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General Gameplay / Gameplay Videos
« on: 18 February 2018, 22:50:29 »
On last days , i get back playing the mod , 1.0, CD version, its alot of fun ! And seeing how the things were back there, a great work done.

Thanks BG, for sharing your work :D!

I might post more on next days.

New Projects / Re: Hamunaptra Mod - Development
« on: 18 February 2018, 13:58:28 »
looking good so far !

it must be really fun exploring a dungeon with almost no light radius :D

Well reading your toughts and i agree, making a perma strong allie is making the game alot of easier, she could deal with last area solo before the final boss, killing the stuff kinda of fast.

The days of runing solo are kind over, now theres that option, its like having a boss with you, if she was more support/tanky is one thing, but that is complety different.

Defense LOC / Re: Corsair LMB and RMB skills
« on: 15 February 2018, 20:09:36 »
yes i can agree with nargil.

I had a pure rouge, using mostly throwing knifes skill, it can pierce and kill a whole army of monsters in matter of secs.

most of act 5 itens got new visual looks, more pollish than before

thanks for the replys, i will try it soon, dont you mind making some tutorial videos ? would be more simple :)

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 10 February 2018, 00:44:15 »
it must be something in ATHENS that must be crashing, some npc ? sound, music, animation, sound, rats ?some item, something is trying to spawn under another monster ? wrong file sound misplaced

Another patch folks

TQ AE & Ragnarök 1.54 - Secrets & Champions
8th February 2018
- Added a special, very secret, bonus quest.
- Tied up some loose ends pertaining to the main quest characters.
- Added a special ally.
- Act 5 hero monsters have learned some new tricks.
- Added an extra guest to the Valhöll fight.
- Added a nicer arena for King Thrym.
- Adjusted health of some bosses, reduced health of all Nixies.
- Pants now look better!
- Almost all items have been tweaked visually to some degree.
- Additional visual tweaks have also been made to various enemies.
- Major graphical overhaul of Dvergr Halls.
- Improved visuals in Muspelheim.
- Added additional audio to Mimer's Maze.
- Serene Nerthus area now has fireflies!
- Fixed achievements
- Fixed a bug where conversion of physical to elemental damage went over 100%.
- Transmutation is now permanently active (but still requires Rune Weapon)
- Cauldron piece numbers now correspond to the order of their locations
- Improved consistency of monster chest spawns on Epic and Legendary
- Changed Icescale MI armor reflection ability into a player-only skill
- Various item, set and item skill tweaks / fixes
- Reduced relative drop rate of Act 4 relics in Act 5.
- Increased Pet attack space on all larger bosses.
- Increased melee damage of final boss
- Several performance-related fixes
- Numerous minor fixes
- Improved Ukrainian localization.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 09 February 2018, 20:32:55 »

Had a few crashes to desktop today. The battle continues.

Same places as before ? Warcamps ?

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 07 February 2018, 22:27:03 »
health shrines heal mana as well ?

I was thinking adding cosmetic Mi to some monsters just for flavour. Like in 1.1, Satyrs mages always had their MI staff as normal mesh for weapons.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 05 February 2018, 22:24:11 »
maybe the problem after all was a random meshing issue.

But im happy to see its going well, its a hard work after all, starting almost from 0 , and redoing the new content, three our four times.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development
« on: 02 February 2018, 23:06:31 »
its good to see its working well atm.

Great luck !

Technical Support / Re: Lilith&D2 => Crash when opening skill windows
« on: 01 February 2018, 19:27:55 »
Most of mods do not work with new expansion. ( ragnarokk)

Only if you got normal AE and disc works.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development
« on: 29 January 2018, 20:32:26 »
I've hit an unexpected and rather game breaking snag.

In other words, to play v2.0, you must start with new character?

If yes, that's no problem for me. ;)

isnt the problem, its more of game crashes

im suprised, no1 talked about phantoms in mimer maze, when you kill then they cast spell breaker, that drains all your mana and buffs, pretty annoying for meeles.

I cant even think in xmaxx.

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