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Around the world / What's your first video game/s as a child?
« on: 08 November 2021, 02:54:55 »
tell me your age without telling me your age

my first video games were family computer games pacman, super mario, battle city, galaxian, ice climber, bomber man, etc

get in here lurkers, whether you still play or not  O0

just saw TQAE base game (without 2 expansions) is currently free on steam. I'm reading it's until Sept 23

the 2 expansions seem to be on discount

no mods, no twinks, no deaths

I did this on v2.9. I see there is an open beta version with controller support now. Just from reading the changelog, I donít see major changes that would affect this build. But if there is, please feel free to point that out. I had Ragnarok and Atlantis on this run. I didnít complete 100% of the maps but I completed all quests including side quests. I also killed all optional bosses like Hydra, Manticore, Fafnir, etc.

This is a magician (rogue + earth) trapmaster build, with a little bit of spellcasting. My stat distribution is mostly int and dex, but I put just enough on str to equip a normal difficulty tinkerer shield. I also spent a little more than 20 pts(iirc) on health. This may not be a popular practice but for this run, I think itís justified.

A lot of people might think the key is making the best stat and skill build possible for your class, but I donít think so. Iím not even sure I made the ideal stat and skill allocation for my class. I think itís all about getting decent resistances, health, and DA. Maybe you can get away with low DA if you have good physical resistance or maybe damage absorption. But for a self-found run, I think itís easier to go with basic means of survivability.

But there are synergies for rogue and earth specializing on traps. Traps get the Earth Enchantment aura including the burn damage from Brimstone. That is of course if traps are placed within the radius of EE. I took a pic here so you can have a rough idea on the distance. If you look closely, the first 2 still get the aura, while the 3rd one donít.

Core Dweller is a very good meat shield, and Stone Form is a very good panic skill. Fire Nova and Poison Gas Bomb are good CC skills.

I managed to get some screenshots of end of difficulties, including my items. But this being a self-found run, just know that those items were constantly changing.
End of normal pics
Spoiler for Hiden:

End of epic pics
Spoiler for Hiden:

End of legendary pics
Spoiler for Hiden:

I got really lucky at end of act 4 normal. First, no dactyls spawned (at least on normal). Then I got a +1 to all skills completion bonus on crystal of erebus (although I only used this on epic and early act 1 legendary). Then the overlord turtle dropped. Yes just from 1 Hades run. Although it turned out I didnít really needed it. Just from the few runs I made on secret passage normal, no easter egg items dropped. And then just as I was lucky on act 4, I was unlucky in act 5 primrose passage. I managed to find all easter egg items before the only one I really needed (Blackbeards Booties) dropped. Yes it was the last easter egg item to drop. But then I got lucky again in Atlantis. I managed to find Amazigh Banner Steak. That wasnít really on my plans but I used it all the way till end game.

The main items I farmed for were SB Cuffs, Sthenos Wisdom, and the relics and charms I socketed. A good place to farm demonís blood is the Shadowmaw cave. Once you have enough DA and a little fire res, it should be easy to farm. Rigid Carapace, either Valley of the Kings or Giza. You need a little bit of luck getting the pierce res completion bonus but those beetles should be easy to kill so itís just a matter of time. I never used any of the Legendary Craftsmanship Quest rewards in act 5. That might just degrade my items. I didnít want to create backups of my character either. That ruins the essence of this run in my opinion.

I would say a very useful knowledge to have is knowing which item affixes you will need. That means the green items. Or even yellows, look at my torso armor. Then in addition to that, knowing which relics or charms to socket. I was actually able to get good purple items ploutonís cornucopia, allfatherís gloves, coronet of Freyja, etc but I got them so late in the game that by that time, I didnít really feel like changing my items anymore. On a run like this, one item change can lead to another item change, which can lead to another item change. I was like ďmeh, I think this is good enoughĒ. Anyway, most of them I wasnít able to reach int requirements. I guess that was the drawback of spending some on str and also on health. But I did it so it was all worth it.

Bonus info: Do you know how to make the doppelganger fight easy? You can empty your secondary weapon slot just before engaging mobs. When you hear that boss sound, that means a doppel has spawned. Immediately switch to your main weapon slot. That way the doppel spawning wouldnít have any weapon and shield, but you have when you fight it.

General Discussion / TitanQuest question
« on: 02 January 2021, 23:19:48 »
i don't know where to post this... but just a question...
i know it's far-fetched but if TQ2 comes, will this forum include TQ2? or new forum altogether?

Challenges (all versions of the game) / The Purist Hardcore Challenge
« on: 12 September 2020, 10:14:43 »
Solo Self-Found (untwinked) deathless run from start to finish
pure vanilla
just complete all quests
no other rules
like how it's meant to be played
anybody up?

edit additional rule: no pressing the Esc button to avoid incoming possible death

Tauceti - evoker - L34 - Rhodes
botebote77 - anastasia - sage - L19 - Rhakotis

guys, what do you make of this?

the stat points below each mastery are total stat points for that mastery
(just for refresher, 1 stat point spent on str, int, and dex will add 4 points to that stat. 1 stat point spent on health or energy  will result to 40 hp or mana)

40 str     10
80 int.     20
60 dex.   15
800 health   20
65 stat points

120 int.        30
60 dex.         15
800 health.   20
320 energy.   8
73 stat points

100 int.          25
60 dex.           15
800 health.    20
640 energy.    16
76 stat points

80 str.             20
70 int.             17.5
1400 health.    35
320 energy.     8
80.5 stat points

70 str.           17.5
100 dex.         25
1400 health.   35

80 str.             20
80 dex.            20
1600 health.   40
80 stat points

60 str.              15
80 dex.             20
2000 health.     50
85 stat points

70 str.                17.5
100 dex.             25
1400 health.       35
77.5 stat points

120 int.             30
40 dex.              10
840 health.        21
600 energy        15
76 stat points

120 int.                30
60 dex.                 15
900 health.          22.5
240 energy.         6
73.5 stat points

these are all max values (40 skill points)
rune has the lowest while defense has the highest stat points.
you can argue that rune has some of the best skills? but i refuse to believe defense has the worst skills.

Hello everyone. I just thought of maybe could be an interesting challenge that i think anyone can join and play.

From the title, it's a single mastery challenge, but there is a (sort of). That's because you are allowed to get a 2nd mastery, BUT you are not allowed to get any skill from your 2nd mastery. That is, you are only allowed to put points on the mastery bar of your 2nd mastery, but only the mastery bar, no skills from there.

So by this rule, i think it shouldn't be too hard because the drawback of getting too little health, mana, and stats is eliminated. But it's also not too easy because it's untwinked (no inheritance items allowed), and it's a hardcore challenge so you are not allowed to die.

What do you guys think? Chime in with your opinions and post your entry character/s if you like.

botebote77 - plsdrinkpoison - Rogue - L66 - Helos

banished from existence
Tauceti - Ni - Defense L63 - Olympus - died against Typhon
botebote77 - Rin - Storm L34 - medea's grove - died trying to farm Typhon
rakshir - Durgoth - Spirit - L40 - died in Atlantis

blue => normal
green => epic
red => legendary
maroon => i see dead people

General Discussion / funny annoying %@•©
« on: 07 June 2020, 02:26:13 »
lolz. i thought about playing TQ again. i thought hmm how about vanilla solo self-farmed hybrid deathless. i have no previous saves btw, all my characters are gone now. the game is still a buggy mess. i got to the poisoned spring quest and as i was about to enter the cave, the old bug triggered. i got stuck on the entrance of the cave. so i pressed the reset button where your character spawns on a different location near you. lo and behold, i got transferred to act 5 where there are high levelled harpies. and there is no way to run because there is always a lag when teleporting. i died. lol nice troll. so much for that deathless run. i don't know if I'll start again or continue. it's still sucky. hopefully sports starts again soon

Are you up to the challenge?
Rules are simple:

1) Play 6 player difficulty mod
2) Never give it items from your other characters or whatever. Only use items you find with that character
3) Don't die

And i guess the unwritten rule is be honest. Don't make a save of your character, then if you die, replace the files with your backup save. Don't give it items from your other characters, then lie saying you found it solo self-farmed. Don't make an accomplished hero, then lie saying you went through the first 4 acts deathless. Don't edit items using 3rd party programs. Don't change completion bonuses of items using TQvault. Any other things you can do in-game are allowed (eg: potions, scrolls, cheesing).

Atlantis: this one is complicated because it feels wrong using Atlantis items and lvl 40 skills, yet skip Atlantis map entirely. But Atlantis act is just so buggy and laggy. So how about playing Atlantis act is required only in legendary? (I'm open to suggestions)

About 6 player difficulty mod:
1) Monster Spawn Rate
This mod will spawn 300 percent more monsters during your playthrough.
2) Higher Level Monsters
All the monster you encounter will have higher level. (I change the file but not sure it will work)
3) More Loot
All the container (bonepile,chest,boss remain etcÖ) will spawn more items. Just the same amount as in a 6-player game. (But this time no one can steal)
download link (in case KP link don't work):
(courtesy of @Torstein159 )

in case you are wondering, bosses are not multiplied by 3

In xmax HC challenge, pics after every boss kills are required. But i don't think it's necessary. Just every once in a while. Maybe once per act or whenever you feel like it

(I'll enter a character here eventually)

Were not talking ultimate builds here. As long as it works, let the world see your creativeness

Torstein's bow Elementalist

mammoth_hunter's elemental archer Sage

botebote's Oracle caster + weapon + pets

@Billy_pilgrim post your paladin here, just a simple pic will do

i might have one more coming, just for trips.. probably inferior to builds posted here

@all you've probably tried it. let's see it. just a pic will do. this is the fun side of gaming  :))

(just a reminder, without rune)

MeMes / Post your memes here
« on: 06 December 2019, 21:33:30 »
I know i can be an ass sometimes and believe you not i asked not to be moderator. But I'm not really a moderator so i guess that half-works. I'll just ask that you refrain from posting dirty porny jokes. Alright, that's all the rules.

You can post your funny memes here related or not related to TQ

General Discussion / Interesting Myth Stories
« on: 28 November 2019, 13:26:09 »
Do you know of any interesting myth stories you want to share?

There may come a time we forget about our characters but a memory of a good read can sometimes last a lifetime

I hope this one is interesting enough

What really started the Trojan War?

Most of us here probably know the story of the Trojan War. That Trojan horse, Greece vs Troy, Achilles' legacy, Helen running away with Paris. But how did it really start?

I wish i had known this when i was in high school when I had the wonderful task of reporting the Iliad. My teacher asked me why do i think Helen went willingly with Paris.

And no, the answer isn't because Helen had a fangirl crush on Legolas.

There was this nereid (sea nymph) named Thetis, who i guess was beautiful enough because both Zeus and Poseidon tried courting her. But there was also a prophecy that Thetis' son would be greater than his father. And so Zeus decided Thetis would be married to a mere mortal. If you read more about Zeus, he isn't really a respectable God. He probably was afraid he would have a son stronger than him. This mortal human was no douche though. He was Peleus, king of the myrmidons.

Now if those names sound familiar to you, that is because Thetis and Peleus would be the eventual parents of Achilles (remember that 'son greater than the father prophecy'?).

And so here begins our story, the wedding of Thetis and Peleus. On this wedding, the gods (Zeus,etc) were invited. Also present in this wedding is Paris, prince of Troy, and yes that character played by Orlando Bloom on the 2004 movie Troy.

But there was one goddess not invited, Eris, goddess of discord. The Gods probably know her presence would not be appreciated, she was the goddess of discord after all. So out of spite, she threw an apple inside and written on it was "to the fairest one". That apple would eventually be known as the apple of discord.

Three goddesses said "ah to the fairest one, so this should be mine". They were Hera, wife of Zeus, Athena, goddess of wisdom and warfare, and Aphrodite, goddess of beauty.

To settle the dispute, Zeus said it should be Paris deciding who claims the apple. Paris apparently had previous accomplishments that Zeus deemed him worthy, but for all we know, he might have just planned it all.

So Hera came to Paris, saying "if you choose me, i will make you king of Europe and Asia". Athena then said "if you choose me, i will give you victory in your battles, you will have fame and fortune". Aphrodite, being the goddess of beauty, appeared to Paris fully naked, and simply said "if you choose me, i will give you the most beautiful woman on the planet". This happened to be Helen, the face that launched a thousand ships, and who also happened to be the wife of Menelaus, king of Sparta.

Well, you can probably guess who Paris chose. On some versions, all 3 goddesses appeared to Paris fully nude. But most versions say at least Aphrodite appeared to Paris in all her naked glory. And so the Trojan War started.

You can probably Google "apple of discord" or "the judgement of Paris" and stumble upon this story

Do you have an interesting story to tell? please share

Items / Batrachos Greaves - The Fallen Luxury
« on: 28 November 2019, 07:55:19 »
Batrachos Greaves
A sad MI, the star everyone forgot

Base Stats
Before: +120% Defensive Ability, 7% Chance to Dodge Attacks
After: +120 Defensive Ability, 7% Chance to Dodge Attacks

In TQIT, this used to be a highly sought out item but a super rare drop at the same time. Say you have 500 DA, you wear a batrachos and you get it to 1100 DA instantly. Now, you have 500 DA, you only get it to 620.

I get that it used to be OP, but maybe the nerf was too much considering there are many boots now that give more than 120 DA, and way easier to drop too

They nerfed the item big time but the drop chance remained the same, according to

Now why would anyone want to farm for this when there are many warrior and mage boots that give about the same DA or higher and easier to drop too?
(leggings of the defiled, myrmidons greaves, boots of freyja, blackbeard's booties, barbarian's greaves, trunks of mogon, etc)

From riches to rags

Items / chakram fluff
« on: 28 October 2019, 13:28:30 »
now for a little advertisement

looks like mongol chakram?

that shows damage numbers?
I don't have steam
thnx in advance

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