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New Projects / Re: Hamunaptra Mod - Development
« on: 07 May 2018, 15:37:41 »
...This also ties into my intention of being able to obtain all tiers of loot due to the mod not having the traditional difficulty progression.  So the difficulty in these areas will be high and rewards high too, particularly in places like the Tombs of the Lost.

Let me know your thoughts  ;D

Well! Your decision to confine the campaign to one difficulty could work. It would make Hamunaptra a shorter but tighter experience.

I can imagine the later parts of the game being totally frantic and heart-pounding. I like the idea. ^^

Also judging from you latest trailer I see that you've succesfully mimicked the tombs of Act 2 Diablo II. Ha! This is no small feat. This totally reminds me the desert "Dry Hills" in Diablo II.

Keep it up, Prosoro. 8)

Finally! Nice work, Firebrand. A few remarks:

- Earth has changed quite a bit from Titan Quest to the Anniversary Edition, Stat-wise for starters:

# Titan Quest (Original)

90 INT
0 DEX !!

# Anniversary Edition

90 INT
48 DEX

Observation : Earth Mastery has gone through some great fine-tuning between Editions (Titan Quest > Immortal Throne > Anniversary Edition) and unlike other Masteries (yeah I ‘m looking at you Hunting Mastery :P) it has never suffered from any crippling nerf. In other words Earth is getting better and better over the years, Stat-wise and Skill-wise \o/,

- Earth has NO Debuff. This becomes a problem in higher difficulties. Taking a secondary including a Debuff Skill -Storm, Nature, Hunting,...- is often a sound plan,

- Eruption goes through terrain, it’s very helpful when your under geared or under leveled, when you can’t keep up with tough enemies,
-  I know you already alluded to it but I like to specify. In the original Titan Quest you could not increase the radius of Earth Enchantment no matter what (fixed 6 meter radius). In old days trying to apply the buff on your pets forced you to stay near them (could be very dangerous for caster classes). Now in the Anniversary Edition the radius of the skill grows the more points you put into it (+12 meter at Skill Level 12/12),

- Heat Shield now absorbs a percentage of Fire Damage for 100 seconds,

Comment: Even better. Instead of losing the shield after a treshold of fire damage, now the Heat Shield absorbs a % of Fire Damage for 100 seconds. If it's sounds like a nerf it's not: you have 100 seconds of guaranteed Damage Absorption against Fire that inrceases with the level of the skill. Finally the 15% Damage (Physical Resist), which was the major selling point of the skill, is still there in the AE.

The only problem you might come across is trying to cast Heat Shield on multiple allies (pets mostly), in AE Heat Shield has a 60 sec cooldown, which is still better than original Titan Quest where the cooldown of Heat Shield was 90 sec! So even that part too is better in the AE,

This is what come to my mind right now. I sincerely can't wait to read the full guide, Firebrand. Godspeed. 8)

Note: Sorry for not posting much these days but it's comforting to see loyal members keeping this place going round. Kudos to you.

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Early Development
« on: 07 April 2018, 15:32:17 »
The turtle is a symbol of the first lyre, which he made by her shell. Hmm, can be a temporary buff like Distortion field that activates on hit... not making you invulnerable, but giving decent total damage absobtion. Or there can be a spirit turtle summon, that cast it as an aura. "Song of the Turtle" or something similar?

Why not? these two ideas sound great, now to choose one of them. ^^

There are some news. Poseidon will be removed from the list of masteries. Every attempt to balance gods weapons and damage types with 10 masteries in the new drafts failed. Other reasons are that I can't explain how you can summon Ichthians or geysers in the middle of the desert for example; i can't think of any good class name combiantions with Poseidon. So it is out. I hope you don't mind playing with nine masteries.

Your decision is perfectly understandable, no sweat. Just don't be too harsh on your goals, friend. I mean trying to justify the presence of an Ichtian on a desert landscape is not something vital in a videogame, you know. No honest gamer will ever blame you for this. :)

So, here is a preview of the reworked Occult column for Hecate...

About that. I feel the skill names should be easy to grasp for new players, I mean they shouldn’t be too cryptic. When I read "Hecate's Key" or "Hecate's Hecate's Rope" for instance, I have absolutely no idea what the skill is about. This is nothing serious really, just my two cents about it. Edit: I see the tooltips you devised clarifies the skills a bit. ;D

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Early Development
« on: 04 April 2018, 16:01:15 »
...Supersonic turtle, ahaha! Why not? Will make it his ultimate summon, just for the lulz. About permanent pets - he is the father of Pan and has some other satyr offspring - maybe satyr thief/rogue? Apart from the hawks, ofcourse. I know there are already planned satyrs for Dionysos, but they can easily can the turned to Silenoi (satyr brutes/centaurs).

Actually the more I think about the tortoise, the more I think it shouldn’t be a familiar. It's shell being a symbol of protection, how about using it as a defensive skill just like Stone Form? This could be a panic button, when you trigger it, the character would turn into a turtle with a ghostly shade texture – if possible- and benefit from a +100% damage protection (temporary invincibility).

On the Skill Screen, the ability could be shaped as the Overlord, you know the Turtle-like item that opens Secret Passage, the Skill could be named: "Turtle Shell".

I just saw his sword is special too  , wtf, this guy if full of artefacts.

True that, the mythology around Hermes seems all-inclusive. He’ got a bit of everything, which makes him very interesting but also hard to design as a Mastery.

Second I agree with what botebote77 said: depending on the source you can find a different explanation for the same story.

Then I was wrong the Talaria, they are indeed "Winged Sandals" like you said, not a helmet.

Finally thank you kindly for being so patient with my ramblings, nargil66. I think I’ll let you work now. :)

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Early Development
« on: 03 April 2018, 16:32:05 »
Ideas for some fun Hermes skills:

Invisibility - I dont know if possible to make, but it will be really cool if it is. If somehow i can turn Phantom Strike skill template to a temporary buff skill... or maybe an attack with 0 movement speed? Idk yet.
Thievery - Activated on hit skill, that spawn invisible pets which die instantly and drop gold. Much like Davy Jones amulet in LoC, but its tiered. I may add it to some of the Hermes pets, cuz its useless, lol. Or it can have additional bonuses, idk yet.
Burst of Speed - Activated on low health or taking damage - % Attack & Movement speed, chance to dodge and avoid.
Athletism - Passive of temp. radius buff, +% to Str; +% to Dexterity

I think Hermes will be the only mastery that has equal points on Str, Dex and Int. I imagine it to be something like vanilla Dreamkiller, without the poisons. If you have any ideas of skills or pets (the only pet im sure about is the hawk, which is his symbol), let me know :).

Hermes Sounds like a fun Mastery. In Mythology Hermes has so many traits that make him attractive:


Hermes is the Patron of Athletes and Travelers. He's all about Endurance and Speed. So you proposal about Burst of Speed (conditional bonus which activates on low damage) makes sense. I do think whe should give Hermes Mastery more Speed Skills:

- Hermes Blessing: would be a permanent bonus to Total Speed, like Temporal Flux in the Lucid Dream tree,

Furthermore they're various types of speeds in Titan Quest, Attack Speed, Movement Speed, Total Speed. So they're a few options open as far as Skill design goes,

Lyre Symbol

Victory Song: a temporary buff to Health and...Speed maybe,   

The Caduceus

This staff wakes the sleeping. So some passive resist to Sleep, Stun (and Petrification maybe?) would be fitting.

If you take this skill just don't give it a "Heal" effect! Indeed upon checking, Hermes Caduceus has nothing to do with the Rod of Asclepius. Only the latter has a healing effect,

Source: Rod of Asclepius (Wikipedia)

Edit: I bet you already came up with the same conclusion, but I had to point it out,

Tortoise Symbol

Yep. This is one the symbols of Hermes. But right know I cannot see how to make a Tortoise pet attractive or even badass, unless we give him some nasty Skills and some serious...Speed, of course. Pfft! Forget it. :P,

The Winged Helmet (Talaria)

Hahem. No idea right now,


The only thing I've found is that one day Hermes decided to turn 2 Men into Hawks, apart from that I haven't found much about the Hawks.

Their names were Hierax and Daidalon. So I humbly think there should be 2 hawks with different attributes (yeah more work for you, sorry ^^):

# Hierax: He saved a lot of Men from famine, so lets' make him Defensive Pet,

# Daidalon: found absolutely zilch about him :o. Lets' make him an Offensive Pet,

I understand why you left Hermes Mastery for last, they're so many options I don't know where to start.

Runemaster AE / Re: Runic Elemental Shotgun
« on: 03 April 2018, 14:10:43 »
How does the core dweller stand in legendary ? With a plug-and-play lvl 40 toon, i made some tests and the core dweller is terrible in normal, even when maxing all his abilities.

About The Core Dweller, the higher the Difficulty the more durable it gets (more HP and more Resists). Back in the Immortal Throne days you could easily top +10.000 HP for the Core Dweller in Legendary (not counting + Skills, Pet items,...)

The only Bosses that can really put him down are:

- The Minotaur Lord (Act I),
- The Firebull (Act III),
- Barmanu: because of his Ice Storm (Act III),
- The Grey Sisters: beware of their Red Whirlwind (Act IV),

Especially the Grey Sisters, they will literally slaughter your Dweller if you let him stand into their Red Whirlwind: that's because it's Lightning Damage, thanks to Vio for the explanation ^^. And you’ll notice that any monster that deals Lightning -and Cold Damage too- is a major threat to your Core Dweller, take them down ASAP.

Note: I’m still single class (Rune) an need to make up my mind for a secondary (I’ll try my best not to choose Earth, I swear ;D). so I don’t know yet how a Dweller fares in Act V Ragnarök.

If the core dweller can survive in legendary with only 6 point in each skill, thats sounds good for a stonespeaker in Xmax and a pet with its skills maxed. That seems doable.

From experience, only 6 Skill Points in each Skills  won't cut it, I'm afraid. Especially in Legendary, and I bet Ragnarök is even more brutal for Pets :P The following skills should be cranked up if you want the Dweller to tank reliably: Main Skill, Inner Fire, Metamorphosis.

Edit: now if you only use the Core Dweller for utility (That is: a build not heavy on Pets) then I undertand you don't really need to max all his skills.

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Early Development
« on: 30 March 2018, 16:08:57 »
What? Putting a Nymph on a friggin’ Saberlion? Man, this is genius. \o/

If you can implement all these features into your mod, then you deserve a preemptive High Five. ^^

You want moar ideas? Ok but more ideas translate into more work for you, I’m afraid. ; D So:

About the Lampades

- Hecate being a the godess of necromancy and witchcraft, I tought about giving lampades a Deathchill Aura. It would allow them to draw the attention of monsters and give the player more breathing space. The range of Deathchill Aura being limited it wouldn’t be as strong as, say, a taunt from a Core Dweller^^. The aura could increase with level however,

About Empusas

- giving the Empusa "Soul Strike", the spell the boss Kallixenia casts. Not only it’s ranged but it also replenished the HP of Kallixenia. Could it work on the Empusa?

- what about giving her some "Mind Control", like Enslave Spirit from Spirit mastery? Every now and then the Empusa could cast this spell to temporarily convert a monster to your side. The problem I see is how to treat the auras of the converted enemies? You know some monsters cast auras that benefit other monsters. Could this short-lived aura benefit the player or its familiars? Could it dissipate easily when the skill runs out? From a modder perspective this could be a headeache,

Voilà. Again whatever you choose I trust your judgement, nargil66.

General Discussion / Re: Best Avenger Bow
« on: 20 March 2018, 13:15:39 »
Hi, Laionidas! From experience you couldn't find a decent fire bow in Immortal Throne, you did much better with a Bramblewood bow (a green notoriously good for reducing Monsters Resistances, to get it simply farm the Frogs in Act 4 Soronis).

I haven't farmed Act 5 yet, so I don't know if this has changed in Ragnarok.

This bow is not a game-changer to be honest, but on second look I just noticed that the Anniversary Edition version of the Zhu Rong's Firebow has a +1 to all skills in Earth Mastery that wasn't there in Immortal Throne, so THQ Nordic made it slightly better. ^^

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Early Development
« on: 18 March 2018, 16:45:01 »
I also noticed that you’ve cleverly tried to differenciate between those 3 Nymph:
- Nymph Archer= Artemis Mastery
- Nymph Caster = Dionysus Mastery
- Nymph Melee = Hecate Mastery

Nope, i didn't. It just happened by luck while drafting.

Nah! Don't sell yourself short, the fact is there, totally stunning! ;D

Hmm, i've never heard the last word, but it sounds good. "Inebriating Touch" maybe?

Sounds really good to me too. ^^

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Early Development
« on: 18 March 2018, 16:07:32 »
Last two days the only thing im thinking about is Hecate mastery. I'll leave Hephaestus alone for a while. The Cyclops uses skills now, one of them is not working right, but ill fix it later. I changed mastery description for Artemis (i think its better now) and already added Hecate's description. There are other changes and fixes on skill names and descriptions; also translated the text to my languange (not that any of my people will care).
I'll work on Hecate today. I'm hyped about her skills and pets (especially the lampades). When the mod is finished, there will be 3 types of pet nymphs - in Hecate, Artemis and Dionysus (maenads). I guess im a nymph-lover, haha.

I love the Nymph too. The way she hops around you with her mischievous laugh while she litterally decimates mobs with Nature’s Wrath has always been a joy to me. But now you say 3 different Nymphs in 3 different Masteries?!? Man for people like me this is pretty much an incentive to dual Masteries to get two Nymphs, you know. :P

I also noticed that you’ve cleverly tried to differenciate between those 3 Nymphs:

- Nymph Archer= Artemis Mastery
- Nymph Caster = Dionysus Mastery
- Nymph Melee = Hecate Mastery

Woah! This is driving me nuts, nargil66. ;D

But you know other Masteries are very tempting too:

Athena Mastery

When I took a look at the draft dedicated to Athena, I told myself : "Finally a Defense-like Mastery with great Summons". I particularly like the idea of the Owl pet granting you a +1 to All Skills, this is pretty neat.

Finally a note about Dionysus Mastery: it’s not "Drunkiness" but "Drunkenness" or "Inebriation".

Hunting AE / Re: Shuriken Storm
« on: 18 March 2018, 15:57:13 »
Nice thread Firbrand. 8)

Since you’re tinkering with a Dragon Hunter, which seems a strong class on paper, I have 2 questions:

- does Runeword : Explode work with Scatter Shot?

- in the 1.54 update it is mentioned "Transmutation is now permanently active (but still requires Rune Weapon)"

Does that mean that all the bonuses from the Transmutation tree (Damage converted to Health, Energy Leech, Elemental Damage Conversion,...) can now work with the Marksmaship tree? (I had in mind "Puncture Shot" & "Scatter Shot") If yes then Dragon Hunter is a very strong class that pretty much sustains itself. Thanks in advance.

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Early Development
« on: 15 March 2018, 19:27:36 »
Yeah, now when i look at it, on 1% its impossible to activate. l'll think more about it... He can just spawn another phoenix on death (with 50% chance?), but i'm not sure if the second one counts as a pet. If he does, Bumbleguppy said before he won't give you XP...I'll fix the spelling for next update of the draft. Thanks for the correction :)

Phoenix (Apollo)

Good catch! Like you I think you should stay true to the Phoenix gimmick: a 50% chance to respwawn at LV1 makes sense. Resurrection for a Phoenix should be the norm not the exception. So:

LV1 chance of Phoenix to respawn set to 50%,

LV MAX: chance of Phoenix to respawn set to 99%,

Is it possible from a modding standpoint?

Back to Poseidon Summons I thought about:


# Melee Ichthians: you know those Ichthians Heroes who can make your life miserable^^,

# Mage Ichthians: those who have the habit to cast a Buff on their allies. If they could cast it on the main character (like the "Overgrowth" Skill Nymph does) that would be great.

If we could summon both kind of Ichthians that would be even better.^^

Anyways I let you the judge, nargil66.  :)

General Discussion / Re: The Theory of Hybrid
« on: 15 March 2018, 19:04:12 »
(Wish I posted earlier but I had a very long day, so I'll try to be not too wordy^^)

Hybrid by definition is a crossing between two species, basically you merge several elements that do not go together naturally. The result of this "hybridation" is supposed to show the traits of both parents. Sometimes Hybrids show better qualities than their parents, but in video-games it rarely works like that. :)

Hybrids in video-games have much more options up their sleeve. But generally there’s a heavy price to pay: you can hardly be the best at what you do. But you can do most things decently.

Then in Titan Quest Stat Distribution for Hybrids can indeed be a headache too (just try to build a Hybrid version of a Sage or an Avenger and you’ll get the idea),

I think to understand Hybrids maybe we should talk about the opposite, classes dedicated to a single purpose, a pure DPS character for instance:

Salvador in Borderlands 2

To put it short Salvador has a few Skills which truly make him a DPS-Monster:

Auto-Loader: Killing an enemy instantly reloads all your guns,
Inconceivable: % chance per level for shots not to consume ammo,
5 Shots or 6: % chance per level to add an extra round of ammunition when firing,
Filled to the Brim: +magazine and ammunition capacity in %,

If you add that Gunzerking, the Action Skill of Salvador, allows him to temporarily Dual Wield Weapons and Regen ammo, and that some Class Mods (inventory items) allow him to Regen Ammo too, then you can clearly see he's the ultimate DPS character of Borderlands 2 (and the Franchise even^^). Serioulsy from that standpoint, Salavador in insanly powerful.

Where I’m I heading with this? Well Salavador in a pure DPS kind-of-guy, his cookie-cutter build plays itself: you enter an area, activate your Action Skill –Gunzerking- and watch everybody fall. It’s really fun but personally it’s gets boring really fast. I’m not a DPS-gamer, I truly enjoy Hybrid builds because they give me much more options, and much more fun actually.

Finally you think doing different types of Damage is a Hybrid thing? I don't think so. But if yes then the Dreamkiller is a true Hybrid by your definition:

Dreamkiller is in my top 5 in Titan Quest because of the various types of damage he can inflict to enemies:

- Poison / Piercing / Bleeding / Electrical burn Damage / +Damage to Demons / +Damage to Constructs and Devices

Dreamkillers are super fun to play, they even have a Familiar (and I’m not even talking about traps. :P) You have the best of both worlds, so that's a Hybrid...maybe.

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Early Development
« on: 14 March 2018, 16:36:43 »
Hi, nargil66. I took the time to browse your Mastery drafts on page 1 and I have a few questions:

Phoenix (Summon) (Apollo Mastery)

I read "Resurrection activates on 1%". Isn’t a 1% chance a bit low? If I recollect in Titan Quest chances to trigger needed to amount to at least 5% to be noticeable.

Then there’s the cooldown of the skill which is another factor. The cooldown is not displayed on the draft so I can’t comment much further, still I find this Familiar intriguing,

Note: also that’s resurrection (not ressurection)

Poseidon Mastery

I know you haven’t outlined this Mastery yet, but I must confess I’m eager to learn how you’re going to set up this class. I mean Poseidon was the god of seas, and there isn’t much water in a hack’s’slash. :P Still Poseidon was also the god of earthquakes and horses, so maybe you can work out something.

Quite frankly I was almost going to tell you about the Kraken -Release the Kraken! Mwahaha- Then I realized the Kraken has nothing to do with Greek mythology! So I just realized the quote from the Clash of the Titans movie was actually erroneous, this is disturbing ^^! However as far as Greek sea monster goes I remember a creature named Scylla: Scylla The Sea Monster

These were just some food for thoughts hey. And yes you're right: devising these new Masteries is totally not easy, I commend your great effort. :)

Edit: about Hecate Mastery nothing comes out of my mind right now, but if I devise anything I'll let you know.

Sincerely sorry. I've edited my post, I didn't mean anything hurtful. o\

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