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New Projects / Kotaku Article on Hamunaptra!
« on: 20 February 2018, 11:23:26 »

Hey guys, am super stoked to share this news - Check out the article feature on my mod by Kotaku!  ;D

Am currently hyped about this if I can say so myself ^^,

Funny about the mistype of 'Roman' though.. haha

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 18 February 2018, 12:37:59 »

Man, sorry to hear of your struggles and this news BG.. Hopefully after a bit of a break from the project you'll re-new your energy reserves, activate the Rally skill and smash this bug!

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help  8)

New Projects / Re: Hamunaptra Mod - Development
« on: 18 February 2018, 12:30:57 »
...Keep up the good work!

Will do Nargil  ;D Thanks!

Here's a few screenshots showcasing some tombs and dungeon areas you'll be exploring!
You might notice that some have darker lighting, this is because as you descend further into lower levels the dungeons get progressively darker and more gloomy  ;)

Tomb of Bones01

Spoiler for Hiden:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Tomb of Bones02
Spoiler for Hiden:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Pyramid Chamber
Spoiler for Hiden:

Also, a request from me to you guys on the forums; I'm working on creating different encounters for dungeons and wanted to ask > do you have any ideas or suggestions?? E.g: "After exploring the tunnels of a tomb you enter a large chamber, perhaps with some kind of set piece in the center such a pool of blood or a lone sarcophagus.  What happens next..."


Art Manager / How to Change Text Colouring
« on: 08 February 2018, 11:01:22 »

Hey there, I found this in my archives of useful info I've gathered over the years from the old forums (

These are the tags you can use to change text ingame to your desired colour.  I've only used them so far on items and region names but I assume they can be used for most other text purposes such as monster names or dialog? etc.

Using the Art Manager and your own mod (or the base game if you know how), go to the Sources tab then click on Text and double click ModStrings.txt in the right-hand pane.

This will open up a notepad style document.  Type in the tag to the item (or your own chosen record) you are adding to your mod/game here.  For example, for an item I usually write tagCMSword01 which points to the tag I entered when I edited the Item Parameters (CM for 'Custom Mod').  This will make sense if you've ever edited an item record ...but that's a whole other thing that either myself or someone else I'm sure will write a guide to in the near future  ;)

So you've got your tag in the notepad-looking ModStrings.txt document. So then just add one of the below tags directly after it to change the colour.  Eg: tagCMSword01=^R(your name here - eg: Blade of Leonidas) Now the item name will be Red.

Also, note at the bottom likewise you can change font to italics, bold or normal.

After you have entered your complete tag close the doc, switch to the Assets tab, go to Text and right click on ModStrings.txt then Build. Now it'll be added in-game!  ;D

List of Font Changing Tags:

^A    change color to aqua
^B    change color to blue
^C    change color to cyan
^D   change color to dark gray
^F    change color to fuchsia
^G   change color to green
^I   change color to indigo
^K   change color to khaki
^M   change color to maroon
^O   change color to orange
^P   change color to purple
^R   change color to red
^S   change color to silver
^W   change color to white
^Y   change color to yellow
&I   change font to italics
&B   change font to bold
&S   change font to normal

Enjoy :J

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 08 February 2018, 10:10:04 »
Sweet! Sounds like my kind of challenge then Medea  :) although the 'no deaths' part hmm haha a challenge for sure.  Good effort by Cygi

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 08 February 2018, 08:33:38 »
Man, you're a machine at adding new stuff! sigh.. wish I had more time but things are busy atm.

Loving the realism of burn damage at close proximity! nice touch!  8)

Also, slightly separate topic question; when playing LoC I know it's especially aimed at pet play-styles but how feasible is it if I wanted to try play through with a more character focused build? or even with minimal pets like just having the Lich King etc?

New Projects / Re: Hamunaptra Mod - Development
« on: 08 February 2018, 08:13:48 »
Good job with the spawn effect, that's tricky if it isn't already baked in.

Hey thanks BG!  :D I also reduced the scale of them so they're a bit smaller than the standard Bone Scarabs.

Okay, here's an idea... ...having summons POUR out instead of burst out might be feasible...and fun

Such a kool sounding idea indeed! I like your thinking  ;) aaand if I can pull it off it will be very in-keeping with 'The Mummy' theme - and also just really awesome to have ingame ^^,

Regarding the skill spawns, I'd guess yeah it would need to increase each 'round'? otherwise the invisible monster might decide to summon 3>5>4 instead of 3>4>5>6 etc.  As you say though, will have to play round with it to see what works

New Projects / Re: Hamunaptra Mod - Development
« on: 06 February 2018, 04:51:44 »

Thanks guys! Appreciate the support  8)

Onto the first dev update, had one of those elusive but immensely satisfying modding victories last night; finally managed to get containers (ie: Sarcophagi and Chests) to summon monsters! New traps yes! Very happy and the possibilities haha this is gonna be fun making all kinds of surprises for you guys to raise your shield at  ;D

I know this has been done before in Legion of Champions, but I figured it out and think Bumbleguppy would be proud heha.

See below for results! "...the occupants of the campsite wondered with alarm why a random sarcophagus just appeared out of thin air! So they opened it of course"

New Projects / Hamunaptra Mod - Development
« on: 05 February 2018, 13:15:28 »

Teaser Trailer:

Hey, so thought it's time to get going with a development thread for the mod  :)


Hamunaptra is a new mod being made for Titan Quest:AE, though I did start making it way back before AE was a thing so it may work fine in IT (will test at some point) but of course there would be various features missing.. more on that later haha.
The mod introduces players to a new world (map) set in ancient Egypt along with a campaign to play through.  Characters start from level one and are thrown into an adventure that is considerably more challenging than the base game, requiring a survivalist approach to stay alive.  Exploration and careful attention to the environment is key here; things like blood stains or footprints in the sand can lead to much needed potions and gear from other, unfortunate adventurer's  ...or on the other hand you might be led into the midst of a Cultic gathering.  In any case, while loot is plentiful, potions are all the more precious.  The world itself is designed to be more open with minimal markers for things like dungeon/tomb entrances, further encouraging you to search out the map and discover stuff! That said, the way forward is always clear enough and areas aren't excessively large so that you end up traversing some vast, boring desert.

Aside from the world itself, other core features are secret areas, again paying attention to the environments/walls etc is a good idea  ;), new items and sets to collect, huge cities that are both hub areas and places to explore and delve into themselves, many new types of hero monsters to encounter, memorable Npc characters and a unique storyline.

> For more information, screenshots and other details check out the website. <

The idea for this project was in part from wanting to re-create The City of the Dead from The Mummy film in Titan Quest and have fun exploring more dangerous tombs/areas than in the base game.  Things escalated and the project grew as I gained more experience with the modding tools.  This is where was so helpful, but you can only read so much and I had to learn a lot from just trying out things, failing, then re-trying.  This of course = modding though right  ::)  The other part of what drove this project into existence was that I had played and farmed Titan Quest, particularly act 2 which is my favourite act, way too many times and wanted to have a go at creating a new world to, well, farm and loot stuff in.  I guess the third reason for working on Hamunaptra is that there are so many Mastery mods out there for TQ and very few new world/map mods. Hopefully if all goes well though, I can add another map to your guys' Custom Maps list in the game menu  ;D

Current Development: (updated as the project progresses)

-Overworld and underworld areas complete (98%- some to be polished)
-Npc's added (need to link with quests)
-World is populated (70%)
-New Hero Enemies added (30%)
-New Items created and in-game (45%)
-Lore features (25%)

Major Features Still To Do:

-Quests and Music

Other Features/Ideas:

-Easter Eggs ^^
-Dread "challenge" Dungeons
-Moar art

Regarding time-frame, I'm working as much and as hard as I can on it and at this stage am aiming to have the first build ready for testing sometime early this year.  So full release of the first chapter will likely be not long after that ...buuut it all takes time.  At the end of the day I want to give you guys something that's complete and, most importantly - fun to play!   

New Projects / Re: Announcement! - Hamunaptra Mod
« on: 26 January 2018, 21:05:43 »
New characters starting from level 1  ^-^  check out the F.A.Q man

New Projects / Re: Announcement! - Hamunaptra Mod
« on: 25 January 2018, 12:05:24 »
1. How many chapters of this mod are you planning?
2. When you release all chapters, will you merge them as one complete adventure?

At this stage it's looking like it will be broken into 3 chapters.  So as a general overview, you'll be traveling from northern Egypt (1st chapter regions) down through the Nile valley (2nd chapter regions) to eventually reaching the great city of Thebes and onwards to Hamunaptra itself (3rd chapter regions). 

Looking at that it sounds similar to TQ's act 2 progression, but trust me, it isn't haha.  You'll be diverted from location to location through many branching paths, sometimes only advancing through underground passages and even crossing over the Nile in order to progress.  Think of GD and how the regions have open areas to explore with branching paths and 'bottleneck' progression points  :D  Also, you're visiting new places (or in some cases re-imagined places  ;) ) along the way, so for example the Necropolis of Sakkara; Abydos and the Jungle and Oasis of Ahm Shere. 

Regarding merging chapters, this will be seamless - pretty much the same as the good ol' 'John Bourbon System' where you will come to a gateway/point to which you can't progress ...yet.  Then, once the new chapter is ready you can DL the new content/build, load it up and continue from that point  8)

Also, I've got some 'DLC' areas and challenge tombs planned as well  ;D


New Projects / Re: Announcement! - Hamunaptra Mod
« on: 24 January 2018, 10:36:46 »
Hey just a heads up - the mobile version is messed up atm, fixing it asap so is best to use the pc version

New Projects / Re: Announcement! - Hamunaptra Mod
« on: 23 January 2018, 00:55:12 »
Forgot to mention - @Typhon yes am planning for it to be avaliable from the steam workshop

New Projects / Re: Announcement! - Hamunaptra Mod
« on: 22 January 2018, 22:06:43 »
Thanks heaps guys, and yeah its a new map and story.

I'll be updating with links and more info on here and will likely make a new dev thread under TQ:AE boards.

New Projects / Announcement! - Hamunaptra Mod
« on: 22 January 2018, 13:08:25 »
Hey guys  :D

I'm super excited to finally be able to announce this to you all and can't wait to share more with the TQ community about my project!

~ An all new world mod for Titan Quest has arisen! Are you ready to return to the City of the Dead? Find out all the details and more this Wednesday 24th Jan 2018. ~


Hey everyone :D ...posting here first of course!

The official website for the the mod is live! Check it out at

Also, there's an official teaser trailer ^^, let me know what you think and please share around! Thanks

Hope you guys like what I've been working on :)

Teaser Trailer:

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