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Forum News and Info / Re: Happy 2019
« on: 02 January 2019, 13:37:57 »
Happy new year  :D

Around the world / Re: How did you choose your username?
« on: 29 December 2018, 16:14:11 »
Mine is from the old Warcraft 3 days. Took the first syllable from Malfurion and added guardian, but dropped the "u" :)

spectre, my name, was just chosen randomly in addition to my avatar picture (see left). Ironically the avatar picture is from a site providing modding resources for Warcraft 3 :D

And the original thread was posted over here: ;)

Forum News and Info / Re: Role/Titles banners
« on: 29 December 2018, 15:50:12 »
Was wondering why I had such a cool icon next to my forum name...good work! :)

Around the world / Re: Happy Birthday MedeaFleecestealer
« on: 29 December 2018, 15:48:20 »
Happy belated birthday, Medea! :)

Doubtful as IL back then didn't even have time to finish patching IT properly. A rough concept maybe, actual work on it, don't think so.

New Members Introduction / Re: Titan Quest Lives On
« on: 03 October 2018, 13:27:30 »
Quite late to the party, but anyway: Welcome back!

Still have to try Sacred 2 with the community fixes one day...

General Discussion / Re: Task for everyone
« on: 03 October 2018, 13:09:10 »
Been busy with other things the last few months. If there's anything that's still missing and you can tell me the name of it, I can have a look whether I have it somewhere.

Whoops, sorry for the late reply @Shadowshiv ! And yes, your name sounds familiar :)

Just extract the folder somewhere and run the executable, it's not an installer anymore. Just grab the latest version from my github page.

You can continue using your old My Games subfolder with the characters and .vault files and all. Should work just fine.

It does, but you can do that yourself: Just grab the <User>\Documents\My Games\Titan Quest {Immortal Throne}\ folders (i.e. both TQ and TQIT folders) and put them on the USB drive or backup HDD.

Thanks for the report!

The Bracers in the unique tab are actually different bracers...I must've forgotten to change the name tag. Fixed now, you can get the new itemdb.xml from the github page. I probably won't be making a release out of that small fix right away.

There is: database\records\xpack2\item\equipmentarmor\torso\mi_n(e/l)_centaur.dbr. And according to the database those should drop (they are listed in the loottable).

I'm keeping the nerthus relics in for now, in case that's a bug and will get fixed.

New Members Introduction / Re: Greetings!
« on: 03 March 2018, 22:43:56 »
Welcome :)

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: The Chakram set
« on: 25 February 2018, 13:04:28 »
This set got created only recently which is why the tq-db doesn't have it yet.

Around the world / Re: Happy Birthday botebote77
« on: 24 February 2018, 20:39:29 »
Happy birthday :)

Installation and Tools / Re: TQCollector v1.1.0 - Ragnarök Support
« on: 14 February 2018, 01:35:52 »
Yeah, the third one you found is the one actually connected to the primrose passage and as such a quest item of sorts. The other two aren't. I have no idea where to get the behind the wall one, though. Maybe it's not fully implemented yet?

Great to hear :)

Installation and Tools / Re: TQCollector v1.1.0 - Ragnarök Support
« on: 12 February 2018, 15:43:12 »
Updated to v1.1.2!

Have fun and let me know about any problems :)

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