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New Members Introduction / Re: after all these years...
« on: 28 August 2018, 13:27:27 »
Welcome back, kalimon! I'll never forget your "Side Quest Guide". It was that good. :)

The fact that you wrote it when you were only 14, unknown to me ^^, makes it a even better. 

Gaming / Re: Who says you're too old to play video games?
« on: 28 August 2018, 13:17:10 »
Much obliged for bringing this up, MedeaFleacestealer. ;D This is quite topical subject, maybe more than some people might think.^^

On this matter, Warren Spector, the famous developer behind Deus Ex, talked about this in his keynote speech at the the DICE Summit in 2013. A very insightful discussion about the fact that Gamers are getting older. Here's the vid, I encourage people to listen to it:

Warren Spector "Growth of Adult Gaming" - Full Keynote Speech - D.I.C.E. SUMMIT 2013 (Youtube)

Here’s what I said, somewhere else, about this subject a few years ago:

"Two weeks ago Warren Spector, the guy behind Deus Ex, made a very interesting speech.  As always Spector is verbose, but I found many of his comments fascinating:

1) The Graying of Gaming

Gamers got older. The average age of gamers is arounds 30 nowadays (33 in France, 30 in the US) [Edit: in 2013]. When you hit the 30's life takes it toll on you. If everything goes smoothly you have a job, a partner and even kids maybe. It's very hard to devote 100 hours/month for a game, here's what Warren Spector said:

So you know we’ve lived through the transition from Geek Entertainment to almost Mainstream Medium anyway. But there is something that’s different: We’re different !...We are getting older…As a young gamer I needed 100 hours of gaming. I needed it, you know…I could ditch anything in my life and focus on games…20s and 30s and 40s something not so much. All of a sudden there’s competition for your time…I got to the point where a 20 hour game: perfect…You just don’t have the time anymore…But there’s more just that the time…It’s about the content…(4 :33 min)

2) Adult Content

Seeing we got older, he’s encouraging Developpers and Publishers to make games for a somewhat Senior audience. More mature games. To illustrate his point his mentioned 2 games which made a big impression on him: Heavy Rain and The Walking Dead. By the way I never played these, so if anyone of you played them I’d gladly hear their opinion, Warren Spector said:

I want content that is relevant to my life, that is relevant to me, that is set in the real world…If we’re gonna reach a broader audience, we have to stop thinking about that audience strictly in terms of teenage boys, or even teenage girls. We need to think about things that are relevant to normal humans.(9:22)
But the really cool thing, the thing that blew my mind about those two games [Heavy Rain and The Walking Dead] was that they weren’t just about, you know, ideal Nordic bodybuilding heroes and they weren’t about like big events. They celebrated the ordinary, the quotidian,  the everyday, they made a dinner compelling, they made a hug compelling, they made playing with the kid compelling,…when you can make every day activities as compelling and cool and as fun as a firefight I think you’ve really accomplished something…They kinda changed the way I think…obviously these games are in my design real house…(9:50 min)"

Edit CrocMagnum: what can I add in 2018:

- if the average age of gamers was around 30 years in 2013, maybe we can extrapolate to 2018; an average age of 35?,

- consequently most gamers have financial autonomy nowadays. In the past it was usually the Family who bought games for their kids,

- from a developer perspective, when you sell games to players around 35 or more, you can expect most of these customers to have "Political Views". Compared to 25 years ago this is quite new. But that's a whole different subject.^^

Feel free to delete. Is meant as a salute to CrocMagnum for a job well done a long time ago

Thank you kindly oldage! :) Compliments coming from dedicated players sincerely mean the world to me.

It also means I didn’t write this interminable guide for nothing. ^^

On a sidenote the newer version of the guide is somewhat more thorough:

Avenger: A Hybrid Study (Updated to Anniversary Edition)

Still I’ll have to edit even the above version too (some Earth / Hunting skills have changed quite a bit, Secret Passage in Anniversary Edition has changed too,...)

Thank you for digging this up

- Stone Form is a life-saviour when I’m cornered. At least when used properly. 2 Rules concerning Stone Form:

# Never use it if you haven’t a good casting speed. How many times did I die when trying to cast it? Countless times! At least if you have 0 casting speed cast it in advance, never at the last second, ‘cos you’ll regret it I can assure you,

I had ignored casting speed, assumed the split second delay was keyboard lag, or something. But lately, I have something with reduced casting speed on it, and stone form is cooperating with my reflexes better (such as they are)

Yes in Immortal Throne Molten Rock, the Synergy of Stone Form, blocked you for a split second. Fortunately in the Anniversary Edition the synergy has been retimed.

Still even in AE you still need some decent Casting Speed to use Stone Form which is a major skill for glass-cannon characters (and even for other Earth-based Classes). Some great items to look for are:

- Hood of the Magi (Act I, your best bet is to fight Satyrs to get it) 

- Cartouche Ring (Act II, III, IV Normal; especially Acty II) 

Those early items grant awesome bonus to Casting Speed and thus makes your Spells, especially Stone Form, finally practical.

Runemaster AE / Re: Berserker build guide
« on: 24 August 2018, 16:34:49 »
...For sustain the most important is having ADCTH on your weapons, as my artifact I used soul wrath (?) something like that a, low level artifact which gives adcth through the whole game...

More like Soul Shiver, yeah this Artifacts is quite good, its "% of Attack damage converted to Health" scales well with difficulties.

I see you've put points in Reckless Offense very late game, so my question is:

Do the Dual Wield tree and Reckless Offense go well together? In other words does it raise your DPS through the roof? ^^

Hi! Tigrius! Like WNG said the icons of those skills are still visible. To know if a skill is active or not your best bet is to take a look at upper left corner of the screen (le coin supérieur gauche de l'écran): your passive skills are always listed there. :)

New Projects / Re: Hamunaptra Mod - Development
« on: 19 August 2018, 13:49:33 »
...hehe this made me chuckle a bit, only because to me it is fairly obvious that the Undead are the predominant monster type in Hamunaptra. But yeah Croc this is good and I think adding "dmg to Undead monster type" will be appropriate and sought after  :P

Argh! I should have thought about this, it's so obvious when I think about it now. ^^

(about Shadow Miasma aura)+Vitality dmg, %Health reduction on hit and maybe % chance reduced resists for blade, vitality decay per second for the aura. I'm also for chance to fumble for aura as Croc. Or reduced physical/total damage. At least thats how imagine a wraith blade and aura  >:D

I think you're so right on the money, nargil66:

Words are important here. The definition of Miasma in Greek Mythology says "a contagious power that has an independent life of its own", coming back to Titan Quest this totally sounds like the Plague tree from Nature Mastery. So yeah Health Reduction seems appropriate. Finely observed, friend. :)

By the way I forgot, seeing how Shadowstalkers sweep down so fast on you, I would add a Movement Speed bonus to Miasma. So to sum up Miasma aura:

- Evade [%Dodge Attacks + % Chance to Avoid Projectiles?],
- Movement Speed,
- Chance to Fumble,
- Health Reduction in % [could it spread to nearby enemies? Err maybe that's overkill?  :P],

...i have a question for you bud.. does increase projectile speed from items also increase the speed of volcanic orb?  O0

To cut it short no. Volcanic Orb doesn't get any faster when using the suffixe "Increase in Projectile Speed".

I tried it with an Apollo's Will with a 47% Increase in Projectile Speed, and I didn’t see any noticeable difference, at all.

But you know what, botebote77? Being the seasoned Sharder that you are ^^, you were probably bamboozled by the Velocity Skill, from the Ice Shard tree, it does indeed increase the Projectile Speed of your Shards (in %). Also I remember your crazy Sharder build video at Mont Olympus, the numbers of Shards you could generate with that build was quite insane.

Hmm, I was looking at the quest reward skill tree, and i had this idea... maybe it's possible to make it someting like the Grim Dawn's devotion tree... it would be cool. The current skill tree is not very inspiring. All the skills are x3, one for each difficulty, which is a pure waste of space for a skill tree.

For now i'm gonna turn it into "quality of life"tree :D
Two ideas of nice utility skills I would like to put there:

Rest - Like in Underlord. I think to add it as a reward from the naiad Pegaea on Normal.
Light Wisp - Like koderkrazy's light bulb, but it's a pet that follow you. Reward from... ? Oracle maybe?

I can use your help on this. There are 24 skills, and I only can think of two... if you have an idea of cool utility skill that doesn't change the game balance, I'm open for suggestions.

Devotions-like Skills for Titan Quest? You have some dang good ideas, nargill66. :) So:

- what about granting high evade for your Familiars as Devotion (25% to 75% evade per difficulty for instance),

- I feel Stun Skills are underused, so "x% Chance to Stun target for x Seconds",

- Slow is good but not every Mastery allow you to slow Monsters,

- A Debuff for Masteries that don’t have it or badly need it,

- granting temporary Summons when getting hit hard (on low Health that is), like the Artifact Star of Ishar granted Skill Scimitar Spirits.

New Projects / Re: Hamunaptra Mod - Development
« on: 16 August 2018, 14:31:49 »
...Also, I want to ask for ideas here --> What would you expect Khamor'aans blade to have with regards to stats and level requirements etc?? List your chosen ones below!

Plus, the Shadow Miasma aura --> Again, what's your thoughts on what this should grant the player?? I'm currently thinking Cold and Slowing damage with maybe resistance reduction hmm...

Is this Khamor'aans Blade of yours gained from a secret quest? If yes then the player would have to go out of his way to get this item. If so I think it would be great to give those who made the effort to earn it some edge:

- granting the blade the most efficient damage type in the mod. For instance adding effects such as "+x% Damage to Beastmen, etc ". Now if you haven’t finished the mod you probably don’t know what kind of monsters are predominant in the campaign :),


- making the blade tailored to finish off the Last Boss more easily. Again it depends on the traits of the last boss (monster's category / monster’s damage types / Elemental weaknesses,…),

About the Shadow Miasma Aura originally used by Shadowstalkers. They're hard to it sometimes, right? Does it grants them a chance to Evade? If yes Evade is first on the list. On the same vein adding a chance to enemies to Fumble their attack, maybe. ^^.

Earth AE / Re: Hybrid Melee/Caster Juggernaut
« on: 14 August 2018, 12:48:35 »
... (Juggernaut) so my question: do i start as str + dex first or int + dex first? anyone can give their opinions but


i want you guys to chime in :)

Man! You're haunted by Hybrid Builds (says the guy who wrote an Avenger Hybrid guide). :P

To answer your question I never had much success with a Juggernaut, I've tried two of them and gave up on both, way before the ending. Allow me to explain:

As far as I'm concerned the Juggernaut is one of the hardest Hybrid to build. You could make pure melee and use Earth as support (so not a Hybrid anymore) but even then you'll have a hard time putting things right. Here're the problems you'll face:

Basically when you build a Hybrid you'll try to have a characters that can make 2 opposite things: Physical + Spells, but:

You'll hardly find any synergies between Earth and Defense. The only thing worth of notice is the armor bonuses you can gather:

Armor Synergies

Battle Awereness (base skill) + Rally (conditional: you have to cast it) + Quick Recovery (% Armor Absorption, conditional too )+ Stone Skin (Earth Enchantment tree)

Even with all these bonuses to Armor I never achieved much, my Juggernauts always struggled damage-wise. To be fair I really don't know if all these Armor bonuses are additive of multiplicative, so it would be nice if a Veteran could clarify this,

Stat Distribution

Here's another headache, so you have STR, INT, DEX. With a Hybrid Juggernaut you'll be very tempted to spread your Skill Points into those 3 Stats.

And knowing you, botebote77 :), you'll probably be gunning for Stonebinder's Cuffs in the Minoan Labyrinth at the first opportunity.^^ An quite frankly I would do the same, Hybrids badly need this. But:

Every point you put into DEX [for Stonebinder's Cuffs] is less points you can allocate into INT, at least that's how I see it,

About your question on when to allocate Stats:

Personally I always dump points into INT late (around Epic to be clear). Why? Because I always play untwinked (self-drop) and only allow myself to transfer Artifacts ( 'cos it's time-consuming), so I never know what kind of items I'll get. Sometimes I cannot get Archmage's Clasp for instance. Another crucial point: I feel when you're serious about going Hybrid INT>DEX. In other words INT takes precedence over DEX.

I also put points in INT late because all these bonuses in % start to make sense later when you have items and skills that give you a noticeable bonus.

One last thing about Defense:

Defense has not much to offer to Hybrids, unlike Hunting:

- Study Prey+Flush Out: Hunting has a strong debuff that make your Spell way much damaging,
- Call of the Hunt boosts your Spells too,
- Herbal Remedy is good for your Pets: HP Regen and Poison Resists,

In other words Defense+Earth is not to my liking because it's like you're building the 2 Masteries separately, Defense for Physical and Earth for Spells, without real synergies. Not to say Defense is bad for Hybrids! I'm just saying Defense+Earth is not efficient. For instance:

Defense+Storm [Paladin] is way better: the basic thing to remember is that most Storm Skills do Stun Damage, so you'll benefit much more than any other Class from the Skill Concussive Blow.

Note: Still I remember Benitot, with his excellent Juggernaut The Master Armorer Guide, who used this Class to good effect.

Might of Hephaestus @CrocMagnum

i remember i completed this artifactbefore for testing purposes.. so i tested it again and:

yep it doesn't work with ranged weapons
it doesn't work with bare hands
it has 120sec cooldown
you are not forced to bind it to LMB.. it is not a proc skill anymore.. it is an active skill now which makes it less desirable.. cooldown of granted skills doesn't scale with cooldown reduction so you are forced to wait for 120 sec before it's ready again.. you can bind it to RMB or any number skill slot.. if you bind it to LMB, you have no control of when it triggers.. since it has high damage with long cooldown, it may be best used as an emergency skill against bosses

Ouch! Thanks for the correction, botebote77. I only need to add that in old version the cooldown was only 90 sec. *nerf*

Other Modifications / Re: [MOD] Dionysian Rider
« on: 08 August 2018, 16:30:36 »
Congrats! I see you updated the screenshot too. It looks seriously fantastic.

So a crazy Maenad riding a friggin' Saberlion will be available in Deities too, I gather? Along with Satyrs and Dactyls, right?

Good Lord! Sounds likes Dionysus Mastery will grant aggressive pets. ;D

my joke went potatoes...

Woops! I can't believe I missed that one.

Good joke though. ;D

New Projects / Re: Hamunaptra Mod - Development
« on: 08 August 2018, 15:56:47 »
Woah! That Nazgul Boss has really a LOtR feel to it. For a first draft this is very well done, Prosoro.

I swear I'll never ask to have a pet like that, that would be too awesome. :P

Note: my hunch was on Nazgul too but I restrained from posting (but who will believe me? ^^)

(about Iron Fist) why would you assign it to LBM? loose bowel movement? diarrhea works automatically? that's terrible

In AE you are FORCED to assign Iron Fist to LMB if you want to benefit from it, no way around it. Thing is Laionidas is probably using the Rune Weapon Tree as LBM so it's even worse to forfeit Rune Weapon (it has so much utility) to Iron Fist. So I agree with you botebote77, in AE Might of Hephaestus is not attractive anymore.

holy freeze mercenary.. damn right.. but i always preferred the lightning act 3 mercenary because it's the flashiest looking mercenary in the game

I liked the Act III Merc a lot too, but they're not the most popular. ^^ Also the Lightning Merc deals the least damage, Fire and Cold are better. Especially the Cold one because he can freeze stuff; and sometimes he could block your way by freezing monsters in tight corridors.  :-\

Holy Freeze was indeed dope in D2, maybe except for a Necro Summoner. Holy Freeze shatter corpses and the necro need those bodies to raise his skeletons and his revives. :P

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