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New Content:

Repick Stat Points Potions:
5 new potions that allow players to repick their stats individually.
1 potion that resets all 5 stats all together.
Potions can be obtained only in the new Dungeons or in Electrum Orbs.

Added 2 new hero monsters into EE Egypt areas (Great Osiris Temple & Burial Vaults)

New Items:

These items can only be obtained from the HC dungeons (monsters/loot orb drops)
Ares' Weakness - Legendary Shield
New item as voted on by the community. Original item concept by The Line of Epic Heroes.

Bow of Upis - Legendary Bow
New item as voted on by the community. Original item concept by nargil66.

Medusa's Anguish - Legendary Staff
New item as voted on by the community. Original item concept by TheFrostLich.

New Rare Monster Spawn: Golden Scarab

Recent rumors among those who have returned from braving the vast deserts of Egypt report seeing a fabled creature known as the Golden Scarab.
This is a randomly spawning encounter found only throughout the exterior environments of Act 2 and EE Egypt.
For each game session a single golden scarab can be found in Act 2 and in EE Egypt respectively.
Once killed it can drop its own rare valuable monster charm, made up of 5 pieces. As with other charms this also has a Normal/Epic/Legendary version.
Additionally the golden scarab drops a significant amount of gold and hero tier experience

Updated EE Divine Artifacts:

Discipline of Kunlun
Added new proc skill "Way of the Monk" (Aura)

Orb of Sihai Longwang
Added new proc skill “Sihai’s Vortex” (AoE)

Essence of Anubis' Haste
Renamed to Anubis’ Judgement
Added new active skill “Funerary Rites” (Summon)

Strength of Pangu
Added new proc skill “Cosmic Strike” (AoE)

Peach of Immortality
Added new proc skill “Ascension” (Aura)

HC Dungeon Changes/Fixes:
Added Traps to the Hades HC Dungeon
Added permanent buff rewards which the player receives once each HC dungeon boss is killed for the first time
Finished redesign/rebalance of Hardcore Dungeon reward sets
Added proper stats to their epic versions
Removed random levers in Dungeons, each door now has one lever at a specific location
Fixed issue where player could get a key of chaos from the minor boss in Heavenly Place area
Lowered the drop rate of the new potions in Dungeons
The Manticore boss joins the party and will now also drop keys for the HC dungeons

Hades HC Dungeon Boss:
Added 'Crystalfire’ skill which activates the 'Poison Flames’ via markers within the boss chamber (designed as crystalline lines placed strategically on the floor)
Replaced 'Bonecage’ projectile vfx with more readable purple vfx and impact (Needed to be clearly telegraphed since this skill locks the player for a duration in a bone cage)
Reduced 'Bonecage’ fragment shards upon impact from 12 to 6
Reduced 'Profane Bolts’ fragment shards upon impact from 12 to 6
Reduced 'Profane Bolts’ Cold DoT and removed Vitality damage

Hades HC Dungeon:
Improved boss chamber layout including initial area where the player teleports in, now the boss is no longer instantly pulled into combat
Added crystalline lines as visual indicators for where the Crystalfire flames appear

Egypt HC Dungeon:
Added extra collision boxes under walkways where players have reported falling through
Egypt HC boss; due to an exploit all are now hidden until the player enters arena
Removed 'CastShadows’ from door archways to avoid shadow conflicts with player light source
Skeleton Assassin (Chaos Monster) created a more refined 'Bone Shard’ projectile attack, similar to Throwing Knives from Stealth Mastery.
Reduced amount of shards thrown and changed range indicator from 'Any Range’ to 'Medium Range’ due to some players reporting being one shot by this skill
Fixed excessive physical resistances for Chaos monster aura in Egypt HC dungeon.

Bosses - Zazamankh
Reduced summon skill chance in order to balance out use of his other skills while also keeping his summons up for longer before being re-cast

Fixed missing links for his ranged default attack skill and summon skeleton skill.
Increased Sandwave chance to be cast
Increased health pool, added Physical and Fire resistance.
Slightly increased his attack speed and cast speed and gave him added Defensive Ability.
Improved his skills, added x3 projectiles and impact fx to his default attack, added triggered duration passive (vitality retaliation).
Buffed his pet summons from 1 summon to 3 with max of 9 and gave them an aura buff.
Slightly increased boss scale.

Other Fixes/Changes:
Added new monster equation formula for better CO-OP performance
Changed racial profile of all Potamoi from “Demon” to “Magical”
Added Act 4 and Act 5 Random Encounters Scenery
Added DoT component to Manticore’s Lightning Breath
Increased Burn Damage on Conflagration, especially beyond maximum level
Removed Energy Reserved from Sandwing heroes’ Disease Aura
Limited Liche King’s skill Soul Blight to 16 levels (actual maximum)
Charon’s second form now has proper Undead type resistances
Sinmara now summons her adds more reliably
Reduced XP gained from killing little Sprigglings
Adjusted size and fixed projectile range on Fjord Ichthian staff
Improved sound and effects on “Health refill” item skill
Clasp of Mothers; Increased its trigger chance from 10% to 25%
Apples of Idun; Increased its trigger chance from 25% to 33%
Increased drop chance of Hesperide MI staves
Added some Life Leech to Locus of Crantor
Fixed visual artifacts on Unyielding Phalanx attacks
Disconnected Transmutation from Rune Weapon (independent skill)
Disconnected Inner Equilibrium from Potent Elixir (independent skill)
Increased chance of Atlantis jewellery dropping from Tiamat orbs
Unique Atlantis armor pieces no longer display forge affixes
Adjusted defensive protection of Ragnarök helms to match that of other armor pieces
Fixed music duplication in some areas
Fixed regular scarab proxy spawns throughout EE Egypt which were not linked to any existing pools and therefore didn’t spawn
Updated opening sound and vfx for breakable urns/pots
Mummy - High Priest (of Ra); updated aura vfx
Summoner’s Trinket (amulet); updated skeleton summons with armor and sword, replaced Envenom Weapon with Spiritblade buff. Also fixed skill icon UI issues.
Added loot to trapped chests of EE to accommodate the risk vs reward
Sobek Guard (melee); Re-assigned shield buff ability in order for them to have it active before players engage them
Hero Bandit Loot Leader (Funerary Ruins); Updated missing skills, added Ensnare + Modifier and Rally Buff
Fixed pathing issues in certain Ragnarok cave
Fixed issue where players who did not have specific DLCs could still see dropped Epics/Legendaries
Localization fixes/corrections
Added majestic chest reward in the secret crypt (Burial Vaults)
Replaced spiders with scorpions in some dungeon sections of EE Egypt
Minor map improvements to EE
Minor map improvements to HC dungeon entrance areas
Adjusted name layers around Atlas Highlands beach area
Fixed the exposed mechanism of dungeon wall traps

Fixed issue with monsters having their weapons duplicated
Recharge Reduction no longer affects potions, scrolls or item skills
Changed cooldown reduction on Distortion Wave ~ Chaotic Resonance to scale with level (-0.40s per)
Changed cooldown reduction on Distortion Wave ~ Psionic Immolation to scale with level (-0.25s per)
Decreased energy cost per level on Distortion Wave by 2
Increased energy cost per level on Distortion Wave ~ Chaotic resonance by 2
Reduced armor value on Dvergr mage torsos by 25%
Reduced trigger chances of Convergence
Convergence tooltip now shows its actual duration (30s not 6s)
Added Cast Duration to all levels of Convergence skill.
Removed Wu Tao potion from Convergence's selection
Halved Energy regeneration on Potent Elixir
Halved physical resistance granted by Aura of Tranquility
Fixed Essence of Chaos item & its speed bonuses by changing: instead of flat
value increase the increase is now a percentage of total speed.

HC Dungeons fixes and Changes:
The Greek dungeon that was endemic to the Normal difficulty can now be played on Epic and Legendary.
The Egypt dungeon that was originally found on Epic can now be found on Legendary
Added a skill specially for the Chaos monsters that allows them to scale better in increasing difficulties. Now they do not only rely on the automatic game scaling but have additional strength due to this skill making them super powerful as intended
Made Chaos relic drop for Every player not only for the people who own EE
Adjusted loot orbs and half chests to drop physically more loot in the new Dungeons
Balanced out Experience gain in new Dungeons,
Greece HC dungeon updated. Updated boss chamber, fixed pathing issues here, updated traps and added polish to half way point and grid dungeon area
Added Side areas in dungeons (Hades and Greece)
Disabeled drops from Monsters in new HC Dungeons
Fixed all monsters being the same race (all Magical monsters makes it very easy to counter them)
Fixed bug with Boos Monsters not spawning in new Dungeons
Fixed Egypt HC dungeon doors, added 'Ornate Bronze Door’ tag
Fixed highlighting door in Hades HC dungeon initial chamber just after the 'Key Area’, replaced with door decoration.
Added missing chest reward to Egypt HC dungeon
Updated a few narrative shrine positioning for better pathing in HC Dungeons
Created new loot tables, chests, pools, proxies for Greek and Egypt dungeons and adjusted drop values
Made it so only one of each key can be in player inventory. Added keys to relevant loot tables in higher difficulties.
Prevented fast run-throughs in Dungeons by adding levers to doors.
Reworked Hardcore Dungeon reward sets (WIP)
Added epic versions of Hardcore Dungeon set pieces
Added death and dissolve effects on HC dungeon monsters.
Hardcore dungeons now have a chance to drop a special Stone
Multiple pathing issues fixed
Multiple small visual updates for Dungeons

Added caravan chest into Tartarus hub area
Removed Starting Items From Generic Loot Tables so they don’t drop
Fixed bug with proxies at Ichtian Fjord spawn in the water
Increased defense of all epic difficulty Atlantis armor by 13%
Increased defense of all legendary difficulty Atlantis armor by 17%
Gave more fitting drop/inventory sounds to Ragnarök & Atlantis armor pieces
Gave correct drop/inventory sounds to Ragnarök wooden shields
Prosopon helmet can no longer be sold
Added path blocker near the curse temple in Helos to prevent side quest skip
Added random encounter system into first 3 acts of the base game. (random encounters can spawn enemies, wildlife, sometimes chests etc…)
Tweaked Dvergr sounds
Austri & Nar’s mount now has Energy to cast Kinetic Blast
Buffed Austri & Nar’s HP and skill power
Increased debuff effects on the Great Shroom’s breath attack
Added chance of confusion to Sands of Sleep (Dream skill)
Removed energy cost of the Monster Lure’s attraction aura (Hunting skill)
Added steeper damage and stun scaling to Monster Lure ~ Detonate
Increased retaliation damage on Stoneform ~ Molten Rock (Earth skill)
Increased range on Enslave Spirit (Spirit skill)
Halved mana costs of Enslave Spirit
Added 2 seconds of confusion to Enslave Spirit
Increased area scaling on Freezing Blast (Storm skill)
Removed global +12/25% to XP bonus to players in Epic/Legendary
Changed the basic XP formula to include the same type of bonus
Improved debuff shrines for more hardcore experience, adjusted values for all 8 shrines active:
-50% physical
-50% pierce
-100% fire
-100% cold
-100% lightning
-100% poison
-100% life (vitality)
-100% bleeding
-30% total mana
-20% offensive ability
-20% defensive ability +24% XP
-50% petrification
-50% freeze
-50% energy
-50% disruption
-50% sleep
-50% trap
-50% stun
-50% slowdown

Eternal Embers / Eternal Embers - Update N 2 (public beta)
« on: 03 February 2022, 08:57:28 »
Added 48 new Champion Monsters;
Added TQ Quest Mod Tools & Workshop Tools
Fixed an issue where Fire elementals’ health bar isn't dropping when receiving damage at the Ten Suns fight;
Updated the following monster resistances, with the values changed according to the monster type: Bandit, Animated armor, Bat, Desert hag, Earth elemental, Eel, Fei Yi, Fire elemental, Gorilla, Mogwai, Monk, Fahai, Mummy, Spider, Sphinx, Water elemental.
Fixed issues causing crashes in the Path of Fenghuang.
Reduced the drop chance of Ceremonial Axe from Wraiths in Egypt (Act III)
Updated pathing in Surtr battle arena to allow pets get into melee combat during one of the battle phases
Fixed an issue with Machae loot tables causing Demonic Rippers not to drop: they now have a drop chance and the stats are adjusted to the game difficulty.
Fixed bug with experience potions not working
Reduced attack speed of throwing Aegipans by 20%
The Necropolis boss now summons adds less often
The Necropolis boss’ grab spell now traps and slows rather than traps and stuns
Fixed missing auto-activation of skill on Triton MI shields
Gorrogos Staff projectiles now roll and are able to connect with enemies
Gorrogos Staff no longer inflicts Lightning damage
Fixed bug with Apples of Idun skill has no cooldown:
added 6s cooldowns to artifact-triggered skills that fully restore HP / MP
also added activation sounds (Nature heal / refresh skills)
Added chance for 'Mummy - Vengeful Revenant’s to drop Revenant Mi’s
Added chance for champion priests to drop Exhumed torso MI
Lowered drop chances for Ceremonial Armband MI’s
Sesketesh hero - added chance to drop Revenant Mi’s
Updated inconsistencies with various monster loot tables
Fixed projectile effect for Xuan Wu’s Staff of Greater Magic to match the base damage type, now has lightning instead of fire projectile;
Significantly reduced Akhenaten cultist’s babble chatter
Updated EE staff projectiles with correct effects for legendary difficulty (fire/cold/lightning)
Replaced white skeleton mesh with brown for Egypt undead to differentiate from China
Changed the price of Amulets and Rings;
Polish language prefixes, quality and style tag in the base game didn't have gender for neutral singular, now it's added;
Set Thunderstrike hit SFX volume from 0.95 to 0.5;
Multiple localizational fixes and corrections and new localized text imported;
Fixed typo: ‘’könnrn’’ replaced with word können on German language
Fixed issue: [Mastery - Skill - Echoes of the Ancestors] EOTA doesn't work beyond skill level 10
Changed the chance for Mogwai to equip the MI Mogwai Cuirass to 7%, this should significantly lower the drop rate of the item.
Fixed an issue where players might not get a quest reward for The Power of Nerthus (Ragnarok DLC) after finishing the quest.
Fixed an issue with Monster Lure dealing damage to enemies if a player has item(s) with bonus to pet damage.
Moved an unreachable chest (below ground) in the Court of Kouloures, to a place where it is accessible.
Fixed a bug with NPCs after Squabbling Merchant side quest.

Wolf Attack changes in Nature Mastery:
reduced Wolf hand damage to zero
in turn, increased damage of default attack skill by 50%
in turn, also doubled pierce damage on Maul skill

(Background: Wolves had received a default physical attack of equal value to replace their “hand” hit, as only the former shows up in tooltips.
However, the hand hit failed to be removed, resulting in doubled wolf damage for the past few years. Therefore the buff to the attack skill’s damage, making the nerf less jarring.)

Tartarus changes:
arena timer increased to 7 minutes
changed “No Pets Allowed” modifier to “Slowed Pets” (and lower burn DoT)
fixed function of “Hero Energy Blocked” modifier
fixed “Non-magical resistances lowered” modifier not appearing
added new modifier that disables dodging/avoiding and blocking attacks
enemy mines spawned on death can now petrify
modifier for enemy cast speed now also grants projectile speed
Adjusted modifier values for lowering player speed
Adjusted modifier values for increasing enemy speed
Adjusted modifier values for increasing enemy attributes
Boss skill “Soul Vortex” now reflects some damage while active
Boss skill “Heal” use parameters changed
Boss skill “Fire Ring” used in less predictable patterns
Reward loot chances rebalanced for a ~50% increase
As an alternative to uniques, the Prize Orb can now drop any Monster Infrequents from Acts 1-4 and Atlantis. These MIs always have affixes (50% dual) and use Atlantis tables (including "of the Tinkerer")
Arena chests now also drop dyes, scrolls, and Arcane Formulae
Arena chests further drop alchemy potions from Eternal Embers
Generally removed epic (blue) items from legendary Atlantis chest drops

Level Design :

Improved performance in DX9 mode

Dried Plains:
updated environment (obvious stone repetition)

Ruins of the Silk Road:
removed stones clipping through bridge near infested spider village
fixed map edge texture blending in Ruined Fort
waterfall stream now flows down into the lake instead of being static
updated lakeside fields ruins area, added torches to light paths clearly
added hidden chest

Rice Fields:
updated mini map which still showed non existent bridge
updated environment near lower river, fixed some terrain issues
added hidden chest

Barren Rice Fields:
updated environment with further general polish
added hidden chest

The Ascent:
relocated random soldier out of perils way into a watch tower
fixed floating cliffs assets
fixed visual issues where stitched tile assets are used
polished some areas around abandoned monastery
replaced Golden Idol transition dungeon tileset from Greek to Orient
dressed Golden Idol and Elemental Cave: Convergence transitions

Collapsed Catacombs:
replaced Greek corpse prop with Egyptian
fixed instances where some containers were obscured by walls

Secluded Cave:
replaced Greek corpse with Egyptian version
replaced spider/undead proxies with scorpion/scorpos/bandit proxies

Temple Region:
fixed name layer displaying outside of region boundary
updated monster groupings / placement for improved gameplay
updated placement of battle shrine proxies
optimized shadows around Flooded Temple of Sobek

Prosoro’s Path:
added torch markers near campsite heading towards the necropolis

Darktread Caves:
added torch light sources
widened some narrow corridors

Cavern of Serket:
fixed water opacity
reworked cavern area to improve player navigation and reward
polished environment and updated lighting
optimized shadows

Mortuary Temple Ruins:
removed side area 'exit’ poi, added secret door in front of stairs to avoid confusion as main way forward
added boss reward chest to final loot chamber

Nile Valley:
replaced 'Inner Sanctum’ poi with 'Stairs Down’ for dungeon entrance
added boss reward chest to Nythri’s lair in the Unmarked Ancient Tomb

Lair of the Forbidden Glyph:
Fixed multiple pathing issues where player was being blocked
Replaced dynamic lighting sources with static to further optimize dungeon/reduce shadows
Created proper 'Inner Sanctum’ area in the center of the dungeon
Relocated mini boss hero to the new Inner Sanctum
Revised proxy/monster types and placement, replaced Akhenaten Cultists with Bandits, replaced spiders with scorpions
Added reward chest for the hero monster
Entrance A; removed stone door to prevent illogical clipping when exiting this way

Temple of Serket:
now has Akhenaten cultists manning the front gate
added npc soldiers to keep the lonely camel company
added boss reward chest to hero chamber

Forgotten Tombs:
added boss reward chest to final loot chamber

Czech localization fixes:
Fixed the disunion of the usage of capital and small letters in item names
Every common class of items have first capital letter (like Great helm or Parazoonian)
Prefixes are written in small letters (like cruel), unless it is proper name (like Aristotle’s)
Suffixes are written in small letters (like of insight), unless it is proper name (like of Pegasus)
All unique and set items are written in CAPITAL letters (like ALEXANDER’S PELTA)
Every prefix has six variants for its usage in the czech localization because of three gender types in the czech language and singular and plural context
Every monster has translated its name into czech as much and as best as possible
Direct transliterations of the names from the language of the mythology to the czech language
Used direct standardized transliteration of Greek names from Greek to Czech
Used direct standardized transliteration of Egyptian names from Egyptian to Czech
Used direct standardized transliteration of Chinese names from Chinese to Czech
Used direct transliterations of old Norse names from old Norse to Czech

itens change from a post

Evil Lion Head elemental damage 200->100
Entropy strength 80->40, ATDtH 15%->5%
Strength of the Nile elemental damage 300-428 -> 200-250, DA 150->50
Di Jun's Pride piercing damage 200-375 -> 100-200
Jian of a Thousand Cuts piercing damage 250->150, bleeding 330->180
Might of the Ancestors physical damage 30%->10%, strength 20%->10%
Bracers of the Red Sea Pierce Resistance 60%->40%, poison resistance 60%->40%, seperate elemental resistance 60%->40%
Wraps of Service pierce resistance 65%->25%
Henuttaneb's Ornate Bracers strength 100->50
Stalwart Torso of Wosret physical resistance 30%->15%
Shai's Whim total damage 10%->7%, strength 10%->7%, dexterity 10%->7%, intelligence 10%->7%
Majestic Speed of the Three Sovereigns pierce resistance 50%->30%

ao guang chest armor pierce resistance reduced 50>>25
temper of storm vitality resistances reduced 60>>30
li jing celestial helmet intelligent reduced 100>>50 and cast speed reduced to half
helmet of aani the protector also reduced damage/atack speed
bracer of kunlun off/def ability reduce to 150>>75
agility of forefathers boots dexterity reduced 100>>50

Eternal Embers / Titan Quest EE - Update 1 (Still in Betatest)
« on: 16 December 2021, 09:29:42 »
Titan Quest - Eternal Embers Update #1 - Publicbeta

We have just put the long awaited next patch for Titan Quest into the publicbeta branch which doesnt require a branch password (righ click on the Titan Quest Anniversary App, click on properties and click there on betas).

Please report bugs here and mention that its with the publicbeta branch:

-Fixed Crash in Coop Lobby when trying to join;

-Fixed Atlantis Legendary item drop rate;

-Fixed Eternal Embers Legendary item drop rate;

-Fixed bug Marksmanship skill doesn't grant projectile speed bonus;

-Epic login overlay won't appear unless you Launch the game with Epic Crossplay;

-Fixed issue with Breath Attack skill - cast in opposite direction when moving - controller;

-The merchants maximum purchasing price has been changed from 750 000 to 350 000 gold;

-Replaced old starting gear with new ones, unsellable ones (5 new items : Spear,Axe,Bow,Staff,Amulet).These Items now only give minor bonuses relevant to their item type. All resistances are given based on how many set items you have.

-Changed the starting gold to 3 000 000;

-Changed the starting Attribute points to 156;

-Corrected the Northener’s Axe setup - now it properly roll affixes;

-Updated values of resistance on Dragon King’s Talon;

-Added blocker door for Suns fight so player can't exit the area when fight is initiated;

-Balanced stats on several Monsters: Shade and Water elemental, Terracotta general, Monster Hero Wraith, Xennu, Narsas, Nythri ;

-Added Icon for the debuff Nova in the Suns fight;

-Updated Mortuary Temple back entrance dungeon, added small secret passage to reach blocked area (provide purpose to this small dungeon now);

-We have increased the drop chance of unique items from boss loot containers;

-Added Neidan potions to Shuo in the Ascent. Reduced potion prices;

-Added {^K} for relics and charms before the description in order to display different color for these sentence;

-Removed offensive ability from Ahmose's Ceremonial Axe, Entropy, Gan Jiang's Razor, Pharaoh's Legacy and Zhou's Duty;

-Removed offensive ability from armour pieces Leggings of Swift Justice, Helm of Tenacity, Ao Guang's Fury;

-Changed elemental damage to 150-200 and reduced attack damage converted to health to 5% for Enthropy Axe;

-Fixed Sesketesh loot table where he was dropping only legendaries;

-Fixed Sihai not dropping repeat loot after 3rd fight;

-Decreased amount of enemies around the Ghost Pirate Captain boss;

-Updated mesh on armor Anubite Mantle;

-Added obelisk sound to Akhenaten fight;

Created inventory icon for DragonKingAmulet;

-Added DragonKingStaff and fixed DragonKingSpear positioning;

-Added Dragon King spear, bow, axe and staff;

-Removed Dragon King's set items from unique loot tables;

-Fixed Sihai talk animation ;

-Increased the primary and the repeat Orbs drop chance on Suns (Final Bossfight);

-Moved “Assign this skill to your left mouse button” from Breath Attack skill to Huangdi’s Favor;

-Corrected wrong loot tables that were dropping starting gear legendaries;

-Fixed Neidan only provided +1 dexterity instead of the +2 dexterity mentioned;

-Fixed Consequences and Echoes of the Ancestors skills, so they have full level scaling for all stats;

-Fixed French loca bug with Echoes of Ancestors tooltip where it did not show damage right when level is increased with item equipment;

-Stop character from rotating towards the enemy if using gamepad;

-Fixed bug with German and Russian language to show correct format ‘{%+.0f0}% ‘;

-Small typo fix on German language name changed to “Wasser” instead of “Waser”;

-Fixed the issue where Spawned monsters can become stuck in place due to chest collision;

-Fixed the issue where enemy did not increase in quantity when there are more players in COOP;

-Canopic Jars and Porcelain Pots have reduced drop chances from 2, 4, 6 and 8%, to 1, 2, 3 and 4%;

-Fixed issue where some Monsters did not have mana so they could not use their abilities;

-Fixed SFX callbacks, added death body fall sound for Akhenaten;

-Replaced english SFX with Localized SFX for Akhenaten, Akhenaten Cult Zealot, Huoshen, Mogwai Taskmaster, Pirate Captain, Sanshou, Ten Suns, Terracotta General, Zazamankh;

Eternal Embers / Eternal Ember-2.10 updates changes
« on: 07 December 2021, 10:58:13 »
I discover some changes that didnt appear during the changelog update, if anyone find more feel free to post it.

-Expanded shared transfer stash;

-Potion hp and mana stack limit as been increase  to 100;

-Ragdolls have been half fixed, in a way monster corpses dont freeze  during the middle of the animation ( in the air), but the big monsters like yetis and turtles still go under the floor;

-Music transition between areas, in a way when you leave a dungeon the ambiente music stops right away and starts playing the respective ambient area, as vice versa.

Art Manager / How to implement DLC update on your mod ?
« on: 05 December 2021, 22:18:45 »
Maybe it is to early to ask , but how to implement the changes of last dlc on your mod ? I think they are applied, as % bonus to Intelligence is no more being highlighted in Rune Weapon as is written in changelog. But im not sure

when i load my mod , theres no new mastery to select, how do i implement it or wich file is ?

I didnt do any change to current player mastery so i am kinda blind where to look.

Any help is appreciated.

Art Manager / Eternal Ember and Art Manager Modding - Help
« on: 04 December 2021, 23:45:56 »
Probably its to early to discuss or getting any answer, but does anyone can acess the new content in Viewer and in The Editor ?

I tried using the decompiler wich i could had sucess extract all maps and respective zones , i place in the Art Manager and checked the editor and crashes right away, same as in Art Manager if i build asset the world.wrl it crashes.

I open a older mod i had , open the editor and checked for exemple the creatures in the new xpak4, they all appear grey or invisible.

For what i can see , the game or the editor isnt ready or cant read the new content via in the xpak4 folder.

I remenber similar situation when Atlantis at release. I guess we need to wait until the devs give acess to new files ? Or im missing any step ?

Maps and the Editor / Change the Underground texture - Issue
« on: 18 September 2021, 17:19:29 »
On last days i been trying  if is possible to change or add texture on the Underground caves/Tombs.

i think i found a way to do it, i export the whole meshes of greek natural cave pieces meshes , replace their texture and import in the mod, while i got sucess of replacing with the texture i made and it shows ingame/editor, i face a problem that i Cannot enter-move inside and it seens the objects i place in the new layout dont show up anymore.

I open a existing cave - fetid lair - replace with the new sandbox btw.

Does anyone know what could be the issue behind it ?

Gaming / Total War Troy - Mythos - New DLC
« on: 28 July 2021, 23:07:50 »
There will be a new DLC for Total War Troy that will allow you mix your army with creatures of  *greek* mythology, centaurs , harpys etc...

For me when i watched, i remenber right away Age of Mythology.

The Hydra reminds me the one from TQ  ;D

Edited : The picture form the poster is similar with the Titan Quest, a lone warrior versus Hydra mhm

General Discussion / Titan Quest Ragnarok Concept Art
« on: 03 July 2021, 22:42:21 »
I found out recently , some elemts of concept design made by Daniel Ribera Olsen , worked on ragnarok development in terms of art designs. I think they look cool, to bad some of ideias didnt show up ingame.

Installation and Tools / Viewer.Exe dont open/load
« on: 23 March 2020, 16:05:44 »

From the last days 2 days, it seens my Viewer.exe dont open anymore, it was working well with no problems.

I already checked the integrity game files , (un) installed the game, updated drives, turn off the antivirus, but it seens nothing is affecting the viewer.

The paths in Artmanager are  set on right path. While the editor and pse editor are working fine.

Also theres no error or whatsoever , it  try to load but nothing shows up.

Does anyone know whats the cause and how to resolve it ?

Art Manager / Skill projectile problem
« on: 15 March 2020, 03:11:02 »

I got a problem maybe anyone can help me solve it.

I Have a monster that cast a tornado skill projectile, but ingame he skill effect dont appear or its invisible. I will post the SS below of the skill. I can hear the skill effect and the monster does the skill animation but no projectile.

If anyone knows whats the issue, i will be very gratefull.


In this guide, i will try to explain how to make a mesh with a ghostly theme , i hope it can help you!

Attention - Maybe there is another way to do it, this is how i did to make it work on my side, if you know another way feel free to share it.

What is a ghostly mesh ? the best exemple are the wraith monsters models, ( wraith are those ghostly undead found near Megara ) , there is Lost Souls monsters as well ,from Hades act, but they dont look very good for this work, and the wraiths colours are better to play and easy to understand.

In this exemple , lets try to make a Ghostly ShadowStalker.

1) Using MeshView open Wraith.msh

2)Using MeshView open ShadowStalker.msh

Note: In Order to have meshes from those monsters use Arc.explorer - select steam/titanQuest/resouces/creatures

3)Now we want to the shadowstalker have same theme look as the wraith so, copy the shader parameter from wraith msh and place on shadowstalker ( with same numbers and fields), like this

4)Lets make some cool texture and the glow for the shadowstalker , in this case i used Photoshop, you can use any editor program as gimp/paint net so on.
 ( for exemple)

Note:To have creatures texture, use same way to get the msh , Arc.explorer-TQ-resources-creatures

5)After we are done with the texture for Shadowstalker , lets open the wraith texture

Now the factor that makes the semi-transperent aspect, is the ALPHA

Check the ALPHA of the ShadowStalker and the ALPHA from the Wraith. while one is blank the other have somekind of light grey colour

6)Copy the background colour of the wraith  ALPHA and place on shadowstalker ALPHA
(Note: only do that step for the TEXTURE and not for the GLOW)

7)After that process, save the texture and the glow, open on your modifed Shadowstalker msh, place both of textures in their right fields, and if everything was done well, you should have something like this

I know this can sounds litle hard  to understand, but its more easy than it looks. If you have any question/problem plesea let me know , i will try to help you out.



As the year is almost ending, and i doubt there will be anyhting new for the game in next days , i was thinking in doing litle feedback about whatt happend with the game during this year.

Note: this is based on my opinion, you can agree and disagree at your will

Lets get started

In  9th May , Titan Quest had new brand expansion "Atlantis", wich brings a new side adventure with new monsters/areas/ itens and 2x new skills per mastery. All sounds good in paper...right? But it was a disaster in many aspects.

1-Most of newest areas had and still have low performance, which can cause crashes. *Tartarus arena*

2-Most of the itens (legendarys) didnt drop ingame and if they do they were blank. ( i think they still dont drop (?))

3-Lv 40 skills,  its seens it were copy past from something else, like doppleganger on dream mastery, while some are kinda bad ( lighting dash), and the rest *Phalanax*

4-Mods, duo of "brand new modding tools" all the mods or 90% of then didnt work on current version of the game, i beleive, you can judge me, caused a serious damage , specially on modding community. The worse thing is they took nearly two month to "fix the issue" , sadly older mods do not work anymore, for exemple lith.

After the release, the game had six patches, wich it resolve ( well more or less) some major problems but sadly it brought more bugs ( like the freeze invisible effect).

Was 2019 good for Titan Quest ? Well...Yes and No.

It is good to see the game getting updates and having more content, but in the way it was show and implemented was not the ideial. I still like and love the game, as you know nothing is perfect , being honest i hope in 2020 be more focus in fixing the major problems and balacing the current content , than doing more expansions.

What do you think ? Was 2019 good for TQ ?


With Atlantis xpac, we can change the Main menu screen with the ones from previous Titles ( Titan quest - Vanilla, Immortal throne and Ragnarok);

Wich one you like the most ? And why :-)?

I like the Immortal throne one, i think its because all the time i played from CD version, the dark Theme, the souls... it feeled more dynamic you see,  plus the music was neat

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