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Re: [Tool] TQ Blacksmith
« Reply #45 on: 27 January 2021, 18:47:25 »
Allright, ignore my previous post (or, if ye mighty gods of moderation wish for it to be so, delete it), I just haven't worked with any mods or coding in quite a while and needed some time to find it.

Now I've got another problem: I'd love to create an Doesntreallymatter Icescale Helmet of the Tinkerer , and "of the Tinkerer" doesn't exist in the Mod yet. I've added a line to the Itemwise file , but couldn't find the correct xtagSuffix Number, so I just picked a random one (190) - was that my mistake? If it was - where do I find xtags? And if it wasn't - how do I go about adding this in?

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Re: [Tool] TQ Blacksmith
« Reply #46 on: 22 February 2021, 15:20:10 »
I have created a small tool which could craft items which are not dropped in the game but they are there in data base.
For example.

If you guys want to try it out then I'll upload it here.
I have tested it on TQ AE version 1.54, 1.56, 1.57 and 2.7

Here is the download link for the tool..
File: TQ_Blacksmith_v0.
Size: 2.2 MB

    - Added suffixes to Rings and Ambulates
    - Added option not to select affixes. Items could be created without affixes now.
   - Fixed exception occurring after latest update.

Hi bro, i can't set game installation path

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Re: [Tool] TQ Blacksmith
« Reply #47 on: 26 September 2021, 11:19:41 »
Hello, tell me, are you planning to add things from Atlantis?

I was trying to make this work with the steam version of TQAE with Ragnarok and Atlantis.  It sees the player directory but not the TQAE install dir when I try to set it to D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Titan Quest Anniversary Edition . The save button stays grayed out.  I cancel out then get this error:
2019/07/27 06:01:45.23 :Error loading resources System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load Text DB.
   at TQ_weaponsmith.Database.LoadTextDB()
   at TQ_weaponsmith.Database.LoadDBFile()
   at TQ_weaponsmith.LoadDataForm.loadResources()

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The button enables only when the files exist. It checks that, when the file selection dialog closes with selection. I think if you copy paste path then the check doesn't happen.
Try to select the path using path selection button. Otherwise try to put it directly in 'Configurations.txt' file.

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