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Other Modifications / Re: [MOD] Permadeath
« on: 24 October 2021, 18:32:57 »
Version 2 of the mod is uploaded on Mega
- Hardcore mode is now optional. To enable it, in menu options go to "Unlock Content" and type code: doom
A knife will drop. IF you pick it up, your death will become permanent. In any other case you can play the game as usual.
- Fixed character not being able to exit to the main menu after dying
- Added more flavor to the mod
- Known Issues - If you open your inventory while your character is dying on hardcore the game will crash. So just don't do it.

Planned versions are Xmax and Player6Difficulty. I'll merge them tonight before uploading the mod on Nexus.

Video Preview:

Download Link (v2):

EDIT - Here is version 3:
includes normal, Xmax (x10), 6 players difficulty and Xmax+6players (for real masochists :D)
All are made to bounce mods. If you don't want the mod the bounce, go to your chosen version's Resources folder and delete Maps.arc
Nexus Link:

Other Modifications / [MOD] Permadeath
« on: 24 October 2021, 00:44:27 »
Ever wanted a more "legit" hardcore mode in Titan Quest? Now it's possible! In this mod if your characters die, they will stay dead. You won't be able to sell or store your items after you die, but that's pretty logical, isn't it?
Many thanks to Endymion for giving me the quest modding directions and ideas to help me make this idea reality. He gets most of the credit actually.

1. Place the mod in your CustomMaps folder as you do with any loaded mod, then launch it from "Play Custom Quest" menu. This is not a bounce mod!
2. Watch over your skin! Your first death will also be your last  :P

1. The mod works only with the vanilla game for now. If you want to merge with Xmax or another mod, feel free to do it.
2. After you die (or if you enter the mod with a character that died in it), you won't be able to return to the main menu. Just hit Alt+F4 to close the game manually (if you play on fullscreen). Or play on windowed/borderless mode.
3. I'd appreciate if someone test and tell me if you encounter problems. The mod is still in early stage, so who knows...

Download Link:

Ok, sure, will be fixed for next update. Thanks for reporting the bug :)

What is done for next version:
- Improved Pan's flute prop used by Sylvan Dryad

What is left to be done:
- Fix Dvalinn's Simulacrum summon
- Include latest AFBF by Endymion
- Add a MI Falcata to the Automaton set
- Add greaves, helmet and weapon to Boarman MI set (im reworking the MI's alphabetically by game act)
- Add bow, armbands (and possibly greaves) to Centaur MI set
- Add a new skill to Rogue Mastery (already prepared, but not included)
- Add a few more hairstyles to Dryad (for fun) + skill effect while she's using her flute

I think this should keep me busy enough :) I'll update this same post with the progress, as before.

Edit - preview of the new Rogue skill:

Some tweaks - added description and icon, made the caltrops bigger, changed texture and moved the mesh down so they dont float above the ground. Also made their sparkle effect to "loop" from time to time. Preview:

Modifications / Re: a TOUGH one... (question, that is)
« on: 21 October 2021, 21:39:14 »
1. I'm not sure, it could be hardcoded. Searched for it before but couldnt find it. If you do, let me know, i'd like to modify the bars too. Texture is most probably located somewhere in IngameUI.arc. If you want to remove it, you can replace it with transparent one in your mod. I just wanted to change the color of the bars.
2. I recommend Imgur - it has share options to display the image directly in forum threads. Otherwise, just upload your post in any image sharing site, select the link in your message and use the Mona Lisa button (next to Spoiler) to display it as image.

Modifications / Re: a TOUGH one... (question, that is)
« on: 21 October 2021, 19:03:41 »
Try setting the time to something higher than 0 (like 0.1 for example). I'm not very sure why it wouldnt work tbh.

Modifications / Re: a TOUGH one... (question, that is)
« on: 21 October 2021, 18:01:43 »
Its here:

If you want to make them dissapear without "melting", change "deleteBehaviour" to Fade instead of Dissolve. Fade also deletes all attached entities that exist in the mesh.

Texture & Skin Modding / Re: [RESOURCES] Custom Models & Skins
« on: 21 October 2021, 15:36:34 »
I'm open for ideas/suggestions for more magic offhands. Currently planned are:

Magic Orbs (1 is already included, thanks to Endymion)
Focus Crystals (included)
Magic Tomes (2 Included)
Gorgon Head (not included, but existing)
Zombie Head (to be done)
Skeleton Skull (to be done)
Sacrificial Knife (to be done)
Head in a Bottle?
Runic Stones
Djinn Lamp
Ankh Symbol
Ring and Rod Symbol (Babylon)

Let me know if you think up something else. I have to check Grim Dawn assets, maybe there is something interesting...
Edit - Mkay, this is definitely interesting:

Edit2 - Chinese Sorcerer's Effigy:

Inspired by the straw monsters in Silkroad Online:

Texture & Skin Modding / Re: [RESOURCES] Custom Models & Skins
« on: 21 October 2021, 00:03:08 »
Some wands/scepters + magic offhands (work in progress):

New Projects / Re: A Few Bug Fixes And Some More
« on: 20 October 2021, 19:26:27 »
Awesome! This is going straight into the next EG version. Thanks a bunch :)

There is small visual bug with quick fix for Stonebinder's Cuffs. Just change their shader from IridescentSkinned to StandardSkinned to show their texture properly in DX11. Hope that helps

Does anyone still have this tool (made by Amgoz1)?

I searched on the net, but couldn't find it.
The original link is down:

i think the dagger doesnt fit well with the new skirt, mhm
Ok, i reworked the skirt to not clip with the knife - i still want to keep it just in case.

The new version is uploaded to Nexus and Mega. Changelog:
- Fixed non-working player animations links, as follows: PhantomStike (1H and DW), ShieldCharge (Spear), ShoulderCharge (Spear), ShieldBash (Spear), SpearDance (Spear), FlameSurge (Staff), DWAttAlpha (Dual Ranged), Male CastProjectile (breaking many skills when using Spear), Male LethalInjection (Bow), Male Hew (staff) - i think that's all of them
- Fixed Dream Image animation table (horse being visible) and changed Dream Image to Fade on death instead of Dissolve (it weapons disappear with it now)
- Implemented latest Bug Fixes by Endymion (from 02.10.2021)
- Included the latest goddess (Methe) in the list of summonable deities
- Reworked soldier models for Unyielding Phalanx (2 Tiers), so their equips are attached to the mesh permanently and doesn't drop on death
- Reworked visuals of Eidolon King (Liche King) to look more spectral
- Restored Taunt skill animation and sound
- Removed the light coming from the ground in Ring of Flame effect (i don't like it, it makes PC look unnatural)
- Reworked model of Sylvan Dryad - she spawns with much more varied looks now.
- Sylvan Dryad's Overgrowth skill now has a cooldown, but it works on the entire party. The skill casting animation is changed to something more interesting
- Sylvan Dryad has a new death animation
- All Pet Prefixes (Beastcaller's, Spiritcaller's, Puppetmaster's, etc.) now have 15% chance to cast All Pet Attack when you hit an enemy. This is still an experimental feature
- Updated Bulgarian text and added some missing tags for patch 2.10 in it

If you encounter a bug, let me know

Download Links:

Yeah, thats what i did. Attached 3 randomizers in the mesh - 1 for hair, 1 for hair branches and 1 for leaf skirt. Additionally the nymph herself spawn with random textures, so i haven't seen 2 of them to be exactly the same. Thanks for reminding me, sauruz!

New Sylvan Dryad (one of the variants, still WIP):

I'll try to have more variety this time, with different textures, hairs, etc.

Edit - Some hair variations:
I made them full meshes, but i think it was a mistake. Should of make a randomizer instead, its faster and gives far more freedom - the nymph will rarely spawn with the same look twice.

He still did something that was considered impossible... As experiment it's very curious, and may lead to other build ideas, who knows.

Current progress on the new version
- Fixed Dream Image animation table (horse being visible) and changed Dream Image to Fade on death instead of Dissolve (it weapons disappear with it now)
- Fixed broken and missing animation links for both characters, as follows:
Female 1Hand - PhantomStrike
Female DW - PhantomStrike
Female Spear - ShieldCharge, ShoulderCharge, ShieldBash, SpearDance
Female Staff - FlameSurge
Female DR - DwAttAlpha
Male Unarmed - Worship (horse being visible)
Male 1Hand - PhantomStrike
Male DW - PhantomStrike
Male Spear - CastProjectile (breaking many skill animations), ShieldCharge, SpearDance, ShoulderCharge, ShieldBash
Male Bow - LethalInjection
Male Staff - Flame Surge, Hew
Male DR - DwAttAlpha
(I think thats all of them)
- Implemented Latest Bug Fixes by Endymion
- Included the latest goddess (Methe) in the list of summonable deities. Preview:
Spoiler for Hiden:
- Reworked soldier models for Unyelding Phalanx, so their equips are attached to the mesh permanently and doesnt drop on death. Preview:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Tier 1

Tier 2 (skill level 7 and above)

- Reworked model of Eidolon King (Liche King) to look more spectral. Preview:
Spoiler for Hiden:


Ghostly Army
- Restored Taunt skill animation and sound
- Removed the light coming from the ground in Ring of Flame effect (i dont like it, it makes PC look unnatural)

What is left to be done:
- Rework model of Sylvan Dryad (again) and attach her bow to the mesh permanently so it doesnt drop on death (working on it currently)
Untill its ready, here is a very nice video with Nymphs :) :

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