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Crate Entertainment / Crate’s Grim Dawn Related RTS Project
« on: 09 October 2021, 08:37:38 »
Medierra got chatty a little while back again and the talk drifted into RTS games, including the one Crate are developing.

THQ Nordic / THQ Nordic games merchandise stores
« on: 11 May 2021, 15:06:13 »
Just in case anyone is interested in any of their other games.

THQ Nordic #thq-nordic-news
 — Today at 14:59
Vienna, Austria / Langenfeld, Germany and Camarillo, California, May 11th, 2021:  We are very passionate about our games. Each and every one. And we know, there are many gamers out there, who share our passion. And sometimes, this passion is not only about playing the game but also following the entire franchise. For the true fans, who want to have more of our games into their lives, THQ Nordic has partnered up with Snap Creative and Itemlab, to open up our very first merch store for all kinds of products. Destroy All Humans! Flip-Flops? Check. Darksiders Beer-Stein? Check. Kingdoms of Amalur Hoodie? Check.

And much more - check out the new stores today:

For the EU please visit:
For the US please visit:

Who knows, hopefully we may see some TQ merchandise in future.

Around the world / Happy Birthday Malgardian
« on: 27 April 2021, 15:02:42 »
Have a great day with family and friends if you can.   :)

For anyone playing on the mobile phone version here's an HC challenge just for you.

Complete all 3 difficulties of the game and if your character dies their challenge is over.  Screenshots of boss kills required and also screenshots of the second page of your character's stats to confirm no deaths.  No ESC-QUIT either folks!
Screenshots of boss kills required once you hit Epic difficulty.  Until then I'll accept just the stats page when you finish a play session to update your character's details.

Please see this thread on how to post screenshots on the forum.

Please provide your character's info in the following format.

Your username - character's name - level, class and version being played and whether twinked - location

Medea Fleecestealer - Aritha3 - L19 Illusionist AER (TWINKED) - Rhakotis

Characters are untwinked unless specified on the leaderboard.

So plan your builds and start your Hardcore Challenge journey. 

Characters who make it into Epic Act 3 and above and perish there will be added to the Fallen Heroes' Graveyard leaderboard.
Characters who complete the challenge have well earned the title TITAN SLAYER.

NOTE: AE after a character's class denotes they're being played in the Anniversary Edition of the game, AER they're played using the Ragnarök expansion, AERA they're also playing the Atlantis expansion.
NOTE: Anniversary Edition Ragnarök expansion - Accomplished Heroes are not eligible for this challenge.

Leaderboard as at 16.02.21 - Characters are Untwinked unless specified
Colour coding:
Red: Legendary difficulty
Green: Epic difficulty
Blue: Normal difficulty

Aevic - HC_Aevic - L17 Dragon hunter (UNTWINKED) - Room of the conduit

Crate Entertainment / Grim Dawn official discord
« on: 02 December 2020, 09:29:54 »
While it's not run by Crate themselves some of the devs do hang out there and Zantai has been known to drop the occasional bombshell at times in the chat.   ;D  So if anyone wants to join here's the thread for it.

THQ Nordic / TQ official discord
« on: 02 December 2020, 09:26:24 »
Here's a Steam thread with a link for the official TQ discord if anyone wants it.

Modifications / 2D/3D animination class
« on: 26 March 2020, 13:13:14 »

Crate Entertainment / New possible projects in the works
« on: 08 March 2020, 09:23:14 »
Zantai joined us briefly on the GD discord back at the end of December and had a few interesting - if vague as usual  ;) - things to say.

"Zantai: My primary task is not gd these days. It’s also not the town builder.

powbam: so what yer really saying is that you are working on a new unknown game and you aren’t going to tell us what it is even tho its GD2.

Zantai: Gd2 would require significant ramp up by programmers before I even touch it.

I imagine gd fans will be interested in what I’m working on.

I’d be up for doing an RPG in the gd universe some day. One idea we tossed around for that was a prequel in the pre grim dawn era.

powbam: can you say if this game will also be using Unity?

Zantai: It won’t

I totally want to do a gd rts. But it’s not that, maybe some day

One idea I had was to do a faction system where you can get some sub units/structures from a shared pool of factions

powbam: so can we expect a more official announcement of this game in 2020?

Zantai: Maybe, depends how much progress we make

powbam: and this pretty much confirms GD expansions are for sure done. Even tho ive already felt that.

Zantai: I thought I’ve been pretty blunt about a possibility of a gdx3, hah. All things considered, FG did very well, but it just doesn’t make sense for the team and for the game to bloat things with a third expansion. A 10th mastery would just blow up items."

So what exactly is it? Will we hear more in 2020? Stay tuned!

Medierra also said this in response to questions in another thread which were added into the above linked thread as well

"We have 13 devs but only 9 of those ever worked on GD or it’s expansions. The rest were hired for the town-builder and another project. ; )"

powbam: Is that “other” project the one Zantai is working on?

"No, Zantai is working on the other, other project. Grava is working on the first other project."

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