff projectiles (and adjusted speed)
+ Added several new effects to player skills (see below)
+ Added arrow effects to several unique bows (see below)
+ Added damage effects for Energy Burn and Vitality Decay
+ Added a Mana Burn damage indication effect
+ Improved Siege Walker grenade effects
+ Reduced delays on Earthfury spell projectiles
+ Adjusted size of Dragonian Reflection effect
- The aura effects of Onslaught are a bit more transparent
- Adjusted sizes of Heat Shield, Storm Shield and Wraith Shell effects
+ Added a glow effect to enemy Blood Pact aura
- Fixed wave effects on Apollo's Lyre skill
- Improved chain effect of Regrowth - Dissemination
- Monster lightning auras now display an activation effect
- Fixed wave effect on Cerberus' Roar
- Fixed effect on Nightmare's Hypnotic Gaze
+ Improved Megalesios' Statue effects
+ Improved Dark Obelisk effects
- Fixed death effects of several enemies and bosses
+ Added more vibration effects


- Fixed excessive Satyr grunts
- Fixed excessive Maenad screaming
- Fixed sound selection bug that resulted in some never being played
+ Changed Scatter Shot fragment hit sound
- Reduced redundant Mana/Life Leech sounds
- Reduced sound volume on Nightmare's Psionic Beam
- Various unique helmets now make helmet instead of circlet sounds
- Centaur helmets now make leathery sounds
- Cloth headgear now makes cloth sounds
- Fixed block sound of Phrygian Shield
- Fixed sounds on Jackalman and Satyr armbands
- Fixed missing water drop sounds of all Act 4 bows
- Fixed sound on Anouran Chain Heal skill
- Fixed sound on Empusa Freeze skill
- Fixed sound on Limos Consume Life skill
- Fixed sound on Lost Souls' Life Drain Ward
- Fixed sound on Act 4 heroes' Frenzy skill
- Fixed sounds on Arcane Mirror's triggered ability
+ Gave Dragonian Reflection a distinct sound effect
+ Added sounds for the Nymph's Overgrowth skill
+ Added sound for Core Dwellers walking through water


- Fixed a number of typos and inconsistencies in stats, item names and quest texts
+ Adjusted the names of some damage types and other variables for clarification
- Fixed some mistranslations and wrong item genders in German and Russian
- Amended missing translations for complete localization in 11 languages


+ Removed all database record modification restrictions from loaded mods
- Fixed chhanges to Act 4 quests not being registered in loaded mods
- Fixed a bug that would delete custom skills and items upon entering a new difficulty in a Custom Quest mod
+ Added support for "Bounce Mods", which are now recognized by the game and the MP lobby
+ Integrated Steam Workshop into the game and added a Steam Workshop Tool
+ Merged all TQ records into the IT database
+ Created 20+ uniquely named proxies in side locations throughout the world
+ Passive skills can now have Damage Absorption as an ability
+ Enabled dbr-based modding of the Main Menu's lights, music and sounds
+ Enabled advanced modding of HUD elements and the HUD style list
- Fixed issue of existing characters being unable to use added stash space
+ Charon's Oar mesh can now be used for staves
- Updated Templates with the new caps and other functions


- Hades Generals: Quest reward now works properly
- Stygian Lurker: Quest reward now works properly
- Reward for "News of Treasure" quest now always corresponds to difficulty
- Greaves rewarded for Epic quests now have proper suffixes
- Athens Catacombs: Can now award unique amulets on Normal difficulty
- Terracottas: Shields get shield affixes instead of spear affixes
- Plight of the Nile Farmers: Correctly awards rigid carapace charms now
- Rhodos: The lighthouse worker now wears greaves instead of "creaves"
- Admetus in ToJ now has higher level chests (rare not golden)
- Reaching Elysium can now award Glorybringer
- The Melinoe Captain guards a quest chest rather than a generic one
- Odysseus: Fixes to ballista shot and wall
+ Quest items are now a different hue of purple to distinguish them from legendaries
+ Loading a character into the game for the first time will now retroactively fix missed or changed quest rewards
  (Affects Maousoleum, Stygian Lurker and Hades Generals rewards, as well as the new Yeti pet bonus)


- Heroes and Bosses now have 75/80/85% and 85/90/95% resistance against % Life Reduction
- Heroes and Bosses now have 50/60/70% and 70/80/90% resistance against Mana Burn Damage
- Undead now absorb 70% Poison damage (on all difficulties) rather than having a resistance
- Traps and constructs now absorb 80% Poison damage (on all difficulties) rather than having a resistance
- Ghosts now absorb 60% Physical and Piercing damage (on all difficulties) rather than having resistances
- All hero monsters now have mediocre "hero" resistances instead of either having none or sharing those of bosses
- Natural Machine and Undead immunities to Fear, Bleeding, etc. cannot be removed
- Enemy Sleep, Slow and %Life resistances now increase with difficulty like all others
- Enemy Electric Burn and Vitality Duration damages now increase with difficulty like all others
- Fixed mesh-ralated projectile targeting issues on multiple enemies and pets
- Fixed a lot of monsters being unable to flee when feared
- Increased the health of some weak quest monsters, especially in Act 1 Epic and Legendary
+ Satyrs now run slightly faster in Epic and Legendary
- Crabs are now classed as Insectoids (in accordance with the "Bane of the Karkinos" set)
- Traps are no longer immune to nets or freezing
- Supplemented several referenced but missing monster spawn lists
- Fixed a few typos and inconsistencies in monster spawn lists
+ Made (unlinked) Formicid captains appear in the Formicids' lair
- Corrected some Machae Archer spawns in ToJ & Hades' Palace
- Fixed Djinn Blood Sisters appearing in only 1% of all games
+ Gave Dactyls heroic loot and XP rewards
- Doubled the health of skeletal Revenants and all non-hero Tropical Arachnos
- Inceased health of Tomb Rot monsters by 400%
- Added chances to deflect projectiles to Giant Turtles and Guardian Statues
+ Ascacophi received some projectile resistance
- Sandwraiths can no longer be confused by too many projectiles
- Cerberus' poison clouds are now also "Beast" type
- The Cyclops brothers now carry weapons corresponding to the current difficulty
- General Ptch'k'k'ath is now a pale formicid like his peers
- General Yrr'tik is now a non-pale formicid hero (with proper loot)
- Inzu is now a Demon like his fellow Dune Raiders
- Odontotyranni (beasts) no longer drop Demon's Blood charms
- Polyphemus had his freeze resistance values fixed
- Shadowstalker hero "Sehr'tunkah" no longer freezes when casting an ability
- Roughneck (Turtle) stopped casting Heart of Oak all day
- Sildor Barbnet (Centaur) is no longer small
- Scorpos heroes now have proper health pools
- Swapped the names of Gorgon Profaners and Geomancers
+ Eurynomi are more colorful
+ Skeletons can be female
+ Added new alert animations to various enemies
- Enabled unused death animations on various heroes
+ Added Ant Lion hero
+ Improved looks of Centaur heroes
- Fixed missing level 43 version of Prince Ch'kik't (Arachnos hero)
- Common Arachnoi may now use spears
+ Added Hyena hero
- Added spawn chances for Nesis Fleshmender (Satyr hero)
- Added spawn chances for Sehr'tunkah (Shadowstalker hero)
- Added spawn chances for Ratman Sappers
- Slightly reduced early Monstrous Boar spawns
+ Added Champion and Hero spawns to some side quest monster groups
+ Lysia Spellbreaker (Maenad hero) now spawns and has the right name
- Fixed low health of Zombie heroes
+ Nkruma the Enslaved (Zombie Hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Reshef
+ Huang Fay the Unclean (Zombie Hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Reshef
+ Added two new Zombie heroes
+ Fesil the Quick (Ratman Hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Wheedletongue
+ Sinnet Patchfur (Ratman Hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Wheedletongue
+ Added a second Minotaur hero
- Xaktil Etherweb now has the right name
+ Added Orthrus hero
+ Nexeu, Doomed Prophet (Mummy hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Hanif the Cruel
+ Senusnet Mal (Mummy hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Hanif the Cruel
+ Added two new Mummy heroes
+ Added Eurynomus hero
+ Added a second Shadowstalker hero
- Fixed tiny weapons on Scorpos heroes
+ Errak Bonecarver (Scorpos hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Kaalt Speartail
+ Sartt Soulrender (Scorpos hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Kaalt Speartail
+ Added a Reptilian hero
+ Added a Jackalman archer hero
- Adjusted attack speeds of Reptilian Overseers and Jackalman archers
+ Common Dune Raiders learned to dodge attacks
+ Najja the Parched (Dune Raider Hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Badru the Mad
+ The Faceless One (Dune Raider Hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Badru the Mad
+ Added two new Dune Raider heroes
+ Reworked all Desert Hag heroes, no longer just copies of Sandqueen Masika
+ Sandqueen Masika is now a boss
+ Melchior Bloodhand (Ichtian hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Cenon Stormborn
+ Mehrdad Coralskin (Ichtian hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Cenon Stormborn
- Cenon the Stormborn is now immune to fire (not really :p)
- Tweaked Ichtian Bonecaster AI & Life Drain AoE attack
+ Added Neanderthal Shaman hero
+ Korat Bearkin (Neanderthal hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Grom
+ Raghd Bloatworm (Djinn Hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Adara the Lovely
+ Adara the Lovely (Djinn Hero) also learned some extra skills
+ Sargoth Manbane (Dragonian hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Tarthon Na'Arak
+ Vort the Red (Dragonian hero) is now red and also no longer a copy of Tarthon Na'Arak
+ Added two non-sorcerer Dragonian heroes
- Improved Anouran sight range
+ Added a special Dark Obelisk
+ Added Saberlion hero
+ Added Crypt Worm hero
+ Added a new hidden boss


+ Act 1-3 breath attacks are now all based on waves rather than projectiles
- Monster and Boss skill damage values were adjusted to compensate for the new phys/pierce scaling
- Damage of enemy Life Leech and Mana Leech skills was adjusted to the new damage scaling
+ Some heroes and bosses now have a cleaving melee attack
+ Mounted Dune Raiders and Minotaur Lords have more distinct cast animations
- Troglodyte Stonegrinders now use their Cold Enchantment skill
- Dark Obelisk: Strength of minion souls now corresponds to their level
- Desert Hags: Fixed Barrage upgrade for their Flamesurge skill
- Gigantes can now buff themselves and others (i.e. activate their auras)
- Ichthian Bonecasters now correctly use Energy Drain
- Mulgor Flamespear now uses Flaming Earthfury
- Neanderthal Shamans: Fixed Torrent upgrade for their Iceshard skill
+ Maenad Alchemists use their Regrowth skill
- All skeleton Frostmagi now cast their Ice Shards
+ The Flaming Boarman now casts Flaming Earthfury at long range
- Lowered the Minotaur Lord's Earthfury damage & adjusted projectile
+ Neb'Khemi can now cast Circle of Power
- The Jackal Shaman in Khufu's Pyramid now uses his Stoneform skill
+ Medusa's Petrification skill now has a hit effect, and does petrification instead of stun damage
- Fixed delays on poison cloud chest-traps
- Removed mana reserved from monster lightning buff
- Added Life Leech component to Melinoe Blood Drain spells
- Fixed Poison enchantment on Letha (Harpy Hero)
- Fixed Wraith Shell skill on Akiiki (Jackalman Hero)
- Fixed Skeleton Mages' Fireball spell
- Fixed Ratman Sappers' Bomb spell
- Fixed values on Aktaios' fireball
+ Scorpos now use their pincers in combat
+ All Reptilians now have a bite attack
- Fixed Reptilian tail and shield attacks
- Fixed animation freezing on Reptilian mages


- Tweaked A.I. of all player pets (some fixes, generally more aggressive)
- Improved enemy pet summoning behavior
+ Birds are now likely to move upon being hit
- Wild animals pursue for longer
+ Centaurs with bows now move out of melee
+ Non-undead mages keep away from melee more and have a chance to target players over pets
+ Harpies and Sandwings tend to fly away when hurt
+ Bosses in open spaces have more flexible leashes
- Ranged ghosts are more elusive
- Flying enemies roam around more
- Gorgon Queens are more likely to help each other
- Ranged heroes and quest monsters generally act smarter


+ All pets now receive health boosts as a quest reward during Act 3. Difficulty buffs were adjusted respectively
+ Pet difficulty buffs give give some damage through extra str and int rather than just high +% to damages
+ Added adequate Epic and Legendary character levels for all pets (at +30 and +50)
- Bolt Traps are no longer "monsters" and now receive pet scaling and pet gear bonuses
+ Bolt Trap base damage was doubled while rate of fire was halved to balance for the above
- Bolt Traps are less likely to ignore enemies, and vice versa
- Sylvan Nymph now also casts Overgrowth on other pets
+ Sylvan Nymph arrows now convey status effects and flat damage bonuses (e.g. from pet items)
- Sylvan Nymph damage now scales correctly beyond level 18
- Ancestral Warriors now display their correct levels at 16-20
- Briar Ward health now increases in Epic and Legendary difficulties
- Core Dweller AI behavior now corresponds to its orders
- Core Dweller now casts Provoke in normal and aggressive stance
- Liche King can now use Arcane Blast at levels 1-4
- Liche King's Sould Blight now has a sound and new hit effect
- Liche King now shares general Undead resistances
+ Outsider now has a pet icon and can be given orders
- Outsider's Storm Surge buff is displayed in the UI
- Outsider's attack damage now increases past level 15
- Pets no longer hate egyptian obelisks
- Increased the distance at which converted monsters teleport to the player
- Elysian Archers can now use damage bonuses on their arrows
- Athens spearmen now carry spears
- Fixed life times, invisibility, animations and slow effect of summoned enemy spider webs
+ Legendary rings and amulets can now drop with a rare 6th tier of pet bonuses


- Combat Marker: Fixed poison damage buff
- Health Shrine: Fixed a few properties being associated with wrong acts
- Fixed typos in many Shrine activation effects
- Combat, Frostbite and Thorn Shrine buffs now also affect the respective player's pets   

New Projects / Deities Mod - Early Development
« on: 04 November 2017, 05:23:13 »
Hi, I started making this mod in the last days of, but when the site went down, I just couldn't continue. This forum gives me reason to resume working on it.

About the Mod

The core idea is to make a Mastery mod about greek gods, as close to the lore of greek mythology as it can be. There will be 9 new Masteries, each related to a major Olympian god, the only exception is Hecate, who is not an Olympian, but she is just too cool not to be included. The 9 gods are:

Apollo - god of the sun, music, prophecy, healing, archery and disease. He will be something like the old Dream mastery, but uses burn damage instead of electrical burn. His followers use healing skills, trances, songs, have burning auras and can spread sickness upon their enemies. Also can summon pet animals, related to Apollo.

Ares - god of war, rage, fear, bloodshed, and father of dragons (his sacred animals). The mastery will be very similar to old Warfare mastery, but uses alot of bleed dmg and small amount of burn, also many skills have chance to cause fear. Old skills are reworked or upgraded.

Artemis - similar to old Hunting mastery, but has more magical skills and does small portions of frostburn damage. New thing is the Moon tree. Bow and spear will use the same skills with slightly different bonuses, depending on the weapon you choose.

Athena - goddess of strategic aspect of war, courage, wisdom, crafts and protection. Closest to vanilla Defense mastery. Does small amounts of electrical burn.

Dionysus - god of the woods, celebrations, madness, ecstasy and wine. Closer to old Nature Mastery, but more offensive. Has satyrs and maenads for pets, causes drunkiness, madness, frenzy, regenereates fast, commands plants.

Hecate - goddess of the dead, sorcery and witchcraft, ruler of the dark aspect of the moon. She it not evil however, she brings light in the dark and unlock the hidden mysteries to her devotees, also wards them from the living dead. She is given power over earth, sea and sky, so she is a master of the elements.

Hephaestus - god of fire, blacksmithing, inventions, mechanics, volcanoes. Similar to old Earth Mastery, but uses many mechanical devices and can craft automatons.

Hermes - not started.

Poseidon - not started

Zeus - not started.

Overview of the Masteries:

Spoiler for Hiden:

Th above table is old, but it can give you a general idea.
I'll give more details about what the masteries will be like in the next posts. Many of the ideas are still unfinished, but i'll update them in time. New Poseidon mastery can be found on page 3.

Class names:

Spoiler for Hiden:

Mastery panels concept:

Older Variant:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Latest Variant:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Texture & Skin Modding / [TEXTURES] Custom Textures & Skins
« on: 01 November 2017, 13:59:19 »
Wazzup :) Here I'll be posting some custom textures and skins that I make from time to time, continuing the thread from the old forum. I hope you like some of them.

First one is a reskin of the vanilla girl with tweaked face and darker eyes:

Spoiler for Hiden:

This is only first version, face needs more work.

Download link:

All tunic colors included. To replace the vanilla skins, put the Creatures folder in your game Database directory.

Other Modifications / [MOD] CaravanXL for TQ:AE 1.45
« on: 31 October 2017, 22:10:10 »
This is an old mod made by me and TT300 from the Chinese forums, updated for Anniversary 1.45. The mod increase the size of caravan storage and transfer area to 20x19. It also increase character inventory space to 12x7 and bag space to 8x7.


Left - Vanilla, Right - CaravanXL

Video Preview:

Spoiler for Hiden:


The mod comes in two versions - Custom Maps Version and Main Game Version.

To install Custom Maps Version:

1. Copy the content of CustomMapsVersion folder and place it as a normal mod to your "My Games/Titan Quest Immortal Throne/CustomMaps" directory.
2. Launch the mod through "Play Custom Quest" menu.

To install Main Game Version:

Backup/rename the game's original database.arz, located in ''Titan Quest - Anniversary Edition/Database" directory.
1. Copy the content of MainGameVersion folder and place it in your main "Titan Quest - Anniversary Edition" install directory.
2. Launch the game normally through "Play Titan Quest'' menu.
Note: The advantage of this version is that some your mods will also share the increased space, as long as the mod itself doesn't change caravan (e.g. D2 Immortal) or does not modify gamengine.dbr (e.g. XMAX). Otherwise there can be conflicts.


After you install the mod you may notice that most of the new caravan space is unusable (you can't place items on the squares). Here is how to unlock it:
1. Empty your transfer stash and storage area for your characters (also in custom games - otherwise some items may be lost). It is advised to use TQVault just in case.
2. Go to "My Documents/My Games/Titan Quest - Immortal Throne/SaveData/Sys". Delete winsys.dxb and winsys.dxg files in the main Sys folder and in any custom mod folder you have inside (don't worry, the game will automaticaly create new ones).
Now your additional space is fully unlocked. Enjoy!

Note for Modders

Caravan XL modifies the original gameengine.dbr. If your mod does too and you want to merge the two, in your mod open "records/xpack/game/gameengine.dbr" and edit the following variables under UI category:
UICharWindowInventorySack0DimsY from 160 to 224 (increases main inventory space)
UICharWindowInventorySack1DimsY from 160 to 224 (increases bag space)
Use this modified file instead of the CaravanXL's gameengine when building the mod.




1. Possible fix for some reported issues.
2. No longer jumps to main map to avoid conflicts.


1. The 1.45 version is OUTDATED. It DOES NOT work with Ragnarok, neither in its Custom Maps or Main Game variant.
2. The Ragnarok version is used ONLY from Custom Maps. Place it as a normal mod in your "My Games/Titan Quest Immortal Throne/CustomMaps" directory.
3. The Instructions for space unlocking stays the same.

Now new version is on KP.


1. Reduced caravan space by 1 row (now 20x18).
2. Fixed sort button.


Bulgaria / Bulgarian Patch for Titan Quest: AE / Ragnarok [WIP]
« on: 28 October 2017, 10:38:33 »

Здравейте на всички български фенове! Titan Quest е любимата ми игра, затова реших да започна да я превеждам. Работя по превода от доста време насам и не става бързо, но поне се надявам да е качествено. Ако искате да тествате или да помагате с предложения, в търсенето на грешки или да дадете каквато и да е обратна връзка, слагам линк към превода в МЕГА:

В папката има и шрифтове, същите като във видеото по-горе.

За да се покаже преведения текст, сложете изтеглената папка Text_EN (както и папка Fonts, ако искате да промените шрифта) в папка Database на играта (до файла database.arz). Преводът замества английския текст (отчасти), поне засега.

Ще се опитам редовно да обновявам превода, доколкото мога. От време на време проверявайте за версия с по-късна дата.

General Discussion / TQ Fans Forum Layout Ideas
« on: 27 October 2017, 01:41:02 »
Ok, I tried to brainstorm some examplar forum tree. It's far from perfect, but it will change with your suggestions or corrections. I think it has to be as simple and effective as it can. This is just a sketch, just share your thoughts and let's make it together :)

Forum Tree

General Category
- Forum News
- Forum Rules
- Forum FAQ
- Forum Issues
- Discussions

Titan Quest - Immortal Throne
- Discussions
- Masteries
- Challenges
- Guides

Titan Quest - Anniversary Edition
- News & Patches
- Discussions
- Masteries
- Challenges
- Guides

Titan Quest Modifications
- Discussions
- Texture Modifications
- Big Modifications
- Mastery Modifications
- Translations
- Fan Patches
- Modding Guides

Titan Quest Tools
-Modding Tools
-Gameplay Tools
-Tool Guides

Foreign Language Forums

-General Offtopic
-Other Games


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