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General Gameplay SV AERA / Soulvizier AERA - Mercenary Contracts
« on: 25 April 2020, 21:05:49 »
Here is a list of Soulvizier Mercenary Contracts, for reference.
Mercenary Contracts are dropped on monsters or chests (I can't say the exact numbers, but you have a fair chance of getting one contract in each act without farming).
Formula upgrades can be bought from merchants.

Normal :
Epic :
Legendary :

Normal - act I
Euanthe, Night's Flower [Maenad Archer]
Iaera Rimfrost [Maenad Frost Sorceress]
Scyrna Stonegaze [Gorgon Archer]

Normal - act II
Kemzir, Scorching Wind of the Desert [Dune Raider Fire Melee]
Upgrade level 2 for Iaera Rimfrost (formula upgrade)

Normal - act III
Suhrab, Murkfire Priest [Ichthian Mage]
It'tak of the Dark Sun Guard [Tropical Arachnos Physical/Pierce Melee]
Upgrade level 3 for Iaera Rimfrost (formula upgrade)

Normal - Atlantis
Moonshard the Axolotl [Salamander Crushing/Cold/Electrical Burn Melee]

Normal - act IV
Apollonia, The Fallen Goddess [Empusa Sun Sorceress]

Normal - act V
Eldr Stikla, Stone Melter [Centipede Fire Melee]

Epic - act I
Mivania Frostshade [Maenad Frost Archer] (Epic upgrade from Iaera Rimfrost contract + Euanthe, Night's Flower contract + Chill of Tartarus)
Aithiopikos of the Wrath Blades [Satyr Melee]

Epic - act II
Amenetem, Guardian Anubite [Jackalman Physical/Vitality Melee]

Epic - act III
The Jade Wall [Terracotta Physical Melee]

Epic - Atlantis
Enegea the Hazy Storm [Triton Lightning Mage]
Progath, Warpfire Elemental [Elemental Poison/Fire Melee]

Epic - act IV
Ixion, Champion of Hades [Ether Lord Melee]
Vaextor the Shadow Whisperer [Shadow Stalker]

Epic - act V
Kholündr, Lightweave Priest [Alfr Crushing/Lightning Mage]

Legendary - act I
Vanati the Stonebinder [Gorgon Archer]
Euanthe, Blood Flower [Maenad Bleeding/Life Leech Archer] (Legendary upgrade for Euanthe, Night Flower)

Legendary - act II
Nikaure, Cursed Vizier [Mummy Physical/Vitality Mage]

Legendary - act III
Qinan Meng, Keeper of Duality [Tigerman Elemental Mage]

Legendary - Atlantis
Omnaos, Streams of Lanthea [Potamoi Physical/Cold Melee]

Legendary - act IV
Moklog the Skewering [Troglodyte Physical Melee]

Legendary - act V
Langnidiar, the Ever-Flowering [Wood Colossus Crushing/Sleep Melee]

Future updates
Ylva may be converted in a renamed Mercenary instead of some free ally (this concept doesn't make sense).

Here is a method to switch between a Soulvizier AERA and a vanilla setup, using. bat files.
.bat files are files that can help you to automatically accomplish tasks, that would be annoying to do over and over again manually, like renaming files and directories.

This method is primarily for users who keep only one directory for the game, and want it to switch between a SV and a vanilla setup.
It's also useful for those like me, who don't want to name their characters with a "_SV"  affix or something, and want to rename their saves directory when they switch.
Finally, I've included a way of renaming TQ Vault directory.

I tested it myself and it works, so if you're interested, please try it.
It may seem a bit complicated if you don't know anything about coding, but you don't really need to understand it all, just change the paths of your game installation and saves accordingly.
I wrote a tutorial and you should be able to do it with any text editor.

I'll include it with the official release if it has good feedback.

Link v3 for switcher :

Optional link for vanilla TQ loading icons (shield with Pegasus) :

I create this topic for reference, to create a list of all bosses, heroes, and their souls.
This will be a very long task, there are over 600 heroes and bosses in the mod, most of them have a soul for each difficulty level (~approximately 600 souls, and counting per difficulty level. More than 1800 souls in total).
You can contribute by sending pictures of videos of the monsters or the souls.

The mod features new random bosses, on top of the static bosses of vanilla.
They spawn like heroes, randomly in the wild. They may be very hard to beat when you meet them.
Heroes are also more powerful than in the base game, have exclusive new skills that you can sometimes find on their souls.

All bosses (static and random) and heroes should have a soul. A few of them still don't, this will be fixed in future versions.

General Gameplay SV AERA / Soulvizier AERA - Elite groups
« on: 20 April 2020, 14:55:23 »
I create this topic for reference, to create a list of all Elite monsters in the mod.
You can contribute by sending pictures or videos of the monsters.

Elite monsters are tougher than normal, deal a lot more damage and have special skills and skin, with a green name.
Unlike champions (yellow name) or heroes (orange), elite monsters generally come in groups and that makes them more dangerous.
They can also have their own items : elite charms and MI.

Here is a general topic where you can throw you ideas and suggestions about the mod.
You can make a wish list, however I can't promise that everything will be doable or that I will make it.

You can also offer a contribution in the Contribution topic if you wish to actively participate to the mod.

For bug reports, please use this topic :

Bug Reports SV AERA / Soulvizier AERA bug topic
« on: 19 April 2020, 20:31:40 »
Here is the topic for bug reports about the mod SV:AERA.
You can also report bugs of the vanilla game, especially if they can be solved easily, no need to wait for an official patch.

Preview of bug fixes for next patch

Fix missing texture bugs for SV items in Custom quest versions.

Other Modifications / Any way to change the accomplished hero ?
« on: 20 February 2020, 21:56:24 »
Do you know if there is a dbr to change the accomplished hero (level, gold, stats, starting point...) Or maybe a quest file ?
Or they hardcoded it ?


Last released mod version : 1.9e [PUBLIC RELEASE]   (12 February 2022)
Discord :

Here is the main presentation topic of the Soulvizier mod for Titan Quest : Anniversary Edition and DLCs Ragnarök and Atlantis (also known as SV AERA).

This mod is based on the Soulvizier mod for TQ : Immortal Throne (last known version : 0.98i around 2014-2015) whose developement has been on hold since then. It aims at :
- continuing the work began before by Munderbunny (Underlord mod), amgoz1 (Soulvizier mod) and all the people who helped them.
- merging this work with the official additions brought to Titan Quest since the Anniversary Edition.

/!\ /!\ /!\ Both TQ:AE Ragnarök and TQ:AE Atlantis are required to play this mod.   /!\ /!\ /!\
Supported languages (if you wish to translate, contact me) :
- English
- Russian
- Chinese
- French
- German
- Planned : Polish.

Most functionalities from Soulvizier 0.98i, and from Underlord's mod (upon which Soulvizier is built) are restored and expanded for act V.
Creatures :
- Hundreds of new uniques in random encounters (heroes & bosses)
- New Elite monster groups (green name) with their own items
- New skills, textures or effects for some monsters
- Greatly increased difficulty : more monsters, tougher, with more damage
Skills :
- Reworked & expanded masteries (60 levels in mastery bar ; skills require up to lvl 40 in mastery bar)
     * Occult mastery (based on Rogue mastery)
     * Runes mastery expanded, including a new pet (Golem)
     * Small tweaks to skills in the vanilla game (including unfinished skills from the original Soulvizier mod)
     * Introduction of some new skills from Atlantis
     * Brand new skills for this edition of Soulvizier
- Tweaked class names (see attachment at the bottom of the post)
- Many new item skills, including unique skills for souls

See here the topic for Soulvizier AERA masteries :
Items :
- Tons of new items and several new item types
     * 600+ unique Souls for most heroes and bosses (including Act V), 1 version/difficulty level ; they use a ring slot, but most of them are no longer enchantable
     * New charms & relics including elite charms for elite monsters
     * New 1h items : wands (like 1h staves) and orbs (usable in main hand as a weapon, or off-hand as a smaller shield)
     * Formulas to create Mythic items (above Legendary)
     * Common Vitality and Poison staves (find them on enemies or merchants) based on WNG's mod
     * Mercenary contracts, allows you to summon a mercenary while contract is in artifact slot
- New affixes (including original ones for this edition of Soulvizier and lot more from another WNG mod)
- Create equipment (weapons, armor and jewelry) with the new forging formulas
- Artifact formulas and forging formulas are sold by merchants – formulas still drop from monsters and chests[/i]
- Experience potions can be created in all acts with formulas (sold by new merchants called Alchemists)
Gameplay :
- Health Regen depends on your maximum amount of Health (+0,35% maximum Health as Health Regen bonus)
- Energy Regen depends on your maximum amount of Energy (+0,5% maximum Energy as Energy Regen bonus), it no longer depends on Intelligence
- Magical (yellow) and Rare (green) rings give a flat Health or Energy regen as a base bonus
- Some items give increased Weapon mastery (increased damage when you use these weapons)
- Potion cost and cooldown greatly increased
- Resistance penalties (fewer than classic Soulvizier)
- Increased player speed
Other features not in the original Soulvizier mod :
QoL (Quality of Life) :
- Caravan Stash & Transfer, Player Inventory expanded
- Caravan and Mystic in Sparta
- More readable resistances in the character window
- Soul Collectors, new merchants allow you to preview all souls in the current act :
Spoiler for Hiden:

Bugfixes :
- Countless corrections of bugs (introduced by the official game, Underlord or Soulvizier mods) in affix tables, loot tables, item and affix files
- Bugfixes from nargil66's mods ("Enhanced Gameplay" and others) and Endymion's "A few bugfixes" mod

Balance, consistency :
- Throwing weapons now share their affix tables with bows instead of axes
- Bows and Throwing Weapons no longer get affixes or properties that give Offensive Ability or reduce Defensive Ability
- Staves no longer get affixes or properties that give Strength
- Some nerfs to “overpowered” items (Giant’s tooth…) or buffs to underpowered ones (this is a long term work, not finished)
- Armor values and requirements are now more consistent. For instance helms in act V had lower armor protection than other pieces of armor for no reason
- Requirements have increased both for attributes and levels (this a work in progress)

Other :
- New player skins based on nargil66's mod, with dyes sold by deities
- Introduced a new recycling system with formulas, that allows the player to recycle his unused relics and charms into new ones, to replace the materials from classic Soulvizier (see attachment at the bottom of the post)
- Created a hybrid armor class with strength and intelligence requirements (some items now use it like Valkyrie, Dvergr Mage, some new SV stuff and a few uniques ; it will be expanded in future versions)
- Created a hybrid armor class with dexterity and intelligence requirements (only used by Dvergr Master Alchemists and Artificers for now ; it will be expanded in future versions)
- Added flavor/lore text for many unique items based on nargil66’s Enhanced Gameplay mod

These functionalities of "classic" Soulvizier v0.98i are not restored :
- Enchantable Epic and Legendary items (too much imbalance)
- Blood Cave + quest, Secret Passage, secret vendors (they don't fit the original game atmosphere + it would take some work to implement it into the game)
- Diablo 3 UI (not fit for this game)
- Infinite level (imbalance)
- Materials are no longer dropped and sold (inventory cluttering – as said above in “other features”)

In the future, work in progress :
- Adding unique monsters and elites, new charms and relics, new forging formulas for act V
- Same for Atlantis.

Other functionalities planned but not implemented yet:

- Tweaking the use of the act V forge (infinite use - maybe in every town). But this has to be balanced
- Expanding the recycle system to recycle uniques and MI (trade items ingame with formulas)
- Create quests to be able to complete sets faster without having to use stashed gear.
- New "elite" maps accessible at the end of Legendary
- Adding a barrier that closes behind the player when fighting, or some “anti-exploit” feature for most boss fights
- Blood & Gore (Death Effects 1.6 Mod)
- Increase maximum level above 85 (doesn't work in AE because of engine limitations)

Do you know if pets still use their skills when the skills are beyond maximum level (between +1 and +4) ? I remember in TQ IT, this was a problem because as soon as you had a skill above the maximum level, pets would cease to use them.
I haven't seen anything on the TQ : AE changelog about this. Has it been fixed ?

I talked some time ago about creating a “help topic” for Soulvizier, so that people can contribute to parts of the mod. I think the best way is that I give a list with specific tasks.
Need = Texturing a hero/monster, based on an existing mesh, or adapting the mesh if you can, creating new FX (for a hero skill, or as a graphical enhancement)
I take care of creating the dbr files, balancing everything.
Just answer to this post if you would like to try something, so that I can update this post.

Here is the work that needs to be done for elite monsters groups of act 5.

•   Cernunnos Druids
Akin with stags/deers. Nature magic, Hunting skills.
Some inspirational pics :
Spoiler for Hiden:

Needed, one or more of the skins below. The elite group could consist in a mix of these :
-   A special skin for an on-foot version (bow) – human with short antlers or stag helm
-   A special skin for a mounted version (spear) – same human on a stag
-   A special skin for an on-foot version (staff) – man with a stag head [DONE]
-   A special skin for a mounted version (bow) – some sort of centaur with a stag head
Use a green or brown base for textures.

For their monster armor, some could be MI. Here is a list of items that could be used as a base. It would be nice to have green projectiles like the Nymph arrows for the druids staves or bows.

•   Ljosalfar Blades
Sword + offhand warriors. Armor MI would be the existing Alfheim armor panoply. Sword + offhand would be new MI.
Needed :
-   A special skin for sword (with a bit of an elven vibe) + offhand (it could look like the warrior is having golden light in his hand)
-   If someone has ideas on how to improve the looks of Alfheim warriors ? That said this elite group would have higher chances to drop MI armor so the skin wouldn’t matter this much as it would be covered with armor more often.

Here is a list of items that could be used as a base for MI swords :
For the offhand, a shield retextured

•   Runic Giants
Elemental Giants with dual-throwing weapons.
Needed :
-   A special skin (maybe based on normal Jotun with a helm and different skin/hair color)
-   A special MI throwing weapons (elemental iridescent orbs ?)
-   A FX for a special attack (like Storm Surge with all 3 elements)

•   Black Elves
I think I’ll turn them into an elite group because they already seem more powerful than the other monsters in the base game.
Needed :
-   If someone has ideas on how to improve their look ?

Spoiler for Hiden:

Some heroes that need to be created :

•   Llobjenar, Twisted Emissary : Chaos Imp/Staff. Dream/Occult
Style : Bleeding + Vitality damage, petmancer
Skills : Psionic Weapon + synergies, summon Chaos Imps, Shadow Link + synergies
Needed :    
-   A special skin (dark purple skin with red wings). Have the hero wear a staff, if not possible throw a beam like psionic beam ?

[To be expanded]

Several items have already been made.
If you have ideas, or know existing items from another mod that could fit here, feel free to propose.

Texture & Skin Modding / Change golden star above heroes
« on: 30 May 2019, 20:29:31 »
Does anyone know how to get rid of the golden star above heroes head ?
Is there a mesh or something that can be deleted, or can I apply a transparent texture over it ?

Here is the presentation topic for the masteries and skills of Soulvizier AERA.

All masteries

- All pets attack (same as official game)
- Taunt (same as official game)

Other Modifications / Several bugs related to custom skills
« on: 19 May 2019, 10:52:17 »
So after modding about 40 souls for Soulvizier I ran into several bugs. I hope you've already seen them.

- I've got some custom items giving a skill using Skill_AttackWeaponCharge.tpl (like Take Down).
It doesn't work if the item has an autocast controller. Anyone has this problem ?

- Same for Skill_AttackProjectileBurst.tpl that doesn't work on items with autocast.
Saw that on the redmine. Did that work before Atlantis ?

- I've got another issue with a custom skill. It summons a ring of crystals around the player, and when these die (either when an enemy comes at 2m range or 5s after summon) they explode and spawn a crystal golem.
The summoned golems turn against me. Why is that ? I saw a parameter in the summoning pet skill "revert team after master death" but it seems uselss.
I tried many alternatives with no success :
- have the golems be summoned by a summoning skill that was a "dyingskill" of the crystals. They cast the summoning skill on death but they are enemies.
- include the golem .dbr in "actorToSpawnOnDeath", or in "actorToSpawnForMyBones", whatever the difference. They are summoned but against me.
- I tried to include the skill as a special attack for the crystal with a 50% chance to cast, with a 10s timeout and 3s delay. That way, there could be less golems than crystals. But they still turn against me and the crystals.
Crystals and golems use the pet template.

I'm trying to change the texture paths that are attached to a mesh (I don't want to change the texture itself, just the path). What is the best tool for that ?
I don't see any way of doing that with MeshView.
Should I use Mesh Parse, MeshDrawCS ?

Installation and Tools / Merging .arc files
« on: 24 March 2019, 13:45:23 »
So I'm trying to import back all resources (textures ingame, uibitmap, etc.) contained in .arc files from the old Soulvizier mod.
It's OK when the .arc file has a different name from the TQ:AE .arc files. I can put these in the Resources directory of the game.

But what to do when you have the same name between a SV .arc and a TQ:AE .arc ? How to merge these ? I don't have the sources of the files inside the .arc (tga, or dds, etc.). This is the case for Items.arc at least.
I could try to revert .tex to tga or dds and then import to my mod. But is it the best way to do it, knowing that I don't want to modify these files ? I only want the game to be able to use them.

I tried another option : using ARC Encryptor, merging Items.arc (from the Nordic game) with the corresponding Items.arc from Soulvizier. I extracted all files, merged them in a directory (Items\subdirectories), then repacked with ARC Encryptor.
But it fails, because ARC Encryptor doesn't create an arc structure like this : Items.arc\subdirectories\. It gives me Items.arc\items\subdirectories  ("items" being the name of the directory where the subdirectories are).
How can you get this to work ?

Aside from this, is there an easy way to convert back .tex files to source files ? Either if these are .tex used for bitmaps or are applied to a mesh ?

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