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Heroes & Bosses / Fafnir Stats
« on: 13 May 2018, 22:26:57 »
I'm currently experimenting on a Bleed+Poison Brigand Build  using the power of Winds of Asphodel, but when I was testing I noticed that Fafnir is absurdly resistant for both bleed and poison.

With Winds and Shield of Korybantes equipped along with 2 monkey tricks -100+ flat resists that should theoretically be stacking per hit.
To the point that I'm actually degen-ing Dragon Liche, Scarabeus, Scorpios & Cereberus Legendary that poison and bleed should be doing sh-- damage to.

But Fafnir's bar on the other hand was not moving at all except for the flat damage received from the actual weapon itself. How much poison & bleed resists does this guy have?  >:(

From what I understand, these were a compilation of separate individual mods made by different users. And Soul made it possible so that you can simply toggle this on and off via the Defiler tool.

Would it be possible make these changes separately and compile them into a database.arz file or even possibly merge them with an existing mod?

I read in some discussions that it was Soul's long term goal to update it's compatibility with AE/AE:R, but it would be nice it can become available sooner (making it myself), unless it's super advanced and intensive.

I'm mainly looking at these:
- freeze time of day
- filter broken & white
- tweaking drop amount & chance
- stacking pots/scrolls
- show damage
- show aggro

If these are relatively simple tweaks compared to the bigger projects people are making, can someone point me to the right direction/resources in making this. I'm aware of the tools to make this happen, but if there was like a user guide to help me figure out which parts i need to be looking at; it would be a lot easier.

It would definitely be worth taking time off the game and learn making this. If it's a very complex change unfit for novice wannabe modders, feel free to discourage me. :D

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Legendary Craftsmanship
« on: 18 December 2017, 04:05:24 »
So, essentially what this quest reward mechanic does apparently is give an -affix bonus to an existing Legendary Item.

And better, it doesn't seem to be bound by the conventional rules of affixes. **needs confirmation**.
The affix bonus still seem to be tied to the difficulty that you are in, meaning you can't get Legendary quality affixes in Normal, vice-versa.

I just rolled a Veteran's affix on a Signet of Hope, on my first Legendary Difficulty: Craft.

I was so amazed that I fiddled around with the system to see the limitations and I kept manually re-rolling on my 2nd Legendary Difficulty craft reward... and saw a lot of potential in the new system.

My only problem with it, is despite it being a gamble system, it is limited to 1 forge. Now, I'm not saying we should be allowed to forge multiple Legendaries in 1 playthrough, as that would be completely broken. However, there should be a possibility of re-forging an already forged item, by doing a certain quest or completing a specific material/formula. The frustration of completing a multi-req quest only to get stuck with a bonus you don't want or need is quite punishing.  Thoughts?

I just ran my 0 death Conqueror in xMax AE:R Legendary today. It was rough start to finish. Everything hurts; and I'm saying this with a ~1400 DA, ~60+ all resists, 10k HP with stacked armor and semi-perma quick recovery. Ragnarok isn't a walk in the park even for a Conqueror. There's some nasty hard hitting baddies out there and a bajillion projectiles pelting you down. I was downing scrolls of the Arrow Dancer like mad.

I'm actually worried for my non-cookie cutter classes, didn't expect this much difference in damage output. Or maybe it's because everything is new and not much is known about the critters in AE:R; leading to lack of preparation.

My personal annoyances in AE:R
- centaurs spamming warhorns that chunk %HP are back.
- troll projectile swarm (new rendition machae)
- ygdrassiil and valhalla area (damage reflect trolls, Battle Standard mobs, warhorn peeps)
- Aesir fight was rough
- Black Elves (damn the damage...)

Share your Ragnarok experiences here. Any squishie  one-shot stories you wanna share?
 Which monsters did you have a hard time with and which bosses didn't you guys like?

So I haven't bought the expansion yet, but I just saw the skill description of the new mastery.
I have to say, I am not too happy...

I have made a lot of INT heavy melee in the past. They were a joy to play and even more fun to build, as hybrid classes are normally harder to optimize for.
This new class, on the otherhand, trivializes the effort other [non-Runemaster based] elemental-melee hybrids have had to go through to have a fairly successful gameplay.

Dual Elemental Affixes on MI's? Who needs to farm those?
STR req problems and Stat allocation planning? Who needs to do that?
This new class blows out every elemental damage based melee-hybrid out of the water in terms of ease of use, ease of building and item optimization.

Unlike in the vanilla game. Just adding 20-30 flat elemental damage from any equipment piece is welcome as it kicks up your DPS significantly. The Rune Weapons tree gives MASSIVE flat elemental damage. So much so that you don't even need to seek other sources from your equipment. And with it weapon damage conversion to elemental damage (63% at max level), the higher your weapon’s base damage is the higher your elemental damage is.

The skill Runeword: Feather drops STR req of weapons to -46%!!! and gives 106 OA… wtf…

You have a 20% damage absorption, massive % CDR and attack speed% boost at a certain HP% threshold. A low CD consumable damage shield the negates Physical, Pierce and Bleeding. A Buff that gives a generous amount of Vitality and Bleeding Resistance. Summons that redirects monster aggro and absorbs incoming damage… Jesus Christ.

As someone who played Thane, Battlemage, Paladin & Juggernaut, I find myself scratching my head at this new class. Here is a “new kid on the block” able to do virtually the same thing we can, but in a more efficient manner, less our fancy skill gimmicks which were mostly used for utility rather than damage in the first place.

I have a feeling the a Runemaster + Earth/Storm/Warfare/Defense will outperform any Elemental melee counterpart that is not Runemaster-based. A new mastery is well and good but, devs really should pay attention how new content affects the overall health of the game. Reading these skill descriptions made me rage so hard last night. I almost uninstalled.

Thoughts? Reactions? Am I having a hissy fit?  >:(

Note on Ragnarok Expansion Update: Characters who finished the challenge prior to the Expansion release will be updated on how they perform in the new content under the same xMax rules. This is a Work in Progress (WiP) Guide


Hi guys, gasconron here. I’m an avid RPG game-fan that mostly spent most of my time on Diablo-clone type RPG’s (Hack & Slash ARPG). With that said I now consider Titan Quest, as my number one favorite Diablo Clone surpassing my total play time in Diablo 2 and Sacred 2 (approx ~7,000-9,000 hours (~12 years) pre-anniversary, and close to 2,300+ hours for the AE) both of which I also played extensively over the years. My dedication to the game has been mostly fueled by my participation in the game’s previous official forums; predominantly in the Challenges - section, where avid players of the game test how far they can go in clearing the game with specific handicaps. What I consider to “specialize” in is the xMax Hardcore Challenge.

I would like to share my experiences with you guys in attempting to complete this challenge for every profession. For the most part, newer players can use this as reference to get the Hardcore Achievement for all 3 difficulties, without resorting to using God Tier professions to finish the challenge.

Below are the conditions I set for myself personally, most of which adheres to the original challenge conditions in the original forums:

  • [Completion] - 0 deaths from start to finish playing only in xMax mod on Anniversary Edition.
  • [Completion] - 100% completion including mapping, sidequests, and all secret bosses. Secret Passage is mandatory in Legendary.
  • [Kill Count] - must finish the challenge with at least 150,000 kills; with at least 50k in Legendary, to prevent bloating in Normal where kills are easier (50,000 if pet build).
  • [Non-Purist] - Needless to say I will be twinked and armed to the teeth from the moment I start the challenge (snowball) till I get to fulfill my level requirement to equip my end-game gear.
  • [Multiplayer-LAN] - for playing Hardcore in any Diablo Clone RPG, it’s always tempting to hit that “Esc” or “Space” key, whenever things go south for you. I had this same problem during my early pre-Anniversary challenge attempts, and it kinda made my soul die every time I resorted to doing it. Finishing the challenge, knowing that you resorted to this also doesn’t feel too good inside, so this was my personal solution to this dilemma.
  • [Gear Variety] - I don’t like my all characters using the same gear. Unfortunately, some are just more godly than others. Which is why in my runs, I TRY to vary my choices; usually using less stellar gear on professions I consider God-tier, while I use all the “bling-blings” on professions or build paths I feel is underpowered or has very little synergy. It balances out in the end.
  • [Solo] - This is already a given, it wouldn’t be a challenge if you ask for assistance from a friend to get you out of that zone that you know can get you killed.

Should you attempt to play this challenge as well, I highly suggest to take note of the following:

Defiler Mods are Now Unavailable  -  Back when people played this challenge in pre-Anniversary, it was easier to play untwinked due to the consensus of allowing challengers to tweak their drop settings to a more “reasonable rate” via Defiler. With Chests modded to have 2-3x increased drops and x3-5 increased chance to drop Epic and Legendary, and the ability to filter out broken and white item drops, which indirectly increased the chances of Monster Infrequents. This shaved off 100s if not 1000s of hours worth of farming to build up a reasonably large collection of gear that you can spread out amongst your characters. Unfortunately, the current state of the available Defiler has these mods disabled for Anniversary Edition, which is a shame because there were so many built in mods in Defiler that made gameplay convenient (stacking potions & scrolls, freeze time of day, disable Zeus speech, show damage, show pet damage).
Gear Matters, Have It Ready - If you are an old-time player chances are you already have a large library of gear ready for use. However, if you are a relatively new player it’ll be very hard to play this challenge right off the bat. As with any Diablo Clone RPGs, it will always be a numbers game. Stats especially pertaining to your resists and defenses matter a lot if you are going to play this game hardcore. Given that Stat buffs were globally given to monsters and bosses and resist nerfs were imposed on the player, this becomes even more of an issue. I highly recommend newer players to farm out gear in the pre-anniversary game (where it is easier to gear farm and Defiler is available for drop chance modification) and export their gear.
Patience - You need to have a lot of it. Even the best people die regardless of skill and game knowledge, I have completed this challenge around 17x pre-Anniversary before resetting for Anniversary Edition, but  I tend to die with lower-tier professions and pet builds. I remember dying 6-7 times on Soothsayer before finally clearing the challenge. Losing a character with 4 game time days invested in it already is indeed frustrating, but that never stopped me from trying again.

TQ + Gaming Abbreviation and Terms List
Note: I will be using these terms extensively in this “guide” compilation

Spoiler for Hiden:
TQ Specific:
STR, DEX, INT, HP, MP - Integral primary stats: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Health, Mana
DA, OA - Defensive Ability, Offensive Ability
CtAP - Chance to Avoid Projectile
CtDA - Chance to Dodge Attack
ADCtH - Attack Damage Converted to Health
CtRR / RR / "Shred" - Chance to Reduce Resists
CDR - [Skill] Cooldown Reduction
ECR - Energy Cost Reduction
AE - Anniversary Edition
pre-AE - TQ + IT with community patch 1.17 or later, prior to the Anniversary Edition release.

General Gaming Terms:
Crowd Control (CC) - a way of managing agro focused on the target of the agro, usually disabling the agro’d monsters from inflicting their potential damage output on the agro target.
Cooldown (CD) - time it takes for a certain skill to completely recharge and be usable again
Area of Effect (AoE) - exactly as the name implies, skills that affect a certain area rather than a specific single target selected by the player. Examples in TQ are Eruption and Squall.
Point Blank AoE (PBAoE) - skills that affect a certain area rather than a specific single target originating from the player. Examples in TQ are Distort Reality and Warhorn.
Nuke - usually referring to an AoE skill/spell that deals massive damage, and usually has a relatively long cooldown
Spike - to inflict a large amount of damage within a short period usually in the form of combination attacks and skills with medium/long cooldowns.
Agro -  the act or effectiveness of getting the attention of enemy monsters to focus on the player that initiated the agro.
Kite/Kiting -  method of killing mobs (monsters) by staying at a distance, using ranged attacks, and running whenever the enemy comes near.
Agro Line - the maximum kiting distance limit a monster will travel following the player before it resets back to it’s original position
Offscreen - referring to something that exists and active in game but currently not within the field of vision of the monitor display.
Cheesing - is basically exploiting an unfair mechanic that gives the player an unfair advantage
Best in Slot [BiS] - the best choice gear in a specific equipment slot for a certain profession/build

Terms I Personally Use:
“Cheesing the Agro Line" - A game mechanic where in you kite a specific monster back and forth it’s agro line; taking advantage of its vulnerability when it starts reset back to its original position. Giving the player a few seconds of unchallenged damage output until the monster re-agros on to the player. This is usually repeated indefinitely until the monster is dead.
“Offscreen Nuking/Cheesing” - Using AoE skills with extended durations to do damage to a target currently offscreen but cannot retaliate as the current distance between its position and the player makes it unable to agro on to the player
“Wall Nuking/Cheesing” - Similar concept to Offscreen Nuking, except the monster is able to agro on the player, but cannot retaliate as the nature of his attacks, being melee or projectile, cannot hit the player; as the wall prevents his attacks from connecting. The player on the other hand bypasses the wall with his AoE nuke, cheesing the monster(s) until they die.
Tech/Teching/Rush - Old Warcraft 3 term that refers to foregoing early units to quickly advance through the tree and be able to purchase higher tiered units in a much shorter period in comparison to not teching. In terms of Titan Quest, avoiding purchasing low tier skills and pumping early skill points immediately to the Mastery Bar, in order to get access to higher/highest tiered skill in a certain class.
Synced Attacks - xMax bosses’s particular behavior of syncing their skill usage or spell casts.
“Desyncing Bosses” - agroing all 3 bosses, letting 1 or 2 reset back to their original position, while having 1 or 2 maintain agro on you. This greatly increases the chances of preventing synced attacks.
  • Very useful when fighting a boss with a high damage skill: Barmanu Showers, Yaoguai Dance, Hydra Breaths
  • Very bad for bosses with timed buffs, disables, high sustain damage: Typhon Thorns, Talos AoE Stun, Hades 3rd Form AoE Stun, Hades 2nd Form Homing Blood Pool and Ball of Doom that scatters on impact

Completed Classes:
1. Hardcore Run Class: Conqueror [Pre-AE:R re-run]; [AE:R completed]
2. Hardcore Run Class: Elementalist [Pre-AE:R re-run]; [AE:R completed]
3. Hardcore Run Class: Diviner [Pre-AE:R re-run]; [AE:R completed]
4. Hardcore Run Class: Haruspex [Pre-AE:R re-run]; [AE:R completed]
5. Hardcore Run Class: Dreamkiller [Pre-AE:R re-run]; [AE:R completed]
6. Hardcore Run Class: Evoker [Pre-AE:R re-run]; [AE:R completed]
7. Hardcore Run Class: Soothsayer [Pre-AE:R re-run]
8. Hardcore Run Class: Juggernaut [Pre-AE:R re-run]; [AE:R completed]
9. Hardcore Run Class: Avenger [Pre-AE:R re-run]; [AE:R completed]
10. Hardcore Run Class: Sage [Pre-AE:R re-run]; [AE:R completed]
11. Hardcore Run Class: Thane [re-run] [Pre-AE:R re-run]; [AE:R completed]

In Progress Classes:
1. Hardcore Run Class: Paladin [re-run] ~ Legendary Act 3
2. Hardcore Run Class: Battlemage [re-run] ~ Normal Act 1

Planned Runs:
35 classes to go

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