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Well done stormyboy.  That takes you to the top of the leaderboard.   :)

General Discussion / Re: Diary of a teenage Juggernaut
« on: 18 November 2021, 08:04:56 »
Congratulations on finishing your challenge tqrunner.  Well done!   :)

Crate Entertainment / Re: Grim Dawn
« on: 16 November 2021, 08:09:06 »
It's taken years, but at last it's finally happening.  Grim Dawn is coming to Xbox! 

"We are thrilled to grow our community on the Xbox and expand the ARPG offering on console. Grim Dawn will debut on Xbox with a “Definitive Edition” that assembles years of expansions and free content updates into one convenient package by bundling the Ashes of Malmouth expansion, Forgotten Gods expansion, and the Crucible game mode!

Finally Xbox players will be able to explore the darkest corners of Grim Dawn’s vast, immersive world, where secrets abound and untold terrors lurk. Known for its rewarding itemization, dual class system, choice and consequence questing, factions and rewarding end-game activities, Grim Dawn is sure to entice fans of the genre both new and old.

Preorders become available November 22nd, with the game release on December 3rd!"

Well, I can edit/add to the leaderboard if needed.  Doesn't seem to be atm though.   :(

know what? i've played enough self-found that i can name recharge items that you might get, without looking at tq-db

oracle helm almost wouldn't matter as you'd replace it as early as.. about act 3 normal.

amber necklace. your game could hinge on this honestly. act 5 normal. sometimes it drops, sometimes it don't

those shields almost doesn't matter because a green shield of of concentration or of rumination is almost always better. except maybe rings of the rhine. but honestly a green shield of rumination socketed with legendary rigid carapace with 40% pierce res completion bonus might be better

those helms don't matter because same with shield. the problem is recharge suffix on helms only appear on mage helms. and shields, all shields are strength. (edit: no not all shields are strength, but you know what i mean)

so the best advice i can give you is 200+ str, 400+ int, 400+ dex. go for neiths will + green shield of rumination socketed with rigid pierce res. you can go for 2 neiths will because of warfare, but that might kill your resists

you'll still need all skills for ancestral warriors lasting legacy so SB cuffs.... but nnngggghhhh. bracer slot is your chance for more recharge. there are act 5 bracers with recharge that drops on self-found runs. this is where it gets complicated really. hard choice here

that golden fleece with recharge, forget about it. you'll never get it. i don't care what tq-db says.

i really think the devs missed making an early to mid game recharge artifact. there are only 2 recharge artifacts: talisman of the jade emperor and gambanteinn. talisman of the jade emperor requires incarnation of jade emperor, which only drops in act 3 legendary. gambanteinn is worse because it requires an act 5 legendary relic. it's like they didn't think about self-found players

if you plan to also do this deathless... well... good luck... you'll need it. you're crazy

@MedeaFleecestealer can you make a self-found, no deaths challenge? i don't want to host it. rules would be simple: play it untwinked and you're not allowed to die. that's it. and maybe no cheating. you can only do what the game allows you to do (except twinking)

Don't we already have one?

Or do you mean something a bit different?

That was the only relic/charm I could find in my Vault collection that had it, yes.  Whether there are any from Ragnarok/Atlantis that do that I haven't gotten hold of yet I don't know.  And Golden Fleece can only go in torso armor, nothing else, so it's not like you could use it with several different pieces of gear.

Well, depending on how much you plan to depend on the pets to do the work for you you may need to consider going with more intel. 

Here's a thread with some items that have -% recharge on them, not all of them listed do, but it'll give you an idea of what to look out for as you progress.  They are mostly intel based items though, hence the possible need to have more of that attribute than you might think.

I don't have a big collection of melee gear to check, but the only items I found in my collection that have -% recharge are: Golden Shield of Pelaron, Certhas' Plate, Protean Armor, Odysseus' Armor, Lykiaon Malleus, Shai'tan, Polaris (these are all purple items), Flowing Shield of the Euphrates, Ceremonial Buckler, Takeshi's Kimono, Helm of the Tempest, Santa's Winter Coat, Jade Totem of Rumination (blue items).

Obviously those can't be socketed with relics/charms, but if you have green items then the Golden Fleece relic can roll with a -% recharge bonus, but that's the only one I know of that does.

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Old player needs help
« on: 10 November 2021, 19:55:34 »
Well, it's only as active as its members make it so ...

Could try it, whether it's hardcore viable .... you'll find out. 

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Old player needs help
« on: 10 November 2021, 08:34:21 »
Look for items like these

They can be on yellow or green items and available from L3 onwards.  Some uniques (blues/purples) will also have + to some pets/skills.

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Old player needs help
« on: 09 November 2021, 21:52:47 »
Dream and Spirit botebote77. 

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Old player needs help
« on: 09 November 2021, 19:44:34 »
Well, the main thing is to find items with "Bonus to Pets" on them if you want to be a petmancer.  They help to make your pets stronger. 

I have to say Typhon simply because it took me so long to get good enough to beat him.  When I finally did I literally got up and danced around the room.  Never done that before or since no matter who I defeated.   :)

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Old player needs help
« on: 08 November 2021, 08:12:10 »
Welcome to the forum and back to the game.   :)

Fastest way is probably playing a pet build, letting the pets do all/most of the work for you.  Soothsayer (Nature/Spirit), Summoner (Nature/Earth) or Ritualist (Nature/Dream) can all be good choices.  Take Nature first and get wolves up to 7 points so you can summon 2 of them.  I then usually max their base skill out so that if I run into any Mastery shrines I can then summon a 3rd one. 

Here's an old guide by Tyr on the Nature mastery.  It holds up pretty well for the AE version of the game and the expansions.

Around the world / Re: What's your first video game/s as a child?
« on: 08 November 2021, 08:06:50 »
Stronghold, but I was late to the gaming party.   :)

And I was long past being a child.  :P

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