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Well, I mightve forgotten a screenshot or two, and they're definitely out of any coherent order. But Expose is past Typhon! Now a level 31 Brigand, just arrived in Soronis and ready to panic while fighting Lamias. Didn't have many close calls with bosses, but at least one Tigerman near the entrance to Chang'an gave me a fright. Heard the low health bell twice before I could run far enough to break his pursuit distance. Someone in voice chat with me was saying "more traps, more traps" and I responded "I HAVE TO STOP RUNNING TO DROP ONE" Fun times.

Update 4 hours later: Dead. Level 35 Brigand in Aneslasia. One of the 5 quest Siege Striders of all things. I took out 3 of them, but as the 4th was spraying balls around, I walked over two. Never stood a chance.
Side note, I think Brigand might be more fun than Illusionist. The pierce modifier of ArtOfTheHunt, the pierce debuff of Study Prey, the Ensnare net as a panic button, the increased healing of Herbal Remedy... Eventually I wanted to add the pierce and %HP modifers to CallOfTheHunt...
But the strategy that worked so well, dropped 3 traps next to myself, then spam Study Prey on anything around. It's the perfect aggro puller, and traps shred them.
I'm starting a new one with the same build, I have to try this again.

Expose: level 17 Rogue, Kairatos Bluff Untwinked (so far)

Poison got her to level 13, then respecced everything into traps.
Forgot to start screenshotting until I reached Arachne :|

Happy Eternal Embers day!

Now that I don't have to hide my activity, I can jump back into this.
Feel free to list as dead, all my existing "active" characters, because I did some cleaning and deleted almost 40 characters from my roster, including all of those :D

And now, for my next trick: character "Expose", level 1 Helos, no mastery selected yet because I have to beat the new expansion and get the achievements before I do anything else :)

I can't provide a source because he didn't authorize me to quote him. You're speaking with me  ;D

The following is all my opinion, not his:

Personally, I like the feel of Psionic Beam. Ternion always felt clunky and weak, particularly while investing points so that it can finally become a positive damage source. If I want to attack one enemy, I don't want to aggro the enemies at a 20 degree angle off of it at the same time.
That, plus the ability to more quickly re-apply Psionic Touch and Psionic Burn, as well as the smooth animation made it one of my favorite skills to Beta Test.

Throwing knives are a longer range way to apply weapon effects, yes. And a completely different playstyle. If you want to turn your melee assassin into a knife thrower, you are free to do so. That doesn't justify removing or changing Blade Barrier.

People already play Storm with melee characters. Giving those players another option to use a skill is already a cool thing to do. Your personal standards on what effort is required to make something "cool" might need reevaluating.

I do agree on Meteor. Consistency makes a skill more attractive than sheer dumb luck. I hope this does change eventually.

"Considering how Hunting does not need to crit consistently"
Why not? If a Hunting player picks a second mastery that wants to crit, why stop them? Also, who said only Hunters benefit from Call of the Hunt? Again, look at other playstyles, not just the metagame, best DPS builds. They want to encourage diversification, not making OP things more OP.

Shortcomings of spear builds, off the top of my head:
Single target unless a second mastery is forced.
Two passive buffs, Wood Lore and Volley, neither affect multiple targets.
One spear specific skill, Take Down (with a crappy augment), unless a second mastery is forced.
Allowing a Pure Hunter to hit more enemies with a spear sounds like a great way to encourage that new playstyle.

Poison Mayhem, again, I agree that consistency would be helpful, and I hope it changes.

Slam, I didn't try it, I'm not a Warfare player normally, I'm going to stay out of this one.
Same with Rune class. I don't like the Mastery, I'm not a good judge of how to improve it.

Everything you didn't respond to: I take it that you're ok with those skills then? You like that Earthbind is basically a copy of Sylvan Protection? Phalanx and Perfect Block make sense now? Your negatives are nice to hear, but at least give the developers credit when your mind is changed, rather than a wall of "this is why you're wrong on these specific points"

Some thoughts from a high ranking source:

Arc Discharge - more damage for Storm Petmasters
Dash - make Storm cool for melee

Meteors - Large AoE for Str builds
Fire Nova - Large AoE for Int builds

Dream Image - Fan favorite skill (Doppelganger), usable by all builds
Psionic Beam - Enable staff attack builds without Spirit

Soul Drain - enable Vitality Damage focused mages
Soul Vortex - life draining for non-int characters, esp. melee (bomb when surrounded)

Phalanx - add pets to Defense
Active Block - reward twitch skills in otherwise passive mastery

Earthbind - mass one-click crowd control
Sylvan Protection - Pet-based crowd control

CotH - Finesse - support melee hunters with thematic buff
Spear Dance - multihit & fear, compensate for shortcomings of spear builds

Poision Mayhem - keep PGB interesting in late game
Blade Barrier - weapon-effect based area traps, synergy with poisons

Lasting Legacy - enable Warfare petmasters
Line Slam - some ranged CC capability for Str warrior

Runestorm - crowd fight skill for everyone, esp. str melee
Runic Minefield - keep Mines interesting late game, for int chars

If some skills feel uninteresting to some builds that is ok. While on one hand they should be widely useful, the intention with others was to create new ways of plaing a class that the usual builds don't usually follow.

As such the lightning damage on Dash, for example, is mostly for effect.

About earth, those skills really are the "fight large crowds" skills the Mastery promises, with both being similar because of Earth's Int/str duality. But that is why the fire one is a more common, lower damage "slow burn" and the meteors the effect-laden nuke.

The idea behind Psi Beam specifically was to compete against Ternion Attack, while having a different feel to it. And generally supporting Staves in Dream.

Soul Vortex is designed to turn around a bad situation in melee. Numbers scale with your level.

Perfect Block is a trade between a short duration and a long cooldown to RMB away any dangerous boss attacks more often. This isn't meant to be used every other fight.

Blade Barrier - The main feature here is that you put your weapon enhancements, including bleed procs and Mandrake, on an AoE spell. PBAoE buffs like Soul or Rune vortex currently can't do that, and we already have those.
Closest alternative here would be to also make it a targeted line much like the Phalanx. Or perpendicular.

Jeez, I wouldn't do that without fully twinked Greens and Blues and probably a lot of level grinding too. You're crazy  ;D

Bleh. I'm just going to summarize this one, no need for pics:
  Champion level 28, Uncle Benjen

Used wolves to climb to alastor, shoved points into Battle Standard to beat him
Eventually maxed Warfare and War Horn+Doom Horn, 6 points in Ancestors

Killed by Barmanu, got an unlucky stun at the start and it lasted long enough to get hit by the Avalanche.

I had a good time with him though, and found a glorious Warrior's Axe of Decay (armor shred helped my wolves alot), so I'm just going to do the same thing over with his items.

Arya has been born, level 3 Wanderer (soon to be Champion) at Helos

Illusion: level 44 at Gladshiem (just after entrance to Yggdrasil)

Progress is slow.

As image 2 shows, I took a stop by the Primrose, just because I'd never actually been through it with a legitimate character. Wasn't too bad, but Erik (the rat) was hard for a pure trapper. I would drop 3 traps, he would run around and dodge forever (does he have 90% ctap?) and maxed Plague would only do minimal damage, which he would shortly heal back to full. I dumped all Plague points except 1-1-1 and put them all into wolves again. Erik died easily enough once I brought out his "true form."

I am not looking forward to continuing with this setup. Traps are low damage to these level opponents, and my bad cooldown heal spam isn't enough to keep them alive for long. Leveling up won't do much either, since traps are maxed out. Not sure where to go from here, or what build might speed things up.

Wow, I've been away for a while, trying other games, but congratulations are in order.

Next challenge @letsrock :

Well, this is what I get for trying to play a pre-AE character with AE tactics: YellowTrappe is dead, killed because I thought I could do a trapper-only on Very Fast mode. Proseia the Emupsa General in Epirus sniped her, lvl 29.

This is interesting :)

My entry:
Name: TankMageYellow
Class: Summoner
Game mode: Standard, No Mod, No Vault
Currently level 8 at Sparta

How do I attach screenshots? Couldn't find an attach button.

The best way for now is to upload them to another site like and then post the link here. It helps the forum save bandwidth while it's still cheap

I wanted to actually use all the green and better items I keep picking up during Yellow and Naked challenges, so I started my new Illusionist, LetsTryXmax.

Important: I had success killing the 3 (9) Gorgon sisters, but the game crashed when I tried to use my screenshot button. I started the game back up, expecting to deal with that annoying process again, only to find that they weren't there. I just had to speak to Feiyan to unlock the exit, and I could leave. I really didn't want to deal with them if I didn't have to, so I left without that picture, sorry.
Also, surviving hasn't been terrible. Wolves are good distractions, and traps are good to fall back on when they get overwhelmed. Only one hero, The All Devourer has managed to kill all 3 wolves, and then brought me to a panicked 20 health before I got away.
About to face the Statues in the Sphinx in Regular Mode, level 30.

Oh, and about the petmancer kill count requirement? I'm on the "don't require it" side, because 9/10 of the kills I try to get are stolen by wolves or traps. I have an effective 6 pets during most fights, and they all out-damage my Runed Staff I bought at level 10.

Yes, you can use items in the transfer stash.  If you have TQVault and want to use items from that as well then just let me know so I can mark your character as being twinked.

The rules for the challenge are in the first post on the first page.
I don't see rule about using items from other characters or not so i confuse :D
Thank you to let me know  C:-)

Toons are untwinked unless specified on the leaderboard.

"Twinked" meaning that you use items from other characters. So it is allowed, but please let them know so the ranking can show the twinked status
Might be helpful to reword that rule, I'm not sure how many people know TQ slang anymore  ;D

Attention Deficit Disorder go!  Conversation in Discord made me want to try a Trapsassin with the AE change to traps as pets. Battle Standard + %physical modifiers should be juicy, with War Horn as a panic button and Ancestral Warriors as boss killers.
Let the story begin, level 1 Helos, Name....


Update, Rhakotis, level 18

Level 41, Middle of Teutoburg Forest. I'm remembering why I hate the Act5 Side Quests again. Can't find the other bee hive, don't feel like running back and buying different colored Dyes... Bleh. 

Observations on Act 5:
  Trolls are funny. If even one of them is hit, the entire crowd will instantly come running. This makes traps extra effective. Similar with Hungry Wolves.
  Bandits/Robbers are pretty squishy, but they hit like trucks. Kiting them around is effective.
  Spriggans are soft hitting, and die to 3 trap bolts. Easy source of Viny Growth, since their offspring also has a chance to drop them.
  Rats in the caves are somewhat bugged, similar to how Sandwraiths used to be: They spend so much time dodging trap bolts that they don't actually do any damage.
  There aren't a lot of main-bosses here, so I wasn't sure who to take screenshots of. Got the Troll King, but that's all since the Ketos.

My equipment as I rest for a little while:

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