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Um, I just wanted to chime in and state I am using artmanager v1.6 on windows 10 with ragnarok. <shrug>

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 15 October 2018, 18:05:08 »
Yeah, I forgot to mention I moved Energy Armor to tier 4 and made it a timed aura that absorbs a percent instead of a flat amount. Better for pets this way, even though pets have weaknesses usually against elemental or poison. Meh.

Pets could have a buff self in their attack skill config slot that does negative regen, just set it to 100% chance and make short range distance 0 -1m. I think...

Okay, I can add a buff to elemental retaliation, that will synergize with storm and earth, I also added electricburn retaliation in a Dream trance.

About the beetle mummy, have a projectile spawn pet, make the projectile a beetle mesh and give it the fly animation in the flight animation slot in the projectile file. Then it spawns a beetle the same color and size, would give the illusion of shooting beetles. :)

About the "leaping" mines, the issue I can see right now is that if the mines can leap, they can follow you around...but if they are stationary, then they can't leap.

EDIT: Updated the effects, projectiles and explosion radius of Seal of Fate to mirror the Squall progression.

EDIT: Yeah, I have already replaced Menhir Wall with a Jotunn summons.

EDIT: Huh. I never noticed that before, there is no +%elemental retaliation modifier all. Have to use fire/lightning/cold. That leaves out the duration though. Pfah!

EDIT: Tier 3 rune weapon adds duration elemental damages equal to the tier 2 flat types. Also +%boosts flat elemental retaliation types. Tier 4 adds +%boost to duration elemental types.

EDIT: Modified the rune mines. Instead of "leaping", I created 10 different mine files. The original skill had one mine file with a trigger distance of 1m. I created 10 where the trigger distance increases by 0.5m each.

In the skill, I increased the explosion diameter by 0.25 m every level. With 10 levels +10 more uber levels, the max explosion radius is 6.75m for each mine with a trigger distance of 5.5m.

It's LIKE leaping, in that enemies only have to be within 5m of a mine for it to go off and strike them instead of 1m.

EDIT: Hmm, maybe I should nerf that distance....I mean, talk about a boss killer....all the mines go off and hit a single target as soon as you cast. Okay, the trigger distance for each mine starts at 1 and goes up 0.25 per 2 levels. The explosion radius is still +0.5m per level though. So the max trigger distance is 3.25m now.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 15 October 2018, 02:42:43 »
If anyone has any good ideas about Runemastery, I could use the help.

I've tried to play as a caster and it isn't going very well. I don't play melee if I can avoid it.

Anyone have any specific criticisms of the mastery that could use improvement?

I have already replaced the menhir stones with the Jotunn giant summon, and I buffed  the damage output for mines and that big delayed mine, I forget what it's called.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 14 October 2018, 16:36:09 »
it's a film every child should see  :)

and here is the poppies part

Awesome! I couldn't find an audio clip, but this is just as good!

I used VLC to directly down;oad the video clip, then used Audacity with a plugin to rip the audio.

I played around with the track to extract the important part and saved it to my mod, imported and built.

So she now says "Poppies..." when she summons poppies.

I reskinned a peng to look like a flying monkey as best I could and did the same audio process to get the sound of her saying "Take your army to the Haunted forest, now fly! Fly!" when she summons the flying "monkeys".

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 13 October 2018, 04:18:53 »
Found some time after work today to create sarcophagai for act 5.

I know it doesn't make sense to have them in a salt mine, but I don't care. :)

Added them to the salt mine, the barrows, the dveger area and scattered some in a few more places.

Had to create new trap levels and arrange the monster pools that spawn from trapped chests.

Have to make some for act 3 too. Should just be able to import from one of my abandoned projects.

Did some other chores that probably aren't interesting like importing textures for the easter egg equipment and updating the controllers...blah blah

ALso added traps to all act 5 treasure chests and bonpiles.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 12 October 2018, 15:39:44 »
would be cooler if she has sleep skill then says "poppies, poppies"

I couldn't find that quote online. So she says the line about poison that is pleasing to the eye.

So she summons poppies that have a breath attack that causes sleep

EDIT: Using the ascocaphus death animation, also she says "How about a little fire, scarecrow?" when she casts a big fire spell.

In case you were wondering, she drops a Witch's Hat item.

EDIT: For the item skill, I repurposed the Monster Lure skill, and placed a bonfire effect on it. I dispensed with armor and life and just made it invincible with massive fire retaliation and gave it a timer of 20 seconds. When it spawns it says "How about a little fire Scarecrow?"

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 12 October 2018, 04:26:46 »
gonna stick with the marksmanship clone.

Today I created a couple more easter egg monsters that spawn from treasure chests. I also moved all the relevant files for the others to the new mod.

Ha ha, I made a wicked witch for act 4 and downloaded and imported some sounds from Wizard of Oz. She says "I'm melting" when she dies. :D

Added a new area in the Forest of the Ancients. I built up the river bottom so you can wade across to a miniboss.

Hooked up the geysers in styx and the stygian quillvine spawns. Hooked up the hades mushroom monsters that shoot clouds of poison spores.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 11 October 2018, 03:21:26 »
Wait, so it DOES increase the range for ranged one-handed weapons?

But...where is it getting the range value from then if it isn't replacing the projectile?!  :o

EDIT: Okay, I did something wrong, it's not affecting the range.

I made a buff self toggled, 22 levels.

Added 22 weapon enchantment effects.

Added 22 copies of arrowdefault01.dbr into the weapon enchantment projectile slot and changed the range values by 0.5 meters per level.

What did I miss?

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 09 October 2018, 20:28:51 »
Maybe, but the crash log mentioned the controller as well. Ranged one handed have a different range than the bow so maybe they run too far as a preset distance for the old vanilla controllers to handle and they don't realize it?

Anyway, just glad it's fixed.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 09 October 2018, 19:04:37 »
Oh no, I already had all the Raksasha and farm animal spawners made from one of the versions I was working on that crashed.
Also, being as stubborn as I am, I tried having the farm animals drop a proxy that spawned one of a variety of Raksasha monsters. Still doesn't work well. The delay between dropping the monster proxy from a monster to having the monsters spawn is about 2 seconds. That's forever in game time. Even for one monster to spawn.

So I had to create 14 roosters that each spawned a different Raksasha on death in the ActorToSpawnOnDeath slot in the death parameters of their monster file. Then did the same thing with the sheep. ox, peasants etc.

Then I had to make two different proxy pool files because that was 14 times 7 or 8 farm animals. One pool for the Raksasha trash and one pool for the champions. I then used those pools in the already made in-game proxies.

So it amounts to the same effect, just couldn't add the proxies directly to the farm animals, had to spawn directly on death or there was a huge spawn delay.

Thank goodness for my ReNamer application that renames multiple files at once. saved a lot of time.

Speaking of crashing, had my first game crashes yesterday.

I had a feeling from this happening in the past, but I'm warning all modders to stay away from the RatmanChampion.msh and animations. Every time I add a different animation to the RatmanChampion mesh, say for example tigerman animations (which look great in Viewer.exe), the game will eventually crash.

So I switched my dual-wielding ratman boss to the standard skinny ratman mesh and it was fine. I had to remove the ratman champion armor because it looked ridiculous :D

Then the game crashed on Ratman archers, who I had switched to ranged one-handed weapons. I switched them back to bows and everything is fine again.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 08 October 2018, 22:01:57 »
Yeah, I wasn't talking about a battle royale, though that could be set up somewhere in act 5 later.

Had some fun today in act 3.

Added some proxies around the Great Wall town and the various villages where tigermen are that drop livestock.

So a rooster or an ox.

See, the thing is that sometimes they are Raksasha in disguise!

So I used the livestock models and made them into monsters with 1 hp. They have a controller that can only see 4 meters.

If you wander within those 4 meters, they cast a self buff that does negative life regen like Dark Covenant and they commit suicide and they cast Flash Powder on death.

On death they drop a Raksasha proxy that spawns one of the various types like warrior, sorcerer, archer.

Also some peasants could be Raksasha, so be on your toes. :)

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 08 October 2018, 02:45:16 »
This has got to be my very favorite new monster in the entire Ragnarok expansion, excellent choice!

Anybody remember that nature monster/spirit from the second Hellboy movie?

EDIT: Found a clip

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 08 October 2018, 02:33:21 »
You mean an Ascocaphus like in Act 4?

And one can never have too much uber in one's life :D

Just went through and increased the cost of potions dramatically. Mana potions in act 5 legendary are over 90000 gold now mwa ha ha

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 08 October 2018, 02:19:03 »
To be completely honest, I haven't thought it through to that point yet :D

Gotta start somewhere.

After sauruz mentioned it, I just massively buffed the giant spider outside the delphi exit, stronger than Arachne now. Drops a golden chest on death, or a super hero chest...a chance is all.

Massive poison damage 240 degree multi target bite with bonus to Offensive Ability, poison cloud aura, poison resistance debuff aura, multi-projectile arachnos venom bolt that also does mana burn, webs and spawns a bunch more spiders on death with a toxic cloud of poison.

So, yeah. Maybe just let the guards handle that and wimp out over to the measly Gorgons...pffft. Wimp.


EDIT: Oh yeah, I already have Medea and sauruz as heroes, but you still need another one guys.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 08 October 2018, 01:32:23 »
Just try to stop me!

Just had an idea...

I was working on a new dungeon near the first Tigerman camp to put my super mega boss with his giant uber treasure chest and I thought, why not have a developer boss series like the devs do? A secret area?

All I need is to add a key drop somewhere to open the gate.

So you all need to design your boss versions and post them so I can put a series of boss fights to get to the uber boss. :D

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