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Music / Re: What Music are You Listening to now?
« on: 10 June 2022, 21:38:26 »
Spoiler for Hiden:
Oh, I've been listening to this album regularly since the end of 2019, definitely an exceptional one. Favorites are Part V and Cosmic Soul (especially for the solos), but others are very good too.
There's a good live performance here with some of the songs from this album and others :
Spoiler for Hiden:

1. Just to confirm, putting points into the Nature mastery also gives all the bonuses to pets, right? Pretty sure the life regen effects them, and hopefully the other stats do too.
No, the pet bonus is after level 40. It gives your pets up to +13% Total Speed.
You can check here what masteries do :

I have the caravan stash bug. I have this installed via Steam workshop. I own Ragnarok and Atlantis (but not Eternal Embers).

I did everything #7 says and still the shared stash via this mod via custom Quest is glitched. Personal stash and relics tab work fine. No matter how many times I delete the stash files, and I've deleted them all, when a new one is generated it still won't let me use all of the space. New characters don't fix the problem either.

I have since uninstalled it via Steam workshop and installed the hard mod version overwriting the base game's files. Still the same problem even though I deleted the stash files yet again.

Also there are some bugs with the mod:

1. When selecting Warfare mastery and hovering over the point button thing, it says 0% armor reduction for 3 seconds. Upon putting a point into the mastery that line disappears.

2. Wolves in the Nature mastery do not list the damage they do like all the other pet skills do.

3. In the Storm mastery "Heart of Frost" (right side level 4) does not work. At the very least standing there and letting a melee dude beat on me for a few minutes and never once was he frozen like the skill claims there's a 15% chance of happening. Yes I had "Arctic Shell" active.

Caravan Stash worked OK before Eternal Embers.
But then the official devs "improved" the size of the stash in such a dirty way that it broke the modded stash, without any possibility to fix it, except reducing personal and Relic Vault size. So I prefer to let it this way.

For the rest  :

1. It's a minor display bug I cannot fix. Basically when you have Warfare Mastery over lvl 40, new passive bonuses are given (x Reduced Armor ~3s, x% Bleeding Resistance, +x%Movement Speed).
Those bonuses are at x=0 when you have Warfare level 0 to 40, for some reason it displays 0 when you have no point in the mastery and the text disappears between level 1 and 40.

2. If a pet attacks only with bare hands or paws, then the damage is not listed. Even when damage is listed, it may not be the real damage because of how the engine works (if a pet has innate damage with its paws + an attack skill, only the skill damage will show).
I believe the vanilla game changed the attack of the Wolves in Eternal Embers. I may import this change so that something displays.

3. Heart of Frost works, but you have to attack the enemy for a chance of freezing the enemy. Same for the x% slow for 2s, works when you attack.
The rest of the skill (slows for 3s) is a retaliation, that part works when you are attacked in melee.
Basically when it doesn't says retaliation you need to attack to get the effect on the enemy.

Quick update 1.9e to fix Puncture Shot arrows in Hunting mastery.

Happy new year to everyone !
The mod was updated a month ago on the Discord server as a beta, I made it official today.

The update is only to make it compatible with Eternal Embers, that breaks all "big" mods.
It includes Neidan mastery but not the new map.

Bug Reports SV AERA / Re: Soulvizier AERA bug topic
« on: 21 December 2021, 21:42:45 »
The mod has been updated for the new DLC more than two weeks ago, but I still need to update the links here and on Steam. There's a beta patch on the Discord.

Regarding the Physical damage display bug, test it yourself if you want. Even if i add 100/1000% Physical damage absorbtion to the dummy, the damage still displays. I'm pretty sure its a vanilla bug, would report it, but i dont think the devs will do something about it.

As you said in your previous post, with 1000% resistance and whatever physical damage absorption, it displays some elemental damage (purple, from your weapon and/or 50 intelligence) but no physical damage. I don't see what's wrong here.

Great mod, as for your issues :

- When you have 1000% Phys Resistance and see elemental damage, it's either your weapon (if it's a standard torch it deals fire damage ?) and/or the fact you have 50 intelligence so you get basic flat elemental damage with it.

- For the Vitality Resistance, in TQ AE changelog : "Life Leech resistance no longer adds to the Vitality Resistance stat" but they forgot to update the description in the tooltip. I think the wiki is outdated, it's probably pre-AE.
In this guide ( in "Resistances coverage" section, you can see that :
"Vitality protects against Flat Vitality, Vitality Decay and Percent health reduction."
"Life leech resistance protects against Life leech over time and Attack Damage converted to health."

So yes Vitality res doesn't help to resist Life Leech. I told the devs several years ago but they didn't change the description, so I fixed that in SV. I also asked for a separate Life Leech resistance indicator for the same reason but they still haven't done anything about it. So far I haven't found a way to mod it.

New Projects / Re: Hamunaptra Mod - Development
« on: 05 December 2021, 14:51:20 »
Thank you for the great work on Egypt maps ! I noticed the resemblance with the mod when playing the beta. Dungeons in particular have a special atmosphere and a complex layout now.
Spoiler for Hiden:
I was really wondering when I saw a place called "Prosoro's Path"

I've noticed that the mod has new monsters and probably some places that weren't included in the official game.
So do you have any plans to release the mod at some point with those ?
Or maybe the game has placeholders and will be updated later ?

Developer Discussions / Re: Project Minerva
« on: 05 September 2021, 17:10:25 »
Yeah saw that a few days ago, I'm suprised no one talked about it. It's great news even if we don't know much
The devs are the ones who did Spellforce III.

Texture & Skin Modding / Re: [RESOURCES] Custom Models & Skins
« on: 07 July 2021, 20:05:27 »
I deleted all my mods on Steam. I'm not sure if I'll ever return or upload anything there. Nexus might not be as popular, but its better for someone not very social like me. Less pressure and less negative comments of the type: "Is this mod abandoned?" I couldn't stand it anymore. As long as I am alive, NOTHING is abandoned. Projects might be "on hold" for long periods of time but that's not the same as "dead". They will be dead when i'm dead or my passion to mod is dead. If that happens, you will know, one way or another.
Best compromise IMO is what I did for SV - hide all comments (no one can make new comments/posts, or see old comments/posts, but they can subscribe/unsubscribe and rate).
It saves a lot of time.

Hello soa, I can't tell you how grateful I am for the work that you and the rest of the team have put in to continue the work of amgoz1! I am a massive fan who put thousands of hours into Soulvizier 0.96, and I have just recently installed your new version. I started a character using the Play Custom Quest option, and I clicked on the SVAERA_customquest ~ option and put a day or so into a character, but after I closed the game and attempted to go back in, I forgot to change the map option from EGA to SVAERA and I lost all of my skills. In the past, I would have used TQ Defiler to fix little things like this, but I am not quite sure how to recover my skill points (if it is at all possible) in the new version. Any tips or insights would be greatly appreciated! Also, thank you for adding all of the souls into the inventory of the new vendor! In the last versions of the mod, I was always looking for a way to see all of the possible heroes / souls that could be found, especially that of the Green Toxeus Uber Boss and the bosses in the secret passage (if they exist).
Only tool I know that may work is GD Defiler.

Is there something going on with boss life or survivability in the mod? I'm fighting the Act 2 Telkine on normal, and despite breezing through the act, I can hardly damage this boss. He seems to just outregen all my damage.
He has around 80 hp regen/s. His resistances are not so high, except poison (55%) and fire (40%), with 30% projectile dodge. So maybe you're mainly dealing poison/fire damage with projectiles, with low DPS.
As usual, without knowing your build, can't say much about it.

Downloads / Re: Early Alpha Testing ~ Go!
« on: 20 June 2021, 20:31:42 »
2,These skills are still only + 4,there is no repair。
I don't know if you forgot or plan to repair it later。

Dream Mastery:Psionic Touch、Phantom Strike。

Defense Mastery:2、Defensive Reaction、3、Disable

Runes Mastery: 1、Unleash 2、Reckless Offense  3、Sacred Rage  4、Frightening Power 5、Rune Storm 6、Runeword: Explode  7、Runeword: Burn  8、Thunder Strike
I didn't "forget".

Some I was able to fix, the others listed here are a mystery.

The skill files have all the values to +10, the ultimate skill level set to +10, yet they only go to +4 in game. Why?

I don't know, this game is very buggy...and I will say it, even moreso since Anniversary Edition and the new DLC.

This is what I'm going to do: Create new database files of the skills listed and rename them. This will trick any scripts or hardcoded values for these skills in the game engine as these are not the skills they are looking for.

Then add them to the skill tree and all the UI entries and then do a mass database search and replace in the +skills item affixes and then do a mass search and replace in artifacts and items for vanilla skill augments and replace these with the new skill paths.

This will keep me busy for a couple days I guess, but I have everything set correctly in the database right now and these skills still max out at +4.

I have an intuition that this will break Dream's tier 7 staff skill for Psionic Touch. Just a feeling.

I don't have any proof that it's necessary, but in SV, all skills in masteries come from new dbr files, with more or less similar names.
Even if the skill itself appears and works the same ingame, there is a distinct dbr.
I believe this was done for a reason.

I did that for Psionic Beam (staff attack tier 7) and it works. But you really have to put it as a 1st modifier in the skill tree dbr, as they did in vanilla, even if it's the 3rd when looking the tree ingame. Otherwise it won't work.

The same thing can be said about set bonuses, it is advised to create new dbrs for your mod instead of modifying existing files.

No date yet for next update, it's in the works.

Bug Reports SV AERA / Re: Soulvizier AERA bug topic
« on: 07 June 2021, 23:26:23 »
The files exist in vanilla, they are not from SV, they work for me.
Templates, well... when I have time

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